Dec. 8 Rally; ABC-TV Bldg. N.Y.N.Y

(New York citizens failed to mount any rally to avenge Lennon with my evidence.
Poor, pitiful, weak New York public; apparently the media has castrated them and
they have no courage to save America. The rest of America beware. Are you any better?
I do know you’re not as indifferent as the people of New York City. That’s not possible.
Until YOU break this story satan and Stephen King and the jewish media monopoly and
the jewish bank monopoly, Yoko Ono and, in my opinion, Moscow, rule America.)

That’s right, New York, you have this last chance to help me out the evidence Dec 8 and
care about the Lennon murder coverup and uncover it. After that date I will be gone
for a long time. I will also be there on Dec. 7, a Sunday. More of you should focus
on that date if you are free. The parking is free, too. That rally is important, too.
Most New Yorkers will go to Strawberry Fields to make themselves feel good but the real
Lennon fans will do something to avenge John and help me jail his killer; author Step-
hen King. Chapman, the decoy, will have to go to jail, also, only now for real. Yoko
Ono may end up jailed too, New York. Are you good enough and brave enough to help me?
I’ll admit, due to a lack of interest on your part, so far, I’ve not been very active
about advertising this last rally. All that effort expended only to watch all of you fail
in your duty to help me really takes a lot out of me. More than you could understand.
Just realizing that the whole mass media is corrupt took a lot out of me when I got
started over 25 years ago. So I will not tax myself if you’re not up to my speed. I
expect you to fail me, yet again, and I must save my energy and my soul. YOU must act.
I have plenty of signs for all of you to hold but make your own if you like; LENNON
THE EVIDENCE; MEDIA CONSPIRACY/COVERUP; whatever slogan you think is good.
I’ve already advertised that my protesters will get half of my first years earnings,
before taxes, as an added incentive. You could each make 20 to 200 grand for one days
work just protesting, if we succeed, and I can come forward and out this monster ex-
pose. It is the biggest news on earth and perhaps the biggest news since Christ.
Most of you are afraid, I know; you failed to even challenge the fact that there was
no trial for decoy Chapman to begin with. Looks like all of you lost your spine that
night when John got his peppered with lead.
Stephen King is now living mostly in Florida since Maine kicked him out with their
newfound knowledge. They didn’t officially kick him out; he left out of his own self
interest, but I’d like to see him do the perp walk and at least 25 years in jail. I’d love
for Yoko to be examined for her role and her part in the coverup and setup. I’d
love to see the new world order govt. brought to justice for killing John Lennon.
Wouldn’t all of you? Mostly I’d love to see all of you saved and brave and free again.
I’ve been celebate by choice for a long time, now, just because I can’t respect any of
you untill you’re all well again. Right now it’s like you’re all wearing snake eyes,
zombiie eyes and it’s scary. I’d love to see Chapman go to jail, for real, for his
role as govt. decoy. I’d love to dissolve the jewish media monopoly that is killing
America with the coverup and unite the planet with truth and justice and dignity.
You’ve al been so sick and cowardly for so long it will be like gasping for fresh air
after being held under water.
My own family has been sick not help me for so long and it would be nice to see them
well again. My brother Paul is so bent out of shape lately with jealousy it’s sad.
It’s a sick planet I am trying to save and only this truth, outed, can make you well.
Be brave and help me now. After Dec. 8 you will have to protest without me. I’m only
48 hours away if you make the news.
P.S. “Disassociative disorder”; apathy in the face of tragedy, New Yorkers have it more
than any place in America. It’s why Yoko forced John to live here. Only New Yorkers
could skip a trial for his murder. I worry New york City will be nuked you’re so dis-
associated from your civic duty to care about Lennon’s murder. Karma is for real.
If you see my sign; “LAST CHANCE NUKE YORK” it’s not that I think you should be
nuked for not caring but that you might. God knows you’re not living as he’d like.
Hope you wise up before the world calls you NUKE YORK, New York. You must protest.
Don’t hesitate. Just jump in, pull over, park and stand by me and your presense will
attract others. Don’t wail until you see a crowd first or it will fizzle like it did Oct. 9.
Just do it, please, people.
P.P.S. As I write this at 4:00 pm Dec. 5,’08 The New York Times is about to possibly run
a feature about me on their website. I have my worries about how they might try to
portray me. Already I’ve learned they were initially thinking about leaving Nixon
and Reagan out of the picture with King killing Lennon all by himself and the author
said; ‘making light of Lightfoot’ in his description of the piece. It is the jewish
media that I have been exposing, after all.
During our interview I vented my resentment of the jewish mass media and how much I
hate New York’s apathy and indifference. The part about Yoko being a co-conspirator
I will be surprized to see in print. It’s a crap shoot on both our parts. The author
knows I got Bob Grant (see chapter ‘Beware Bob Grant et all’ below, written seven months
ago) kicked off of WABC radio for his mischaracterization of me then. I hope he is a good
Irishman and not a watercarrier for the coverup. We’ll see. If he writes a fair piece
about me it will be a first for the media. If not I will live to see the N.Y.Times possibly
fold, if I feel like it, like Bob Grant had to over little ol me, recently. I’m not a bad guy,
I’m a survivor though. In this world that requires being a fighter. Let’s all of us just
hope I don’t play Mr. ‘nice guy’ if I get famous after. Lennon was not one to pull
punches. Neither am I. If the piece is fair the author may have dibbs on exclusive
interviews down the road someday. That’s what I’d rather have happen.
P.P.P.S. Now, 5:35, having just talked to the interviewer/author, he informs me that
the article is a no go. Perhaps just as well for all parties concerned. I’ll remain the
enigmatic phantom crusader as far as New Yorkers are concerned minus the media.
Rally with me Sunday and Monday people. Think of it as nuke insurance if you can’t
see how much it will improve your lives.
ABC-TV station is located at Columbus Ave. and W.67th St.. Hope to see you there.