C.I.A. Killing U.S.A.

Jeb Bush is “Son of C.I.A.”. As much as his brother and father, who was in the the C.I.A.
when J.F.K. was shot and, when Lennon was shot, had been head of the C.I.A. during the plan-
ning process. Now we, as a supposedly free people, have to listen to media whore, Stephen Colbert,
do as he is told by his network, CBS, and scream out to his audience last night;(9/30/’15)
“…even though he (Trump) would make a T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E president….”
It’s a lot like the C.I.A. letter to the editor in Time about Lennon’s murder the following week
below the photo of the cover his face occupied earlier that read;
“Does no one have the guts to call John Lennon what he was, a media wise, existentialist pied
piper who lead countless youth down the rocky path of rebelliousness and purposelessness…”
The kind of Moscow driven drivel that has made all of you the very douche bags you ALL ARE!

I say that none of you deserve a president better than Donald Trump, with all his faults,
but none of you, as disgustingly stupid and anal as you all are, deserve to lose America
to the C.I.A. rigging in of Jeb Bush as you are all witnessing, now.
He must be rigged in to protect daddy Bush from my Lennon facts, etc.. The C.I.A. already
owns all your three letter stations in America. FACT! It owns Hollywood and the movies you
watch. It’s behind all the media gun violence and cheapening of human life they are over-
dosing all of you with, now.
In 1983, when the Secret Service interviewed me, Terry Chodash asked me if I was : “..a vampire?”
As if they buy into all this dark shit.
I am telling all of you that you have all been slipped a “soft peter”, as Jack Nicholson
said in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” The C.I.A. has castrated all of you and now only
I have the guts to do the right thing by John Lennon. All of the rest of you, instead of
hoisting me on your shoulders and helping me out this news, are, instead, jealous, self hating
cowards who loathe the idea of one such as I or John Lennon or anyone else showing the human
race a better way and giving them a much needed bath in the process. Oh, how you all seem
to H-A-T-E getting well. Don’t you all just hate the hero? You certainly sit quiet every
time our government kills them all, don’t you all?
Look at all the jealous of my balls media whores who are pushing the Chapman lie. Where did
these jealous, society hating, boot-licking, miserable, satanic cowards come from, do you think?
They came from all of you, people. All of you seem to hate living on top of the government
and seem to prefer living under it, instead. Like a bunch of losers. Ridiculous losers!
You media duped butt-holes! Wake the fuck up!
I will never be seen on a late night show with Colbert or anyone for several years until
after I’ve cleaned their clocks and wrested their networks away from the C.I.A.’s iron, fascist fist.
Any thinking celebrity cannot put him or herself on these shows and pretend that the C.I.A.
isn’t USING them to distract us all.
Get fame WORTHY all you sell out douche bags!
If the rest of you guilty, lazy, phony slobs don’t think that the C.I.A. writes half of all
the jokes you are exposed to at night then pity on you.
If your mass jealousy and boot-licking cowardliness do not kill me before King is jailed for
murder then I will wipe the slate clean for the rest of you. I will use my fame, without ever
going on their media, to put the whole C.I.A. takeover of our country out of business. If we
must have one it must never dictate or influence social culture control and other Soviet-esque
infringements on our mass sanity.
Right now ALL OF YOU are insane cowards. I am proof. I wasn’t destroyed in my soul like you.
I’ll repeat it. I wasn’t destroyed in my soul like all of you were. King’s crime destroyed you.
Satan got your tongues?
Until I am brought forward you’ll all just have to add my name to the end of our national
anthem as I am the only truly brave American in this land.
I can almost see George Carlin making commentary, singing along to rub it in;
“…and the home of the brave Steve Lightfoot.”
The rest of you are flat footed fools in the meantime.

October 05, 2015;

Miley Cyrus is trusting Hillary Clinton to give her all to defeat Jeb Bush.
Heads up, Miley;
The Clintons allowed John Lennon’s killer, Stephen King, to secretly meet with them in The
White House in the 90’s full aware of what King had done to John Lennon.
Miley, you’re a very attractive, revolutionary rock / pop star on her way to changing the
world. Why not take a tip from your friend, here, and get disillusioned about Hillary earlier
than later, if you know what I mean? She is in it to get Jeb Bush elected. That’s her contri-
bution to our lives. To get Jeb elected. Trust me. I used to be a trusting fool just like you.
Trump is our best bet and probably more quality than we deserve as a people.
Don’t rule him out until you can run and make sure someone’s in the public’s corner.

