Silly monkeys, it’s true

Boy, has this expose made a monkey out of the so called human race. Every knee jerk
phony, bootlicking, denial prone move you people could have made you have made. It’s
funny how easily young people can admit the nose in front of their face but the adults
have the phoniness disease all about them.
“See no, hear no, speak no evil”
Being the messenger of THIS expose is no cakewalk. I’ll will try to tone down my disappoint-
ment with the world for it’s pearl crunching ways and hero killing habits.
Grow up you great maned apes. You have a duty to care and respond to this expose,
not just for my sake, but yours. It must be hard for you all to admit that you are stand-
ing by, impotently, while you let the government molest your children with Stephen King
after he murdered your future that could have been. The nose in front of your face is
Stephen king getting Lennon’s last autograph. You can’t afford to deny it any longer.
Not monkeys!? Well let’s just see how you would all look if none of you ever cut your
hair or shaved a square inch of your body for five years. Or cut your nails. Or let’s
just see how long it would take to change your sweat glands back to hair roots if you
all stopped wearing clothes for a dozon years. Beards down to your bellies and hair down
to the ground and buff, like we all used to be. Some of you may have noticed just how
much Stephen King’s upper lip is that of a chimpanzee; long, broad, lipless and downturned.
Not like most other so called human beings. He truly is ape like in appearance. It only
makes sense that so unevolved a being murdered so evolved a being as John Lennon.
Stephen King was mostly jealous of John, even more than many of you who don’t care.
Not as smart and human as you think you are, people. That’s what I have learned.
If Florida was lazy and immature and unresponsive than Wisconsin has a bit of a stick
up its you know what. Ahlborgs Tire and Auto of Green Bay refused to even service my
van for repairs and other displays of narrow mindedness should worry you all.
Meanwhile keep an eye on Michael Jackson’s Beatle rights catalogue and who winds up
with it to get an insight into his death.
How many pop stars and heroes must a people
keep killing before they admit they’re to blame?
Only Bob Dylan and John Lennon were capable of leading a revolution according to the govt.
Don’t wait for Dylan or McCartney to die before you grow up, people.
Heroes blood is on all your hands. Admit it or not.
Meanwhile the established order is bunk and far beneith us all. There is a better life
for us all but only after you dare to see, hear and speak evil. Till later, your hero/
messenger. No I’m not a whacko like many of you like to think. I’m correct, Scary correct.

You vs. the govt. media. Big mismatch;

Just last night I watched the govt. media use Boston Legal to brainwash you with the
same episode I saw before. Actress Jerry Ryan, the attractive woman whose politician
husband made the papers using her to have sex with his clients years ago, was used to
hammer home the big lie about Chapman;
The younger, snobbish lawyer was seen arguing on her behalf that his client had a right
to use a gun because; “Rebecca Schaffer…Johnny Versace…. George Harrison, Monica
Selese and John Lennon had all been gunned down by a deranged fan”…””That’s reasonable.”
You, the viewer, heard just what you wanted to hear. an excuse to stay stupid, and you
might not have even suspected that you were just tweeked by the govt. media.
Silly overworked, insane monkeys; you were. And from a show that also used Candice
Bergen and the actor who played Captain Kirk on Star Trek, the one whose wife was
found dead in his pool. Poor Candice was used to add credibility to the govt.’s lie.
Even Jean Garafolo is being used by the govt. media on some govt. scripted show lately.
You poor fools have no clue at all, do you?? If Candice had her head on straight she would
have walked from the show or at least that episode, but even she is clueless.
You poor primates who do everything under the sun to convince yourselves that you are
seperate and apart from all the rest of nature. You’re stupid monkeys letting the
govt. hose you with lie after lie after lie. My own family members included. Admit it.
Won’t you please prove to me that Jesus was more than a monkey, himself, and act human?
Won’t you please picket the media and quit your jobs long enough to revolt over these
revolting times?

