Chapman Lie; Media Terrorism:

Please read the chapter immediately following this one, listed at the top of the list.
At the end of this chapter I will also discuss the Tuscon shootings event and show you some
amazing parallels to the killer and Stephen King, particularly their common experience of
being kicked out of institutions, in King’s case, the Town of Herman, Maine in the 70’s. Realize,
also, that this shooting event occured just weeks AFTER I wrote the following, for those
of you foolish enough to dismiss my expose as old, irrelevant news.

Being December 09, 2010, the day after the media handling of the 30th anniversary of John
Lennon’s assassination, I must touch upon the aspect of Mark David Chapman, the look-alike
stand in for real murderer; author, Stephen King. You know, the guy who America allowed
to skip trial for killing only the most famous human being on earth. That guy.
I’d like to start with the lyrics to the song I actually sang, with my guitar, over the San Diego
radio airwaves when I was interviewed for one hour on KOGO talk radio in 1994.;

“Children Of the Big Lie”

“You’re the children of the big lie
What’s the reason you don’t even try?
Didn’t even try Mark Chapman
We’re the reason Lennon had to die.
You and I could find
Better things to do
Than crucify our heroes
The phony’s me and you.
Tag team partners Barbara Walters
And her decoy clown
She and Chapman feed you crap
And brainwash you around.
You just kneel in shame
And turn the other cheek
Too terrorized and scared
To dare to even speak.
You’re the children of the big lie
What’s the reason you don’t even try?”

(I recently added the last verse.))

