Connect with this and win!!! 99%er’s.

Regarding the national demonstration over the inequity of unfettered, greedy capitalism
and it’s effect on the masses may I suggest that all you encamped demonstrators all over
America paint my website address on your signs, instead, all of you, at once, and win.
If you don’t you may just fizzle for lack of sizzle. Imagine that site on all the news!
If jailing Stephen King for John Lennon’s murder isn’t important than neither are you,
as far as thre powers that be are concerned.
I just drove up from L.A. to be in Oakland for a few days. As soon as I arrived the
authorities are threatening to crack heads if you don’t disperse.
The authorities fear your union with my cause more than the one you’ve got.
Heed my words and hurry or you will fail. I am a veteran activist. Trust me.
In case you aren’t aware I’ve discovered hard evidence in John Lennon’s murder; I’ve discovered
government, cryptographic codes in the headlines of Time, Newsweek and U.S. News mag-
azines surrounding the night of Lennon’s murder. The day of the murder the headline above
just elected Ronald Reagan reads:”Who’s In?””Who’s Out?” as in Reagan’s “In” and John Lennon
is “Out”, for example, as he is sitting next to Richard Nixon’s book, The Real War, that dis-
cusses why people like John Lennon; “..rock stars…who say ‘war is ‘bad’ and ‘peace’ is
‘good’..must ” be assassinated, in so many words. These codes only exist surrounding the
night of John’s murder beginning with the killer’s face and true identity; author Stephen
King, advertised “One great big Zippo lighter.” which describes the scene of the crime of a
man with a raincoat, gun blazing in the night, like a great big cigarette lighter.
That’s right, everybody; It’s King, not Chapman, getting John’s last autograph.
Codes that include Mark David King Chapman attached to a letter to the editor three weeks
before the crime where Chapman explains that he’s; ” …armed… waiting…to be moved into
a hostile square… by the hand of Ronald Reagan…”
When I nailed Larry King, live, on KGO talk radio for knowingly deceiving us with his
Chapman interview, years earlier, rather than denying my claim, he conceeded; …”..It’s OK,
Ronn, it’s all going to come out, eventually, anyway.” host, Ronn Owens, agast.
When my magazine distribution in Kennebunkport, Maine in 1992 caused George Bush Sr. to
plunge in the polls (23 percentage points in one week in his home town) he acknowledged,
weeks later, during the Richmond, Va. presidential debate; ” …You know, nobody likes “Who
Shot John” but I think governor Clinton…..”
My magazine was titled “Everybody’s Business; Who Shot John Lennon?” He admitted, to his
home town, on tv, that my expose was the reason he was dropping in the polls.
Too bad you phonies can’t admit it, too.
And, as if any of you guilty onlookers even saw a trial for decoy, look-alike, actor, Mark
Chapman in the first place, Stephen King, not only writes about “the fellow who killed John
Lennon..” in three books, not only writes about “Johnny, Nixon, shooting a man in the
shoulder blades” etc., etc., etc., he has never, once, denied my claims in almost 30 years.
Why should he? You’re all denying it for him. Connect your activism to my expose and fight
back the powers that be with force instead of counting on them to change just because you’re
upset over their system.
The powers that be KNOW that you’re all just blowing smoke until you DO use this bombshell
evidence against them. That without this cause addressed you’re all insincere. No threat.
My favorite sign is vertical, tall yet narrow, the better for lots of sign holders.:
That’s what I’m asking all you well intentioned, brave activists to do. Don’t flip the authorities
off. Instead, flip your signs to “” and watch the revolution begin.
I may not be here after Monday, November 14, but just get that website on your signs and
on the news and I’ll be just a day or two away from joining forces and delivering truth
and justice, wherever it takes off, first.
A few words of wisdom; the media is the military, the government, their mind control device.
They will lull you into a false sense that they’re on your side but the media bosses aren’t.
The police are the “thin blue line” that keeps you from the sheperd and information and,
in your case, that keeps your cause from succeeding. They’re doing what their corporate bosses
tell them to do.
Every lazy, cowardly, stupid and weak bone and muscle and instinct in your body will want
you to disMISS the Lennon murder evidence as not being important, now. You will want to run,
like the cowardly lion, out of the palace rather than face down your murderous government
with evidence that proves they let Stephen King humiliate all of you with such a crime.
You have to face down the authorities with Lennon’s murder evidence or you just can’t
face down the authorities with anything.
Come together over John Lennon or remain ridiculous.

Just think of how ridiculous you have been all this time.
“Oh, don’t worry junior, it’s just me, your bootlicking parent, letting John Lennon’s
real murderer molest you and our society with his evil brand of fear and hatred and de-
pravity. It’s the price you must pay for my gutlessness in the face of hard evidence, the
price you must pay for my letting the decoy, Chapman, utterly skip trial and plead behind
closed doors a year and a half later with no real explanation. I’m a mess so you get
molested with pure government evil. I wish I were a better parent, but I’m not. I’m what
we let the media call Lennon; a phony. Sorry kids.”

Stop molesting your kids and yourselves, people, and help me jail Stephen King.

Meanwhile the four foot long, four inch high bumper sticker on my website van reads;


In yellow lettering. Food for thought.

Your evidence/truth hero – Steve Lightfoot