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I have chosen to cut to the chase and mince no words here to save you
time and to impress upon you the importance of breaking this story and
seeing to it that Stephen King is exposed and jailed for his evil crime.
To those of you reading this know that I hold you in higher esteem than
the average American. You are on the cutting edge of change. Never
the less all of us are wretched sinners who need a tongue-lashing.
If any of the lanquage offends any of you just remember, you let the the
government, not only kill John Lennon, but you failed to demand a trial
for Mark Chapman, the decoy assassin, in the first place. As such there
is no language too strong to wake you up. In case you don’t remember,
that murder caused more mass suicides around the world than any
murder in history and entire families even killed themselves. John
Lennon’s assassination was the blow that crippled you and all of the
world, but especially America and the values you pretend to uphold. The
fact that all of you were part of that hidious coverup should alarm you.
To those of you who think there is no way Stephen King could be re-
sponsible for killing John Lennon you are naive and foolish. He called
all of you “..blind, obsessive fools…” months before pulling the trigger,
repeatedy, in Firestarter, knowing the media would protect him. And
he knew, in advance, that you would not even demand a trial after!
To those of you who think that Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and
World Report magazines are not government rags who occasionally
use their bold print to document secrets via cryptography, you too
are naive and foolish. The same codes I found about Lennon you can
find in the Nov. 22, 1963 issue of Time only these codes prove that
Richard Nixon also was responsible for John Kennedy’s murder. That
one issue was printed a week before the crime. Read the bold print.
From front to back the headlines read: ” Something On The Move; Who’s
Letting Blood?; Richard Nixon: (Accompanyed by photo of glaring/
smiling Nixon ) The Sound Of Footsteps; So, Everybody’s Talking; Ten
Stop Lights: Greatest Jewel Theft; Danger, Professor At Work ( Accomp-
anyed by photo of Nixon ); Colliding Ambitions; Ambitious, But In Need Of
Everything;; Gentle, But In Charge Of The Firing Squad; Texas Talk; Grass,
Alas: Meatball Kennedy; I’ve Got A Nice, Bashed In Face; Doing The Pos-
sible; Involvmentism Is The Word; Don’t Wait For Thanksgiving: This Time
The Ball Point Pen Was’nt Mightier ( Accompanyed by cartoon of two men,
one holding a rifle.) View From The Street; Colt’s New Rifle; M-16 On The
Firing Line; Block Buster and Bust”
A week after this one issue hit the stands, Kennedy’s block was blown
off. I’ll let you interpret the coded meanings in the bold print messages.
To those of you who think Barbara Walters would never deliberately
brainwash you and stab humanity in the back, think again. She did.
The queen of jealousy knowingly brainwashed you with Chapman.
If you think that conspiracy theorists are all whacko’s and that every-
thing in this world is above board, shame on you for being dense.
Our lives are the product of many conspiracies. They rule our lives.
They kill your children in war and decide if one or two paychecks
are needed to live in this world and you have little say in any of it.
If you believe that Chapman was arrested at the scene and
his confession seals the case, shame on you for being such a
pushover and a dupe. Your ignorance helped kill John Lennon. In
fact if you think we as a people are not all responsible for what hap-
pened to John then you are truly and pathetically lost and need a
hero, after all, even more than you ever thought. I hate to sound so
harsh but no other words describe the depth of your condition.
If you think that the case is not important, even if all my claims are
true, because time has passed, you are the very reason the world
is such a nasty, mean and miserable place to bring children into
and may God correct you as soon as possible for the sake of the
rest of us, but especially your children.
Now, before I begin unmasking all of you, let me unmask myself and
my parents so you can relate to me directly. I won’t pretend to be
better than you, but perhaps wiser, since my findings.
In 1964, after John Kennedy was assassinated, my father urged
all of us kids to watch the Warren Report, as if listening to the media tell
us all a lie would let him off the hook for not challenging it.. It was my
first look at boot-licking. I felt sorry for him for my father was always
better and stronger than that. Better than most fathers for sure.
We all know that that approach encouraged the subsequent assassina-
tions of R.F.K. and Martin Luther King and the pollution of our lives.
My parents approach was wrong, spineless and satanic and weak.
Ultimately, their non response to what was happening WAS child abuse.
Everybody’s parents should have taken to the streets over those murders.
Instead we elected the guilty as president, twice. We were all sick then.
In spite of my parents spending money during the sixties on music les-
sons for me and my brothers, my father tried to diminish the tragedy of
John Lennon’s murder that very week, parroting something he heard the
media say about John being a troublemaker in school. Again, I was
witnessing my father licking government boot. I made up my mind then
that ‘ honor thy parents’ is not really such a good idea after all. And so I
tell all of you now; ‘HONOR NOT THY PARENTS COVERUP’.
You cannot rely on being like your parents any more. They have let you
down and allowed evil politicians to warp you with a terrible murder and
coverup, even letting the real killer ride roughshod over you,, after, with no
less evil a message than horror. Shame on everyone for that. So ghoul-
ish it reveals a sado-masochistic side of all parents.
After I discovered the evidence against the government in Lennon’s
murder my father was killed in a small plane crash two weeks after I re-
ceived a threat letter from Stephen King (Handwriting matches). Prior
to that tragedy my mother was saying things like; “Well son, the govern-
ment probably did kill John Lennon. They’ve always done things like
that. There’s nothing you can do about it.” As far as I’m concerned her
attitude made possible the hit on my dad, if it was one, in the first place.
And her silence today leaves me wide open to be next. Not too good.
I even remember her looking angry when I purchased dozons of the
1980 issues of the magazines that hold the evidence.. And that she
threw some of them away, behind my back, later. COVERING UP! How
can I erase the memory of her tone when she said, angrily, ” Where
did you GET those?!” As if I saw through the evil of everyone.
Other than not helping me carry a protest sign in front of the media to
help me come forward and the above she was a very good mother.
Probably all parents have that sickness of covering up for big brother.
That’s why I’m telling YOU this much truth. You’ve got to beware. You
cannot trust your parents to be heroes. They are parents. Not heroes.
Statistics prove most parents will save themselves first, before their
children, in cases where a bear enters a cabin. Ditto, politics.
Real heroes teach us right from wrong. Parents fall short when then
the subject becomes political assassination. This expose proves that
your parents are letting the horror writer who killed their hero molest
all of you with his filthy, depraved horror message. Millions of them
already believe King DID kill John and STILL don’t care. They even lie
to you that I’m a whacko just so you won’t see through the real them.
No wonder babies cry and wail when they are born into this sick society.
I even wrote a protest song about it and it goes like this:

