Why so sick, public?!

Yes, I do have at least one or two protest rallies that you can attend to force the
media to show the rest of America the evidence against our govt,, Nixon, Reagan and
author/murderer; Stephen King. If you can’t attend my rallys there is little you can do
for anyone, especially yourself. In this maligned world we live in only street protest by
hundreds of upset citizens can accomplish any truth telling or real justice. See my
next chapter for how you can be a free man like me instead of a silent, cowardly pawn.
Dec. 8 is New York City’s last chance to do something brave and American before I go.
Up until now the people of New York City have been so dense you could hit them in the
head with two jet airplanes and still not get their attention. You all know I’m right. You’re
all still the same lost, spoiled, selfish, money obsessed reptiles you were when 9/11
struck. You STILL seek no real truth about what happened. Why ask question? Right?
Aren’t the people of New York City about as sick and horrible as Yoko Ono, herself;
the woman who put her arms around John’s estate but saw no trial for anyone who may
or may not have pulled the trigger? In fact, people of New York City, you all LET her and
the media and the govt. kill John Lennon and then cover it up, didn’t you? Yes you DID.
It’s bad enough your parents and mine twice elected Nixon for president AFTER he and
his friends killed the Kennedy’s first. No, that’s not sick enough for you; you pretend
that Mark David Chapman killed Lennon while, in real life, you let his real killer, Stephen
King, urinate all over you and your children and everyone else you know. Not very well.
Why so sick, public? Not just you, New York City, but every citizen of our yellow, pa-
thetic, weak, bootlicking, lying planet. Why are you all so unbelievably phony? What
is it that makes you punish yourself with farce the way you all do? Why so sick? Is
that why you celebrate Halloween; to admit that you’re all as sick as rabid bats? It
would be different if you saw a trial for anybody at all but nobody saw a trial. The phony,
cowardly, turncoat U.S. public dared not ask any questions when the trial of the cen-
went “fizzzz”, “nadda”, “nothing”. And you try to act like the world is wrong to call you
all “infidels” and “great satan”. Wake up you miserable, classless asses and get well.
The 45th anniversarry of J.F.K.’s murder has just passed and PBS was busy keeping all
of your kids stamped with your same brand of deceit and phoniness; “Oswald’s Ghost”,I
believe, was the name of the propaganda documentary they urinated on you with. Urin-
ated on your kids, kept them scared and stupid, just like their folks. Like their folks.
The only honest thing out of the film came in the form of a warning during one of the
commercials advertising the piece: “If you believe that the govt. lies to you then you
are a fool to believe anything that they tell you.” That means “anything” people. No,
what really happened was Oswald was the designated fall guy in a a govt. plot involv-
ing Nixon and, most likely, Kruzchev who assassinated Kennedy in as public a way as
possible to scare America and make us all afraid. Maybe Kennedy was planning to kill
Castro the same exact way, in a public motorcade, and Moscow bristled back on us,
first, after learning of the plans. Maybe Kennedy had no plan to kill Castro and the Krem-
lin acted out of frustration at J.F.K.’s bold act of defying Moscow and its missiles in Cuba
or maybe the Berlin speech J.F.K. made just months before. Oswald was shot. He, appar-
ently, was used as a decoy to divert us from the truth. He had been in Moscow and the
U.S.S.R. long enough to be woven into any plot they might use against us. Moscow, not
Oswald, shot Kennedy, to blunt freedoms march into history. Kennedy scared Moscow
with his boldness and strong leadership and statesmanship. They also killed his brother,
later, for the same reasons. The Kennedy’s were freedom marchers on steroids and they
stood to strengthen America and its future. Moscow killed them and Time magazine codes
link Nixon as a central figure in the plot. It’s something that can be proved and not con-
veniently wished away. The Time magazine codes a week before the fact prove that Os-
wald is a fantasy story we lie to our children with, the same way our govt. lied to us, then.
There is the possibility our own govt. was also involved and wanted the war in Viet Nam
to go forward but Moscow was the most likely villian behind those nightmares from our
past. Moscow, the U.S.S.R., the Soviets, that’s right, killed the Kennedys. Why do you
think every newsman from Walter Cronkite to Dan Rather was whoring themselves so
shamelessly if not to put a damper on world war three with Russia? Our media folded.
Dan Rather exited television under a ruse; that he was a liberal looking to expose Bush.
In reality he cut his teeth on J.F.K.’s assassination telling us his head was jolted
“forward”, not backwards like we all saw. Dan was just another man getting paid to help
kill J.F.K. and sell the coverup. EVERY stinking man around the scene sold his soul to
fascism and what it had just done. It was as if evryone bowed to satan, himself, on cue.
The media is still betraying us, full tilt lately, whith the jewish media monopoly peddling
Mark “Decoy” Chapman on us so Moscow can warp us with Lennon’s killer until we’re de-
moralized. The truth is the media is the govt. is the military, is the enemy. It IS big brother.
We are not allowed to know what is the real nature of our relationship with Moscow. We
are not told that the media is the govt.’s most powerful weapon. It controls our minds.
