L.A.P.D. trying to kill me?

Officer Ballerini of the Pacific division near Venice Beach seemed insulted that I would dare
suspect that the assault on me last April 4 involving a man who tried to break my jaw might
be a police conspiracy to get me killed. San Francisco police kidnapped, handcuffed and
pistolwhipped me unconscious in 1987. Palm Spring’s police tried to beat me up, five on one,
in 1996, except I chose to be very loud and they disbanded before a large restaurant crowd.
The same department that also pointed a gun at my head and cited me four times in three
weeks there and jailed me for informing the public about their gunpointing.
Many police department’s have abused me. One warden even threatened to have me cut up in
little pieces and flushed down the toilet back in the early 80’s.
Yes, there is a very good chance that the attack on me was part of a police operation.
The thin blue line that also protects us also protects our rulers from whistleblowers like me.
There is no whistleblower in the world who can revolutionize society more with news than I.
And who in the hell am I? I make all of society cringe with the knowledge that all of you
are co-conspiring cowards in the assassination of John Lennon which, by the way, was never fol-
wed by a trial for the man whose name you can’t recall, Chapman. I make Time and Newsweek
and U.S.News and World Report magazines worried about having to fold their operations.
You didn’t know that all three are in bed with our C.I.A.. Well, they all are.
In fact all of our mass media will be replaced with a new kind of media when I’m finished
exposing and jailing the most horrible human on earth, horror writer, Stephen King, who is
the man who actually got John’s last autograph, the real killer who pulled the trigger.
If I break this story all of you boot-licking, cover up class cowards will be forced to all
grow up. That makes you all uncomfortable. It means you have to become authentic, not phony.
And, yes, you deserve to be spoken to in those harsh terms as you ARE ALL VERY SICK!
And so, before I give you my reasons for thinking that there is a 50% chance that the
police are protecting the two who attacked me, let me call all of you out for being the kind
of spineless douche bags who would sit still for all this abuse against me over three decades.
Yes, Santa Rosa, California promptly fired chief Rosano in the mid 80’s over my billboard;
but that’s very little support you people have ever given me for my heroism.
As if all of you don’t know, my story is too big for the media or our authorities to deal
with. No attorney will help me out of fear of government and all of you seem paralyzed, too.
To begin with, I discovered magazine headline codes, including the killer’s face, alleged
name and letter linking him to Reagan in print before the murder of John Lennon. In short,
I can prove that Nixon and Reagan arranged for horror writer; Stephen King to actually
murder John Lennon and that the police switched King with Chapman that night and that the
mass media told us a cover up lie. I can also recommend to all of you that Yoko Ono is the
government’s “Ace In The Hole” and is involved with the coverup as well.
Sick world, sick all of you. Shame on your boot-licking silence all these decades that you
all chose to bury your heads in the sand. None of you saw a trial for anyone who killed John
Lennon, the worlds most powerful revolutionary as he was making a return to our lives.
My world famous website, number one in it’s category, is; www.lennonmurdertruth.com.
And now I am being assaulted by, yet, another undercover police operative in a sting operation
to kill me, if I’m not mistaken.
Either that or L.A.P.D. are A.W.O.L. incompetents and cowards who can’t make a simple arrest
on a man who witnesses saw tried to break my jaw with a roundhouse suckerpunch while I did
nothing to provoke it. In fact, in spite of questionable film results,- a security camera technician
happened to be there when I viewed the film to find the actual assault was only inches out
of frame, as if it might have been cropped as I gave a days notice before coming by – film shows
the shadow of the man’s blow to my jaw and showed his female accomplice vandalizing my signs
at the same time as well as the assailant pacing around me for several seconds while I’m
guarding my guitar. In fact, if this attack on me is not orchestrated from Barack Obama down
to the F.B.I., C.I.A., L.A.P.D., et al, I’d be very surprised. Events seem to point that way.
Innitially detectives told me the film showed nothing, for example. You see, people?
Let’s talk about the 155 pound 40-ish man with dark hair and a face like Charles Manson who
walked up to me wearing a disguise (Fake wig, mustache and goatee) and sucker punched me
as hard as he could witrh a roundhouse to my jaw last April 4, 2014;
I had been playing my guitar and singing Beatle’s songs to the Sidewalk Cafe crowd at Venice
Beach when a woman tried to tell me to leave, that I was in someone elses space. I replied;
“If they come I’ll leave.” She persisted and I told her; “If I have to see about regulating
this area I will.” Just then this man in a disguise walked up, asked me to repeat that and,
when I did, he tried to break my jaw. He swung a roundhouse as hard as he could.
Because he has always displayed cowardly behavior he did this while I was holding a valuable
guitar. I now recognized this man as the same person who tried to start a similar fight a year
earlier at the same spot. When I put my guitar away, then, he also vanished.
Even then I wondered might this be the same drug dealer / coward who knifed my van’s tire
20 years ago because I refused to buy his bunk bag of pot?
If it was then this person is a sick, miserable, criminal who hates life and wants to start
trouble where no trouble exists. I wondered, then, was he a narc working for police. His level
of antagonism against me was unexplainable unless he’s as sick and dangerous and evil as
Charles Manson or an agent provocatour working for police and the F.B.I..
If he is just a Venice beach drug dealer / loser and has an insecurity about his manhood or
issues with the bad parenting he received he’d have been corrected by now by the real world over
his beligerent, runt dog attitude. Whether he is in a plot with police or they are merely
encouraging him to assault me by refusing to arrest him, the police are already looking criminal.
I’m passing out these flyers because I think you’ll all agree, after I lay out facts, that,
so far, the authorities are displaying special leniancy towards my assailants, much like L.A.’s
former D.A., Gil Garcetti, threw things with the O.J. mess to avoid race riots. Now his son,
I believe, is at the top of this mess with me, at least where L.A.’s mayor is concerned.
The only thing I ever did to this assailant was confront him while he sought the sanctuary of
his gang buddies and told him what I thought of knifing my tire. I had to brandish pepper spray
when they all raised their skateboards to attack me but didn’t have to use it. No blows were
traded, just a skateboard one of them threw over my head into a business wall as I left.
That was 20 years ago and long forgotten.
So, here we are, now, and the police arrived to have this couple, who also vandalized my signs,
arrested. Just then a man came up to us and said; “He’s not important.” meaning me who just
almost got his jaw broken. This man continued; “Someone down the boardwalk just sprayed some
mace. That’s more important.” And, secondly, no, it’s not more important.
The officers who came to make an arrest for me left on this man’s interruption. This stranger,
by the way, besides being anti me, was not a bum but sober as a, well, a police officer.
Now, already, the notion that the police might be involved with this attack on me, has a
curious point of reference and commonality regarding pepper spray, and the episode has
just happened. I believe the term for it is; “a nexus”.
If this was not just a coincidence then it would mean that this bum looking assailant and
this professional looking man discussed 20 year old information and now this man was, per-
haps, letting the Rumplestiltskin effect communicate to me what’s going on in a clandestine,
subliminal way for whatever mind games reasons the government has. Like a taunt. Kind
of like saying to me; “We know all about your history with this man and this is a sting.”
Also, how would he know about a crime a block away if he wasn’t informed on a police device?
Furthermore, this stranger seemed invested, emotionally, in my situation, more than was
appropriate and in a hostile way. Between being a bystander or a co-conspirator, the latter.
Otherwise it’s a most amazing coincidence. Especially if you knew about a few other
players who pick on my free speech there, have stolen my signs, etc., over the years.
While my arrest attempt was interupted by a man who seemed to disdain me the perps left.
Thirty or so minutes later another officer arrived too late to apprehend the two.
Two days later, when I saw the two and called police to arrest them, it took the police 45
minutes to arrive. The dispatcher must have deliberately lied to me when she tried to say I
gave the wrong address. As if to mock me. Or is there something obscure about “Horizon Street
at the Beach boardwalk at Venice Beach, a block west of Horizon and Speedway.”? I only told
her three times in three calls in 45 minutes time.
By the time officers Kwon and Juarez arrived the same woman began harassing me, again,
adding threats; ” We can have all four of your tires sliced. We know what you drive….We can
have you killed…”
In spite of all this the officers refused to make an arrest. They were very laid back, as were
the perps, like a friendly visit, no attempt to search them. No arrest. I was dumbfounded.
They told me if I want to make an arrest now that all three of us would be arrested. That
I should wait out the process. Apparently the two lied to fabricate a phony other story.
Subsequently everything seems like “through the looking glass” with the investigation.
Dozons of attemps over several hours of trying to contact the police went unanswered forcing
me to track down a sergeant with a priveledged number. He seemed to resent that I found it.
First it was detective Blocker – as in “to block my prosecution” – and, when I told him that I
wasn’t injured, he said; “Thank you.” as if I had just given him what he wanted. I discovered my
injury a week later. Then detective Dalzel, then Detective Gamboa, like musical chairs. Most of
my calls, 90%, went unreturned. When I actually met with officer Dalzel I showed him
the bulge at the base of my neck proving I was, not only struck, but harmed. That was on
April 29, ’14, before he submitted it to the City Attorney. I’d like to see if that note of
injury was left out. I am having no luck in seeing any report or getting defendant’s names
and even the other authorities are puzzled by the breakdown of normal proceedures.
Recently I told officer Ballerini that, if he is not punished, he will feel free to do more
and that, even if I beat him up, he’ll only resort to a weapon next and that if I have to
kill him to protect myself, since he has declared all out war, it will be because of their
failure to arrest him in the first place. He would not let me even finish my reasoning but
warned me about loose remarks like that.
I had to add that he may be part of a government plot to kill me and make it look like a street
crime. When I pointed out the remark the man made about arresting someone with mace,
even before I could explain why, his eyes lit up defensively and he told me that he was
offended by my insinuation.
To be truthfull, I hope he’s sincere and not a party to any of this, nor any of the department.
I know some of this sounds alarmist and slightly paranoid, but police abuse against my
activism has been well documented; See my site’s chapter; “Current Update” in the new devel-
opments page if you have any doubts.
L.A. is like a 20 cylinder engine running on 7, on a good day, frankly, and maybe justice
is overly plodding here but the two should have been arrested a month ago, including her
threats to kill me and to pop all my tires.
Now the police tell me to “Stay away from the area.” Bullshit. I’ll sue the city for ob-
structing free speech, first. For discrimination and fostering a dangerous environment.
No police terror plot will succeed in keeping my signs off the boardwalk. That’s what they want.
In the meantime, especially if this IS a police operation, I am in danger.
If I am found dead they may blame it on him and if he is found dead they may blame it on me.
I wonder if my assailant is even is aware of that possibility? The doublecross. That they
might kill him to frame me? Or vice/versa.
In my humble opinion, I think I am famous enough to guarantee that my death will break my story.
I went to the City Attorney’s office today, 5-7-’14 and left a note that if anything hap-
pens as a result of their delay I will excercise my right to sue the county for negligence and more.
Meanwhile, let me tell all of you that Nathan, the piano player, who seems to be in league
with my assailant, may even pay him to harass me, made a point of playing the Stone’s song;
“Play With Fire” both, right after I was attacked and, again, when I tried to arrest the
two days later, as if to threaten me with his song selection’s message.
Right after I was attacked another man tried to start a fight with me. The man who shares the
space next to the piano player. I think it was he who stole and garbaged my signs years ago.
I think Nathan needs to practice with a metronome if he ever wants to get beyond passing a
coffee can for his tips like a circus monkey. His rambling, out of time, style has a stupi-
fying effect on the area, I think. He could actually get a job if he’d learn to keep time.
Knowing Orwellian L.A.P.D. tactics he could even be an operative preventing free speech.
He lives there, people, No free speech allowed.
As for our Charles Manson criminal, even his eyes look like Charles Manson, askew, with
that same signature Manson crazed look. His actions; knifing my tire for not buying his
Mexican weed bag when I explained, up front, emphatically, and politely, before anything, that
I wouldn’t buy if it was Mexican weed, was a cowardly act. Blustering to fight me while hold-
ing my expensive guitar that I inherited from my doctor father, twice, was cowardly.
Using lies and subterfuge to avoid arrest, using his female accomplice to distract me while
he used a wig and disguise and prop mustache and goatee to suckerpunch me, using her to
make death threats and property threats, all that was cowardly. Pre meditatedly using her
presense as a ruse to insinuate I ever touched her, after, to excuse his attack was cowardly.
Most disgraceful, though, this man is the worlds worst kind of person; the kind who wants
to stop a hero from saving wretched mankind. A man as sick as Stephen King, for example.
A hater of all mankind bent on depriving it of the truth and dignity it really needs.
The jealous Judas of the L.A. region. Your enemy.
Meanwhile, where are all you douche bags on the matter? Get a clue, Lost Angeles. Your
Boardwalk is looking pretty riff raffy lately and your government killed John Lennon
on Jim Morrison’s birthday, you boot-licks. Jim Morrison used to live at Venice Beach.