Mommy and Daddy love money more than they love Baby
Till Lennon’s killer’s tried it’s the terrible truth, not maybe
John Lennon’s killer never went to trial because you’re morally lazy
Now your children have to pick up the pieces of a world gone crazy
There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done
There’s nothing you can sing that can’t be sung
You bring home the bacon and the paycheck year after year
And you’re dining at the table of cowardice, hypocracy and fear
Bubble brained, you’re entertained on television, football and beer
Now another lying politician’s phony war’s drawing near
There’s nothing you can make that can’t be made
There’s no-one you can save that can’t be saved
Deliver me from evil and temptation. (Repeat)

And another song (First verse only)

The silly masses, laughing in their dark despair
Killed John Lennon, saw no trial and no-one even cares
Lying to your children: “It’s the fan the papers pinned.”
Living’s easy swallowing that pill
Lights that used to signal you’re the human race have dimmed
Your smoky eyes are glazing over, still.(Haunting melody)

When I was young I was indoctrinated into the materialist lifestyle of
making lots of money and buying scads of things and houses and cars
and jets and lving large. I plowed myself headfirst into that goal of making
money. The same way most of you do. I actually believed that if only I
could make more money everything would be fine. I was on my way to
being a working class hero killer like my parents. The kind of sub-human
who would be willing to compromise my core values for a good, cushy
job and lots of military to protect me from enemies and things like that.
Fortunately for me, among other things, I fell in love with a “Hippy Chic”
girlfriend in high school who saved me from the staid, button down world
of mass conformity. I experimented with pot just enough to break free
of some of the mind control and social programming. I was a first hand
witness to the greatest rock and roll band of all time; The Beatles, and I
heard all those killer tunes when they were fresh out of the genius box..
When I was 11 John’s song If I Fell stopped me cold on my bicycle and
I reverently pledged my allegiance to the Beatles message of love. Every
other voice of the establishment left me cold compared to them. I always
knew that the Beatles were here to change the world and save us from
war and our own lack of evolution. To raise our consciousness. They
even changed the soul of the redneck and that was monumental. Very
intelligent observers credit The Beatles with the fall of the former Soviet Union
in spite of the fact that their music was banned there.
If you don’t think America’s mortal enemies were exactly behind John Len-
non’s murder and that Nixon and Reagan might be actors on the political
stage, perhaps Soviet agents, no less, then you haven’t given the matter
enough thought, in my opinion. It was the most evil crime imaginable and all
but crucified all that is holy on this earth. It’s been killing America, slowly.
King, himself is very generous with the phrase; “Beware the Jewish/
Communist plot against the U.S..” in one book written after the crime. Some
half dozon or so repetitions as he continues to laugh at you all.
When I heard that John Lennon was shot I immediately knew that the
government had killed him and that no drifter killed huge John Lennon.
At the same moment I realized that, for once, I was doing better than
the great John Lennon. That I was suddenly better off than the most
loved and powerful man on earth. It was a perverse, shocking, even
horrifying reaction and it stunned me, as did my jocular behavior when
I told the first person I saw; ” Quess who just got shot?” and then an-
swering with a rendition of Mind Games lyrics. Later that night, like
all of the world, tears were streaming down my face.
( That is one segue I plan to put in a movie of my odyssy)
For a time I felt powerless, raped, robbed. As if my future,
all of our future, was destroyed. I knew in my heart that the govern-
ment was behind it but I consoled myself with the knowledge that John
Lennon’s millions of fans would get to the bottom of things once Chapman
was put on trial. Initially he was wisked away for a 60 day psychiatric
evaluation but that would end in March of 1981. 60 days, 90 days
passed and still not a word. Where was America? Where were John’s
millions of fans? Where was I?!
Just as a shameful restlessness started to settle in on America, just as
we were getting ready to ask serious questions, John Hinckley came
