America the ugly;

The people of the San Francisco bay area will never live down the fact that,
when confronted with hard evidence that proves our government murdereded John
Lennon, they ducked their duty to take to the streets and demand the arrest of
Stephen King. Before Nixon and Reagan died they failed to demand that they be put
on trial and jailed as well. For over twenty years the American public proved to
the watching world, that now dislikes us, that we are anything but American
in practice.
As bad as raping a 14 year old then shooting her in the head three times,
then killing her family, including a 5 year old sister, then burning them all to
try to destroy the evidence of their conduct as just happened in Iraq involving
U.S. soldiers. That bad.
Right now you are letting our military help Israel do to the Arabs what we did to
the American indians. Are you an ugly people?
I used to be just like you, too. I was raised on television, , selfish-
ness, greed and anti-intellectualism. When our government killed the Kennedy’s,
M.L.K., other black activists and rock stars I did nothing. It took the of
John Lennon and, later, John Balushi to get me off of my ugly ass and do something.
Many of you probably don’t know that Balushi’s assassin, Kathlyn Smith, was in the
same room with Lennon the night before he was shot in the back, but she was.
Incidentally, the writer of Animal House, Doug Kenny, was also killed that same
year and John Landis, the director of Animal House, almost lost his head with Vic
Morrow in that copter . So if some of you still think that that pyro-
technique exposion that almost blew Michael Jackson’s face off was just an ac-
cident, please pull your heads out of your butts right now.
Buddy Holly, Jim Morrison (Lennon was killed on his birthday), Bob Marley, Peter
Tosh, Jim Croce, Jimi Hendrix and many more cultural icons were probably murdered
by our government and your apathy and ignorance. Even Elvis Presley’s bodyguards,
the ones who supplied him with the that killed him, wrote slander books
about him after. Maybe they slipped him a twice as potent batch deliberately.
Maybe John Balushi was mugged and gagged and held down by two men after Miss
Smith walked him into that hotel room. The fact is that Animal House is a powerfully
subversive anti-establishment movie. The government does fear it’s message.
It showed the military being dragged by it’s own horse, it showed city hall
being mowed down by a batmobile and it showed John Balushi running off
with the pretty girl in the end to become a senator while the military character
was shown to have been killed by his own men in Vietnam. Very subversive.
Perhaps the scene that they fear most is when Balushi made a speech to the mem-
bers of his fraternity after they were banned from campus. He said; “Where’s the Animal
House I used to know? Where’s the spirit. where’s the GUTS?…Nothing is over till
we say it’s over…who’s with me?” At that point he runs out of the room leading a
battle cry but everyone remains seated and defeated. Then the writer, Doug Kenny,
who plays “Stork”, mades his only statement in the whole movie when he responds by
saying: “What are we supposed to do you moron?”
It’s as if Kenny was trying to make us ask the question what must we do to stop the
war our government is waging against the constitution and our freedoms. That that
was Kenny’s lone line in the whole movie suggests that that was THE message.
Our government hopes you never find the guts to stand up to them and their agenda.
And so it was that at the height of fame and fortune and success that he supposedly
jumped off a cliff in Hawaii. Or was he thrown? To read the Esquire magazine
article about it it’s as if the writers were actually there when it happened.
Now I only have proof that our government killed John Lennon and John Kennedy. It’s
all in the bold print codes of Time and Newsweek surrounding the time of the events.
Regarding Lennon’s murder I also found the killer’s face and true identity printed
months before the as well as Mark David King Chapman attached to a letter to
the editor weeks before the crime where he explains how Reagan is moving him,
armed, into a hostile square.
That’s all I should need to get a response out of Americans other than bootlicking
silence and jealousy of the messenger. But there America’s people lie, licking the boot
that kicked them, too jealous and afraid of the messenger to give him his due.
To put this ugly culture that can’t care under the microscope let’s take a look at
how you have treated me in the workplace after finding out that I am the one ratting
out our government for being the rat it is.
This is the best way to take America’s pulse. To see where the rubber meets the road.
And let’s begin by telling you of the time the students at U.C. Berkeley laughed with
glee after I told them that my father had just died in a suspicious plane crash that
occured right after I received a threat letter from a horror writer. Oh, yes, they
did. It will be one of the most dramatic scenes in my four part movie someday.
Subsequent handwriting comparisons prove that the horror writer was Stephen King.
Recently, since I started my website with sloganed van(s), I have been wrongfully
fired from some dozon jobs in the last four years……
(I’ve decided to delete what was posted for two years now. Suffice it to
say that there is a lot of working class misery out there that despises
heroes like me. These people who wronged me will be punished enough just
continuing their miserable lives as they have been doing all along.)