Your police chief is Charlie Beck, I believe, and your City Attorney is (I don’t know). Your
mayor is Eric Garcetti. If you lack the spine to carry a sign and help me jail Stephen King
at least please notify your officials of my situation. Let them know you have my back.
Read my website and my chapter “DENIAL EQUALS CHILD ABUSE” on the New Devpts. page.
If you were a witness to the attack on 4-4-’14 my e-mail is lennonmurdertruth@Yahoo.com
Thank you, but do something, please. Oh, and McCartney is a washout, sellout. He won’t save
you. He actually endorsed me live, 4-1-’90, once. He knows I’m right, though. Just like you.
This assault on me has all but ended any friendly relationship with Paul, now, ever.
Bad karma has always followed my enemies. Now that four L.A.P.D. officers have died in a
month since the attack is ominous. Like God’s way of telling me; “Yes, Steve. This is a plot.”
When I find out Charles Manson’s real name I’ll remind the world of who their enemy is
when the whole world is listening. Etc., etc.. That he represent’s all of your jealousy.
Not because I am vengeful but because I must push back to keep future assaults in check. In
fact, it’s time I started suing people, even cities, for a change.
What are you going to do, people. Zip, Nada?
You see, it’s not so much that I am a hero. It really is a case of all of you being anti-heroes. Other-
wise you’d have marched me to the media and demanded disclosure, by now. For your sake.
(To be continued…..) See my site; www.lennonmurdertruth.com