October 07,2015;;
In fact, Miley and everyone else, the real world works more like this: Barack Obama and
Vladimir Putin held talks of poisoning me before my story breaks and busts their world order
Did that really happen? Well, a week ago they met and I got severe poisoning over these past
two days. May have nearly died for all I know. Not the usual food poisoning as no food came
up or out, just fluids for two days accompanied by aches and pains all over, mostly in my gut.
The fatigue factor was next to death and I may have been lucky to out last whatever happened.
That’s how our real politics works, everybody.(See my Police Abuses chapter for backround.)
There is no sovereign America independent from the world order we have been kidnapped by.
You are all pawns in a ridiculous, humiliating charade of satanic skullduggery.
If it is principalities that govern mankind then I say they can all be rooted in the two
options; “Life” or “Death” Life being the force of good and death being the force of evil.
All elements flow into just pro life and the betterment of life on earth or of anti life and
the destruction of mankind and a loss of faith in mankind, itself. Stephen King would love to
be hand picked to drop the “bomb” on us all if only the government would let him. Admit it.
Whether by your nature or your being perverted by your government the fact is that all of you
worship death, evil, Armageddon, the snuffing out of all mankind. You do NOT worship life or
goodness. In fact you all think otherwise but the facts speak louder. A random viewing of
your mass media diet tells a horror story about all of you. Death, darkness and materialism.
One reason I have not been killed by the government is because it is mostly everybody’s
JEALOUSY that keeps the world from caring about my message. That’s the kind of people you all
really are. Didn’t know that, did you? As soon as I lay down my life and remove myself from all
the glory all of YOU will recognize how important this news has ALWAYS been.
That’s what I’m up against with your collective messenger envy.
I only plan to succeed and give you all a badly needed bath before I’m through.
Mostly I am up against your collective lack of courage. You are as sick as the sad sacks of
Russia who think they’re mighty. Those suffering, classless zombies under God knows what
government chemicals in their water and media poisoning that they would tolerate Putin after
he poisoned that activist exposing Russia’s elite. The one who vowed ..”that their voices “(The
people of Russia)” would avenge my death”.
So much for the decent people of Russia. They are not. They are artificial zombies under
a hideous layering of anti human policies that reduce them to ants and no more.
Just like we do over here.
In fact, circumstances suggest maybe Moscow was behind Lennon’s murder in this respect.
Long before the Russia authorities gave a tv show to the alleged poisoners of that activist
to brand their people with upside down morality, to assault their decency, decades before
that monstrosity, our media allowed Stephen King to proliferate after killing our John
Lennon / peace activist. Same M.O., people.

