Working Class Hero Killers

More than mere apathy, misery, more specifically working class misery, is to
blame for this story just sitting on the sidelines.
I didn’t used to think that humans were so jealous, insane, bitter, mean, self
destructive, boot licking, cowardly and prone to molesting their own children.
I do now. And it pains me to have to offend you with yet another truth you don’t
want to face up to; your own working class misery. The kind of misery that
revels in watching me and my huge story just twist in the wind these 20 plus
years when breaking it would give all of you power like your ancesters never,
ever knew.
In fact I can confidently say that this EXPOSE is the most earthshaking
ever in human history, one that will scrub the whole rotton human race into
a cleaner, better being and that the mere fact that you won’t act on it at-
tests to my claim that such a huge story has never, ever been told before.
You don’t know what to do now that I have wrested myself free from the trap-
pings of money and society long enough to find the courage to investigate the
matter in the first place. That I have stumbled onto proof that reveals all of your
lives as one great big, stinking, reeking, satanic exercise in farce, irony and
self humiliation must make some of you truly boil with utter contempt at my
courage, honor and decency.
“Yes, children, for twenty years now we, your parents, have allowed Nixon and
Reagan to spread your legs while John Lennon’s real killer, Stephen King, mol-
ested you with his horror.”
No parent wants to own up to that provable truth. Of course your collective
shame began when everybody allowed decoy Chapman to skip trial, altogether.
The Tsunami/earthquake that struck on Christmas Day made me appreciate that
the whole human race is to blame for the John Lennon assassination and coverup
and not just Americans. And yet, as the most free and powerful society I
think that Americans are charged with telling this story and jailing Stephen
King as soon as possible.
Unfortunately for the planet Americans are in bondage and oppressed by their
own very Orwellian government and military and mass media. They are like a tied
down Gulliver, pathetic and sad.
I say that your 40% increase in time at work in the past 20 years is mostly to
blame. Do some of you realize that women in the workplace is a new revolution
that has resulted in a doubling of all prices for everything? Do you also realize
that if all women quit work that all prices for everything would soon come down?
I don’t think many of you understand that. I think that many of you have learned to
make a religion out of glorifying work, as IF it were a desireable way to
The answer is all electric vehicles, solar and windmill power in every house,
NO money spent on oil or electricity, and other things that will LIBERATE you
from the treadmill of masochism and misery.
There is no real human progress if you are working more than your parents did.
There is nothing more precious than free time. Time you all need more of.
Without knowing why, blinded by your own greed, you have surrendered about 40%
of your lives for no net gain. You were tricked by your own government who
pocketed the like increase in taxes as well. Tricked by the Greenspans and talk-
ing media heads and “experts” who explained why slaverly was womens “lib”.
The same people who deliberately kill you early with tobacco and sugar and
saturated fats and alcohol so that you can’t collect your “their” social security.
Now you’re both so pooped at the end of the day and no one is alert enough to
notice the slavery your lives have become.
That your divorce rate exceeds 50% should tell all of you that the consumer
treadmill requiring two paychecks just does not work and is, in fact, inhumane.
Of course women should be allowed to work, just not required to, like today.
There is no one around the house minding the kids and current events like in the
past. The net result?;
“Who cares who shot John Lennon?”
I don’t want to live with such blind, classless slobs. Do you!? Worse, are you
one OF those hypocrites who would turn coat on John Lennon out of fear of stand-
ing up to your evil government?
I hate to admit that my own family is just as sick and self defeating as the rest
of you, but they are. Frozen, like deer in the proverbial headlights, while
big government evil just mowes them and their dignity down. And they’ll offer
the same, predictable defense mechanism arguments, even denying that there IS
any evidence at all.
In all probability you’re ALL just like them.
A D M I T I T ! I dare you.
I dare you to confront my evidence and call it all coincidence. You’d look like
a possesed fool. A fool with a great big yellow streak down your back.
I had to listen to hundreds of hours of Beatles music after John’s death to find the
wisdom and courage to care, myself.
I KNOW you’re all scared blind. You, being scared blind, just can’t see your-
selves as you really are.