This comes with an up front I apologize for hurting anyone’s feelings if I’m mistaken, but, we
all saw the movie; “Serpico.” TV movies lately like “Sucker Punch” and “City of Industry” have
me thinking that there could be another reason involving drug lords and police in the Venice
Beach area where, well let me just ask you; How much a day in drugs moves through there?
30 K? I don’t know. But it’s loose and free and this perp seems to be openly still dealing drugs,
so I have to wonder if there might be some other kind of forces out there more prone than
others to be part of a plot against me.
The guys at the local station seem anything but crooked. I hope they’re as idealistic as me.
I just have to let my enemies know I’m no idiot, either.
The pot dispensaries I’m not too concerned about, except that any buys from the riff raff will
likely be the cheap stuff they can get, marked up.
If I’m not mistaken, the female accomplice of the man who assaulted me seemed like she was
on hard drugs the second time I saw her and her face all scratched up, besides.
My problem is with the police not arresting these criminals by now and exposing me to a
lawless environment.

May 09, update;
I returned, for the third time, to the site of the attack, both perps were on the grassy knoll
behind the piano player. I was wearing work gloves to protect my knuckles if a fight broke out
but the assailant spent most of his time taking off on his bike contacting his gang buddies
in the area. He used a cell phone from an employee at the pot dispensary office there.
I noticed a man in his late 20’s , early 30’s, about 200 pounds with dark brown hair and a beard
walk up to me with a sad, malevolent look in his eyes and I had to pivot to confront him as
he walked almost into me.
You see, cowardly U.S. public, this is what the U.S. government wants. Escalation. Me dead.
Regarding the assailant being friends with the pot dispensary, why not? There is no limit to
how much pot a patient can buy in a month. I know the system enough to know that one can go
to dozens of dispensaries in a month, buy up to two pounds of pot and become a drug dealer
using the pot dispensary system to fuel his operation.
I’m pretty sure the assailant was observed making a drug deal right next to the dispensary two
days after the assault before I called police. With the dispensary’s blessings, apparently.
I might start pointing out, on talk radio and my site, that this system must change.
It must become mandatory that no single patient can spend over $300. per month on pot. Period.
That’s enough to keep anyone stoned 24/7. There are no tracking systems for customer volume,
now. For the sake of the dispensaries, they should implement this system immediately to protect
their long term rights to operate, anyway.
The medical marijuana dispensaries are being abused by drug dealers all over America, literally
creating drug dealers who get the product to people without medical cards, padding shop profits.
A credit card system should check and cut off a users supply after $300. is spent in a month.
It should be the only method of payment allowed, that specific card, and if one’s situation re-
quires cash only, then this monthly amount must be tracked, as well, some other way.
This system will also help prevent the dispensaries from hiding income to avoid taxes.
Frankly, people, that the system is so wide open for abuse it’s as if everybody must be in
bed with the drug lords. Our criminal justice system knows about all these issues I’m discussing.
If the attack on me was just a low class drug dealer made violent from drugs then the dispens-
ary, if they supply him, helped make the attack possible by enabling him to remain there and
deal drugs with his steady supply. The police haven’t stopped him in 20 years, so far.
If there is a financially mutual relationship with the Venice drug lords and police and it includes
dispensary traffic, then my solution will also take a bite out of that kind of evil crime.
As for the possibility that the police are not in a plot with this assailant. I don’t believe it.
He even hangs out at the highest grassy knoll on the beach, like an undercover look out.
Meanwhile, I spent some 40 minutes hanging out at the caf� area with my two sided poster;

Ain’t it the truth, people? Ain’t it the truth?
I also added three messages to my van;”Chapman lie = child abuse” and “U.S. licking cover up
boot.” These two on the sides and, on the bumper; “Lying U.S. Saw No Trial”

Urgent Update!!!:

All along, something about this assailant has been bothering me. Not allowing me to rest
until I figured something out. Well, I think I know what’s been bothering me so much about this
particular attack; I think my assailant may already be a murderer. That he strikes me as being
that depraved.
I thought about exactly this aspect of the man 20 years ago when he knifed my tire for no rea-
son, suspecting, then, that he was the type who may have tortured animals as a child and may
be on the road to a violent criminal future.
I recall the energy he transmitted into that punch he threw. It screamed out loud: “Somebody
stop me. I am a sick man. Before I hurt someone. Somebody arrest me. I’m more than just
I recall how the actress Rebecca Schaffer, who was shot at her home by a deranged man,
Bardo, I think, who was caught the next day a state away acting out his emotions in public draw-
ing attention to himself. Similarly, this assailant seems to be broadcasting his guilt over
some other matter to the world that screams out for attention.
For all I know he is in the drug dealing world and could possibly be linked to, perhaps, an
unsolved murder somewhere.
So here I come along, still exposing murderer Stephen King, and who pops out of the woodwork
but his same old terrorist begging me have him arrested. Why?! Is he afraid I’ll solve a murder
he may be responsible for? Do his gang buddies know all about it and is that why there are so
many antagonists against me?
The only other explanation I can think of is that he is part of a police operation to kill me
or that he is merely a rogue asshole the police are letting go because he is attacking ME
and that they have orders to leave me on my own since I’m exposing our government.
(After my first visit to Bangor, Maine, for example, I was told by an ambulence worker
that they had me on a list suggesting I get minimal response in the event I were harmed.)
Now, I will be passing out this alarming news all over Venice. Since his girlfriend threat-
ened to have me killed and my tires popped and since the assailant has already popped one
of my tires in the past, I am within my free speech rights and immune from any slander suit
he may want to file.
I minored in psychology in college and I have only met maybe five people in my life as evil
as I think my assailant here is. He may well already be a murderer that the police are letting
ride roughshod over me. I can’t leave that reasonable suspicion a secret from the public.
I know it sounds like trying to pin the tail on the donkey and I have no proof. Nevertheless,
I think big time evil is afoot here with my assailant.
The Los Angeles criminal system seems to have lost my controversial case as neither the
downtown or Van Nuys offices seem to have it as the detectives have told me.
I may well be out in front of the mayors office after I contact him about all of this with bill-
boards reading;
The other side revealing my website.
Meanwhile, I have a lot to say to all of you Los Angelinos;
Pull your air-heads out of the sand, please. You people are sleep-walking through life.
Does L.A. stand for “Lost Air-heads?”
You remind me of the lyrics to a song I once heard: “Deep in your beds, the truth is known;
You do not stand together. You stand alone.”
Get some class you apathetic boot-licks. I’m in danger and you’re worse than spectators.
As for Sir silent Paul, Lord deliver us from a world with milk toast, good for nothing super
celebrities, please. We need those types to be more fearless for everyone’s sake.
P.S. As for my credibility with pinning Lennon’s murder on Stephen King; I had no idea who
Stephen King was when I identified him as the man who got Lennon’s last autograph. I even
thought it was a phony name to hide his identity. I wish it were not so unbelievable a suspect.
As for our menace of Venice terrorist who tried to cause mayhem to my jaw and life, I am not
really pinning the tail on him, either. He, more than anyone in Venice, has come up to me and
identified himself as my biggest enemy, and why? Because I am exposing a murderer?
My instincts tell me you should all consider this local a person of interest in any unsolved
murder and to blame him and, or, the L.A.P.D. for any harm that might come to me, your hero.
As I already explained, in attacking me in such a violent manner, he has attacked all of the
world who needs the truth about John Lennon’s murder. He is a sociopathic criminal and anti
hero and he is not your friend. Though, at times, he seems normal, I know that he’s not.
This man, by the way, is about 5’9″ and 160 pounds, longish dark brown hair, fit, with a jut
jaw and thin lips and usually wears sunglasses. He’s about 45 and hangs out with his girlfriend
behind the piano player on a grassy knoll across from The Sidewalk Bar and Caf� at the
L.A.’s system is asking me to wait weeks to get the assailant’s name. Can you believe it?