October 10. 2015;
Yesterday was John Lennon’s birthday and I attended the event held in his honor at the Cap-
ital Records building in Hollywood and I encountered another harrowing series of bad beha-
vior on the part of average citizens as well as police and security personel there and
right away.
But first, on the way to the event, I was confronted with two facts that had me wondering.
On the one hand I had to acknowledge that, indeed, I did eat a rare hamburger patty for
breakfast 40 hours before the poisoning episode (too long a time for normal). On the other
hand, I first became aware of a possible reason to poison me on October 04; to stop any
activism on Lennon’s upcoming birthday! Now the conspiracy theory had some more weight,
after all. Even after the hamburger theory. And why WAS my patty undercooked at this rest-
aurant that never did this before?
In fact, I have stopped being a protester these past decades, except for driving my website
van around, because it is always so depressing to witness the public’s sickness in it’s wake.
Of all the things that is hardest on me is seeing how impossibly full of shit all of you
people always, always are. When I started you all yelled; “Get a life!”, “Get a job!”,
“Who cares?” and when my father was killed you squeeled with glee that you could not sup-
press, your emotions burping out if you. Similarly you smiled a jealous smirk when I was
bandaged up from a mugging in the S.F. bay area. I KNOW the truth about all of you.
It was hard on me to learn about how corrupt our media is and our government and it’s weak
people, especially, my own flesh and blood as sick as everybody else. That’s always been
hard to absorb and it is the main reason I save my energy for rubbing my truth in all of your
faces all over my van; “YOU RIDICULOUS DUPES Chapman is a decoy”; “THE TRUTH, YOU
PHONIES”; “Picket your lying media”; “U.S. licking cover-up boot”; “Chapman lie =
child abuse” and on my bumper; “Your hero, Steve Lightfoot”
So I showed up and got a pefect parking place right in front of the Capital Records front
door and close to Lennon’s star of fame. I put my magazine on the site as others had done
with their literature and noticed it missing, right away. It turned out a man hosting the event
admitted throwing it in the garbage saying he didn’t want any of that here. I retrieved
it and returned to the star and held it there and this “Lennon birthday organizer” tried to
snatch it out of my hands like the riff raff kind of bum he probably is. He went running
to the security there who treatened to cuff me for assault if I even touched this bum.
He consulted with his staff and tried, for about 45 minutes with verbal threats, to move me
from my spot on a public sidewalk next to John’s star of fame. I refused and he called L.A.
P.D. who also tried to get me to move off of my spot before telling me what I had done wrong.
I stayed put fully willing arrest and whatever they might do to maintain my rights. I even
told the crowd I may need witnesses.
When the policeman asked me why I wanted to be here in spite of the crowds wishes that I
leave I told him because ..”I am right and all of them are wrong and I’m trying to change
their thinking.” I also explained that this organizer is probably tied to police or our
government and that there is a character like him in New York’s “Strawberry Fields” who
also tries to shut me down and that it turned out he WAS working with police there.
One normal citizen said that I was rude to do what I was doing (Holding up my magazine
that says; STEPHEN KING SHOT JOHN LENNON) I told him; “Shame on you for covering
up John Lennon’s murder. It’s all of your hypocracy that killed him to begin with.”
Another woman said; “We’re trying to enjoy ourselves and we don’t appreciate what you’re
doing.” I replied; “That’s your problem.”
Twice I had to remind the crowd that my right to express free speech trumped their right
not to be offended.
After darkness settled and the crowd got too big to matter where I stood I grabbed my 3
foot by 4 foot black sign with four inch yellow letters that reads; ‘AUTHOR STEPHEN
I jumped up on the roof of my van and held it up above the crowd as this organizer spoke
and the whole crowd turned around to see. I noticed that the security men seemed to have
dagger eyes for me and were overly invested in stopping me at all costs.
Apparently they have been briefed about me years ago or so it seemed.
I had to leave I was so depressed with how sick all of these phony Lennon fans were.
I left the space, exposed my “YOU RIDICULOUS DUPES” side to the crowd and honked
and left.
My leaving so soon made an impression on their consciences I can only hope.
But maybe they are the kind of people who deserve to live in a land that witnesses a
mass shooting every 5 days.
It probably never occurs to any of them that it IS their behavior that spawns the anger
in all these deranged shooters. That these are the signs of the times of a people who just
will not care about right and wrong and who prove to be phonies, always and always.
Again, the people and the security and the police leave me asking the question;
Are the people this sick because the government has terrorized them into compliance OR
are the censorers the product of the people’s jealousy and shame regarding being confronted
with the blood that is on their hands?
Good question.
When I am famous the above scene, with all it’s warts, will be in my four part movie.
Remember, the man who most resented my message in L.A, is a loser / drug dealer on Venince
Beach. In Ventura the one woman who berated me after I wowed the crowd with my guitar and
politeness turned out to be a toothless street person living in a sleeping bag.
These are the mascots for the rest of you jealous, guilty, sinFUL losers.
The week after Lennon was killed a letter to the editor in Time read;
“John Lennon is killed. We ask ourselves, “WHY?” when the real killer is You and I.”
Face up to your guilty role, guilty ass public.
I saw you hissing like snakes and zombies at Capital Records pretending to support John. “Oh,
we can’t have anyone telling on our cover-up. I thought we all got away with that murder.”
You love his music but can’t keep our government off his back. You kill your heroes.

