From ‘Sandy’ to Sandy Hook

How bizarre that hurricane “Sandy” would be followed, almost immediately, by the Sandy Hook
Elementary School massacre of children. It’s as if God is trying to tell us all something as the
disasters inch their way towards Bangor, Maine, for all we know, as if to point the finger of
blame on your, as opposed to our, John Lennon murder coverup tolerance. That, especially, but
also your collective apathy about and tolerance of tv and media gun violence. Your silence
in the face of all the media poisoning going on all around you, 24 / 7. Why, you even
support the sponsors of this violence frenzied medium. What unthinking monsters.
Just days before a 20 year old child killed over 20 children and and several adults, I was
pointing out the fact that all of you parents are molesting your children with Stephen King.
As if you are the problem of the worlds craziness. You, the public, that seems to be the
group exclusively targeted by these many mass murderers.
Just hours after the crime in Sandy Hook was reported I called KOGO to put in my two cents
worth; “How’s that ‘protect Stephen King lifestyle’ working out for America?”
Simply, just that.
Later that evening I called to simply add; “About 30 parents will no longer be able to molest
their children with Stephen King.”
Nasty, huh? Harsh, even brutal. Just the simple fact of all of you, stated publicly.
Did you people know that Stephen King was the author who first wrote about a classmate shoot-
ing up his school in his 70’s book “RAGE”? So, do you see how ridiculous you all are not to
stand up to him with my evidence? Until you all do Sandy Hook’s blood is on your hands, too.
It IS you, the public, that is behind all this violence. You who tolerate 20 murders per
day on tv, alone. Gun deaths, namely, almost exclusively. You allow this big brother terror
campaign to warp your children until they DO react and respond in kind; with gun violence.
It’s as if the government has decided to CAUSE these episodes through tv violence role
modeling to MAKE the assailants use a gun so that they will achieve their goal of taking
away Americas guns, using these episodes as their reason.
Yes, the government WOULD do such a thing, WOULD calculate the hundreds of victims as
justifiable to take away our guns.
Too bad there weren’t people with a gun to stop this madman.
Many of you would probably say; “Oh, c’mon. Our government would never ENCOURAGE an
episode of mass murder just to take away our guns.”
How naive you all are to think that.
What has our government already done to make you hate the whole concept of guns at all?
J.F.K., M.L.K., R.F.K., John Lennon, to name a few that we know of. The government wanted
Stephen King, the messenger of fear and pain, to take out John Lennon and, seemingly, replace
him with the exact opposite message. The opposite of Peace, Love and Understanding;
Violence, Fear and Hatred. Our government DID do this evil conspiracy. It could not have
just been an oversight or coincidence. They hatched this evil plot against your souls and
your sanity. They deliberately defiled all of humanity and lowered and cheapened us to kill
our messenger of hope and unity; John Lennon. They CHOSE a gun for a reason. I KNOW that
the very people trying to take away our guns are also the same people who arranged for
Stephen King to murder John Lennon. On that basis, alone, the gun grabbers are our mortal
and spiritual enemy. They are monsters of the unimaginable level of pure evil.
Did they also fake Reagan and Brady getting shot to make us cough up a Brady Bill, too?
Take a good look at your tv programing. I’ve already seen at least two incidents of real
gun murders that were not an act and hundreds of thousands of acted out gun murders. About
20 per day if you channel surf, I’m sure. What’s going on with all that gun violence
portrayal on tv, video games and the movies? What’s so unmoveable about all of you that makes
these madmen think that only an insane act of destruction and violence will get your
attention? Why do they all think that you, the public, are deserving of the punishment?
You can’t go on blaming their insanity and overlook your own collective gutlessness and
spinelessness. You have to stop Stephen King, first. You have to stop being phonies and liars,
first, and jail him for John Lennon’s murder – YOU HAVE EVIDENCE – and only after that is
done can you even begin to march down the right path towards solving the violence issue.
As I said about all of you just days before Sandy Hook; you are ALL molesting your children
with Stephen King, the man who really killed John Lennon.
Stop being satanic, people. As if anyone even tried Chapman.
In a short time I will be up in the San Francisco bay area for a few days and I will make it