My thoughts on all of you;

I’ll cut to the chase, here; I’m so disgusted with all of you, as a people and as a species,
that I have voluntarily opted for celibacy, now, for over a decade.
That’s how unsexy I think all of you are. I used to be as horny as anyone else until I stripped
the phony mask off all of your faces and saw what remained; an apathetic, classless coward
on his and her knees sacrificing themselves and their children to the hell of covering up
the murder of John Lennon and all out of pure, ingrained fear of government, generally.
What a sad lot. I can’t even find anyone with the class enough to care about. You’re all polluted.
I know know more about life and your lives than you do and you all seem so boring. Com-
pared to how you all could be living under the truth you are all mad, weak, insane fools.
Fast forward to Venice Beach, California, 2014; Primarily a lot of stoned, marginally employed
poverty stricken homeless refugees looking for a place to blend together and create their
own community. The otherwise normally employed locals and tourists almost never hear rumb-
lings of social change on their boardwalk. Not like London with Hyde Park, for example. No, no
free speech is allowed at Venice Beach, whether by chance or police design. You DO hear the
ever present carnivalesque sound of one piano player who, literally spends, half of his
life there rambling away as fast as his fingers can go, it seems, playing various songs, almost
non stop. Not a very enlightening atmosphere for the single most trafficked spot on the beach.
It’s a shame. This piano player seems to be in cahoots with my terrorist at times in fact.
That the urine soaked sands and wafting of marijuana smoke doesn’t offend the locals seems bad
enough, but no free speech, just smaltz and vendors tables and drug selling on the beach and
ice cream and pizza and escapism, just that? It’s all very sad.
It’s shameful that all of you seem to tolerate low life, violence as par for the course.
George Harrison, after his first look at Haight Ashbury section of San Francisco during the
height of Hippy power, was similarly disenchanted by what he saw there. A lot of homeless drug
fiends and losers, not the spiritually progressive crowd he was expecting. Is it any wonder the
area couldn’t overpower the imposition of yuppy values that took over America, since?
I’m not embarrassed or ashamed that I find all of you untouchable, lately. I’m even grateful
that, at least, I am not a blind fool and political coward like all of you ARE. Like my adapted
lyrics to Working Class hero;
“…You think you’re so hip and you think you’re so cool
But you’re Stephen King’s cowardly, perverted fool
Making love under all of his drizzle and drool.”
The Peregrine falcon, one of natures most noble creatures, can’t breed in captivity, either.
Flies CAN, though. My expose is all about restoring the human decency and dignity you lost.
The real pay off for me will be a better people to live with if my magnificent expose finds
you people worthy of it’s fruits.
You’ll have to get brave and care about yourselves, first. Fuck your evil government.
The media won’t tell on itself, you know. You’ll actually have to carry signs and protest, first.
I recall how the Northridge earthquake occurred just hours after I first moved to L.A.. As if
to punish it for its sins over time, besides John Lennon’s murder. As if to cleanse it for my
arrival with the biggest news story in U.S. history. At least that’s how it felt, then.
Imagine that; me, pitying all of you for being fornicating phonies. Sad but true.
I’d rather live in a van and break my story than be like all of you. It’s a startling fact.
Prove who killed John Lennon with hard evidence or you are fools. There’s more to fear than
earthquakes. It was also I who witnessed a planet killer asteroid just miss us in 1966(?)
That you HAVE hard evidence has exposed your TRUE, pitiful state of consciousness.
Only you can change you. And you all must. Imagine all you people living under the truth.
You people ARE ugly, not sexy, where John Lennon’s murder is concerned.
Get smart, get sexy, get justice.

