When Chapman is portrayed by books and the media saying things like; “A voice in my head
said; ‘Do it. Do it. Do it.'” or; “I didn’t say ‘Mr. Lennon’, first. I just shot him.” or “Bottom line, I
did it for fame.”, or any of the other things he has said, it is the most powerful assault on
truth and all of you that the government run media can foist. It makes almost all of you
want to think that he was there and is just recounting his thoughts. The problem with that
is you want to forget about the possibility he is deceiving you to effect a government cover
up. That acting and lying are going on on national tv and mass media to brainwash you. The
most powerful weapon, in this case, would BE a substitute shooter, a flesh and blood decoy.
For those of you who have never encountered a pathological liar it may be difficult to see.
It’s just an actor mouthing scripted lines on cue in a media setting to mind control all of you.
Whenever I do something drastic or noticeable the media trot out “Chapman lie” mind
control to push you all back into your corner of fear and shame and spinelessness. You want
to ignore the fact that you all skipped a trial for Chapman, to make sure, to begin with. You ignore
that none of you ever, ever, ever did anything tangible in your lives to stop the killing of
our heroes. It puts you down and makes you all phony, weak and small. Shamefully, the govern-
ment knows you better than you know yourselves and they could rely on your mass cowardliness
and phoniness relying, also, on a few other tricks up their sleeves; ‘Who Shot J.R.?’ a
tv drama that was used to beat you over the heads for months, was solved on Thanksgiving,
two weeks before J.L. was shot. This wore all of you out for who shot John Lennon?! They had
the Reagan in, Carter out dynamics going, the returning of the Iran hostages and, most pow-
erfully, the Hinckley episode that occured just months later along with the assassination
of Anwar Saddat and the attempt on the Pope. Hinckley, another pudgy young man with a gun
trying to cut down a world figure. They completely confused you. They’re good.
So much so that you forget to also notice that other heroes are slain in the crossfire. In
Lennon’s murder J.D. Salinger and his book ‘Catcher In The Rye’ are crippled as much as pos-
sible via the sub story of the lie about Chapman. Similarly, when Hinckley shot Reagan, (Alleg-
edly), he said he did it to impress Jodie Foster. Jody, a self determining woman who didn’t
skip college to remain an actress. “Oh my God, she’s getting educated!” I can almost hear the
government media executives muttering then. “Will we have to kill her if she gets too famous,
too?” being their second thought.
It’s a cruel, jealous, sick world when so much attention is paid to cutting off famous celebrities
before they can change things. Before they can replace the status quo with a better
way of living for us all. The government and the media they control know just how potent a
John Lennon or someone like him can be. They know how capable he could be in destroying
the mind control that dictates much of what all of us do, unwittingly, like cows in a corral.
Chapman derides the value of fame in his press releases; “It’s worthless and useless.” because
his handlers know the opposite is true and they fear anyone of you getting wind of that.
Personally, I have never read ‘Catcher In The Rye’ and can only assume that Salinger was some
kind of writing God that cast a spell on the whole world at about the time before The Beatles
did the same. I know his book is about trying to warn the world of the phoniness of adulthood.
I know that the person trying to catch the children before they run over the cliff is trying
to spare them the hypocracy of becoming an adult.
That’s a very powerful notion. That all of mankind is corrupted after puberty. It may well
be the case. I don’t know. I tend to agree that one becomes more false and twisted with every
day of mind control we exist in. Things begin to break down when we all learn to first lie.
How we use that power to get out of a sticky spot or get something for free. Children are
less inclined to be bothered with tinsel and lies and material possessions. Life is too en-
thralling by itself for those concerns. Indeed, Salinger’s eschewing of women his own age during
his whole life suggests a pity for all adults that he held and that he wanted to live forever.
Even he admits to his ‘Peter Pan’ tendancies.
Mark Twain, or Samual Clemmens, wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckelberry Finn
and captured the magical essense of pre phoniness boyhood. A totally different world from
adulthood. I hear the government tried to ban his books, too.
There is a line in Stephen King’s book ‘The Dead Zone’, written a few years before he killed
John Lennon, that goes;
“Dear Johnny, This is the hardest, bitterest letter I’ve had to write…it’s worse than
casting Rabbit Run or Catcher In The Rye out of the classroom. This is worse. It stinks…
There was a special meeting of the board… and they voted to rescind your contract because
you’re too controversial to be effective as a teacher….With all my heart, I’m sorry.”
