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This chapter intends to present myself, my credentials and my beliefs.
I have to laugh at how ridiculous all this bragging is bound to sound
but it must be said to wash all of the the media propaganda off of you.
One of the reasons John Lennon was able to change the world was because he
had proven himself to be a genius, certainly in music, singing and musicianship.
No one stood out more than he in our lifetime. It’s one reason he remains
the single most photographed human that ever lived. He was fascinating.
He had established credibility.
At the risk of sounding self important I must confess to all of you that,
while I am not the genius John was, I am not the whacko some think either.
In fact, looking over my shoulder and past, I can see many things about me that
ARE different, even outstanding.
Jonathan Swift once said; “You can always tell who the genius of the com-
munity is. He’s the one the townspeople ridicule the most.”
Both characterizations apply to me, frankly.
In fact anyone who says “The emperor is naked.”, as I am doing with my Lennon
expose, is implying that society is a fool.
Naturaly no one will want to believe him at first.
I have certainly been ridiculed these past two decades, although I know many
realize that I have always been absolutely correct and are just amazed at my
testicular fortitude, my balls, for going public with my facts.
For those of you who doubt the veracity of my allegations and evidence, here
are some of my credentials;
At 17 I became the first person ever to trisect an angle with just a compass
and straightedge. I was told, in 1971, that it had never been done before
by my geometry teacher Dick Nixon (Believe it or not.) the first day of class.
A month or so later, after I had learned the bare bones basics of geometry, I
decided to give it a try.
Every angle creates an arc and I tried to use an identical arc to trisect
it the way you do with a line and line segment. I noticed a bias; large,
medium and small. I next duplicated the proceedure going in the opposite
direction to reverse the bias. Now I had two pair of points, each with the
accompanying reverse bias. Since you can bisect an arc I bisected each pair
resulting in a perfect trisection. I basically butterflied the first pro-
ceedure to counter the bias and split the difference resulting in a perfect
I went to my teachers home one night to show him and he tried it on obtuse and
acute angles and it worked every time. He told me I would be famous if I
could explain, via a theorum, why it worked.
Math related subjects bored me and it seemed to easy to get fame for it. As
simple as the concept used in reverse bias ply tires, it seemed to me.
Fifteen years later I heard radio broadcaster Paul Harvey trumpet this feat as
another man had done this. I listened as he explained that this man relied on
inverting an origional proceedure to balance the result and it sounded like what
I did over a decade earlier.
This was a world class achievement on my part, outfoxing the likes of Einstein,
Newton and countless others. I remain unimpressed, however.
Thinking outside the box is all. Beginners luck.
But a lot of other things I am proud of;
I went from being practically the only student who couldn’t read in first
grade to being a book ahead of the class months later, having learned to read
from Treasure Island with my fathers help; I aced my first ever test; I was
so knowledeable about dinosaurs in first grade that the eighth grade teacher
let me lecture her class; I received an A-/B+ average through eighth grade in
a private Catholic parochial school; I beat out the entire school once in the
speech contest (I used Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” speech.);
I built model airplanes and boats as well as seasoned adults and even practiced
falconry in my early and mid teens; I was well liked and popular, in spite of
all this, besides.
I loved sports, especially baseball, where I went three seasons without a single
strikeout (Summer league). When I took up golf I broke 90 my first try, shot
68 a year later and 64 six months after that.(Par 70 course.) and was voted most
dedicated by my high school team.
In high school I only got a B+ average (My parents prefered that over straight
A’s.) Throughout my first twelve years I was one of the best artists in my
school(s) (Perhaps my most conspicuous talent.)
I fell in love in high school and enjoyed a beautiful relationship with a lovely
Japanese/American girl; I achieved top 3% in the language section of the S.A.T.
and guesstimated my way to top 13% in the math section; My college I.Q. test
rated me at 165.
Much of this sounds Mickey Mouse, I’m sure, but I’m proud of all of it.