Now, as Wiki Leaks is making news and the messengers are being publicly hunted like ter-
rorists, it strikes me that the real terrorist in this world is our own government; the evil
United States Of America. It’s government and its media and it’s generals and politicians
and its corporations. Maybe even its people, lately.
Like John Lennon succinctly said in an interview right before he was assassinated;
“I believe in giving peace a chance, not killing people for peace.”
John really could put the shoe on the correct foot with his effortless grace.
Who but America used nuclear weapons on citizens to scare the rest of the world?
America, deliberately, scares its own citizens, with war, media violence and assassination.
Didn’t America assassinate J.F.K. in a public parade to scare others off from taking on the
powers that be? Didn’t America also kill his brother at a public arena, also to scare off
others who question war while aspiring to the presidency.
Didn’t our government murder John Lennon on his front doorstep to shout out a message of
terror to all you taxpaying homeowners that you better not practice what Lennon preached?
Didn’t they also, in using a gun to kill the worlds most favorite citizen, try to demonize
your second amendment rights in the process?
Didn’t our government deliberately murder our own students at Kent State to scare off
the rest of the anti-war movement? Didn’t they kill Lennon for the same exact reason?
That’s the TRUTH about the worlds terrorist. They will kill your children if they get too
uppity about insisting on peace and freedom. We’re as treacherous as the Chinese govern-
ment who also massacred their student protesters.
Why, we will even kill The Beatles if they transcend our media mind control. Abominable!
We have become a country held hostage by its military, corporate interests and their media.
This Chapman rehash is just poisoning America’s people and making them insane. It is a
terror campaign to back the public down carried out by your government owned mass media.
And so, I say to all of you already sheared, brainwashed sheep; Beware your government and
your government controlled media. They are your enemy and you have lost control of your
right minds. That’s right, U.S. public; your mass media, all of it, is controlled by your govern-
ment, even by your military and America’s big corporations, and they force broadcasters
to lie to you and pervert you whenever they want to. Just like our enemies do to their
citizens. You only “THINK you’re so clever and classless and free” but you’re not.
In fact it is a dispicable fact that ALL of you media-ized fools let Chapman sidestep what
should have been a most public trial, then, when it happened. Like a pack of Soviet, turncoat
slobs you ALL pretended not to notice when Chapman’s 60 day psych evaluation lapsed into
18 months of media silence punctuated with a tiny blurb about how he plead guilty,
behind closed doors, two days before trial, which was buried in the back pages. No follow
up. No more ink devoted to that bombshell case gone phffft!. No protests from you, either.
You all became the cowards of the Chapman lie and are, in fact, unaware of just how much
Lennon’s viscious, in our face, murder managed to terrorize all of you into whimpering silence
and surrender overnight. Peace, love and understanding took a beating that night. In fact,
it was the most pitiful, spineless and lowest thing America’s people ever did till then.
Had I not been without a tv and radio for years surrounding the crime I, too, might have
succumbed to the great dumbing down of the U.S. public via media mind control. I was spared.
The rest of you were terrorized into silence by media imposed peer pressure that suggested
anyone who thinks otherwise must be a nut. They even brainwashed you, en mass, by announcing
John’s murder during a Monday Night Football game and made sport of it with Howard Cosell
on the mic like an emcee at the Roman Collesium during the slaughter of Christians.
This go around, in the panarama of our government’s media, FOX NEWS emerged as our media’s
biggest liar with their Mark David Chapman fest special the Sunday before the crime’s anniversary.
It is a fact that both Chapman and Stephen King gained about 25 pounds, each, before the crime
and that King even grew a beard for a year, right after. Even I have to admit that the
government did most of their homework in finding a convincing look-alike stand in for King,
when they were both puffed out like blimps.
The government failed to intercept the photo that would prove that the killer has the
opposite prescription for his glasses as evidenced in comparison photos, one shrinking,
the other enlarging, what we see behind them. They also missed the dimples that only King
and the autograph hound share. In the Newsweek photo of King, two months before the crime,
King hides his dimples with his hand and is seen without his giveaway glasses. In Time,
a month earlier, he exposes himself, fortunately. The autograph photo was planned, in ad-
vance, and King’s dimples and glasses prescription would give him away under scrutiny.
In fact, the man who took that planned photograph was, himself, caught, months earlier,
posing as a vcr repairman in his effort to stalk Lennon. His name is Paul Goresh.
A look at the comparison photo Newsweek used then to compare Chapman and the killer
shows us that they used a deliberately grainy, image from a tv screen, not a clear image.
What you must all know is that the police in New York City were part of the coverup and
arrested a then sitting Stephen King who was reading The Catcher In The Rye and promptly
hid his face under an overcoat while they led him into the precinct where both men WERE
SWITCHED. Chapman took over, brainwashing the world with his phony confession.
Powerful mind control device; a decoy, a whole tapestry of alternative storyline to fool you.
Do you people see the diabolical evil that was practiced when Chapman, the worlds biggest
phony, an imposter, was caught lecturing all of us on what a phony John Lennon was? It was
just one of hundreds of mind control techniques that were employed on us then.
Moreover, the reference to The Catcher In The Rye about adult phoniness had another sub-
versive angle; While Chapman was portrayed by himself and, to an extent, the media, as;
“The Catcher In The Rye of this generation” for having saved us all from following John
Lennon over the cliff, in reality what the media was doing was transposing points; telling
the lie from 180 degrees to the truth. In reality John Lennon was the least phony human on
the planet, always searching for the truth and being as honest and truthfull as anyone
any of us will ever know. While he could have indulged in materialism with his hundreds of
millions of dollars he did not. He lived a life of sacrifice and isolation in his apartment
with mostly lifes essentials and music to keep himself occupied. He took taxis and didn’t
even drive the car that he let his assistant pick out and buy. He was not impressed with pos-
sessions or wealth. And yet, our government relies on all of your greed and materialism
to get rich, themselves. They shower you with game shows that bow at the alter of materialism
in between the shows where they are pointing a gun at you. And so, what the government owned
media did was ask you to make John Lennon the scapegoat for your own greed and material-
ism and, yes, phoniness as punishment for his ever telling you to imagine “no possessions”
Meanwhile all of you excused a trial for the killer with the media provided excuse; “Let’s not
give him the fame he seeks” making all of you the biggest phonies on the planet; the kind
of people who would let John Lennon’s killer skip a public trial for any reason whatsoever.
For all intents and purposes you all might as well have let the government kill Chapman
and sweep things under the rug like you let them do with Oswald.
It’s what has made you phonies since you lied to yourselves about J.F.K., R.F.K. and M.L.K.’s
murders since you were small. The media was asking all of you to let John be the phony
they know all of you really are, instead. And they even had you follow Stephen King over
the cliff afterwards, perverting you, not protecting you. Assaulting you with evil.
“Go ahead, phony U.S. public. Let us tell you monstrous lie. It’s what you seem to like
since you took our Oswalk, Sirhan lies before, remember? You’re a sucker for it, aren’t you?
Let’s all be phony and live under lie instead of truth. What do you say?”
It would be perfectly appropriate if I were to advertise on my website van the slogan;
“Chapman lie – media terrorism”” or “Real terrorist – our govt.” or “Real killer – Step-
hen King” or “Phony U.S. Failing Facts” or any number of other embarassing
If I have learned anything in the almost 30 years I have been telling the truth it is that
people, people like you and everybody you know, are the problem. Period. You want to be lied
to and deceived just to avoid the mess your apathy has made. You want to run away from truth
and grace because you are living in fear. It’s all you know and you’re comfortable being hob-
bled by your government. You don’t want to know if your lives are a complete farce. That
YOU have come to this site sets you ahead of most but when will you actually jail King?
I’m up against everybody’s collective human evil and people like our government and Step-
hen King all know it.
Let me walk you through some of your recent transgressions;
Now that Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks and the private who discovered secret files that
don’t really amount to the hype the media would have you believe, are under media mind
control attack we are at a pivot point in history and we are learning, for example, that Hillary
Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Lieberman, Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity, Huckabee, and other
Soviet stylists are sounding the horns for the hounds to hunt down and kill OUR RIGHT TO KNOW
ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. (By the way, is there a more shameless puppet/mouthpiece
for the police state than Sean Hannity? Like Rush Limbaugh, a sellout-liar-for-hire.)
Our government brutally terrorized all of its citizens by letting Stephen King murder John
Lennon, violently, and then brainwashing us, after, with Chapman. That King was then propped
up by our government to molest us with his sick writings, after, is unconscionably malicious.
Only a thumbsucking, denial prone slob would not conclude that our ENEMY was really behind
this plot, that Nixon and Reagan were agents sabotaging America from its inside, out.
Like a sword through our heart delivered by a master matador. It corrupted us all.