I’m convinced that there were reasons that Stephen King was carrying Catcher In The Rye
with him when he killed Lennon. Maybe something like Salinger carrying six chapters of Catcher
In The Rye with him in battle as he stormed the beaches of Normandy. Like a talisman.
It WAS Stephen King reading Salinger as the police arrived before they switched him, later,
with Chapman. King was also carrying a signed album by John Lennon. King’s talismans were
the writings of Lennon and Salinger, the two biggest influences of our recent lives. Perhaps
he thought that those writers powers would rub off, somehow, on his writing career.
I think King wishes he could ever be a great writer like Salinger or maybe he hates him
BECAUSE he knows he can never be that great and, therefore, Salinger must be wrong. Lennon
must be wrong. “Why can’t my twisted sick world of horror and fear be accepted for once?!”
I can almost hear him sob.
I think King is torn between right and wrong and may want to make right wrong and wrong right.
I can’t be sure, but he is consumed with influential writers who differ with him.
Regarding Chapman quoting Catcher In The Rye in his defense in court, that really happened.
It was Chapman, not King. Chapman has done everything Chapman related except for the
act of waiting that night for John, getting the album signed and pulling the trigger. Stephen King
did all of that, as photos prove. The close resemblence fooled any traumatized witnesses.
Even I do not know where Chapman really is and has been all this time, any more than you.
I’ve heard, by convicts at Attica in C block where he was supposed to be, that no one has
ever seen him and they think he’s living with his parents under a witness protection program.
Certainly he spent at least a few weeks there showing himself to inmates while he served oat-
meal or did laundry or other things I’ve read. That’s probably ALL the time he really has
spent behind bars, though. Corrupt judges, wardens, guards and media is how the ruse held.
It’s comforting to see in his eyes, for the first time, defeat, the knowledge that his goose is
cooked and he’ll go to jail, after all, but for conspiracy instead of murder.
The question is; “What are all of you timid slobs going to do now that I’ve given you the antidote
to the poisonous Chapman lie? Will you remain timid, lying phonies or stand up to the coverup?
Anything less would be an act of murdering me, your next hero in the wings. Admit it.

P.S. As for Hinckley also quoting Catcher In The Rye and not just putting Jodie Foster down,
I think, in spite of the fact that you will all hold it as a mark of non credibility against
me, that Hinckley fired blanks and neither Reagan or Brady were actually shot. That it was
all an elaborate hoax to change the public’s mind from Chapman to Hinckley at a time when the
government knew that no trial for Chapman would be shown. Again, Salinger gets trashed at
the same time they are still killing your biggest other hero, John Lennon, via the Hinckley hoax
/ distraction. Hinckley was even quoted as saying that he shot Reagan over Lennon’s mur-
der, blaming it on him. He was also quoted as saying; “America is the land where heroes are
shot in the back.” Inferring John Lennon. After Chapman’s non trial justice was out of the
way Hinckley, and therefore all of his other remarks, were found to be insane. Another mind
control bomb on all of you who had similar suspicions about Lennon’s murder.
Did Brady get plastic surgery to simulate a bullet wound? His head wasn’t dented looking
until years after the alleged assault. Perhaps.
It brings up another telling Reagan remark when he was later caught in hot Contra waters;
“I could always get shot.” Inferring he had an exit strategy to get out of, also, ‘this’ mess.
The story line given was that John Lennon was a phony and that’s why Chapman shot him.
Another story line given was it was fame, itself, that he was shooting. John represented fame.
John was the least phony human living on American soil. He fully admitted all his faults in
his songs and knew he was only seeking the answers but did not have them. Always. He ab-
hored phoniness in the world and, given his vast wealth, lived like a hermit without possessions.
His biggest fault was not seeing through Yoko Ono. No, the government KNEW that John was
a threat because he was NOT phony AND he was the most famous person on earth. He was
THE King Kong of a threat to the government who relies on keeping all of you phony and afraid.
John Lennon was the biggest hero we never got the chance to experience. Tragic beyond words.
As for Yoko, another chapter below;,”Yoko’s No Good”, gives you the dope on her. In a nut-
shell, she was there braving bullets, herself, to remove her from suspicion. In fact, she ran
ahead of John for insurance that she wasn’t double crossed. Had she been Lennon’s advocate
she would have been killed, too, so she couldn’t uncover the coverup, after. Instead, she
was used to trick all of us into “..Letting the courts decide.” She wanted us all to just
back off and let the government decide for us as her open letter in ‘Rolling Stone’ stated.