October 11, 2015;

A few details regarding the above I will fill in.
The man at Strawberry Fields, George, I think, who harassed my free speech there, was at
this Hollysood event. Is he now being resourced to L.A. because I am no threat to the zombies
who live in New York City? Is he here to thwart my efforts here, too? I think that these
Lennon fan club organizers are hostile to John Lennon similarly to Selena’s killer who posed
as her fan club supervisor. I’m suggesting Big Brother is babysitting the Lennon legacy.
Look at Agent Yoko Ono, the biggest con man of them all, sitting on New York’s morons.
A lot of threats from the security detail there took place “I’ll have you in cuffs for
assault for touching this man….That right will end soon..”(my free speech right) etc.,
etc. and, until he realized he could be liable if my free speech rights were even marginal-
ized, he kept trying to terrorize me. Both he and the L.A.P.D. tried, as a pretext to removing
me, to get me off of ground zero where I was standing. Had I left for a second someone would
have stepped in my place and guarded it after. The whole night if necessary. I know it.
Before I jumped up on my own van’s roof with my large sign I made sure I had bail money
in case they tried to arrest me.
Generally, though, it was mostly the organizer and the security crew who who objected to me
at first before anyone else ever did. Never the less I’m disgusted with the people of this
phony, baloney, plastic as neon nation.
L.A. seemes to have an unhealthy relationship with the concept of fame as if it were to be
envied instead of earned. The relationship is akin to one’s relationship with a blow up sex doll.
What achieves fame today is unflattering and stupid and ridiculous as to be a complete joke.
If I ever get fame I will have earned it and no amount of resistance or jealousy will stop it.
In spite of my not caring about fame like most of you do it will be part of my life. The
difference is I am not impressed with my audience to begin with. So what? Why all the fuss
over something the masses are too dislodged in their heads to even appreciate? The kind of
fame Hollywood is chasing is meaingless. Meaningless “look at me” stupidity.
Fame will be a pain in the ass as far as I am concerned or haven’t you already noticed how
I haven’t tried to write a book you’d all be too jealous to support in the first place or
any of the usual cash one’s chips in for fame moves?
I think fame is only fun when one’s audience is sane to begin with. Lately I know you’re all
insane, now, anyway.

October 19, 2015;

Regarding the last line of the above entry, you all are insane, miserably so, and, for what-
ever reason, I have abstained from having sex with any of you for about two decades, now, and
running. How dare I make such an embarrassing for all of you remark. But it’s true.
It’s not that I think good sex is anything less than delicious fun and bliss, however, in the
proper setting. Call it the curse of being the messenger or whatever but Jesus never got his you
know what wet, either. Maybe he knew too much about all of you simpletons in all your flaws.
Look at Stephen Hawking, astro physicist, super brain, manipulating a machine to even speak,
his body as if wrapped in a force field he can’t control. Is it a known malady or is that
what happens to one who’s brain knows more than man is supposed to know? Maybe just know-
ing what he knows has triggered a reaction in his whole being that makes him the way he is.
I only know that, thank God I got my fair share in my youth, because now I pity those who
chase the rotten fruit of a fallen people.
So stick that in your pipes all you lost simpletons melting gold into the image of a calf.
You get real and I might reconsider.
I’m too sexy for my generation? That’s how it feels.

October 29, 2015;

A few new observations; I really do not enjoy coming out so strong against the new late show
t.v. host Stephen Colbert and, yet, he offers up no shortage of validations for my insticts;
Last week he remarked, while introducing the subject of Bernie Sanders of presidential can-
didate status; “One of us trying to control you the other is trying to make you laugh. Can
you guess which?”
He was saying, slyly; “I’m trying to control all of you with my talk show spin control on
a nightly basis while Bernie is trying to make us all laugh with his run for the White House.”
Oh, no, you say? Earlier that night he said, in his monologue;” May I talk politics? You know,
I’m just a country boy but…somebody decided to give me my own t.v. show and, well….”
I’m just saying that his act screams ‘government plant’, all the way, people.
Even more hard core than the other hosts. Of course I’m not na�ve about Big Brother’s real
life role in our lives and our mass media at every level.
I’m happy that Trump has poured water on Jeb Bush’s image as well as his brother’s role in
the 9-11 attack and, thus, is NOT part of the conspiracy against America like most politicians
seem to all be a part of, throughout. I just hope he understands that quitting is not an
option. His ego WILL get bruised and he’ll have to continue and forget about the “I’m not
a masochist” cop out to leave if it gets dicey.
Every value and idea he holds dear to his political heart must endure a mountain of pain and suf-
fering for the world is hell bent against itself to begin with. It’s a battle that must be
waged or a hell to inherit if not.
Other than that I’d rather be driving a Titleist golf ball.