I believe it is described as “See no, hear no, speak no evil” disease.
You’ve all got it bad and shame on you for it. You’ve got to stand up and take
a stand for once in your lives.
But I say that you are too miserable from too much work to care enough about
even yourselves and your loved ones. That you are glorified slaves afraid to
make a peep for fear that the military you can’t live without will blow you
up with all the power they have. Power you now fear could be turned on you and
your own freedoms.
You’ve got to latch onto John Lennon murder evidence for all you can to have any
kind of a chance to succeed to begin with. Now that you HAVE the goods on them,
and concerning a man the whole world cares about, you would all be fools not to
climb out of your misery and slavery long enough to reset the table of your
real lives. You can win with this. Without it? I doubt it.
No small amount of messenger envy and jealousy is at play as well. I know.
Both Elvis and The Beatles suffered the same abuse when they were fame bound.
The untalented rednecks of Tupelo, Mississippi broke Elvis’s nose, twice, before
he got out of his home town.
The early Beatles were routinely beaten after their shows by “Teddy Boys”. In
fact, Stu Sutcliff, their first bass player, was beaten so badly once that he
died months later from the resulting brain concusion.
I, myself, have been beaten savagely by both police and citizens on my road to
fame and power. Lately, in fact, I have lost dozons of jobs I did well at after
my employers discovered that I was the Lennon expose messenger, recently, once,
right after I was given a $2.00 @ hr. raise.
So what is it, people? Are you all so miserable with having to work day to day
for peanuts that you resent those who find a better way to live than what you’re
all used to? I think so.
In fact, the people of America have a nasty reputation of letting the government
kill every hero that ever came along to help them; Lincoln, the Kennedy’s,
Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon and more.
I don’t want to expose the embarassing farce that is the industrial revolution and
bring all of you down over the hoops you all have to jump through, that make no
sense at all, to make it today. You all know, yourselves, WHY you charge others
to work. It isn’t as fun as life.
Even your social elite are living laughable lives, underneith all the money.
All tools in the big money obsession machine that keeps you all overworked.
Ringo Starr once starred in a movie; The Magic Christian, in which hundreds of
people jumped into a swimming pool of urine, feces and sewage to grab handfuls
of money. (Not unlike tv’s Fear Factor show making contestants eat raw animal
slime for $50,000..) The point I am making is that you are all willing to eat
s..t for money, even turn your back on yourselves and your children rather than
arrest murderer Stephen King. So insane are all of you that you even pay him
millions after what he did. Talk about misery.
I would like to offer my vision of the promised land available in our lifetime
if you help me expose this bombshell story though. Jefferson’s vision has
suffered under our government and you must rediscover it while you can.
You can’t really function well while you’re all brainwashed and dieting on
foods that cause cancer and heart disease AND working overtime, your finite
brain unable to fathom the truth anymore from all the violence and crap
you are intraveiniously spoonfed daily on tv.
Thomas Jefferson’s vision was an agrarian one in which people lived simple
farm lives of self reliance. Madison, if I’m not mistaken, had another vision
of urbanization and interdependancy, where everyone had a niche to fill.
The sad result of that vision has resulted in a couldren of madness and cor-
ruption and slaverly and exploitation that finds some citizens spending half
of their waking lives doing unsavory things to make a living while other elites
avoid work, altogether, accumulating 80% of the wealth though they represent but
5% of the population.
Now I know we won’t go back to the teepee and the bow and arrow again, but I
believe that we must achieve a self reliance that involves acres of property per
family, and farming our own food and supplying our own electricity and energy that
leaves big oil out of the picture. Right now the exact oppo-
site is true. Big oil decides who your presidents are and how you live.
My vision is one where the wife doesn’t have to work except to raise her children
and maintain the home. A vision in which the husband needs to work no more
than 40 hrs. @ week, and much of that time at his own home on his own time.
Luxery cruises, diamond rings, yachts, mansions, fancy clothes, jets, etc.
may have to yeild to a saner value system that improves the lives of the mas-
ses instead of the few like we have now.
We must strive to re-arrange our global commerce to curb most of shipping
and produce all goods locally instead of wasting fuel and polluting oceans.
Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do. We’re all experiencing lower
wages as it is. Why not require that each geographical area manufacture its
own goods. It will also improve local economies and clean up the air and
the oceans and save fuel. If we can “live as one” like John urged then
we can all dismantle our militaries and put that energy into saner projects.
Of course that would mean that the military couldn’t scare us out of our liber-
ties someday to protect us from “the enemy.”
It would mean that we could stop living in fear, ignorance and deceit.
The mass media will have to reinvent itself and give up it’s Orwellian role as
mind controller of the masses and, instead, serve the public and not waste
our time with the drumbeat of mindless commercialism, fear and greed.
Most importantly the government and the military will have to be forced out
of the media and not be allowed to support the media like they do now. People
like Rupert Murdoch and others will have to be reigned in and monopolies ended.
How siily many of us are to watch tinseltown shows like The Insider about so
called celebrities showing off their clothes and jewelry as if they were more rele-
vant than a dog show with poodles wearing colored braids. None of you viewers
are insiders but, rather, outsiders who fight traffic and spill coffee and suf-
fer to keep up with your bills.
How silly of Donald Trump to equate happiness with opulence when, truth be known,
he is no happier than anyone else, really.
These glamorous celebrities are merely being used by the media to dangle a carrot
in front of our faces, to make us worship money and materialism in order to
make us work harder and harder and pay more and more taxes to the machine.
That all this pollutes the planet is obvious. That all this consumerism robs us
of our time and our lives, unecessarily, is also obvious.
It took a broken elbow in 1980 that sidelined me for two months to realize just
how frantically I and the world had been running just to keep up. Suddenly I
realized just what a treadmill we’re all on.
I was born into a comfortable lifestyle and I regard those who place so much
value on wealth as peasants, underneith it all. The fact remains that native
American Indians, before the white man came, were happier, generally, than anyone
living in todays polluted, ratrace.
I see myself, someday, living in my own log house, a three acre garden, a sat-
elite dish, a computer, an all electric car and truck, a horizontal windmill atop
my solar paneled roof and living in a world powered by green energy. Mostly,
I see all of us working half as many hours @ week yet enjoying our lives more
with less tinsel and nonsense.
The healthiest thing all of you can do, besides breaking my expose, is to watch
a lot less tv and listen to a lot less radio and avoid movies, generally.
You have no idea just how much this activity cripples all of you. The military
behind this apparatus has an army of behavioral scientists deciding what you
watch to keep you afraid and hooked on materialism and slavery.
Martin Luther King said; ” In contrast to our great technological achievemnts
we suffer from a poverty of the spirit.”
Why SHOULD anyone work an extra year of their lives for a Rolex watch when a
$300.00 watch is just as accurate? My $2,500. Dodge motorhome does 95% as much
as a GMC Hummer AND has twice the interior space. Why should I enslave myself
to unecessary work for image alone?
Why do most of you enslave yourself to false values that eat up your precious
time here on earth when you don’t have to?
Why is your cheesy, low paying job too important to you to notice or care
whether or not your governmnet is killing the very heroes that could set you
all free? And if you don’t see that you need these heroes to change things
than why do you pretend to be free in the first place. Are you content to
raise your children to be just like you?: Working Class Hero Killers? Do you
think that they should suffer like you just because you’re too dense or afraid
or lazy to take a stand when this Lennon expose is offered on a silver platter?
You haven’t learned, yet, that people like John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr.,
Ghandi and others are the KEY to changing the world, the KEY to overcoming
the power of government, the KEY to all of you improving your quality of life.
If this were not exactly true then tell me; why does the government make a
policy of assassinating them? And if fear was not the governments priciple
way of controlling you then you tell me, why did they let a horror writer kill
the voice of peace, love and understanding and grease his path to fame with
horror, murder and fear?
Can’t you all see that the Sean Hannitys and Rush Limbaughs and their ilk are
like the bat winged monkeys in the Wizard of Oz carrying you away from happiness
with their money fueled lies and tricks?
Can’t you see how much power you will all suddenly have once you bring about
the headlines that read;

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Thank you, Steve Lightfoot