In college I majored in Journalism my first year (My essay was the first one
that the teacher read to the class.) and Advertising my second year (My ad
was picked by the class for our semester project.) My slogan was;”Time In A
Bottle.” for a wine company and made publication.
I was on the college golf team, only managing third man on the roster, and
my grades were slightly less than a B average.
While in college I became philosophically ambivalent about society and the
path I was on. I really wanted to be a professional golfer and I burned my
bridges towards that end, dropping out of school and taking odd jobs, mostly
as a cook, between tournements.
I almost made the U.S. Amateur roster my first try after being one under
through 31 holes at James River course in Virginia when I drew a large, unex-
pected crowd which threw me off my concentration. I went from third in a field
of 108 to eighth winning the playoff for the alternate spot.
I also tried out for the PGA Tour, three times, but placed as an also ran.
About that time I was going through a melodramatic relationship with a girl
who moved in with me while using a false name, past, everything. At one point
she had the Atlanta homocide and intelligence departments at my apartment
while I was playing in an event out of state.
She claimed a satan’s cult leader was trying to kill her for her threat-
ening to expose him. (Something to do with her sisters victimization.) I had
no idea what was really going on and I took everything with a grain of salt.
Ultimately this drama resulted in our breakup.
A year later I discovered her real name, past, etc. from a former boyfriend of
hers. The experience made me far less naive about life and people than most.
Just finding out this much taught me detective skills, that and a high school
project about Sherlock Holmes novels.
I can spot a lie faster than anyone I know and I confess to remarkable detect-
ive skills and instints. Absolutely uncanny.
And so when I heard that John Lennon had been shot I knew, instantly, that
the story about a lone drifter was hogwash and that only powerful people were
interested in killing him. Somehow the fact that Nixon tried to deport him for
three years during the early 70’s escaped me though.
Because I am so authentic and human and real I had trouble concentrating on
work after Chapman’s trial got skipped over by the media and courts. My first
suspicions were bearing out, that there was a coverup afoot, and I needed a
beach bum’s vacation. I sold my car, put my belongings in storage and took
off to San Diego to indulge myself in the rapture of Beatles music which I
listened to constantly via my Walkman while I pedalled the anger out of my
system, some 30 miles every day.
I knew that I would be killed someday if I made the pro tour. I wanted to be
the next John Lennon, only in golf spikes with a peace symbol on my visor.
I had a vested, personal reason to solve John’s murder besides our collective
And so it was, one month after I saw the tiny clipping in the back of
the San Diego Union titled; “Lennon’s assassin pleads guilty; Sentenced 20
years to life”, that I knew John’s murder was being covered up.
Chapman was allowed to skip what should have been the trial of the century
and enter his plea behind closed doors because; “God told me to…”
This was in June of 1982, not ’81, as other authors suggest, a year and a half
after the crime of the century was put on media silence hold. I even had a
bumper sticker made that read; “U.S. Govt. Planned John Lennon’s Death!” and
attached it to my bike.
Several weeks later and following a powerful, bizarre dream, I found myself
involuntarily propelled, like a torpedo, into the Pacific Beach Public Library
to read the initial reports on Chapman’s road to justice.
(See About Author page for details of this historic revelation.) It was truly
like being used by Gods will, not mine. The evidence rained on me like a water-
fall, far more than luck could manage.
Finding this evidence, having the comprehension skills to grasp it all and
overcoming the urge to deny it and then to GO FORWARD with it to the mass
public is the single most significant thing I have ever done. When I translate
this expose into history making reality and the guilty are jailed and the
public is forced to change in the wake of the hugeness of the evil that was
uncovered, it will be the most significant thing anyone has done since Jesus
Christ, in my humble opinion.
Now I don’t say that lightly and I know many of you will think me a supreme
egotist but that is not the case. I have a better grasp of the promise of
this expose than anyone on earth, with the possible exception of the govern-
ment I am exposing.
