Hero killers repent

Please do check out my other blogs listed at the end of this one, especially the
one titled KGO Radio Is Evil. Since my expose of that C.I.A. owned station
and their traitorous hosts, host Bernie Ward has been indicted on federal
charges of trafficking child porn- ography. The KGO management has been exposed of
foisting him on us for three years as they kept these three year old charges
from us so that he could broadcast.
My tack today indicts all of you.
Recently I observed one of the many photos I’ve taken over the years, this
one of Pacific Beach, Ca. and a Labor Day crowd of wall to wall beach goers.
For miles just people, shoulder to shoulder except for a 100 yard semi-circle
of barren sand in the heart of the beach scene. Why!? I’ll tell you.
My van and website and my billboard with my site was parked there. All these
people shunning the truth of lennonmurdertruth. com, not wanting to be
seen anywhere near our nations wound of shame.
So you can see what I’m up against; a wicked public. A guilty, phony, cowardly,
bootlicking public. A hero killing public.
You sorry fools don’t want to know.
The powere that you all allow to be have systematically warped you with fear
and have killed all hope via a monopolized, military controlled mass media.
John Lennon was hope. Stephen King is fear. That’s why Nixon’s bosses arranged
exactly for King to pull the trigger.
In a month from now I will be leaving the San Francisco bay area for L.A. where
I will be for only two months before I move to the east coast to tackle er
Stephen King from there. I think I will succeed in leading demonstrators to
march at the media and courts to arrest King.
King was convicted of having sex with a 15 year old in 1992 when he was 43.
It was all hushed up but the people of Maine who told me know.
Many know I am right about him murdering John Lennon. It should be easy, but,
because people are wicked, it will be not very easy.
Congratulations S.F. bay area. You backstabbed John Lennon with silence
and every excuse that KGO and the media could give you. What will you
have to say to the world when they find out?
I won’t be like the rest of your vacuous celebrities who behaive like infants.
I will hurl lightning bolts of truth to a world of sin without thought.
If I have to move abroad for my own peace of mind I will.
America, you all owe me the arrest of Stephen King.
More importantly you owe yourselves that arrest for you are either heroes
who will march and protest to flush this expose out for the world to see OR
you are all child molesters to your children and to youselves. No grey area in between.
The issue is too big for any fence straddling or apathy.
Till later,unsung hero Steve Lightfoot.

P.S. Subsequent to this harsh entry you ALL shot Bennezar Bhutto in the back of
the head the minute she dared to show her face to her supporters.
I say ALL of you because Musharif probably DID order the assassination and we
all know that he works for Bush, no less.
I saw the distant shot of film which showed her body get knocked forward and,
yet, Musharif is quick to say there was no bullet, that her head was ed by
the moonroof frame, and that SHE was to blame for showing her face!
Will any of you acknowledge how our administration and Condi Rice escorted
Bhutto back to Pakistan just before her to fend for herself with zero
security from us?
Admit what I know to be true; that her assassination only proves how afraid
and low class we have become.
Because you all don’t care enough to keep her alive the government steps
all over you.
She was a populist, for the people. Bush is for the corporations. I blame Bush
for her murder , though, unlike Lennon’s , I have no proof.
And now Scottland Yard finds, contrary to the film footage I saw, that it was
bomb shrappnel, not a bullet. It seems that England still has a finger in
Pakistan’s pie. She fell forward well before any blast appeared and we all
saw the gunman fire bullets at her first!
Shame on you people for now. Your selfish ways are crucifying the quality of
life here for us all. Repent.