(Now I have to tread on ground that even I know you won’t want to face up to- the big picture -.
It paints a scary horror story of America under foreign takeover, Lennon’s murder being
but a part of the prerequisite steps taken to weaken us. That Nixon and Reagan were more
hostile than friendly to us, taking advantage of our youthful naivete and inexperience as
a nation. It’s harder to prove and I risk a little credibility but, hey, I’ve known that
this is the likely big truth, after all, for two decades now, and I think you can take it.
If former presidential candidate, Gary Hart – who got his pants down long enough to usher in
George W. Bush – and the licence plate on his Corvette that read; “U.S.S.A.” – as seen in
People Magazine – doesn’t give you all a clue, well, be grateful I noticed it, then.
I am bound to offend millions of innocent Jews who have nothing to do with any of this when
I also suggest that Israel is Moscow’s most strategic ally in defeating us. You only need
to look at the fare their comrads are offering up on our media to know we are being poisoned.
Look at our economy now with all the banks basically under jewish control. The banks will
probably benefit the most from this shake up, or shake down, as you see it.
Stephen King, whom I’ve heard is also a jew, wrote, repeatedly, in one of his books shortly
after the murder; “Beware the jewish communist plot against the United States”
When we caught someone selling our A-bomb secrets to Moscow it was the Rosenbergs.
It would take Nixon and Reagan getting caught letting Stephen King kill John Lennon before
any of us would have suspected that they were really our enemy. Lucky for us they got caught.
Whether red or not these two men were, indeed, America and the worlds, enemies.
As John Birchy as all this must sound, did you people know that the Russian migs who shot
down flight 007 over Korea during Reagan’s presidency, the one that may have been a U.S.
spy plane, also assassinated the leader of the John Birch Society who was on that flight?
You didn’t know that?
What’s more peculiar is the story I heard that Nixon was supposed to be in the seat next to him
but, apparently, was setting that man up for Russia and knew what was going to happen and
skipped that mission. How eye opening, if true!)

Now, back to the assassination of John Lennon.)

