I say take on Russia and China and pro Syria Israel and launch a two day intensive strike
against Assad’s military strengths and assets and other tactical targets and get out and go
To allow him to use nerve gas on humans and do nothing would be wrong and cowardly.
We must nip that genie in the bud and put it back in the bottle; nerve gas warfare.
If the military strikes Iran or stays more than a few weeks then we should never believe our
military again.
This is their one noble opportunity to use might for what is right and not go after other
boiler plate issues they’d like.
Are we strong enough to hit and walk away and let Assad rethink his mistake or are we too
dishonest to mete out appropriate punishment?

The above suggestion was offered by me on talk radio an hour before Obama announced a similar plan.
I’m not suggesting he didn’t come up with the idea first, only that I announced the idea first.
The part about the subsequent offer by Russia and Syria to destroy their arsenal to avert a war
is all well and good, especially if it takes place before any more uses of the gas, but it will
get murky while we all wait and who knows, now, where it will all go.

Now, why am I offering you jealous ingrates any of my seasoned advice?
Frankly, I don’t know why.
Until you care about jailing Stephen King for killing John Lennon you are douchebags
from hell who don’t deserve my wisdom.
I belong at the top of your list of celebrities where I can command an audience.
Until you climb down from being too jealous of me to get me there you’re all screwed anyway…..