To give you a glimmer of what I mean consider this;
Reagan would not have been elected president for a second term, Bush Sr. and
Bush Jr. would never have been president, Princess Dianna would still be alive
if this story broke when it should have in 1983. That’s just for beginners.
I don’t think it will result in BC/AD time deliniation and I don’t think it
is anywhere near as big as what Jesus did, but I know that nothing this big
has happened since. We’ll all see, I predict. “The Event”, in John’s words.
This was Paul McCartney’s first quote the day after John’s death. Paul was
asked for a comment and he said; “Well that was John’s thing, The Event, he
called it.” As if John had known he would be killed and that the government
would get caught and that that would trigger an event of revolutionary proportions.
John even wrote songs about his upcoming murder urging us to “Come together”
over him, “Don’t Let Me Down” and more blatant other songs.
In fact this story, according to Bush Sr., is responsible for his failed bid
for re-election in 1992. Go read the New York Times transcripts of the
Richmond, Va. debate where he says; “…But I am a president who is talking
the issues. You know, nobody likes “Who shot John” but I think governor Clin-
ton is the one mounting a negative campaign…”
He was refering to my magazine, then titled “Everybody’s Business; Who Shot
John Lennon?” that I was distributing in Kennebunkport, Maine and Bangor,
Maine at the time, resulting in a 20 point swing in one week in his popular-
ity ratings in Kennebunkport. He said it days earlier, in Florida, too.
You should know that I have stood two inches away from Stephen King once when
he stuttered to me; “T-take c-care. I w-want you to t-take care.” when I was
in downtown Bangor singing a song about him and Nixon and Reagan. I spent over
six months there in three different visits and, no, he has NEVER denied my
claims. In fact I once defeated his lawyer when he tried to pipe me down with a
protection from harassment injunction. I won.
While on the subject of famous endorsements you should know that Paul McCart-
ney endorsed me by my first name at the 1990 Berkeley concert. It was on
April Fools Day, during the instrumental of Fool On The Hill when he yel-
led out; “Yeah STEEEEEEVE! That’s RIGHT! I don’t know what YOU think Berkeley,
but I want you to know that we LIKE IT and we NEED you as a PEOPLE to GET to
the promised land…”
I have it on tape for proof. The story behind his remark began months
earlier when I met his brother Michael in San Francisco and asked him to ask
Paul for some help. I was THE most famous activist west of the Rockies then
and I hung out, almost exclusively, in Berkeley. He WAS refering to ME.
In 1994 I was falsely arrested by Santa Cruz police for suspicion of trespassing
for stepping into the bookshop King was appearing at. It was a pre-planned set-
up to put me on national tv in handcuffs and to brand me as a stalker,
which I am absolutely not. While I was stewing in jail Dan Rather, Tom
Brokaw, Peter Jennings and the entire national media was showing me being
pushed into a police car in handcuffs.
The bogus charge was dropped two days later but their ruse was accomplished.
Typical of the government lie, the truth was transposed, reversed, to make me
a stalker and King a hero. The exact opposite is the truth.
In fact, King was asked that day, by a girl,; “Did you kill John Lennon?”
King replied; “No (Dramatic pause) comment.”
He couldn’t leave it at “No.”
Some of my other credemtials include being the most persecuted non criminal
in California history, I believe. (See my Current Updates page for details
of all the terrorism I’ve endured over the years. And I still have much more
that I have yet to add.)
I have been kidnapped and beaten unconscious, I have had guns pointed in my
face three times. In fact my father may have been killed in a plane crash
just to scare me, following a threat letter I received from Stephen King.
The military controlled mass media and all of talk radio has tried to margin-
alize me as a whacko (The main reason I am forced to brag a little here.) and
anyone else would surely have either been killed, gone mad or committed a
crime by now to break the story.
In fact I have reason to believe that the government is going behind my back
to my employers to get me fired lately, trying to apply pressure on me to
either keep moving from town to town to prevent me from establishing strong
community ties or to drive me to the point of crime to survive.