You poor, sick cowards.

Now that I am in Wisconsin I am alarmed at just how stupid and visionless America must
be. Nobody here seems to even WANT to know about this expose and most dismiss it as not
even important, even if true.
Did you KNOW that your orgasms have been diminished since Lennon died without a trial
for his killer? Did you know that you have all lost a big measure of your pride and con-
fidence? Did you know that your teen suicide has tripled since John’s murder coverup?
That your divorce rate has increased, your violence index, your sexual diseases? Did you
people KNOW that your self image has been destroyed and that you no longer believe that
any of you are free and brave anymore? I’m proof that the rest of you are lost wimps.
When Joh Lennon was murdered everyone suffered a 20 % decrease in quality of life.
Did you know that groups as talented and brave as The Beatles have been scared off the
stage by your indifference and that American Idol is a sick admission that America can no
longer produce legitimate superstars? Look at you poor, sick cowards. It matters so much
that you dare not admit any of John Lennon’s murder is relevent today.
Mark David Chapman was overshadowed by another young, pudgy man named John Hinkeley
who, allegedly, shot Reagan and Brady at about the same time Chapman was to go to trial.
Chapman never made it to trial thanks to this convenient distraction and I doubt that Reagan
or even Brady were ever shot at all, that it was a hollywood style hoax
to take away America’s guns and cover up John Lennon’s murder which was also a plot to
make America hate handguns. I would suggest to you neophites that Brady even went through
with plastic surgery to give his head a dented look that was not present in the days
immediately following the alleged shooting. That he, like Reagan, was only acting. That
Bethesda Naval Hospital lied to us all the same way they also lost J.F.K.’s brains in 1963.
The reason I have taken this tangent is because the truth about John Lennon’s murder
was first uttered by John Hinkeley then who said; “America is the land where heroes are
shot in the back…When John Lennon died I died, you died, America died, the world died”
He even blamed Reagan for Lennon’s murder and was subsequently found to be insane. Classic
Soviet style mind control brainwash. Crucify the real truth through the words of a madman.
I AM absolutely suggesting to all of you that Reagan and Nixon planned all this out,
beforehand, the Hinkeley angle and quotes and, in fact, both Hinkeley and Chapman’s
fathers are both oil executives. The Hinkeleys and the Bushs have known each other for
decades prior to the alleged shooting! Bush and Hinkeley Sr. share a block in Colorado
where they have summer homes together and Reagan had known Hinkeley years earlier, too.
Reagan was even caught saying “I know what to do; get shot again.” in response to one
of his first scandals in 1981 or a982. They would never chance killing John Lennon with-
out first having in place a smokescreen/ distraction to let Chapman skip his trial.
Now don’t you all feel like suckers under Moscows takeover thumb? You all should.
A hero is someone who shows us all right from wrong. All of you are wrong and weak and
so phony I stopped having sex with any of you years ago, you are all so unholy.
Soviet America is what you all are now. You are ALL un-American C-O-W-A-R-D-S !!!!!
“Work is the curse of the coverup class.” You can quote me on that. Look at you slaves,
now. Both working 40 to 60 hours a week and still getting screwed by the man. You’re all
suffering, financially now, aren’t you?! It all serves you so right for turning coat, for
surrendering to our mortal enemy, Moscow. Who else BUT Moscow would infect us with a creep
like Stephen King???????? W-H-O !!?? I’ve known for decades that Nixon and Reagan probably
WERE Soviet imposters in our White House and that our govt. has capitulated to nuclear
blackmail ever since Nixon had the Kennedy’s murdered, mostly for kicking Moscow’s missiles
out of Cuba and for championing freedom across the globe.
You dolts disagree, don’t you? Poor, scared, blind all of you. Poor all of you.
Look at the subhuman, un-American culture that is New York City. So many people stacked
on top of each other that no one dared raise a hand to ask WHY there was no trial for
Mark Chapman. The height of our peoples surrender of justice and freedom and truth.
That was the moment America surrendered and died; When all of you let Chapman skip trial.
There should not be allowed, anywhere on earth, cities as congested as N.Y.C.. Period.
It’s not worth the dehumanizing cost and breakdown of community. It’s a recipe for defeat
and destruction and immorality.
People of New York City, you all STINK!!!!! You have NO CLASS!! You’re all S-I-C-K!!!
Shove that up the stick up your butts. Those t-shirts with the “I (heart) N.Y” really should say;
“N.Y.C. HAS NO HEART” that’s the uncomfortable, miserable truth. Isn’t it, New York?
What a sea of insanity and money worshipping bullshit. What a satanic place. God will destroy
America as long as it covers up Lennon’s murder, as he should.
Too bad I am the only patriot America has left.
(Oh, yes, I’m a little pissed off lately. Some satanic scum has wiped out all my thousands
of saved e-mails and customer lists just recently. You Soviet, bootlicking scum. May you
die and go to hell.)
May the rest of you pull your stupid monkey heads out of your cowardly, pinko butts, or
please try harder to rise above your primate origins and stand up straight once.
You hero killing phonies and hypocrites.
Till later, your imbittered, abused, hero.