Additional notes;
A few days after the above was posted a man in his early 20’s killed himself and six others
near UCSB near Santa Barbara, injuring 13 others. Why? Because the world would not re-
spond to his needs for acceptance, approval, sex and losing his virginity.
Well, let’s see. When I was his age it seemed that all the best looking girls were attracted to
the biggest assholes they could find. I’m sure the world was partly to blame for his loss
in faith in humanity. The public IS irrational, ironic and tragic all at once. Normal is,
in reality, insane. You’re ALL whack.
In the same neighborhood not long ago another similar carnage occurred and that man was
also the son of a man in the movie industry. This new shooter’s father was co-director of
the “kill your fellow man to survive” series; “The Hunger Games”.
A young, good looking man in his early twenties, jilted by a maddening world, goes berserk.
About the same day a documentary aired with Woody Harrelson serving as the narrator. Woody
Harrelson, a bona fide friend of the public who has long been been a political activist.
He pointed out that a select elite have already admitted to controlling the masses via the
mass media. That these elite have decided that the masses are irrational and can’t be trust-
ed, as a group, to run wild and must be conditioned to be controlled.
The terms the elite used in determinining our fate is that we are a “bewildered herd” who
need to be controlled, subconsciously, by having our psychological needs met and by creating
a manufacturing of consent or, as I put it, a manufacturing of consensus. They give you
sports teams to root for to replace your need to belong to a tribe. They give you religion
to help you cope with life after death and your general fear of death, they give you plenty
of violence venting with all that crap you get on tv and they make sure you are physically
comfortable with central air and a soft bed and all the food, clothing and shelter you need.
After that they own you. Like Nixon said; “In the Soviet Union even the minds of it’s people
are property of the state.”
Nixon also writes that “fear” is what motivates people most, not love. The plot that let
Stephen King kill and replace John Lennon as our cultural influence was a fear plot to
make all of you afraid, generally. Our government terrorized us.
In the Beatle’s movie “Yellow Submarine” The “Blue Meanies” (police) were trying to
assassinate “Love” as if it were the state’s mortal enemy. Stephen King is a state terrorist
/ public enemy / evil asshole / assassin that they used to reverse Lennon’s influence.
Your evil U.S. government is now caught, red-handed, committing atrocities against you.
They hope you’ll bow down and roll over just because of your irrational fear of government.
They rely on their use of the media to cow you, control you and scare you.
It’s partly why you are confronted, nightly, with government uniformed actors shooting people
with guns, non stop, on tv. It’s how they terrorize you and keep you afraid. This summer,
so long as America is watching King’s; “Under The Dome” series, know that America is under a
terrorist attack on it’s people by it’s own evil, Orwellian government. Nightmarica. You may
not think that all three letter stations are the C.I.A.. The entire mass media is a government tool.
Now, let’s look at yourselves; You love the man who really murdered John Lennon, you let him
write novels and movies for your children and even CBS is giving him a prime time series;
Under The Dome”. You pretend you ever saw a trial for Chapman and look away from the truth.
Conversely, you hate me, the hero exposing what he did. You are all jealous of me and resent
having the truth foisted on you so awkwardly while you are in the throes of molesting your
children with the real murderer.
You are all sick as satan. You are tragic and self destructive. Anti-heroic and mad.
How did all of you become so sick? Well, the elite, in their efforts to mold you, screwed
you all up, mostly. They only meant to mold you for their benefit, not yours. They’re evil.
They wean you on violence with cartoons, right from the get go. Then they keep you sick.
Regarding the Lennon murder coverup the media pre-soaked you with the “Dallas” TV series.
“Who Shot J.R.?” was all the rage before the murder of J.L.. The media hyped it to the
hilt. Then Reagan replaced Carter, then the Iranian hostages, then Hinckley shot Reagan
(A story I’m convinced was an act to distract you from Chapman) and you were,
now, already three months late in demanding answers regarding Chapman’s 60 day psychiatric
evaluation. Lennon, The Pope and Anwar Sadat, all peace makers, were shot with the election
of Reagan. Reagan’s shooting probably WAS a Hollywood style hoax to change the subject and
point a finger away from himself as the cause of all these assassinations. To act like a victim.
Hinckley, right away, said that he shot Reagan over John Lennon’s murder; “When Lennon died
I died, you died, America died, the world died, everybody died…America is the land where
heroes are shot in the back…”
All so very, succinctly true. Too true not to be mind control. Hitting your subconscious.
Then, after over a year of distracting you away from Chapman with Hinckley, Hinckley was
found to be insane. Translation; anyone who ever thought Reagan killed Lennon must be insane.
You see? They fulfilled your need to lash out and suspect the government for Lennon’s murder
then smothered you with brainwash alleging any such notion must be hogwash. They’re good.
In the process, at the subconscious level, the government admitted guilt to dare to bring it up.
They also matched up pudgy Chapman with pudgy Hinckley to cement the confusion. Further-
more, both King and Chapman gained 20 pounds before the crime to blur their differences.
At the time of the murder Lennon was demonized as “The evil that had to be removed…” as
printed in The Enquirer. That was tame compared to some of the other insults to our sanity.
Before long you were all on all fours, toungues firmly licking the government media’s boots.
You all crossed that bridge, that moment of awareness; “They skipped Chapman’s trial. Wow!
They’re practically admitting they killed John. Everybody knows Nixon tried to deport him.”
But you learned to become phonies, en masse. A bunch of turn coat, boot licking cowards.
Didn’t all of you? That was the moment America died, in my opinion.
When books came out espousing that Chapman was in jail splashing the room with toilet water
yelling profanities you slurped it up like malted milks on a scorching summer day. Nevermind
that it was all an act, a make believe show to fool all of you. You didn’t care.
All you all really wanted was an excuse not to have to point your fingers at your government
for what they obviously did. Ever since your ancestors forked over their firstborn to the
government for slaughter you’ve been sick.
Who shot J.R. was solved on Thanksgiving but you were all too worn out, after, to solve
who shot J.L. which happened two weeks later.
Again, the government gave your busy minds plenty of opportunity to solve who shot J.R.
They knew you’d be worn out by the time it came to solving who shot John Lennon.
The fact that the news of Lennon’s murder interrupted Monday Night Football to inform you was
no accident, either. The media wanted to avoid assassination rumors and speculation by the
public and chose to brainwash you en masse, at once, and on the gridiron of sports violence.
The Howard Cosell angle cheapened the news as if he were yelling; “DOWN goes Frazier!”
“Down goes Lennon…” You see? The media made it seem like a sporting event as in the days
ofthe Roman Collossium slaughters for entertainment tapping into your sado/masochism.
(Howard Cosell, commenting about his announcer role in John Lennon’s murder remarked,
later;”It’s a sordid business.” Meaning the media. Larry King, after I nailed him, live, on a huge
talk radio show for knowingly brainwashing us with his Chapman interview remarked, after
Ronn Owen, the San Francisco host, tried to apologize for my rude call; “It’s O.K. Ronn. The
truth is all bound to come out, eventually, anyway.”
So there, disbelieving public. No one has ever heard Stephen King deny my claims, either.)
Chapman’s evaluation lapsed into over a year and all of us (me included) were wondering
how Hinckley replaced Chapman so thoroughly. It was then, behind closed doors, with no
media present, when we were told Chapman plead guilty two days before his scheduled trial.
Then, like a terrorist threat / admission of the government’s guilt, the story was buried
in the back section of the papers, just an insultingly small three by four inch clipping. Because
homo sapiens are weaklings and phonies, you all bought it hook, line and sink America.
So, look at you today; a nation of violent outbursts and mass shootings, almost monthly.
The ruling elite that made you so feeble and soft and sick are still insulting your sensi-
tivities with media violence every night, turning all of you into disfunctional, cowardly
douche bags. And, true to form, you timid blobs don’t seem to care or have any class at all.
The people of Maine, who know all about King, turned to heroin rather than expose him.
You all pretend I’m a whacko, similarly. You haven’t the stones to admit otherwise. It’s
way too much to absorb at once, that I am right and all of your lives are a hidious nightmare.
Like shock protects your body from physical pain your denial shields you from even begin-
ning to consider I might be right. You want to deny that you are a monster and a fool.
Deep down I believe most of you realize that I might just become bigger than The Beatles.
That I might get that baton and change history and become a super celebrity / hero.
It scares you to have to relinquish your desire to be your childrens hero and let me show
all of you parents the way. Especially since I live too dangerous a life to have kids, now.
Your foolish pride and shame and, I’ll say it, guilt, make you want to brand me as a whacko.
If you people were well enough to march me and my findings to the lying media you’d all
know that I am the hero you all desperately need.
Hero is a word the government would like to carve out of the dictionary.
By the way, without a folk hero to lead you, not a mind controlling media, you people are
just a bewildered herd of insanity. That’s why heroes are always killed; to keep you sick.
As a group, as a mass, you are truly satanic. That’s why I carry a sign that reads;
It’s the back side to my website address.

P.S. Your APATHY turned me into a public bashing asshole. Before I knew all of you were
insane, in general, I was the most pleasant person on the block. Congratulations, phonies.
Bash your hero around long enough and that’s what you all get.
Lucky for you I was tough enough to stay in the game long enough to help you, anyway.

P.P.S.: What would you all sound like if you were honest?:

“Sorry, Steve, we were too jealous of you and afraid of our government to help you sooner.
We are Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion, deep inside, politically. Afraid of our rulers.
Please help us find the strength to help you. We are so very miserable since Lennon was
assassinated and we’re tired of living under the government’s gunbarrel and boot and being
poisoned by their lying media. Where would you like us to carry protest signs?”
That’s what you’d sound like, people.