I will frustrate them, not vice-versa.
Regarding my day job credentials I have had dozons of jobs, mostly in rest-
aurants, as a cook or manager or waiter. I have also done retail supermarket
work as a section manager, checker and stocker and even managed a small,
custom golf shop for over two years. In that position I achieved recognition
from the Business Review Board, beating out all the other golf shops in the
San Jose area of California.
Knowing that my future is tied up in the truth about John Lennon’s murder
makes it hard to want to climb the job ladder. My future will be huge
enough if I can just succeed at breaking this mega story.
You should know, if you’ve read my website, that I turned down Stephen King’s
veiled attempt to bribe me with “..anything (I want)…”. I’m sure he would
be willing to part with 30 million to shut me up. Not going to happen.
My father was a doctor and my mother was a housewife and I had planned on be-
coming an advertising copywriter or golf course architect or something that
paid well but I ended up with the biggest news story ever told in modern time
instead. I don’t mind being poor.
What I do mind is being single with no family of my own as I near my 50th
birthday. For decades my life has been so filled with real danger that I am
hesitant to let a woman into my life and the government crosshairs that come
with it. I don’t want to give the government a target to get to me with.
And so I say; Aren’t all of you Americans a little ashamed of putting me in that
postion after I have come to YOUR rescue? That includes my own family. Is
your record of apathy and indifference going to encourage others to save you
after I am dead and gone? Are you scaring off the next hero?
And yet I still have faith that you will all rise to the occasion soon.
I am still a very lucky guy.
Incidentally, I may have already saved Bruce Springsteen’s life in 1992 with a
phone call that was broadcast over WABC radio when I urged his friends to tell
him to get away from Stephen King, who he was hanging around with then.
WABC is this hemisphere’s biggest radio talk show venue out of New York City.
In fact Bruce and Stephen King WERE rehearsing on the same stage and sharing
company over cocktails and at concerts.
I expressed my concern that he was on the governments hit list and that
King might kill him the way he killed Lennon.
They have never been seen together since, to my knowledge.
Just a footnote before I get into the My Beliefs section of this chapter.
I am a very lucky guy and more than brains and talent explain my find.
When I was about twelve my father sat us kids down to teach us to play poker
for the first time. My very first poker hand ever dealt to me was a Royal
Flush. My usually unflappable father sat dumbfounded for about ten seconds
before he collected himself to say; “Kids, this is what is called a Royal
Flush.” It was dealt after five shuffles and two cuts between five players,
my siblings and my father, right off the bat, my first ever poker hand.
A lot of other amazing things that could only be attributed to amazing luck
have occured throughout my life that I won’t go into right now. I am convinced,
however, in fate and God’s hand in my life.
I would like to say this though; When I was about 12 years old I decided to
sleep out in our backyard for a change. I was looking up at the stars when I
saw a monstrously huge meteorite streak directly over Healdsburg, Ca. heading
towards the Hawaiian Islands.
It was as large as Mount Shasta and nearly hit the earth. Its streak took up
one sixth of the visible sky and was going so fast it was all the way to Hawaii
in one second. If I had blinked I would have missed it. I had never heard of
a sighting like I saw. There is no way we would all still be here if it had
hit the earth. I have never seen anything so incredible or amazing in my life.
I KNOW of just how dangerous a situation we are all in. Perhaps, because I
know this about the power of outer space and our fragile place in it, I am
less inclined to be a silent, apathetic sinner than most. I believe the
best insurance is for us to behave. I believe that God has wrath.
I am convinced that a large asteroid took out the dinosaurs. Absolutely.

If I sounded a little too boastful up to now don’t blame me. I have lots of views
and opinions that may seem hard to swallow, beside the Lennon murder evidence
and what it proves. I want you to take it seriously as I believe I am correct.
The media has poisoned most of you to think I am a whacko “Theorist”.
That is not the case. I AM credible.