Yeah, watch tv. Witness the parade of air-headed stupidity that has destroyed all of you. Piped
straight from Jew York, a Soviet Hell Hole, sabotaging you like the Rosenbergs did. Lick
an ice cream cone instead of demand a very, very, publictril for John Lennon’s murderer.

What I believe else is true.;

That Nixon, Reagan and others arranged for Stephen King to murder John Lennon is a prov-
able fact substantiated by hard, irrefutable proof. Similarly Time and Newsweek and U.S. News
magazines are govt. controlled magazines who used to encrypt govt. secrets via the bold
print headlines complete with cryptography editors who decided what messages adorned
what articles. Similarly Lennon was murdered on Jim Morrison’s birthday and the woman who
killed John Balushi was in the same room with John Lennon a year earlier the very night
before he was killed. Also Doug Kenny, writer of Animal House, was killed in 1981.
Things like this can be verified beyond question or doubt. But what is the bigger picture that
is tied to all these facts? I beleive that the govt. also killed Buddy Holly, James Dean, Jim Croce,
Mama Cass, Jimi Hendrix, Martin Luther King, John and Robert Kennedy, Abby Hoffman, Gandhi,
Elvis Presley (That’s right), John Balushi, Doug Kenny and alsmost John Landis, the direct-
or of Animal House, Jim Morrison, possibly Bob Marley and Steve Mcqueen, and about a dozon
or so more incovenient stars, from big brother;s point of view. I beleive that Yoko Ono
set John up, covered up his murder and was sent by Nixon’s gang to break up The Beatles.
This abominable lists of crimes and murders and assassinations belies a distrust for the
purpose and results of the first ammendment, free speech and where it may take us all.
It belies a hatred for Ameria’s soul. I beleive that America is being murdered, one bullet,
one drug overdose, one push over a cliff, one car crash, plane crash at a time by none
other than the Kremlin, our mortal enemy.
What a concept; out mortal enemy. How simple, straightforward, utterly unclutttered
and common sense it all looms after all. Our heores are being killed by our enemies.
That is, unless our own govt. is our enemy.
Somebody thought it would benefit them to let evil replace good in December of 1980, to
let Stephen King murder man’s best friend; John Winston Lennon. Ever notice how much
Reagan resembles Stalin in his face? I have. Have you ever noticed how much the U.S. public resembles the behavior of the people
of the former Soviet Union? I have. Have you ever noticed how many fingers Nixon and Reagan
had pointing back at themselves as they were pointing out all the commies in America?
Did you notice how Reagan took Nancy Baker’s name off the commie black list while he was
president of the screen actors guild before he then married her or how she always wore
the color red on stage? I could go on and on and on.