Hey, I’m not alone in my dim view of modern society. In “The Magic Christian”, a Beatle’s
film starring Ringo Star, the movie ends with a bunch of adults jumping into a pool of urine
and feces and money. The commentary is that people will gladly jump into a pool of feces
and urine for some free money. Kind of sums up the whole money grubbing scene, truthfully.
That’s how I see all of you; flailing around in your insanity, covered in filth worshipping
false Gods and values, playing with your units (cellphones) and other distractions.
In a moment of complete sobriety it’s easy to see how 90% of your lives are ridiculous.
Vanity, instant gratification, laziness, phoniness, tinsel, junk food, junk media, junk
relationships, junk orgasms, junk happiness, junk jobs, junk media. Plastic, crap filler.
That’s most of your lives, really. I’m just the eyes wide open messenger with a better
program you all may or may not deserve.
I don’t see anyone picketing their poisonous media, though. You have to deserve truth.
Stop playing with your cell phones and get off your lazy asses, masses. PROTEST!

To be continued….

June 4, 2014 update;

A few weeks ago I distributed flyers about my assailant and spotted him on the grassy knoll
wearing what looked like a Nazi helmet in 90 degree weather. Is he afraid I’ll sucker punch
him back? The last time I saw him with a friends pit bull and the time before that a cane.
That’s why I don’t practice unwarranted violence. It’s no way to go through life.
This past Wednesday I, again, distributed flyers about my predicament, the suspects on the
knoll, again, only this time Nathan, the piano man, spoke up as I stood in the area, silent
with my signs. He said;
“Get the fuck out of here, asshole.”
I shot back;
“I will not get the fuck out of here, asshole.” in a quiet manner.
It got me to thinking; When I observed the film of the original incident I noticed that the
assailant, while pacing around me, turned to Nathan and held out his arms like; “Is that
what you wanted? I delivered.”
As if Nathan and he had discussed hitting me long before it happened. A conspiracy.
If this is just a group of low life beggars afraid I’ll diminish their tips with my signs
and THAT’S what’s behind their attack then all of Venice Beach should be ashamed.
In the first place, I think Nathan is not legitimately in it for the sake of music or he’d,
not only play his songs in proper time, but he’d make an occasional allowance for me to help
avenge the great musician, John Lennon. Instead he takes a hostile tack. Over what, a dollar
or two? He isn’t happy unless he squelches out all free speech in his restaurant area? He
has to hog the area like a man with an obsessive, compulsive disorder and literally take over
what should be a free speech zone every now and then.
I recall how my old tire slashing trespasser came popping out of the woodwork 20 years later
last May 23, 2013 when I made a mini speech to the restaurant crowd about how the piano man
seems unusually hostile to my attempts at free speech, to the point he could be a police
plant for all anyone knows.
This is what angered my assailant. That I was, perhaps, on to exactly the possibility Nathan
is encouraged to monopolize the sound in the area by the police. L.A.P.D. tactics in action
behind the curtain.
My future assailant tried to bait me into a fight then and there over something that didn’t
even concern him.
And then there was the The Rolling Stones song; Play With Fire that Nathan was playing
right after I was attacked and, again, while trying to make an arrest on the two suspects.
As if to send me a message.
I think Nathan may be either a small time musician jealous of any encroachers or he may be
exactly an L.A.P.D. plot against free speech in the busiest spot on the boardwalk. That both
he and my assailant might be part of a police plot. Even if they’re not, they’re assholes
to oppose my activism of avenging John Lennon and informing the U.S. public.
Whether the police are orchestrating these players or not, the fact that no arrest was made
puts them in a suspicious light. At the least they are selectively discriminating against
me and my rights to arrest an assailant who committed serious battery on me because I am
exposing the government.
I urge all of you to boycott Nathan, the piano player, just for going against the John Lennon
man, not to mention hogging the area like he does.

Thank you, Steve Lightfoot


This man, whose name I haven’t discovered yet, committed battery against me on April 4,
2014 hitting me as hard as he could with a left roundhouse to my right jaw. He tried to
break my jaw and even used his girlfriend and a disguise to sucker punch me. Had I not
been holding a valuable guitar at the time I don’t think he’d have even tried.
I outweigh him by almost 20 pounds but I’m going to charge him, legally, instead.
His girlfriend made property and death threats to me two days later when I tried to arrest
them. She vandalized my signs as well. (I’m the one protesting the coverup of John Lennon’s
murder with hard evidence against the government) They’re both, hopefully, being charged soon.
The police are not willing to make an arrest and may, indeed, be working with the two
in a sting to break my jaw, for example, and intimidate me from bringing my message to
Venice Beach boardwalk. It is a familiar routine lots of other police departments have resorted
to, once including being beaten unconscious while handcuffed in 1987. If these two are
not helping L.A.P.D. terrorize and possibly kill me then they are two criminals who belong
in jail for the sake of all your safety, not just mine. Anyone who is their friend can do better.
I have reason to believe they may be drug dealers and drug fiends and psychologically off.
Even if they are just criminals the police have been known to make deals with suspects.
The reason I’m passing around this flyer with a sketch of the assailant is because he is,
to my knowledge, a drug dealer at the beach who knifed a tire of mine 20 years ago because
I refused to buy his pot deal. I knew, then, that he was a sick and violent man.
I learned a lot from his blow to my head; I learned that he is suicidal and hates his own
life, that he is a desperately miserable person. More, I’ve come to the conclusion, based on
my own instincts, that this same man may well already be guilty of murder but hasn’t been
caught, yet. That he should be considered unusually dangerous and unbalanced.
It may sound like trying to pin the tail on the donkey, here, but they threatened to pop
my tires – something already done – and to have me killed. I think they’re both sick enough
to mean what they say and that he seems like a guilty murderer, spiritually, already.
I did solve John Lennon’s political assassination and I have better detective skills than
you may think and I wouldn’t say such an alarming thing about a local if I wasn’t sincere.
I’ve only met five people in my life as evil as I think this man is. You should all beware.
He is mid 40’s, 5’9″ 160 pounds, longish brown hair, jut jawed with thin lips and usually
wears shorts and sunglasses. Without his glasses even his eyes look like Manson’s.
She is average looking as can be in her 30’s and has light brown hair and she seemed en-
raged when she saw that I had repaired the sign she ripped, livid at my political cause.
I’m still not sure that the two aren’t part of a police sting to actually get me killed.
Anyone who would try to break my jaw is a society hating coward trying to protect evil and
punish society, at large, with the coverup. Even chief Beck is getting hit in traffic, lately,
(5-21-’14) while the department has lost several officers to death since I was attacked.
I’d hate to think this is a police sting to kill me like I’ve experienced, often, before.
I had to double back on their report to make sure that my neck injury was noted and photo-
graphed. (A small cist like lump) For three weeks there was no note that I was even injured.
I urge you all to read my website;
and visit the Footnotes and new development’s page and read the astonishing details sur-
rounding this whole thing. Read the latest chapters including Denial Equals Child Abuse and
help me come forward before I get killed.
This couple hang out behind the piano player at Sidewalk Cafe on the grassy knoll beneith
their beach umbrella. Nathan, the piano player, may or may not be involved as well. Another
man, present at the time, said things to indicate the assault might be a police sting.
Keep up with future developments on my website and keep me safe while the wheels of just-
ice grind, hopefully, to their arrests. Any info on the two reply; lennonmurdertruth@Yahoo.com

