This is my editorial section. Please visit the other chapters located in gold
at the bottom of each chapter; My Credentials and Beliefs, etc..
This is just a snapshot editorial of the scene this mid March 2004.
Michael Powell, son of Colin Powell and chairman of the FCC has just imposed
five second delays on live tv and massive fines to anyone violating his
obscenity standards in the wake of Janet Jacksons boob flash.
Clear Channel, behind this also, has been quietly censoring, (BANNING) Len-
non’s masterpiece; Imagine for over a year now on all its stations.
Martha Stewart seems to be getting the business by Bush and Ashcroft since
she helped the Gores fundraise years ago.
The oil companies are shafting you with $2.20 @ gallon, just like I warned
you they would a year ago and schools are getting massive funding cuts.
In fact I warned of this a decade ago.
The very radio stations that have censored me for years are now putting on a
show to make you think they are against the new media restraints. I’ve said
that Howard Stern is a plant whose goal is to justify restraints over ten
years ago when he blocked my calls for months via a change in his format;
He didn’t take any calls the three months I was in New York! Now he is emerg-
ing as a main thrust behind Powells move.
John Kerry, fellow Skull and Bones member with Bush, is leading us to victory?
Or not?
The people of Santa Rosa and the entire San Francisco bay area are taking
me for granted and unalarmed at the truth I have given them. They all seem
in a coma, a paralysis, a sleepwalk.
As if they are under the media’s evil spell.
The soft, spoiled generation is letting America slip, slide away.
Eisner, the under seige chairman of Disney, is experiencing the wrath of some
good people who want him out. This, the same week he is airing Kingdom
Hospital, Kings new miniseries.
In fact ABC, owned by Disney, has promoted King, almost exclusively, for decades.
Do I see a sea change out there?
Could some good people at Disney be on the verge of something big? Or is
it just a fluke of human decency?
The Rockefeller owned Standard Oil of Chevron stations is making about ten
BILLION dollars a DAY in gross sales yet no one suspects his hands behind
the curtain of our presidency.
Israel assassinates again, this time the elder cleric of Hamas. I think
they did so to interfere with having to give back the Gaza strip hoping retal-
iation by Palestinians will halt the process.
Richard Clark is proclaiming that Bush, in attacking Iraq, has greatly;
“…undermined the war on terror…”
It makes sense that Bush wants conflict, war and oil and a frightened, even
stampeded public.
The level of media spin is as ghastly as the days of Ferdinand Marcos in the
Phillipines during the mid eighties, and all spewing from our Israeli run U.S.
Since the Iraq war the S.F. Bay area has been innundated with a swarm of new
right wing spin witches and new radio talk shows. Are we like Moscow yet?
And the regulars, KGO’s Ronn Owens, whose screener knows my voice, is keep-
ing me off. Bernie Ward and Ray Taliofaro, are still fooling the liberals
that they are on their side while, in reality, they both hate my cause and
hope Bush gets re-elected.
They fear I’ll pry their listeners away from the C.I.A. flypaper they represent.
Bill Wattenburg is still jerking off the public with his spin against me.
Condoliza Rice is refusing to testify under oath about 9/11 because of some
B.S. seperation of powers line. That wasn’t her reason several months ago
when she declared she would not subject herself to testimony under oath.
Meanwhile, while all this farce and wickedness is going on, the U.S. public
is meaner than ever at the workplace, is working harder than ever, husband
AND wife, and is too pooped to ponder their dire predicament.
The new electronic ballet system deciding our next president is without a
paper trail AND the manufacturer of most of them happens to be on a committee
to re-elect Bush.
Is anybody home?
The delegate system will take advantage of all the states that only get Rush
Limbaugh stations.
I suspect an attack on us or Israel or the capture or killing of Osama Bin Laden
between now and the election.
I fully anticipate John Kerry to throw the election for Bush, just like
Gore seemed to do, even if this scenario doesn’t take place.
Rockefeller and Israel don’t leave our presidency to chance, to the fickle
“You can’t handle the truth..” public.
I suspect that my life might be in the balance lately. A lot of political
dust in the air to cover it up with.
Well, what do you say U.S. public, my fellow American, are you going to trust
this election to get rid of Bush or this expose to do it?
Of course Nixon is dead and Reagan MAY have Alzheimers, but Stephen King and
George Herbert Walker Bush are ripe for arrest. Those headlines would likely
cause Bush Jr. to drop out of the race.
The only question is; are you all going to let the admittedly ludicrous al-
legation that King actually pulled the trigger keep you from admitting the
patently provable truth?
Can you afford to be apathetic now?
(To be continued….)