I have suffered for two decades figuring out all that I am about to tell you.
It is vital information and I had to let you know, up front, that either I am
a genius or society is a blind fool, or, perhaps, a little of both.
First and foremost I want to impress upon all of you that a government like
ours who would let horror writer Stephen King to kill the most beautiful
human on earth, John Lennon, is our ENEMY!!!
This is how you should KNOW that you can’t trust the Republicans or even
the Democrats or the media. This is how you should KNOW that you are in the
hands of people who want to destroy you. People who don’t believe in free-
dom, free speech, heroes or democracy. People who want to poison and
cripple all of you. People who think of all of you as Guinea Pigs in some sick
Orwellian experiment.
If you can’t comprehend this fact, denial is not a river in Egypt.
I believe that all of you have never yet learned the value of keeping your
heroes alive. It’s the one thing you don’t do that is the root cause of almost
all your misery and strife. Instead you make the government your hero,
your leader, and you wonder why most of you slave away over half of your
waking life working at a job you wouldn’t do if not for the money. You wonder
why your divorce rate is higher than your marriage success rate, why teen
suicide has tripled in the last two decades, why gangs and street violence are
creeping into your lives, why the environment and our bodies are becoming pol-
luted like never before and why it takes two, instead of one, paycheck to
make ends meet today.
You have never learned to keep your heroes alive and lead you.
We all killed J.F.K.,R.F.K.,M.L.K., John Lennon, etc.. with our BEHAVIOR.
I believe our working class misery takes some perverse enjoyment in kil-
ing those who are better than us.
The government uses your sado/masochism against you.
The government knows you won’t respond appropriately and they take over.
Nixon expressed his concern that the media elite might replace the politi-
cians someday. That is what should be happening, people.
Politics means; “More at police” according to Webster’s dictionary.
If you call yourselves proud Americans who believe in freedom then why do you
bow down to the barrel of the gun? Why can’t you practice what you preach?
I’m convinced that only I am brave where it counts. That only I am free in the
true sense of the word and that all of the rest of you are like the characters
in The Wizard of Oz; looking for courage, brains, a heart and a home. Still
marching down the yellow brick road (Money), getting sidetracked with drugs and
looking up to the City of Oz and the Wizard;(The government and the president)
to solve all your problems.
How do we know which heroes to follow? Is Michael Moore or Madonna trustworthy?
They both back Wesley Clark. If they had been more diligent they would know
that his past is linked with Nixon and Reagan and would know better than to
support him. They are naive, in my opinion, and should be given more time to
grow before we put our trust in their hands.
Believe me, I wholeheartedly embrace everything else I know about Michael
Moore and that he and Madonna have our best interest at heart. But it is the
rare celebrity, like John Lennon, that we are looking for. And why hasn’t
one come along since? Could it be they have been scared off by all of your
apathy and hypocracy and dismal record?
John Lennon was that one true hero who was not swayed by his cushy lifestyle.
He never sold out or lost his courage because he had all the trappings of
wealth and fame. His instincts were spot on. It was he who tagged Nixon as
“Tricky Dicky” He knew more than the collective wisdom of the entire human
race, in my opinion.
There is a reason his murder caused more suicides than any other in history.
We lost our most important citizen, the ONE who had the courage, wisdom and
fame to lead us away from Big Brother.
I believe that I represent as good a hope as you’ve got to turn things around.
As such I am the one the goverenment wants to kill most of all. If you think that
conceated observe McCartney, still hiding behind his family and wealth,
to chicken to take a stand for us. The same applies to everyone else I know.
It takes supreme courage, not conceit, to pick up where Lennon left off.
And now, some of my hard opinions about why America is NOT a democracy, is NOT
free, NOT brave or even dignified.
I believe that the Rockefeller family runs America more than the president and
Congress does. They own all the Chevron gas stations, Standard Oil and more.
Many of our biggest magazines, including the ones that carry my Lennon evidence
are printed in Rockefeller Plaza, New York.