Thank you, Lennon murder evidence messenger; Steve Lightfoot


The above chapter is so necessary for all of you to understand, the part about media mind
control, that I will continue my observations on the same chapter to make sure you read it.
Right now I want to discuss American culture, your political environment and your role in it.
Let’s start with the American soldier from Idaho freed in a prisoner swap this June.
He is shown on a video lamenting our conduct as “not worth” all the killing on both sides.
He says that we are cruel and, instead of helping the Afghan people, we tell them how stupid
they are and kill many of them, needlessly.
Now our media is spinning webs to control you, the people, in how we respond to the story.
Did he desert? Was he seeking the Taliban? What about the men who died trying to find him,
are charges warranted? Etc., etc..
We won’t be hearing about whether or not he was neglected, deliberately, for deserting
and was only rescued when it became clear he was close to death. We won’t be hearing about
whether we are cruel and wrong in Afghanistan.
In my opinion America is afraid of the possibility that any anti materialistic culture exists
in this world and sees it as a threat to the corporate goals of world domination and control.
Our government and corporate empires see the middle eastern mind as a threat to a material-
istic dependant world and want to extinguish it before the folly of materialism and the slavery
to pay for it are seen in a more sobering light by the people of the world who may well be
swayed away from it, eventually, if only to stop the rise in global temperatures. Big Oil
is in it’s death throes and knows it and wants to stay on the front burner as long as it’s
possible to fool all of you into buying their media mouthpiece’s statanic propaganda.
The government, the military industrial complex, is terrified that money and “things” will
be kicked to the curb for the sake of our own humanity and liberation, perhaps in their life-
time, and rely on the mass media to keep you enslaved and on that treadmill no matter how
oppressed and miserable you may be on it.
Of course our corporations want the lithium, gold and copper in Afghanistan and real estate.
I’m here to say, as a doctor’s son who had a comfortable childhood, that the America I used
to know is unrecognizable from the America of today and it’s time for us all to review the
situation and see what’s really going on.
All major, top tier corporations force all of you to pay their taxes. They hire politicians
and lobbyists to let them skirt tax laws and shuffle assets to the point that they even
make a profit on their tax liabilities.
The disparity between super rich and average incomes has probably quadrupled in 40 years.
In the 1960’s one paycheck paid for more than two paychecks pay for today. It’s a fact.
Nixon’s adminstration, under the banner of “Women’s liberation”, enslaved the women of Amer-
ica by putting them to work. After enough of them were in the tent everything doubled in
price forcing them to remain at work. Not liberated, but enslaved, unecessarilly, illegit-
imately. Not for financial but for for political purposes. You all don’t seem to even mind
that you were tricked. You, in fact, seem to revel in your new found short rope around your
necks, no longer able to relax in the afternoon examining the news events of the day.
Suddenly nobody is at the home front minding the store because you are enslaved elsewhere.
You don’t seem to mind that strangers in day care facilities have become your children’s
real parents while you’re all wed to your jobs.
You watch as babies pop out with new kinds of problems that never used to be like autism.
You witness your children turning on their classmates with mass shootings and the constant
diet of murder and, especially, gun violence that fills their formative minds.
You witness your culture descending to all time lows with singing and dancing contests
to see if America can muscle out even one celebrity half as good as the John Lennon we all
killed with our apathy and silence. Instead we are seen by the watching world as a bunch
of self obsessed wanna be’s who’s dreams are empty and phony to begin with even if fame
were to come your way. The celebrities of today are more eye candy than anything else.
I can’t help but get the feeling that our enemies have commandeered our media and are poison-
ing all of you with anti-intellectualism and nonsense and want to dumb all of you down. That
they are so intent on taking away our guns that they force feed you a truckload of it every
night hoping you’ll eventually gag on it. Or haven’t you slaves even noticed?
The sado masochism that is foisted on all of you every day and night has harmed you all.
To become a network news anchorman or woman is to become a satanic tool against the peo-
ple today. There is so much varnish and bullshit and perfume attached to it’s role that anyone
with a shred of decency and dignity would opt for the sidelines instead of taking the job
that crosses ones hands with silver like that of a Judas. A nation of uncaring sellouts.
I recall hearing the late Peter Jennings, from Canada, admit that he studied for his job
in then Soviet Russia. So it’s not like they don’t know they’re there to snowjob all of you.
The whole face of the nation is that of a phony where the phoniest make the most money.
Even Kevin O’leary of “Sharktank” admits that our system is designed to take away our money.
America IS a country of prescriptions, booze, drugs, cheating, lying, stealing, child molest-
ing, pollution, noise, congestion, traffic, violence, depression, fear, lies and slavery.
You’ve all become so unsexy, lately. I wince at the thought of all of you reproducing.

“Keep you doped with your paycheck, sports, sex and tv
And you think you’re so clever and classless and free
Sucking Stephen King’s penis as far as I can see….”

Get out from under the dome you dummies.