To show you all how smart you all really are and how stupid you can pretend to be, take a
look behind you and admit that most of America hated and distrusted Yoko, as if she was a
government plot, from day one. She was and all of you knew, instinctively. Now that you
suspect that the government killed John Lennon you pretend it couldn’t be true. Phonies.
The government run media cleverly blamed all of your collective phoniness on John Lennon
and, literally, turned the tables on sanity and on all of you.
“Let’s all be phony and say it was a crazy guy who did it and forget that Nixon, the most
likely suspect, ever tried to deport him for being too controversial. Yeah. That’s the ticket.”
How shameful, horrible and evil that made you all.
Then there is the matter of fame, itself. Salinger, Catcher In The Rye and fame and John Len-
non, all assassinated in one mass orgy of deception and Orwellian media mind control.
Oh, and lest I forget – do I have to do all the thinking around here? – What else got shot down,
big time? That’s right, our second amendment rights. Our concept of gun ownership to protect
us from an ever burgeoning police state. You know, the one our forefathers anticipated.
That’s right, guns got shot down, too, complete with a Brady bill, via Lennon’s murder and
the Hinckley hoax.
(See my chapter; Intermitant Diary and Thoughts, the one dated August 15, 2014, where I de-
tail the current news of police vs. public events and protests going on.)

Now, all this talk of Salinger was prompted by the recent PBS airing of his life.
To begin with, PBS is just as evil and tied to government as the other three letter stations.
They aired a documentary about Chapman so over the top Soviet style propagandistic that,
Judy Woodruff, who hosted the piece, after finding out it was a hoax, forced them to remove her
likeness from it. They did and now there is a half hour of dead air, after, marking her ab-
sense since the show re aired without her. They are sometimes the biggest liars of all the
networks. All the more dangerous since they pretend to embody a station we should all trust.
I noticed that the Salinger piece was a hit piece on him and his Catcher In The Rye. The
foibles and untidy parts of his life were blown up, almost every individual account, complete
with a witness who knew him. He was subtly cast as a pedophile who flitted from one young
girl to another his whole life and left each one on a moments whim or hiccup.
I, myself, seeking a human being that wasn’t phony, turned to young girls for inspiration,
once, in my thirties, if only in my mind. It was a temporary thing that burst with the know-
ledge that even the innocent become phony, eventually, too. I was hungry for sanity in people.
Salinger was quoted as saying; “The world has become a great big shopping center where peo-
ple have lost their minds and their souls.” That that’s what he thinks of all of us. Samuel
Clemmens was quoted, in another PBS special, saying; “The human race is a cowardly species.”
I say both authors are right and, yes, the whole human race is a sick animal groping for
sanity and humanity, itself.
Why DID Salinger get up and walk out on a dinner in his honor never to be seen again?
I think because he was horrified at the phoniness his life would have to assume to play the
fame game with everyone and all their jealousies and conditions. It just wasn’t him.
Just as I was getting tired and ready to turn off the tv the Lennon murder / Chapman lie
was introduced and I watched the documentary cast the Catcher In The Rye as a bad influence,
even refering to the fact that Salinger said it was a mistake to write about Holden as the
print across the scene read; “Six months before John Lennon’s murder.” when he said it.
The Hinckley angle and the Bardo angle, all of whom had copies of the book as well, were
showcased for further evidence that the book should be banned, without coming right out and
saying so.
I noticed the next evening, when PBS aired a show about the fall of the rock radio stations,
that the same Lennon murder / Chapman montage was aired, again. Two days in a row of PBS
brainwashing us about Lennon’s murder via two different documentaries, no less.
What? Is my website starting to get traction? Do they fear the truth I have unleashed is near-
ing mass consciousness? Why all the propaganda out of PBS all of a sudden?
At any rate, I just think it is sad that I should be writing this to you if you aren’t
moved to pick up a lousy sign for a week of your life and protest the coverup, preferably
as a mass group, united together, for success.
Otherwise I’m just spinning my wheels while all of you are spinning the chamber to see if
a bullet might relieve all of you of having to care about right and wrong. Of having to
be responsible for all your government executed assassinations.
Our parents were child abusing cowards who were too afraid to lift a finger throughout the
dark days of all those murders to stop them. Now you have a chance to show your weakling
parents up for your own good and the worlds.
What WILL you people DO?