It cows us with fear and torments us with lies to keep us under control. It plays on our
masochistic nature with constant mind games like an abusive spouse. It goes far beyond
the concept of manufacturing consent even to the point of deliberatly dumbing down all
of you. The beautiful thing about discovering the govt. codes that prove Stephen King,
not Mark Chapman, killed John Lennon is that the truth is laid bare, with all its tent-
acles and trails and collateral other uncoverings. It’s the find that keeps on giving. For
example; WHY would Nixon and Reagan want Stephen King to pull the trigger on John
Lennon except to harm us with an evil man and message; to kill good and replace it with
evil; to poison America’s people and make us sick and ironic and completely upside down?
There can be no other sane conclusion; the murder of John Lennon was an attack on the
morality of America’s people, an attack on our goodness and decency; to demoralize us.
That little truth, all by itself, ties up so many loose ends. Were Nixon and Reagan both
Soviet agents crashing The White House? Why would our own govt. allow that? Is our own
govt. our friend or enemy? Is our govt. our friend and only paralyzed by evil actors? Why
does the media apparatus just happen to be in the hands of mostly the jews? Why WAS
Lennonm killed; to allow the Israeli’s to bomb Iraq’s nuclear facility in early 1981; so that
he couldn’t mount an anti-war platform if a war broke out after? Was he killed so this cur-
rent mideast conflict could protract for decades without dissent? What? Does the fact
that Time, Newsweek and U.S.News magazines code documented both J.F.K.’s and John
Lennon’s murders make them Soviet or American govt. rags? Who are our friends and who
are our enemies? What’s going on here? A lot of important questions become cleared up
quickly. There’s no need to hide under the covers for generations of waste and denial.
This one story tells all of us what we are more likely to deny than anything else on earth;
that Russia has been holding our jewels for decades now and we’re Soviet class, John
Lennon killing cowards who only say we’re free and brave at baseball games for show. No
wonder half of you are turning to pharmacolgy for a hard on in a pill. Has John Lennon’s
assassination castrated all of you? Only I seem to care about the evidence that proves
what really happened to John Lennon and all of us. Am I a hero for that? I prefer to think,
instead, that all of you are cowardly slobs who are not in your right minds. That I am
simply a natural man doing what everybody should be doing; protesting the coverup.
John Balushi and the writer of Animal House, Doug Kenny, were both killed shortly after
Lennon was killed. Even Animal House director; John Landis, almost lost his head with Vic
Morrow when that copter accident occured during a filming sequence then. Why all of
these key figures of Animal House either getting killed or almost killed? If you have a
clever mind it’s not hard to see why our govt. or Moscow’s govt felt it was extremely sub-
versive; with John Balushi rallying his battered frat house members into action with his
speech; “..where’s the Animal House I used to know. Where’s the spirit? Where’s the
guts?! ‘Oooh we’re to afraid. We’re too scared.’ Well, NOT ME! Was it over when the Ger-
mans bombed Pearl Harbor…WHO’S WITH ME?” It was the kind of speech Americans
needed to hear and that, apparently, scared some people. I, myself, never realized how
oppressed I had been until I watched the military being dragged by it’s own horse; its
pompous representative humiliated, after, in a neck brace, even listed as killed by his own
men in the Viet Nam war during the ending sequence. I had never known the freedom of
spilling mustard down my t-shirt or riding a motorcycle up a stairway or plowing a bat-
mobile into the bleachers of City Hall and the status quo. In the end Balushi ends up
running off with the girl, even becomes a senator. It made a lot of us realize how uptight
and oppressed we all were all along. If you want to believe that Balushi overdosed him-
self, if you want to believe Kenny jumped off a cliff in Hawaii, good luck; you’re naive.
I’m still brave enough to admit what probably DID happen, in real life; Balushi walked into
that hotel and was ambushed by at least two strong men who gagged and restrained him
before he was force injected. Mrs. Cathlyn Evelyn Smith, his date, was in the same room
with John Lennon the night before Lennon was killed. F-A-C-T-!! Doug Kenny likely met two
strong men as well before he was thrown off that cliff in Hawaii. Morrow won’t be glori-
fying the American soldier anymore and Landis, in my opinion, ducked a bullet. The
only question is; can you HANDLE the truth? So far, no, you cannot handle the truth Amer-
ica. You don’t want to admit that a man with a rifle killed Kennedy from behind a fence
at the grassy knoll named Rosco White. You don’t want to know that he was killed in an
oilfield fire two years later for insurance. You don’t want to admit that two other snipers
also shot J.F.K.; that a secret service man fired several bullets up Robert Kennedy’s
side, barrel snug to the body, or the other unexplained bullet wounds, twenty plus. No, you
un-American weaklings want to all go Soviet rather than put up a fight, apparently. I’d
rather be dead than red, you’d all rather be red than dead. Big difference. Ironically
I’m sure I value life more than any of you, besides. Look at how little you valued the
life of John Lennon; no trial yet for anybody. And me, more truth hero than you deserve,
I am viewed as a fringe element nobody by most of you. Poor all of you. Whatever pun-
ishment God allows to happen to you, be it a plane attack that kills thousands or a nu-
clear bomb detonated in New York City, it will be a fate you, not I, deserved. Are
ANY of you people good enough and strong enough to help me out my evidence, first? If
not then you are not Americans at all. You’re just slobs and silent Soviets. Not men.
I know you all mean well but you’re all not well. Please, get well, sick public.