It was an attack on our soul, our decency, confidence, our spirituality and our freedom.
Mostly it was an attack our our sanity. It took Howard Cosell mere minutes to make all
of you INSANE with the Chapman lie. It also preyed on your weakness that wants to be lied to.
Do you people think you have a right to know that? Well, do you, ‘deer in the headlights’ public?
I can also prove, also via Time and Newsweek bold print codes surrounding the events, that
Nixon was centrally responsible for the assassinations of J.F.K and, I’m sure, R.F.K., too,
if any of you want to examine the magazine codes surrounding those murders. The Kennedy’s
were strident in their opposition to the rise of Soviet power and kicked their nukes out of
Cuba. They were every real American’s real champions.
Before his crime Stephen King wrote; “Even an American city?” “No and no. I spit on
your cities. There is no english for it; Pokul, verdalik eyalik, Do youy follow?”
They have never known hunger or want, the people of this country…Their sadness
is that of a child who has spilled his ice cream on the grass at a birthday party…And you
shall have your vengeance on those who would fill themselves while others want.”
Nixon and Reagan, both, lied to us about hating the Soviet Union. It’s how they scammed you
into trusting them; the 180 degree lie. It was Nixon who killed our Kent State students.
It was also Nixon who stained the office of our presidency with Watergate and lost America’s
first war and hooked us up with Russia’s ally, China, decimating our manufacturing base and
strengthening theirs at the same time. It was also Nixon who took America off the gold standard.
It was Nixon who bombed Cambodia on Christmas day to hurt our credibility as Christians. It
was Nixon who, being a Quaker, didn’t even believe in God. It was Reagan who maced the
students at Berkeley and blockaded their streets. (still, to this day) It was Reagan who
almost doubled California’s sales tax in just four years, fooling us with his acting skills.
An investigation might prove that Reagan also had Anwar Sadat assassinated during those first
few months of his presidency when Lennon, Sadat and the Pope were all shot at once like a
Soviet style purge of peace nics. (In fact Moscow WAS linked to the attempt on the Pope.)
Many of you may think that there is no more Soviet Union, that they went belly up. In The
Real War, in 1980, Nixon warned us of the Soviets plan for a “Strategic surrender”. How
could he have known, then, about Gorbachev and Perestroika? He knew, all along, of their plan
to get our pants around our knees with that lie giving us a false sense of security. Meanwhile,
Nixon tried to turn the White House into a Soviet like fortress with guards and barricades
during his presidency and even described himself as a “Russiophile”.
Nixon even wrote that the Soviets infiltrate the highest positions in our government and that
they are “magnificent actors” He and Hollywood groomed Reagan would know.
(Incidentally, Reagan took Nancy Davis’ name off the U.S. govts. commie black list before
he later married her when he was president of the Screen Actors Guild.)
My parents generation encouraged the assassination of R.F.K. with their silence in the wake
of the J.F.K. coverup and the Warren Report when they should have have demonstrated outrage.
I remember the reports about a woman “with a nose like Richard Nixon”, according to the wit-
ness, who joyfully proclaimed; “we did it! He’s dead!” immediately after R.F.K was shot.
I’m not saying that ‘Tricky Dicky’ was dressed up as a woman at the Ambassador that night
(Although it’s very possible) but, rather, that there is probably some connection with
that woman and Nixon. It is a fact that Nixon was in Dallas on Nov. 22,’63 and it is a fact
that our government’s chief of mind control operations WAS at The Ambassador when R.F.K.
was assassinated. Nixon, of course, became our president, that year, not R.F.K..
Did you people know that R.F.K suffered over 23 bullet wounds, many delivered by his secret
service agent who filled him up with 22 calibre rounds upwards into his torso from his
waistline? No. Your media betrayed you with another government issued lie to make it look
like Israels enemy, a Palistinian named Sirhan Sirhan, fired the one fatal shot. Like a herd
of zebra’s you just watched the carnage, in silence, and galloped off. No chivalry at all.
You people are so full of media lies you reek. You have come to encourage each new lie that
they feed you, like a pack of cowardly, bootlicking masochists. It was your apathy and silence
that allowed for all the evil we have suffered under to continue to this day.
The subsequent assassination of Indira Gandhi, months after Lennon’s, was linked to Moscow
and, like the R.F.K. hit signature, the attack was carried out by her security guards.
A studied read of The Real War shows us that Nixon practiced almost every trick he accuses
the Soviets of, most notably, assassinating dissidents and cultural figures.
Remembering that it was the U.S.S.R. that would not allow its people to possess Beatles music
and forbade the group from their country, Moscow had motive. Former hardliners have
admitted, lately, that it was The Beatles who dismantled the U.S.S.R., in the minds of its
people. Moscow looms large as the primary suspect. Not only of Lennon’s murder, perhaps.
Looking back on our disgraceful history we have to wonder about most of the untimely deaths
of our cultural figures from Buddy Holly to James Dean to Marilyn Monroe to Walt Disney, Jimmy
Hendrix, to Jim Morrison of The Doors (Our govt. killed Lennon on Morrison’s birthday; Dec. 8.)
to Mamma Cass to possibly even Elvis Presley (His body guards who wrote a slander book about
him, after, were the ones who supplied his drugs and could have produced a more potent
mix of whatever he was used to and he would have automatically overdosed himself with his
usual routine amount.) to Jerry Garcia to Bob Marley to Peter Tosh to, lately, Michael