I’ll let you primates ponder that one. Think.

P.S. Immediately after posting the above the same Goodwill cafe computer that lost my
e-mails put up a block, a filter, prohibiting you from viewing just my new developments page and nothing else. Am I get-
ting close to the truth? Is Goodwill spying on my computer activity in a seperate room?
Some followup phone calls to the Goodwill owned Harmony Cafe led me to another nearby
city in Wisconsin and JUST SUCH a computer room with individuals like Larry Mayer, a man
called Dan and others who won’t deny that they have been monitering my computer use;
SPYING on me as I work; and likely DID erase my e-mail file and DID block my webpage from
their computers, after all.
It all started with a stuffy twerp named Shannon who works at the cafe. I once remarked
“I can’t stand this stupid place!” while the computer froze for the third time in five
minutes. Shannon, who was sitting right behind me, said; “Then go somewhere else.”
In retrospect I suspect that Shannon phoned the guys in computer control to freeze my
machine every time I came to their cafe after
first getting a load of my emblazened van in an effort to discourage my patronage.
At one point I brought up the idea that they should replace their computer team since they
can’t do their jobs. Apparently this got back to them and they deleted my e-mail file, blocked my site, etc…
Now I will do what I can do to press charges against these cowards and trace their
activity and meanwhile inform the corporate structure of Goodwill about these juvenile
delinquent, jealous cowards.
But let me advise you people about Goodwill, the thrift store for profit, company.
They lost a bid to receive the multi-billion dollar grant from the Krock family fortune;
(McDonald’s Restaurant heirs) due to interstore theivery by their employees.
Furthermore this store has grossly inflated prices compared to other Goodwills and sells
new items for retail. It has the cafe and a bank service attached as well.
The Salvation Army slogan is the truth; “DOING THE MOST GOOD”
They DO do a great deal for others with their proceeds. Goodwill, by comparison, does
NOT. They basically employ otherwise handicapped people to run their business, at a bargain basement salary, no doubt. Goodwill has become synonomous with the Brinks
trucks in their parking lots every week trucking out tens of thousand of dollars.
They are a for profit company, unlike The Salvation Army who does not charge tax.
Shop and donate accordingly, people. Goodwill apparently SPYS on it’s computer users, practices censorship and engages in
criminal activity. Don’t give to them.

What I REALLY think about people;

When I first discovered my findings my impulse was to think; “My poor fellow human
beings; they need to be told.” I had no idea that the key word was “poor” human beings.
I was the most idealistic, positive, upbeat, can do, optimistic person ON EARTH at the
time. Now I am bitter, disappointed in all of you and resentful of your apathy and
lack of action or interest in this earthshaking news.
In fact, I now am convinced that none of you or even I or Jesus was ever anything more than
a highly evolved monkey. That human being is a word we made up to make us feel good about
ourselves and wash our hands of the truth of what we really are. We’re not so divine and
intelligent after all. In reality we are ALL very sick, twisted, self destructive, neurotic
apes. We are groping for even more evolution but it’s too early to call ourselves God
fearing, spiritual human beings.
If we all were there would have been a trial for Mark Chapman then when we were deprived
of that right. If we were there would have been an army hoisting me on their shoulders
and carrying me to the nearest tv outlet and you would have all demanded a show of the
evidence before you went back to your lives and homes.
But you are but great, maned, industrialized apes too jealous of me to help me and too
ignorant of life to care about anything other than your own selfishness.
You are still crucifying the smartest ape among you, still the same sinners that killed
Jesus, still the same raging, miserable beasts that you have been for thousands of years.
You despise my heroism and courage and intelligence and are too miserable slaving away
for your money to even have your head on straight.
Contrary to your impression of me being a mean, bitter person, it is all of you, instead,
that lashed out at me all these years with your jealousy and small mindedness that has
made me the way I am now.
Shame on all of you for not helping me. Shame on America’s people for being so lame
and phony.