It’s November 29, 2014 and the demonstrations, not riots, you’ll notice, in the Fergusun, Mis-
souri matter are showing public support for a cause. I say it’s the growing sense of danger
all Americans are sensing in living with America’s police today with all the cop on citizen
murders that never used to happen in such numbers ever before in our history.
Now, if they had as much enthusiasm for who killed John Lennon and banded behind me they’d
have a huge celebrity on their side to speak FOR them in a way that mattered and my celebrity
status would multiply their efforts a million fold. Of course they’d have to break my story,
first, or I’d never get the notoriety it takes to weild so much power. Who can deny how big
a celebrity anyone would be after jailing Stephen King for murdering John Lennon and pulling
down the temple of corrupt government on top of all their heads? He’d be a super-mouthpiece
kind of celebrity. And I think the cause is good and worth protesting over. But Fergusen
protesters need me as much as I need them to get real results. Otherwise they will all shoot
their wads, tire out and go home leaving behind a still Pentagon run national police force
that leans towards terrorism and fascism.
Think about that, protesters. Who you gonna call? McCowardly? No other celeb’s gonna help you.
Who will put ME on their shoulders so I can help all of you?
As for Bill Cosby.
It’s been the year of the comedian, 2014. All kinds of Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, and even
Tracy Morgan crazy stuff going on, all with comedians, this year. It’s almost like biblical
signs before something big happening. What could that be?
Stephen King has never denied my claims, ever. Not once. Nor will he. He knows that, indeed,
“EVERYBODY KNOWS WHAT HE DID!” If he or Bill Cosby were to deny what they are
being accused of then they would outrage an already outraged public.
Keep quiet, Bill. It’s been working for Stephen King.
As for the public. Don’t drive Bill Cosby to suicide as comedians are already living on the
humanitarian edge, anyway. He’s already said, on stage; “They (the women) were all jealous
of me but I set mySELF up! I’m a terrible person. ” as he buried his face in his hands.
We should all be ashamed that King isn’t in jail by now after all my activism and evidence.

Oh, I have a new bumper sticker slogan idea for my website van; SCREWING UP YOUR
What do you all think?