Jackson to whomever this, apparently, entrenched group of killers among us wants to kill next.
To quote Nixon; “ removed from the stage of public debate… by whatever means are needed.”
(Incidentally, while the rest of you were busy ignoring me in 1992 enough of Bruce Spring-
steens fans heard me on WABC radio and “The Boss” hasn’t, to my knowledge, been seen; re-
hearsing on the same stage with, having lunches with, partying with, Stephen King any
more since I saved his life, then, when King WAS stalking Springsteen for a kill, no doubt.)
Do any of us really know that George Carlin’s heart attack was just that? What about the mild
heart attack Jane Fonda suffered in the mid 80’s at the peak of her health?
Silence and apathy make all of you hero killers. Guilty of spinelessness and stupidity.
Today Russia is still five times larger than America with five times the resources and
a military big enough to destroy us and their buddy, China, already owns a lot of America.
You are the slowly cooked frogs in their designs of defeating us “…without firing a shot.”
Our media is under jewish control and most of them came from Russia. It’s a simple fact.
That you are all mind controlled with “fear” and “materialism’ and “‘Big Brother’ worship”
shows about govt. agencies is laughingly obvious except that it’s more sad than funny.
So, wake up, America, your government has been selling America and all of you out for
their piece of the police state pie. You are being conquered by your own lying government.
They have manipulated your souls and minds to the extent that you all fear even helping
me expose all this lest you be murdered, too. They have castrated you and have found a way
to seperate you from your real hero, me; Steve Lightfoot. Many of you have been programmed
to think of me as a nut. When Stephen King is either killed, kills himself or is marched
to jail in handcuffs then you’ll know just how blind and sick you all have been all this time.
It should be each and everybody’s duty to help me come forward if you were real patriots.
As for Yoko (silent) Ono, whose security guards ordered me kidnapped and beaten uncon-
scious in 1987 for absolutely nothing, she is either part of the plot that set John up and covered
it up or she is the most stupid person on the planet for not acknowledging what Sean, her own
son, was quoted for saying in The New Yorker magazine; “Anyone who doesn’t think that
our government killed my father either hasn’t given the subject much thought or is insane.”
And yet, Sean will be the last to know if his mother is as evil as I know her to be.
Similarly, either our government is selling us out to the new world order or they are just too weak
and spineless to take a stand.
Remind you of anyone YOU know?
Many pf you probably think my beliefs here are suspect. Others think; “Well, of course both
the U.S. and U.S.S.R. made a back alley deal to merge both systems to avert nuclear war.
So, what else is new? As if we haven’t all noticed the trend of police killing citizens with
impunity since 1980 and all the other trends of rich vs. poor, tv violence and corporate rule.”
The point I am making is the same point that J.F.K. made; I find this merge to be a ‘repugnant’
way of living, period. You would all be better off with a cold war than this system that molests
you with a horror writer after he murdered your real hero. It’s evil. The rest of the future
will be no more promising. In fact, you have all been living a real life nightmare since
Lennon was assassinated. A sickening nightmare, people . You lemmings don’t seem to care.
You all used to say; “Better dead than ‘Red’.” Now you’re all silent, John Lennon killing slobs.
You don’t want to admit it. It’s too painfully true. It’s so easy to label the messenger instead
of admitting how far you’ve all fallen.
Nixon writes, in The Real War, that; “The Soviets and their allies consider the ‘lie’ a
‘legitimate’ weapon to be used against the strong by the weak and that they employ it
vigorously as a matter of policy.”
Can any of you imagine any bigger lie than the one we were told about Lennnon’s murder?
It must have taken an entire politbureau to concoct that intricate a web of layered deceit.
It reflects generations worth of experience and sophistication and should alarm everyone.
Regarding Nixon’s grand motive for this monstrous crime I refer you to his public remark in the
60’s; “…People react to fear, not love. They don’t teach you that in Sunday school but it’s
the truth.”
Nixon was interested in controlling all of you with fear and killing the entire value system
of peace, love and understanding. Nixon was intensely interested in terrorizing all of you.
Thirty years after John’s assassination you, the U.S. public, are too meek to demand a trial.
As things stand, Nixon, the terrorist, has won and you, the once dignified public, have lost.
As much as all of you hate to have to admit it, I am your only way out of the mess you’re
all in. Me and my Lennon murder evidence. I believe there is no way to redemption but through
this massive, all encompassing expose. That without this you are all doomed to despotism.
That without this you will never be brave enough to take on the powers that be if you can’t,
now, with the evidence you need and a hero the whole world can stand behind; John Lennon.
If Sean Lennon will be the last to suspect his own mother of any role in John’s death then
you, the American public, will be the last to know when you are halfway, already, into the
snakes mouth. I’m telling you, now, that you are, all, already there. We are all in very danger-
ous times and you all better start to wake up to what is going on or our freedom is over.
The fuss over Wiki Leaks is part of our government’s media campaign to wrestle away your
right to know what they’re up to and to take away freedom of the internet, all, part of their
attempt to kill me, Steve Lightfoot, and shut down their real worry; www.lennonmurdertruth
.com. Wiki Leaks is a trial balloon for me. Not paranoid, just grounded in reality.