Nathan, the piano player at the Sidewalk Cafe on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, the one who
practically lives there, and a known drug dealer who hangs out near him on the grassy knoll
and his girlfriend are giving Venice beach a bad name. Namely, with the possible exception of
Nathan, these people are your enemies where your right to know is concerned. At least two of
them either committed assault and battery or property vandalism against me and the female
also made death threats and property threats to me days later when I tried to arrest them.
Nathan seems to be involved but I can’t be sure.
These people should be run out of Venice Beach, entirely, if you people are not, yourselves,
guilty of attacking the John Lennon murder evidence messenger.
In fact, you may all be against the truth about Lennon’s murder coming out yourselves.
As the man with the copyrights to the biggest news story in U.S. history I may be famous
enough to either drastically raise or lower your property values someday with a small remark.
Certainly I can make or break your reputation as a city, Los Angeles. No one will be as famous.
As it stands I may be able to destroy Eric Garcetti’s political career if his police don’t
allow me to make a citizens arrest on my attackers. So far the police won’t help me and may
be in cahoots with the whole attempt to break my jaw in the first place.
The question is; are you people on my side or are you boot-licking cowards like my enemies?
Believe it or not, all of you are already cowards who let Chapman skip his trial and you
seem to be cowardly boot-licking slobs already, letting the real killer molest your children.
At one level many of you want to go “Ohhh! How cute. He thinks so much of our right to
know the truth about John Lennon’s murder that he’s willing to get practically killed
every now and then for our benefit. Our hero.”
At another level many of you want to go; “It’s about time that loudmouth got hit, hard in the
head. Who does he think he is, anyway, going after after our government in Lennon’s murder?’
Somewhere between the two you may lie. Or, horrifyingly, you may not register a thought at
all. You’re part of the proplem if you’re not DOING something about the subject, regardless.
I’m the one with the van and website; www.lennonmurdertruth.com which, not only proves that
Nixon and Reagan arranged for horror writer Stephen King to actually pull the trigger on
John Lennon, Chapman being but a look-alike decoy, but lays bare all of phony society.
In case you’ve not received earlier flyers about my getting assaulted in front of Sidewalk
Cafe at the Venice beach Boardwalk last April 4th let me catch you up to speed, starting
from the beginning almost 20 years ago;
When I used to get my pot from the street I asked a man on the beach for some if he knew
where I could get the good stuff, not Mexican. He came back with Mexican and I turned it down.
He warned “..I’ll do what I have to do.” upon our parting. I discovered my van’s tire
slashed a few minutes later. I confronted him among his gang buddies and told him what I
thought of his act. At one point I brandished pepper spray when the gang raised their skate-
boards to attack me but did not have to deploy. No blows were exchanged, just a stakeboard
one of them threw into a wall over my head as I left. That was almost 20 years ago.
Fast forward to May 23, 2013 in front of Sidewalk Cafe. Nathan, the piano player who seems
to live at that spot, interupts me for the umteenth time, usually five minutes after I set up
my signs and start playing my guitar. It happens so often it’s as if the police pay him
to stay there and keep my message away.
I only go there 10 times a year and he’s always starting up his piano noise right after I
try to get the community’s attention with my cause. Any real musician would be gracious and
not interfere with my cause, continuously, like he does. He’s also out of time with his piano
playing caring only about the tips, it seems.
So on May 23, 2013 I spoke out to let people know that Nathan could be an L.A.P.D. plot to
shut me and my free speech down.
Out from the woodwork pops the man who popped my tire decades ago trying to start a fight
with me. I wondered, way back then, was HE a cop to pop my tire for no reason. Now I won-
dered were they a tag team in a conspiracy against me. Police conspiracy or just the two of
them. As soon as I put my expensive classical guitar away and returned the man trying to
start a fight was gone. I opined to the crowd he may be L.A.P.D. trying to break my guitar.
I’ve only seen this character twice in my life, don’t know who he is, but he’s evil.
Fast forward to April 4, 2014; I arrive at 11:35 and start up before Nathan arrives. Like
clockwork, he’s playing over me after about 10 minutes. I stop for three songs and then
start up again, very softly, since Nathan won’t relent and a man approaches me and says
something about my being in a space that belongs to someone else. A woman joins him with
the same argument. I reply to them both that if that peson comes I’ll leave. She persists
to the point that I calmly tell her; “If I have to see about regulating this area I will.”
Just then this former tire slasher/ agent provocature arrives wearing a disguise, a wig and goat-
ee and mustache and walks right up to me and says; “What did you say.” I calmly repeated
what I told the woman, that I may look into regulating these spaces, when he swung a hard
left roundhouse to my jaw trying to break it.
I come from sturdy stock and wear 13 1/2 size shoes and I barely flinched it seemed.
I was hit with a lot of velocity but, fortunately, he only weighs about 160 pounds.
I was holding my valuable guitar and did not see it coming. I yelled out for someone to call
9-11 but nobody did. It was if the restaurant waiters were on the assailant’s side.
After all, I do have signs that read; “SATANIC PUBLIC STONEWALLING” to accompany my
website address. That’s what I do there, confront society with their coverup. My singing and
guitar work are up to snuf and I choose that method with signs rather than just speaking.
It was a show of a corrupt local community in action. Caught siding with Barabas, with evil.
The woman who approached me was now ripping one of my signs. I tried to grab it when the
assailant yelled something about my touching his girlfriend. It was a cowardly ruse he was
trying to interject to excuse his attack, that seemed to require more planning than he seem-
ed capable of, making me wonder was he the police.
By now I recognized him as the man from the year before. I ran to the restaurant with my
guitar and sign and the woman began throwing my other sign over her head towards me.
As soon as I put my guitar down the assailant retreated, as did she.
Meanwhile, another vendor, Mike, I believe, a black man who may be the one who stole my
signs a year earlier, came up to me and said; “Maybe I wan’t to fight you.” He walked right
up to me, sized me up and, wisely, thought otherwise. I made a brief speech to the crowd ex-
pressing my dismay at their apathy.
I went to my van and called 9-11. Fifteen or so minutes later, when an officer arrives, a
man, professional looking, interupts him to get him to respond to a pepper spray incident
down the boardwalk, saying; “He’s not important (meaning me) Someone sprayed mace down
the boardwalk. That’s more important.”
Amazingly, the officer left and I had to wait almost an hour before another officer arrived
to make a report.
The reference to pepper spray by this man who seemed like a plaincloths police officer
rang conspiracy bells, right away, as if he knew all about me, this attacker and 20 years ago.
He also seemed emotionally invested in my situation, in a bad way. Very suspicious. Especial-
ly since I’ve endured numerous police stings in my past already including brutal beatings.
Nathan, the piano player, who the assailant appealed to for recognition seconds after he
hit me, began playing the Rolling Stone’s song; “Play With Fire” as if to communicate a
message to me.
When an officer did arrive the suspects were long gone. I filed a report. Two days later
when I saw the two and called police to make an arrest it took 45 minutes for anyone to
arrive. Meanwhile the same woman, her face now all scratched up, came over to me to make
death threats; “We can have you killed…we can pop all your tires…we know what you drive…
I’ll bet you won’t be coming around here anymore.” I replied; “I think you’re going to jail.”
Officers Kwon and Juarez finally arrive and try to stall any arrest. Then they confront
the two as if they already all know each other and are having a pleasant chat. No arrest is
made and I’m told that if I arrest them they will arrest me and that I should wait for the
process to play itself out. At the same time Nathan is, again, playing “Play With Fire” .
I’m confused and learn that all the detectives on my case are unwilling to return my calls or
help me except when officer Dalzel asked me to make a visual I.D. on the suspects. Though
I showed him a newly discovered lump on the back of my neck from the attack he failed to
list this new news in the report until weeks later when I asked him to photograph the injury.
Trying to track down records in L.A. is like playing a game of hide and seek I learned and
I am now spending time searching for a lawyer to help me.
The police have sent me a message; “We’re not going to give you your right to arrest the
one who committed battery against you or the one who made death threats. You’re exposing
the U.S. government and you’re in evil L.A., now.” They answer to Mayor Garcetti. And if
you don’t think big city police departments don’t do things like help politicians kill people
like Robert Kennedy, please wake up.
So, are you people all evil like my enemies? Are you the reason your city is so corrupt?
Prove it and break my story before I get killed. You should not tolerate anyone who attacks
America’s evidence hero. That Lennon was killed on Jim Morrison’s birthday may not mean
anything to you but, if you have a shred of any class, all of you will come to my rescue and
run my and your enemies out of L.A..
While I’m lawyer searching I need all of you to give a God damn about your messenger.
My neck was injured and maybe a tooth. The police are hoping, apparently, that I’ll avenge
things myself and try to punish the asshole who hit me. The cowardly asshole who wouldn’t
stand a chance in a real fight with me. That’s what the government wants me to do.
It’s as if my attacker knows the police are on his side and that’s what should bother all of you.
You people have a duty to help me expose John Lennon’s murder. Or are you all cowards, too?

(To be continued….)