along and (Supposedly) shot Reagan and Brady. Everything changed right
then and there.; It was the perfect excuse for everyone to change the
subject. To forget about Chapman. After all he wanted fame. Deny him.
Focus on the other pudgy misfit who shot our president!!! We can save Ronald.
John’s dead anyway. I watched in horror as we all DID forget about Chapman.
Not wanting to rock the boat I fell in line with the absurdity and I, for a
period of over a year, licked government boot!!! Not the way the rest
of us did though. I went through some three different jobs in as many
months, unable to concentrate. After all, I had been planning to be the
next John Lennon, only wearing golf spikes instead of a guitar. I dreamed
of being so good I could assert leverage on the P.G.A. Tour and break
a few molds; wear a peace sign on my visor and blue jeans in tourn-
ements. Now I knew that if I did achieve my dream of changing the
world via golf star I would probably be killed just like John.
I took the matter of HIS death personally.
One day I sold my car, put all my belongings in storage, bought a twelve
speed bicycle and touring gear and took off for San Diego to find a
sponsor. Golf is expensive. I also bought all the Beatles tapes I could
afford, a Sony Walkman and headed down Highway 1 from Monterey.
Somewhere midway to San Diego, while listening to the best music
of our lives, I thought :”The government, no doubt was behind John’s
death but the government never leaves evidence. I quess we’re all
just screwed.” At least I wasn’t watching T.V. and listening to the
radio. I wasn’t being braiwashed like almost everyone else. Yet
I was somewhat resigned to the coverup. Once in San Diego I
found myself singing along with those cassettes, hours each day and
it was exhilerating peddaling along the roadways enjoying The Beatles.
I was determined to enjoy The Beatles and John Lennon, thoroughly,
now, before the world turned me callous. The rest of San Diego was
licking ice cream to soothe their shame. In fact it became glaringly
obvious. It wasn’t THAT hot.
Eventually I saw the tiny clipping, buried in the back of the front
section of The San Diego Union;
“Lennon Assassin Pleads Guilty;
Twenty Years To Life” and how Chapman said “God told me to, twice.”
And this , a year and a half after the crime!
What a sack of crap that was I thought. Now there was no doubt a
coverup was at work. That was a story that deserved front page, sky-
scraper headlines and for months non stop, but I did nothing
until July 26, 1982 a few weeks later, when I found myself being led,
by some unexplainable force, to the local library. Within ten minutes
time I realized that the headlines in Time and Newsweek were reading
like hints out loud about, of all things, John Lennon’s murder.
I mistakenly picked up the issues that were released a week before the
crime and almost every page kind of slapped my senses to take notice.
(See About Author page for the details)
Suddenly I found myself confronted with a dilemma; ” I have to tell
everybody, but I could get killed. Can I find any excuse to bail
on that responsibility? I don’t have kids or a wife or even a
career…I guess not. And besides, who better than me to avenge my
I rode around for two days deliberating what to do. I talked to a
priest who advised me to use a different name at first. I knew
I had no choice but to break this monster expose and my mind was
made up.
I didn’t know then that I would eventually find the killer’s match-
ing face and true identity and Chapman’s letter to the editor link-
ing himself to Reagan and everything else weeks and months later.
That was in 1982. I went from zero to hero and broke out of the
mold many of you are still in. I became a political force for change.
In spite of my selfish culture I broke free from media mind control.
I had no IDEA what a warped world I was about to inform. I could
not believe that it would take over twenty years to reach the finish.
And that’s where all of you come into the picture. What character
defect in all of you keeps you from jumping on the bandwagon? I have
only too many instances to relay to you where people just like you
responded like jealous banshees, hoping that the government would kill
me next. Anything but deal with the truth. Every wicked remark you
could conceive I have heard and that is what this part of the story
will reveal. I hope to reveal your sin to yourselves once and for all.
Until you are excorcised of your condition you cannot help me.