Now, you’ve just read as much truth as I’ve ever told, yet. Can you put your brain around
any of it? Are you capable of thinking for yourself without the media telling you what to
think? I’m serious. Most of you let the media decide, for you, what is true or not. It’s time
you all just grow up. The media will not TELL you the truth unless you take time
out of your rat race lives and picket the media for days at a time until you achieve
full disclosure of the killer’s face, true identity, alleged name and letter linking Reagan,
all printed before the crime. Until they disclose Time, Newsweek and U.S. News government
codes found in their headlines surrounding the crime and that these magazines are printed
by our government. Until they disclose what Nixon writes in The Real War about killing
John Lennon and what you’ll find in Stephen King’s novels that parallel the murder, the
assassination of John Lennon.
Until you all take to the streets and help me expose this monster expose you are just
second class Soviet slobs existing, not living life. That would be repugnant. Don’t you
people think? Start demonstrating on your own, without my leadership. What if I got killed?
You’d have to break this story yourselves. You are the people who will benefit from it.
King, months before the murder, taunted his readers, repeatedly, with the phrase;

“You blind, obsessive fools.” “You blind, obsessive fools.” “You blind, obsessive fools.”

Does that sound like something our enemy would say to you as he was preparing to kill the
one man who could have united the world? Stephen King is your enemy, America’s enemy and
the worlds enemy. Are you going to remain Nixon’s victims or are you going to picket your
local media outlets until they give us full disclosure so our courts can then find the backbone
to jail our murderer/author/culture destroyer and his stand in, Chapman, and anyone else who
gets caught in the aftermath? I can’t wait for the whole world to watch their perp walks.
If you can’t, don’t, or won’t, then shame on you. If you do then “hurray” for the human race.
Meanwhile, please find the courage to at least read my next chapter’ “Land of the deceived,
Home of the slave”


Now, as promised, before you read “The Land of the Deceived and the Home of the Slave”,
my take on the Tuscon shootings:

The killer may have been just a crazy person as the media is quick to suggest. That he used
non exploding bullets and failed to kill one of America’s prettiest and most promising up
and coming female politicians suggests that he, indeed, may have acted alone. On the other
hand, luck played a role in Giffords survival and one can’t be sure of anything, yet.
On the surface the killing spree was almost, and mostly, identical TO John Lennon’s murder;
A gunman cowardly attacking the victim from behind, point blank with a handgun, hurting as
many people as possible in the process; a cathartic lashing out at all humanity with extreme
malice towards all, all while killing a powerful public figure and changing history.

(News flash!; I just heard that Giffords was shot in the face, not the rear of her head, as
the national news carefully told us, using illustrations and models, days ago. How could
the major news organizations get things THAT backwards and wrong? With the surgeons present?
Coincidentally, the same thing happened with the murder of John Lennon; Howard Cosell told us,
initially, that John was shot in the chest. Later, we were told the opposite; that he was
shot in the back. Already the coincidences are starting to pile up.)