There are other billionairs that own our politicians but none as powewrful
as the Rockefeller dynasty.
In fact he is so powerful you almost never see his name in print or in the
media. He owns it.
Even Al Gore was owned by a large oil company. I am convinced that
he lost to Bush on purpose in 2000.
I have met most of the last democratic candidates in the past two decades
and I know they are actors of the most dispicable deceit. Only the
Republicans are worse. We are a mess, people.
I believe that this war in the mid east is the work of these oil barons
that really run our country and military. I believe that 9-11 was enhanced
with demolition expolosives to absolutely bring those towers down to
sucker punch the public into supporting a war in the oil rich mid east.
I think the attack was known about well in advance and allowed to happen.
There is a reason we are not liked by most of the world today, including those
who used to worship us and everything we once stood for.
The point I’m making is that we have become phony, scared, weak fascists who
are too afraid to defend ourselves from the evil politicians who let Stephen
King murder John Lennon! That I can prove.
The killers face, alleged name and letter to the editor linking Reagan, all
found in print weeks before the murder and the coded cryptography in the
headlines and the writings of King and Nixon associated with those codes,
fails to move any of you into revolt or outrage. THAT is the outrage that
America and its people have become.
Ever since J.F.K. was killed we’ve become yellow bellied hypocrites.
What kind of message does that send? That we will turn coat, that we are
cowards who will run, that we are untrustworthy, ultimately. All phonies.
That makes us less safe from our enemies. All this flag waving since 9/11
is just so much sucking our thumbs using the flag as our security blanket.
America, right or wrong, is a cowardly gesture. If you were really free
and brave you would stand up to the Bush dynasty that probably LET 9/11 happen.
You would not allow one family to own the presidency and two governorships
simultaniously. You would not allow 2.8% of our poululation, the Jews, to
CONTROL 80% OF THE MEDIA. But we are phonies. But you are not truly
American in practice.
To be frank, people who tell their children that Chapman shot Lennon and that
he was arrested on the scene, tried and sentenced and jailed are too simple
minded, naive, and sinful to be good parents. Yes it sounds ludicrous, all that
I claim, especially that King pulled the trigger and is free to molest all
of you now, but it is clear and provable to anyone with an average I.Q..
I believe most of my detractors are cowardly, jealous sinners who know not
how foolish they are.
Can any of you afford to be ignorant, narrow minded boobs now that I have lifted
the veil, now that 20 years have passed without a single denial from King?
Don’t you think it cowardly to let the government try to mow King down
with a van and then kill the unsuccessful driver a year later? Don’t you
think it foolish to suck your thumbs and hide behind a huge, evil lie and
give the government a chance to cover this news up by killing me or King?
It should alarm all of you to know that at the height of my frustration with
the sinful public I prayed for an asteroid to take us out to spare us the
shame of living like slobs under evil.
Six hours after I prayed that, before a witness, the first plane hit the
World Trade Center Tower.
I made that prayer at midnight Sept. 11, 2001, Pacific time.
Do I have pull with the Almighty? It’s the only time I ever prayed that.
Do I just feel the worlds evil more?
I’ll bet most of you don’t know that Mohammed Atta and his parter, the two
leaders of the attack on 9/11, were in a hotel room in Portland, Maine, Step-
hen King’s birthplace, hours before the attack.
And now some other truths I want to uncover.
I believe that our presidential elections are rigged. I am convinced from my
in person meetings with most of the Democratic presidential candidates over the
past two decades that they have lost on purpose and not on accident.
Regarding this 2004 election you should know that Wesley Clark is closely tied
to the Nixon, Reagan wing of our government that has proven itself to be our
satanic enemy as the circumstances of John Lennon’s murder bear out.
Furthermore he is the “Military/ Industrial Complex” former general that Eisen-
hower warned us about. I think he is running to lose.