a point to stand out with two huge billboards; One reading; ‘’
and the other; ‘YOU PHUCKING PHONIES!’. I’ll take this bold tack and offend people not be-
cause I am a nasty person, I’m not, but because the rest of you ARE nasty phonies who need
a reality check you can’t dodge. It will be my way of saying to my old stomping ground;
“I know that you ALL know I’m right, now this is my opinion of your feigned ignorance.”
It will be designed to cause a buzz and I hope it prods that phony crowd to take a peek
at itself from a flat mirror.
If I achieve my goal of forcing this evidence down the worlds cowardly, resistant throat and
achieve my other goal of jailing Stephen King and decoy; Mark Chapman and Yoko, if I can
get hard evidence on her (She’s smarter than the others and has left no evidence that can
absolutely pin her down, yet) if I can do all that then I will be the most famous human since
John Lennon, himself and will have to spend my fame and influence wisely. I will eschew
the trappings of money and try to set a homesteader’s example of self reliance and back to
Mother Earth instead of Big Brother. I will have various causes to promote as I try to
redirect humanity for it’s own good.
The most salient of all my causes will be the human condition that wants to run from it’s
duty whenever evil presents itself. You know: See no, speak no, hear no evil. The primitive mon-
key in you all trying to escape the work of preserving dignity and honor and grace when-
ever it is threatened or challenged. To ask you to stand upright and be better than you are.
My fame will be spent on confronting all of the human race with it’s own spinelessness
and hypocracy and pure selfish, rotton evil. I know, from experience that, in reality, most of
you would rather slip a banana peel in my path or rip down my rally posters (I’ve seen you
do that, in fact.) like scared apes afraid of evolution, itself. You’re NOT as cool as you
want to think you are.
For the San Francisco bay area to feign ignorance for 30 years while Sandy Hook was allowed
to blossom, rather than respond with protests against the lying media and jailing the monster
that is Stephen King will go down as a sad chapter in human evolution and history.
What a tragedy those 30 years of spinelessness were for the planet. Words cannot convey.
Meanwhile, take a look at the celebrities of today presiding over a loser public, indeed.
There is no decency to your lives today. Admit it, you shuddering phonies.
Your depression increased 20 per cent, overnight, when Lennon was killed, caused thousands
of suicides, even whole families, within 24 hours of that crime and, yet, you let the killer
SKIP TRIAL like a pack of monkeys. After all John Lennon did to enrich your lives, after
all the risks he took to stop Viet Nam and war in general. You should all be ashamed.
If the human race cannot come together for John Lennon then the human race cannot come
together for anyone. That would be a world and life in hell. A cowardly, worth LESS life.
Can you people respect my courage and heroism? Can you appreciate the changes that will auto-
matically follow if you do break this wide open? Apparently not, so far. W -O -W !
If America is not a floating dead fish in the water than every major city will join my cause,
march as a group with signs demanding media disclosure and do what you felt the Wall St.
protests were worthy of. Anything less would be a disgrace for you, U.S. public.
Think about that human race.

(Please read my other chapters below and know that, as I write, CHP officer Andrade of San
Diego and traffic commissioner Culver of Oakland and maybe the naval cadet who smashed into
my van last fall, Ronnie Onza, may all be stalking the messenger, trying to pull my license or
even set me up for a rigged accident someday. Trying to assassinate me. Maybe even Jerry
Brown, California’s governor, is behind a lot of weird goings on, latey. See chapters.
P.S. Obama cannot be trusted, either, America.

I can only pray you clowns wake up.)

P.S. Now, Jan. 29, 2013 and Stephen King speaks about Sandy Hook;

“…The N.R.A. should have to be the ones who clean the guts off the walls (of these gun vio-
lence outbursts.)

You see, he IS anti-second ammendment, as I already told you fools so.
Thanks, Stephen King, for letting us all know what kind of public hating fascists you gun
grabbers are; the kind that kills John Lennon and all human decency in your wake.
We’re coming after you, King coward. We’re going to put you in a cell for life and teach
our children what a monster you are and were, you poor, fucking bastard. We’re going to wake
up and rise up and put you in a jail cell for life.
We’re going to keep our guns, too. Our dignity we WILL rebuild.