Coincindentally, both Chapman and Loughner remarked that their victim was a “phony”, in Len-
non’s murder, and “a fake”, in Gifford’s attack. Almost identical storylines, so far.
Also identical, the spector of insanity as the motivating force.
Not identical, I predict, will be the handling of the matter in the court system. Whereas Chap-
man was swept away for a 60 day psychiatric evaluation period before his plea, I seriously
doubt that the same scenario will occur here. Similarly, I doubt that said 60 days will be al-
lowed to lapse into 18 months of media silence in the name of “denying the shooter his fame”
as was the case with Chapman. That would BE ABSURD!
That Sarah Palin was thrust into the limelight via her “crosshair” posting definitly put a poli-
tical spin on things beyond the shooting of a rival, a democratic female up and comer, Giffords.
At first I wondered was Loughner pro ‘Tea Party’ but then thought why were we all
being lead to that conclusion, especially since Palin took some heavy flack over it? If it
were a coverup and the attack WAS from the Tea Party why would the plot hurt Palin’s popu-
larity in the process? Things now start to look unorganized and non conspiratorial, however,
a democrat almost died here and Loughner doesn’t seem bright enough to include killing
a politician in his meltdown.
I am starting to see signs of terrorism and sado-masochism, “mind games”, entering the pic-
ture; Now that Loughner has shaved his head he reminds us of Giffords astronaut husband.
The same day of the shooting Bristol Palin moved to, took residence in, the state of Arizona.
Just weeks ago, Sarah Palin, in a documentary showing her killing a big game animal, remarked;
“I consider the stalking and killing of this animal as an accomplishment and it makes me feel
I remember, at the time, thinking what an odd, perhaps cryptic, thing to say. I had to ask
myself, then; “Who is Sarah Palin trying to assassinate?” Especially following her “crosshairs”
controversy months earlier.
As one with a detectives mind, the first red flag I noticed was what a pretty face congress-
women Giffords has. I thought; “It must be her pretty face and possible future in politics, and
/ or her views, that frightened an adversarial group enough to take her out, now.”
If it was a political assassination plot we do know that it was not the democrats who
are trying to hurt Palin but, rather, the republicans who fear Giffords bright future.
Similarly we know that the republicans, not the democrats, would have been behind the other
assassinations of J.F.K., R.F.K., M.L.K. I think the republicans have a history of kil-
ling the opposition, not the democrats. If you doubt that, inspect the bold print codes in
the issue of Time magazine that came out a week before J.F.K’s murder, dated Nov.22,’63,
that PROVE Nixon was centrally involved, oh, yes, America, in THAT murder, too.
If it was a plot by them then it wouldn’t make sense to hurt Palin with the collateral damage
that has already occured over her “crosshair” controversy. So, I wonder WAS this just a nut
with a gun, after all? On the other hand, what better way to remove suspicion from the re-
publicans than BY damaging one of their own? Detective work is complicated.
For whatever reasons, someone or some group, perhaps our Republican Party, perhaps Moscow,
may have reason to fear her in some future election that they want to sew up for themselves.
I think Giffords could beat out Palin as the first women president of America. Don’t you?
IF Palin is capable of being part of this attack then she is just as capable of being a
political operative from, say, Russia, the country she is so close to she can see it from
her front porch. I think Moscow is subverting us, daily, and that, if this shooting is a plot,
it comes from there; that Palin, as a true American, wouldn’t kill her possible rivals.
Incidentally, Palin, like Stalin, is a Russian surname, I believe.
I am one who thinks that Moscow has highjacked our republican party and is taking us over
through meddling in our politics and media. It is a view that scares others, but not me.
Everything I wrote weeks before this attack about Moscow’s role in American politics is, I
think, the likely truth, as I said. It only adds up that things are still “business as usual.”
and, in fact, may be in a state of acceleration and reaction to my huge alarm.
The entire world media is watching me like a hawk and knows I am close to stomping on the
Chapman lie with new van slogans. I am reminded of how the 9-11 attack occured the same week
my, now famous, website first went up. It reminds me of how our current depression began one
week before my much advertised rally in New York City for a rally on John’s birthday, Oct-
ober 09, 2008. Right before my rally the news took us all off my subject, conveniently.
It would not surprise me, at all, if Moscow or Washington, D.C. had something to do with this
shooting to accelerate the myth about Mark David Chapman who was “just a crazy person”
who killed a major personality following last months media Chapman fest right before my reply.
I don’t think you readers appreciate just how big my expose is and how much it will upset
the established order we live under. Personally, I think our government would kill hundreds, even
thousands, just to keep me from being able to come forward and break this story wide open.
Even if Barack Obama is above U.S. policy (I’m not yet convinced he’s not a puppet for the
machine), other factions of government would go around him to stop this expose and even go to
war, just to distract us if it were to ever get close to breaking.
Like Stephen King, who was kicked out of the town of Herman, Maine in the 70’s by the towns-
people who didn’t like his sick writings, Lougner was kicked out of the army, first, and then
his junior college. Both men lashed out at all of society; King, by hurting all mankind,
and Lougner, by killing as many people as he possibly could. Both men, classic sociopaths.
In Carrie, King gets autobiographical when Carrie burns all of her tormenters for pouring
pigs blood on her, for rejecteing her. Perhaps it was this book that got our government to take
notice of this monster, then, when the plot to assassinate Lennon began. It takes a very
special sociopath to kill one as loved as John Lennon; someone who wants to hurt mankind.
Both men were loners and rejected by their peers as youths and both were ridiculed as crazy.
Loughner was briefly in the military and they would have recognized if he were or were not a
“malcontent” that they could “use” someday. It’s a fact that our military does LOOK for such
individuals for exactly that purpose. Richard Nixon even wrote that the Russians also do it.
Watching ABC’s Nightline, last night, I watched as one announcer said; “John Lennon had
more to do with this (shooting) than Sarah Palin.”
That’s what he said. You all saw it, perhaps. It was delivered in the context of a revisiting
of the Barbara Walters Chapman interview I warned you about before the shootings.
Up to this point the mass media refrained from exploiting Giffords tragedy by propogandizing