November 02, 2015;

I suspect Putin will co-ordinate with the United States “establishment” the C.I.A., the mili-
tary, the Bilteberg group, the Rockefellers and corporate America to start a war with the U.S.
to get Jeb Bush elected.
Let me say it again; (Repeat the opening sentence twenty times) and when it comes true I was
the lone voice of sanity in your sea of fantasy and farce and boot-licking ways.
Right now Jeb, at 4 per cent, is a campaign on pull back and staff cutting and maybe quitting.
I am almost never wrong about the big picture and I say that Jeb will be rigged into office
in spite of any of your votes. I’m saying Putin will help the powers that be facilitate it.
There, that’s my take on your nightmare, apathetic U.S. public.
Lennon killers! Cowardly creeps!
Hey, I’m just the messenger.

November 16,2015;

Just back from two weeks off work and I find all of you getting mowed down in Paris, France.
Of course I can prove that you so called ‘civilized’ people don’t respond to anything other
than force and violence to begin with and for years just sat on your hands while your govern-
ments bombed the ISIS group in wholesale slaughter. So, who is REALLY to blame?
If I were on the stage of public debate as the most famous human being on earth for exposing
and jailing Stephen King for murdering John Lennon (You slobs still don’t care about even that.)
then I would say the following on the subject;

“While I don’t condone any religion on the grounds of common sense and sanity and cannot
sympathize with any side on that matter, I can’t help but notice that the people of the middle
east have every reason and right to be afraid of having our ‘western’ style of civilization forced
on them and their culture and their lands. I, myself, must be ashamed that my own country,
America, has an irrational, dysfunctional pre- occupation with football games, for example,
exposing a glaring fact that we are bored as a culture with all our wealth. That we aren’t
allowed any other mainstream interests because our media is state controlled and, so, our
people. I would be afraid of such a sterile, materialistic, boring, planet killing, over-
worked culture rammed down my throat just because that side has military might and a tendency
to abuse that power, besides.
On top of all that, both sides are wrong, perhaps, equally, just because mankind is a sick
creature to begin with. The best solution, in my opinion, is to clear out of the middle east
and leave that 14th century worshipping culture alone and be grateful that one culture, whether
religiously right or wrong, is standing in the way of the western style of progress before it
swallows the west, whole, leaving a husk of a human race behind instead of a free people.
If the Jews must occupy Israel then they must agree to a finite border and allow Muslims to con-
trol their own temple mount and be allowed to worship there instead of having the Jews control
how Muslims worship.
As for Muslims and the religion of Islam, they must accept a peaceful solution if the western
invaders and their plastic culture leave their land and people alone and stop killing them.
The way they used to behave for centuries when the world wasn’t engaged in a crusade against
them. It’s a reasonable solution to a thorny problem. Any party against this solution is not to be
trusted as the real forces at work are western values being forced on the middle eastern man.
Until our greedy, lob-sided form of society gets itself in check and stops poisoning its
own people with horror writers who murder the public’s choice of heroes like John Lennon
and walks a righteous path and respects humanity more, we are the monster, the terrorists who
need a reality check.
Look at all of you. For decades you turned a blind eye to King murdering Lennon. Like a pack
of sub-human cowards licking government, cover-up boot while satanic politicians mowed the
decency in all of you down to leave you dirty and corrupted and brainwashed and weak.
Your whole world seems to revolve around the make believe film and video stars who play act
heroism, just for the camera, not real life. What a pitiful giant to be slaughtering an
ancient culture for not swallowing the horse pill of capitalism and money and slavery and
lies. Shame on all our people for setting up this conflict with the Bush dynasty and the C.I.A.
who deliberately left those people that monster stash of weapons when the U.S. invaded Iraq.
We operate on a mountain of lies and deceit and treachery and sickness and genocide and it
bodes badly for us if we can’t get our heads out of our asses and reign in our rogue governments
and get the hell out of the middle east and their lives and cultures. Long live any people who
mourn the loss of humanity in mankind we have suffered under the name of modernism and progress.
May their resistance to the Rockefeller/Bilteburg/ C.I.A./K.G.B. bankers, etc.. corruption that im-
prisons all of us, here, with 40 plus hour work weeks, pollution and media mind control succeed.”