You should also know that John Kerry is a fellow member of The Skull and Bones
Society that president Bush and his father are members of. It is rumoured that
that Society partially runs America.
Regarding Howard Dean, I have heard that he is the Dean of the Dean/Witter
financial empire. Sounds too establishment for me. Maybe he is legit but
I don’t know.
Joseph Lieberman is a big supporter of Bush’s war in Iraq. He is a Jewish
mouthpiece for the state of Israel.
Gebhart has just dropped out but I consider him to be an obedient monkey for
the establishment as well.
John Edwards is almost too good looking to be trusted and I don’t think he
plans to defeat Bush if nominated. Perhaps he is legit but I don’t know.
The only candidate I trust to actually try to BEAT Bush, if nominated, is the
one the mass media has already marginalized with false poll statistics and de-
rogetory treatment; Dennis Kucinich.
The media has brainwashed all of you away from the one good man running.
I don’t embrace everything he stands for but most all of it.
I predict that Bush will be rigged into office this November because none of
the viable Democratic candidates want to really beat Bush, that they are
merely taking us for a ride,. That they are willing to lose on purpose.
Naturally I urge all of you readers to organize rally’s in front of media
stations to out my Lennon expose if you REALLY want to stop Bush.
If you don’t and Bush is elected, it was your fault for not trusting me.
I think that Bush and his party and the people who run him ARE EVIL and
want to destroy American freedom and the country I was raised in. That they
want you to be as obedient and as stupid as the people of the former Soviet
Union were and still are. That they put corporate Darwinism ahead of
everything America should stand for.
Did you know that Colin Powells son Michael in the president of the F.C.C.?
Did you know that Clear Channel Media, one of the biggest, won’t allow Lennon’s
song Imagine to be played on their radio stations?!
Did you know that 80% of our mass media is controlled by Jews, by Israel?!
It’s all true.
Did you know that the media knew, in advance, that they could brainwash all of you
to not even notice that Chapman would completely skip trial for what
he did?!
Do you people know that the same messenger the media has been branding as
a whacko/stalker is really an American hero with, perhaps, the biggest bomb-
shell news in modern time?
I believe and I can prove, not only that Nixon and Reagan and Stephen King
all murdered John Lennon in a political conspiracy, but also that Time, News-
week and U.S. News and World Report magazines are linked with our C.I.A.
and document coded messages via headlines in the issues surrounding Dec. 08,
1980 that plug into the Lennon assassination.
I believe and can also prove that the judges, wardens, prison guards and cast
of go betweens to paint the Chapman lie are liars and actors reading from script.
I believe and can prove that Chapman is a fraud too. That he did NOT kill
Lennnon and is just an actor working for big oil, apparently, considering his
father’s executive job with Amoco Oil.
I believe and can prove that the entire mass media IS a conspiracy and act as
one, operating under the pleasure of the government and the military. That
they mind control you more than you CAN know. That they do not wish
you health and well being but want to malign you instead.
The fact that I have been largely ignored for over twenty years, with my hard
evidence, by my fellow Americans is proof the media’s campaign to malign all of
you is working.
backed, geek, horror writer who belongs in jail for murder.
As I write this chapter Mel Gibson’s movie; The Passion is about to debut.
Here we are, two thousand plus years after killing Christ, not only letting the
evil government kill the smart guy and all the hope he promised
again, but we’re letting a horror writer get away with being the triggerman?
It’s enough to beg the question “Did Jesus die in vain?”
It’s almost as if the government has managed to rachet up its book of evil.
How can you people stand for this? How can you step aside and let the govern-
ment molest you like this? How can you turn your backs on John Lennon after
all the goodness and music he gave you?
How can you sit on your hands now, an election year, when so much is at
stake, when you could be breaking this, the biggest expose ever revealed in
modern time? An expose custom tailored for the baby boomer’s clout.
Must I break it all by myself? Is that even possible?
I think I need a self respecting U.S. public behind this message, picketing
media outlets.
What do all of you think??