us with the Chapman lie and comparisons. But now, ABC, the most strident network of all re-
garding the Lennon coverup, actually told you that “John Lennon had more to do with this
than Sarah Palin.”
In the first place, he should have said; “Chapman, not Lennon, had more to do with this..”
but he said, and I think, deliberately, that “Lennon was to blame…” Bold propoganda.
How partisan is that, U.S. public? Their favorite, Palin, is NOT to blame, CHAPMAN is not
to blame….John Lennon is to blame.
ABC is so objective and non partisan. Their sheepskins just fell off, people.
And they did this exploiting Giffords tragedy, like a pack of vultures.
Now, I have noticed other striking similarities between Loughner and decoy, Chapman;
Loughner’s web postings use the exact same font, or format, as what you see right now on this
website. My website. Namely, white letters on a dark backround. It could be a coincidence or
it could be an attempt to demonize me, after, if I am either killed or jailed someday
and the media point out our similarities.
My father was killed in a supicious planecrash in 1984 two weeks after Stephen King mailed
me what amounts to a threat letter and a warning letter. It’s his handwriting, so don’t think
I am being alarmist or irrational, here, with these warnings to all of you.
But, also, like Chapman, Loughner is demonizing controversial books that our government has
long been trying to ban; Catcher In the Rye, by Salinger, about adult phoniness, was the book
decoy; Chapman was reading.
I heard, that Loughner had been reading Animal Farm about big brother taking us over.
Now, admit it, people. That’s a scary coincidence, isn’t it? Our government doesn’t want you to
know what phonies you really are and they don’t want you to know about how big brother
“They”, meaning also, even especially, the republicans, don’t want you to have guns.
I have to wonder, IF Hinckley was a smokescreen hoax to erase Chapmans trial, did our govern-
ment fear one as independent and intelligent as Jodie Foster and did they demonize her as they
distracted us away from Chapman’s skipped trial with the disturbed son of one of Bush’s
long time friends, Hinckley’s father?
Don’t laugh; Bethesda Hospital, a military hospital, is the witness that Reagan was really
shot. They are the same hospital that “lost” J.F.K.’s brains in 1963. Reagan and Brady man-
aged to change the subject regarding Chapman AND hurt gun rights, simultainiously.
It has occured to me, lately, that the real reason our police have been killing so many
citizens with guns is to scare us off of guns.
Every time the police say; “I thought he had a gun.” as their excuse to terrorize us all.
There are Timothy McVeah parallels, too; Both he and Loughner were, briefly, in the military.
Both men, supposedly, resented intrusive, growing, government yet McVeah took all the heat off
of our government, who had just torched the David Koresh clan in Texas, and put it on the backs of
all militia, anti- government kooks. How convenient. I’m not convinced that McVeah was really killed
on the gurney and that the instruments weren’t manipulated to flatline to fool the watching
public. I’m not convinced. I know too much else about all of you and our world.
Like the Lennon murder, this attack was also an attack on our second amendment rights
as handguns were put in a monstrous light, again. I believe that that right is the only
reason America hasn’t been conquered, outright, already. Again, Moscow looms suspect.
Loughner, (notice how his name even sounds like LONER?) gave the public what the
people who killed Lennon want the most; a re brainwash campaign that Chapman, too, was
a crazy person, just like Loughner. Loughner is helping our government brainwash you, all over
again, with the Chapman lie. If this shooting was not some random act then this aspect of the
crime is where conspiracy motive would apply; to brand, in all your minds, that Chapman was
a loner, too, a crazy person you could do nothing about. To discredit me, Steve Lightfoot.
That congresswomen Giffords has a very pretty face and might be a force someday in politics
would be the second reason for motive. Any conspiracy would address both issues.
If this shooting WAS a conspiracy/coverup then the three motives were (1) To kill congress-
women Giffords; (2) To demonize our right to own guns with large clips; and (3) To buy time
with the Lennon murder coverup by brainwashing the public, all over again, with the Chapman lie.
Meanwhile, it was all of you, for letting the government paint you with the Chapman mythology
in the first place, that may have motivated the killer, if, indeed, he acted alone. That lie should
have been shattered in 1981 when Chapman’s 60 day evaluation period lapsed into 70 days.
If you and I were better Americans we would all have stormed the lying media for truth.
At least I’m doing that, now. Will you help?
It was our collective evil that allowed the Mark Chapman myth to be used on us when Lennon
was killed. We are to blame if this WAS just a whacko who copied Chapman’s blueprint.
It never made sense, then, when we were told a “fan” shot John. It made more sense that
Nixon had John killed after his efforts to deport him failed, but we all dodged that angle.
By allowing our media to peddle the lone nut theory, then, without a public trial to make
sure, it was you and I who set this tragedy up, if, indeed Loughner was a lone nut. I, for
one, am not yet convinced that he was. Our own governments LIE may have inspired this act.
What will happen to Loughner? I’m surprised that Chapman hasn’t staged his death or suicide,
yet. Will Loughner get swept out of the news for a year and a half and plead guilty behind
closed doors, days before his trial, to also avoid the public strutiny of a trial?
I somehow doubt it. Don’t you?
And yet you all allowed just that to happen with Mark (Decoy) Chapman.
Looks like Loughner isn’t the only sicko in America. You ARE the kind of people who would
allow Loughner to skip a trial and make a deal out of public view after over a year of mass
media silence. You already have with Chapman. That’s what you’re made of, sadly.
The media would have us believe that Loughner NEVER HEARD OF Sarah Palin’s crosshairs
map with Giffords office on it.
They would have us believe that Loughner NEVER SAW Giffords speech that addressed it.
I’m not buying it. Are you?
Until I have more to point out about this shooting know that your lying media is already
using it to cover up John Lennon’s murder.

Rush Limbaugh has exposed himself, in one of those unexpurgated verbal spasms of his. I’ll
bet he’s been reading this page. I’ve been on his show a few times and he is aware of who
I am. And so, this gun grabbing, first amendment bashing, lying, blowhard just spoke these
telling words, today, Jan. 18, ’11;

” … If you’ll just keep guns as far away from liberals as possible and restrict their
free speech we can get rid of almost 90 % of all violence and 100 % of all the lies that
are being told…”

I think Rush is afraid of my truth telling, yep.

(To be continued…)