Meanwhile, Trump is acting like a knuckle dragger with his blow them to kingdom come talk.
Remember, Jeb will get a gift from Hillary and win the presidency because it is all C.I.A. rigged.
Meanwhile Trump would do well to resist the peer pressure of war mongering and examine his
real, more intelligent views on the matter, if he has some.
Right now all of you westerners who worship money are and have been guilty of Hitlerian
genocide of those in the middle east who dare protest our occupation there.
May God damn all of you if you don’t change.
Right now it IS a choice between my recommendations and a genocidal monstrosity. Our govern-
ment and Israel want to genocidally kill those who do not worship money. If you people don’t stand
up to them then don’t cry when terrorism moves in to get your attention. All that sick vio-
lence on your media and wasting of human life is our media poisoning your minds to make this
sick campaign more palatable. How sick you all are.
Our system and our hidden government are so corrupt that we may be using Israel as an excuse
to commit crimes like Hitler did against the middle eastern man. A matter that probably played
into our establishing Israel when we did in the mid 40’s.
The moral of all my entries is that it is all of YOU assholes who do nothing but enjoy your
central heating, warm water, t.v. stereo, soft beds, good food, etc. while the rest of the world
suffers because of your stupidity and selfishness and apathy.
Your collective apathy is the biggest conspiracy on the planet and it is all of YOUR fault.

November 19, 2015;

While amped up on the subject, as a genocidal campaign is the heart of the matter with the
middle east, I should interject that many sick processes are in play that need to be stopped.
The Jews have a need to do unto others as the world did unto them. By getting roped into a
corrupt U.S. government desire to cleanse the planet of those not seduced by materialism and
take any part in the jet bombings and drone attacks and boots on the ground that is committing
genocide against Islam and Muslims, Israel is in bed with Satan and cannot prevail, ultimately.
It is based on greed of money and resources and getting a state for a religion propped up by
a country based against that kind of relationship, to begin with. The whole porridge stinks.
A couple of attacks on our electric grid and the whole western machine shuts down. Our own
experts warn it’s only a matter of “when”, not “if. Several teams of snipers in car trunks
in our major cities would also shut our nation down. Any multitude of retaliations could bring
the Great Satan to it’s knees.
I, personally, believe that John Lennon was correct about “no religion, too…” and hope
that all these religious superstitiousnesses fall off the face of the earth and mankind comes
to grips with it’s own monkey origionations and accept that we are a sick creature in the
throes of imperfect evolution and need more people like me to get you all off the merry go
round that has been oppressing you and dehumanizing all of you for the sake of the wealthy few.
Our government wants all of you to be watching out for alien space invaders and religion
to keep you from examining your own stinking lives and your evil rulers. Get wise to it.
In finishing this part let me unabashedly laugh at those who piously, devoutly buy into re-
ligions as you can’t find me one that has the balls to practice what they preach as my
Lennon murder expose and hard facts have proven. They’re all too weak to address the de-
manding issue, period. Paper tiger, bullshit religions. All of them.
Until any of you cowards get off of your boot-licking ways and demand jail for Stephen King
there is no worthwhile religion out there to follow to begin with. With no followers with
courage to practice what I practice all religions can only be a blanket to suck one’s thumb
on. A way to pass the buck and duck grappling with the issue like a man.
I, all by myself, have more integrity than al of them, combined.
Squirm on that, lost society.