First, let me show you some of John’s lyrics that were suppressed
by radioland when he was alive to show you what he saw happening
to us all back then in the 70’s. From Nutopian National Anthem;

We don’t car what flag you’re waving
We don’t even want to know your name
We don’t care where you’re from or where you’re going
All we know is that you came
You’re making all our decisions
We have just one request of you
While you’re thinking things over
Here’s something you just better do
Free the people right now
Do it, do it ,do it, do it right now.
We understand your paranoia
But we don’t want to play your game
You think that you know what you are doing
But six, six, sickness is your name
You were caught with your hands in the till
And you’ve still got a story to kill
As you slip and you slide down the hill
On the blood of the people you kill
Stop the killing right now
Do it, do it, do it , do it right now
So while you’re jerking off each other
You’d better bear this thought in mind
Your time is up you’d better know it
Or maybe you don’t read the signs (etc.)

He was, of course, singing about our Big Brother, 666 government.
that only hides behind the American flag. He was exposing the
subversion of our country by our own deceitful government , and
doing so with powerful, courageous lyrics from the highest micro-
phone. John also wrote lyrics like these;

We’re born in a prison, we work in a prison, love in a prison and
die in a prison, as a rule. Reach for yourself and your battered
mate. Wood becomes flute when it is loved…..

Keep you doped with religion your sex and T.V.
And you think you’re so clever and classless and free
But you’re still (bleeping) peasants as far as I can see.

All we are saying is Give Peace A Chance

All together now, pull the chain;”We don’t want no Big Brother scene.”

John was the watchdog for the rest of us and loved us so much
that he sacrificed his popularity to get his message across. No
one else would say those oh so true words. He was a threat to
the Sovietization of America scheme that has revealed it’s hand
these past twenty years since I’ve been paying attention. Had John
made good his comeback I’m sure he would have stopped that
from happening.
Most of the preceeding has simply plotted my frames of real life
references to give you my perspective of the story. To give you a
tool to better understand where I’m coming from. Hopefully to help
you interpret the evidence better. To help you see yourselves a
little better. If I can change so can all of you.
I believe it’s a shame now that I seem like the most unpopular guy
on the planet now that I have presented you with a powerful story.
I can only lament that your minds have become the property of the
state, more than you could ever admit or know. I can only try to pick
up the slogan of Thomas Paine and try to knock some common
sense back into all of you.
Do you want to be consumed with corporate greed and power? Or
do you want to stretch out your elbows a little and call the shots for a
refreshing change? Do you want to be frisked under your armpits
at airports by government personel? Or do you want to reclaim the
respect and cooperation of the rest of the world? Do you want to have
the jewish media machine determine all your frames of reference?
Or do you want to have a real free press for a change? Do you want
to suck foul air? Or do you want to develop non petrolium methods
of transportation and energy? Do you want to live in a country that
practices truth and justice? Or not? Do you want to be fee? Or not?
Do you need a voice to unite behind other than a politicians.
I think you do. In me, if you help me break this story, and fast, I think
I can help you save yourselves for a change. You won’t find one more
dauntless or caring or brave or responsible in your lifetimes. I don’t
think so. Don’t let your shame or your jealousy stop you from helping
me out this story and jail the guilty and change the world. That’s just
what this story has the power to do, whether I or someone else hap-
pened to be the lucky person to find the evidence. Your offspring will
reap the benefits of this turning point in man’s history long after I am
dead and forgotten. Don’t let them down with inaction. ACT. If you
choose not to, shame on you.
Give Truth A Chance.

The old, better America is waiting on all of you to picket your local
media outlets with LENNON MURDER COVERUP signs and such.
You have the evidence. You have me. Now all you need is jam this
web address in on talk radio in spite of their efforts to stop you.

” It isn’t hard to do.” ” It’s easy if you try.”
Thank You for listening, Steve Lightfoot