November 21, 2015;
Yes, I’m going to milk this chapter even more as it’s one of those that hits home.
Last few entries ago I lamented that we are so bored as a nation, so culturally depraved, that
we actually enshrine football worship as if it were more exciting than living our own, real
lives in a better manner than we do. That we are media controlled zombies without a voice or
a choice stewing in our “…blind, obsessive…” money worshipping slavery lifestyles.
I mentioned that we have no right ramming our plastic, phony culture down the middle east’s throat,
especially since they are willing to die rather than succumb to the insults we are inured to.
Let’s find out why Jeb Bush and all of you fascist cowards are dead wrong about having to
kill Isis or Al Quida or the Taliban etc. and why they all are justified in whatever they
must do to stave off our western style of money slavery and media mind control.
America, you ARE the Great Satan they call you.
You are religious hypocrites and selfish, lazy, genocidal perverts being lead around by
the nose by your C.I.A. media mind controlling apparatus and you are even sicker than you
all were when you killed off the buffalo and tte Native American Indians to steal their land.
You are going to have to leave all that Lithium, gold, copper and oil in the middle east for
it’s peoples to a profit from it for themselves and stop killing all their indigenous peoples
just because they stand in the way of global monopoly by the western industrialists and bankers.
America, you’ve got to start taking to the streets and getting your heads bashed in like the
brave hippies did in the 60’s. You’ve got to stand up to the Rockefeller family and the Bush
dynasty that do his dirty work. You’ve got to come to grips with the fact that your lives are
run by satanic assholes who are truly evil people and exploit you too well for you to even see.
Look at Jeb Bush and whatever religion he tries to wash his soiled soul with;
He practices a satanic, anti social ritual called assassinating the smart guy before he changes
the world for the better and making sure that an evil asshole as can be found is the trigger-
man in real life and then lets that evil asshole loose on the public with his message of horror
to insure that the public is off balance and too sick to resist the crime in the first place.
This is what Jeb Bush practices behind the scenes of whatever religion he may try to hide
behind. He is a monster of a man, a deceiver, a C.I.A. brat in the purest form of the word
who is trying to use the C.I.A. media empire to make fashionable the genocidal bombings of
the millions of people we have already killed in the middle east. He is a “Crusader” and he
is full of shit. He is a mass murderer whose father equipped the middle eastern factions
with all the matches (weapons) they would need when we left behind that huge stash for them
to raid in one of our operations, then. He is trying to shoot them for taking up the arms we
gave them to defend themselves from our unjust invasion of the middle east.
So evil and sick. So are all of you for sitting silently by like a bunch of Soviet class slobs.
So, do you see, Donald Trump, why the crusaders are the bad guys and the middle easterners are
the real freedom fighters? They don’t WANT to have their I.Q.’s lowered with t.v. sitcoms
like Americans do. Or be stampeded into sports worship because all other forms of entertainment
have been either assassinated or marginalized.
The people of the middle east do not WANT to work half of their waking lives to keep up with
an unjust money system like the slaving peoples of America do. They don’t to give away half
of their waking lives just to make the top 5 per cent overly comfortable. I don’t blame them.
The people of the middle east do not want to jump through all the red tape and hoops for all
of their adult lives and be caught playing with their cell phones because they are so perverted
by everything foisted on them.
Donald Trump, don’t you think our system of living is plastic, phony and slavish? Can you
understand why death is better to them than our way of life? If not, then broaden your mind,
please. Unless you get it through your head that America’s people want to spare the lives of
the people of the middle east and get the hell out of there in the first place rather than be
perverted into monsters hell bent on genocidal warfare against them, you will lose favor with
the people.
The people want a president who will take a bath, first, admit our phoniness for being there,
second and, third, get the hell out of there so that they will not feel the need to attack
us for trying to decimate their culture and way of life.
Finally, people, it is all of YOU who are the biggest failures in all of this. You have become
silent Soviets and you have nothing better to fight for than anyone else on earth. You have
fallen from grace and a murderer and horror writer named Stephen King rules over all of you.
He will continue to urinate on your pride and courage until you picket your media to expose,
arrest, try and jail him for life
You ARE the Great Satan and it takes your greatest folk hero, ME, to tell you so for your own
The death of the hippies goes hand in hand with the death of the middle eastern man. Like the
hippie they worship money and slavery less and choose to live simpler lives. I say, let them.
I only with the hippies of our land were alive and strong and we wouldn’t be such ridiculous,
satanic Soviets like you’ve all become.

November 23, 2015;

Broke a rib last Friday (Ouch!)

Regarding the United Soviet America put down I exposed us with let me add a few other rele-
vent points.
The woman has to work nowadays, unlike the 50’s and 60’s, and the two paychecks buy less than
the one used to buy.
If that doesn’t prove you’re all fucking idiots, what does?
50 % divorce rates, quadrupling of teen suicide, lawless, protected police departments?
You are a fucking, joke mess, America.
Huckabee mentioned my rants, in code, yesterday when he said that we; …”Need not a Light-
footed presence in the middle east but a heavy footed presence there that squishes every last
one of those (prejudicial terms)…”
I guess I am getting under those crooked, sellout politician’s skin with my wiser than their
views on the subject of war and peace.
I’m letting everyone know that we have been highjacked by foreign interests killing off our
freedom to fit us into the new world order fantasy they like to jack off over in private
Remember “Piggies” on the Beatle song list?
It applies.
Better, yet, listen to Lennon’s song “Freeda People” also known as “Nutopian National Anthem”
I dare you all.
Oh, and as for the profanity, not nearly as profane as your collective conspiracy of apathy.
Nothing could ever be more obscene than that.

(To be continued…)