Welcome to my Footnotes and New Developments page. There are many chapters
you can access by clicking the appropriate titles listed at the end of
this and each chapter. This is about Reagan.

Now that Ronald Reagan has died Stephen King is left standing alone on the
political terrain, naked, with no one to hide behind anymore.
Reagan used to hide behind Nancy and his famous line “God bless America.”
The one thing King had going for him all this time was America’s ir-
ational trust of Reagan. A man who could lie and smile,CONVINCINGLY,
while he laid waste to America, itself.
Now that Reagan can’t be jailed King finds himself vulnerable to a public
unburdened with that polite good will they had been reserving for Ronald.
That is the great news about Reagan’s passing. Maybe now the public can do
it’s duty to it’s country and take out the long awaited trash.
There is Bush Sr. who also stands vulnerable, as the head of the C.I.A. at
the time John’s murder was planned and perhaps hundreds of accessories
who will be exposed as well, but King now must really face the music.
Oh yes, he really DID pull the trigger of the gun that killed John
Lennon and he and the media all know it. The only question is how long will
it take to jail our real life monster?
Yoko, in case I haven’t made it clear, is involved with the plot, too,
only I have no hard evidence to prove it.
She was sent by the government to meet John, break up the group, get John
underground and forgotten and then to mislead us after he was killed.
Her security almost beat me to death before I figured her all out.
I have been quite nice to Reagan in all this time that I’ve been exposing him.
I have always laid the idea of killing John at Nixon’s feet and that Reagan
got sucked into the nightmare plot. But sucked in he was and he must
have known that entire families would kill themselves over the grief of
that horrible night, but he still went ahead and lied to us about get-
ting “..big government off the people’s back” at the same time that he was
practicing Soviet style assassination to control the U.S. public.
And being caught in a plot so nakedly aimed at America’s soul, to harm us.
There is no rationalization anyone can provide to excuse the act or
suggest that it was anything BUT an attack on the people of America.
And there, caught in bed with the lowest regarded president in U.S.history.
“Tricky Dicky” as John said.
Reagan was a jilted lover, a B actor, a tool of General Electric and the
Republican party and the media who put his acting skills to work for the
very people who would later increase the size of government, enact the
largest tax increases of all time and foment friction in the middle east
with Israel and ultimately start illegal wars and enslave Americans
to an evil, two paycheck, Orwellian, mind controlled existence.
No we are NOT better off than we were before the Republicans seized
two thirds of the last six presidencies.
Not that the Democrats are any different lately, both being fascist.
We are at, not really war, but something like war, in the oil rich
mid east and the world no longer respects us and we’re working harder and
falling more behind with our family time and the ever increasing bills.
The media has only become a fortress of right wing only talk shows
and we’re not really free anymore. In fact we are living in fear now.
In that respect I proudly take partial responsibility for his Alzheimers
disease and Nixon’s brain stroke. I can only imagine the pressure of
having the whole world hate you for killing John Lennon. They did not
escape justice, really, after all.
I attended Nixon’s casket showing, incidentally, and I should have brought
a cup of red wine to toss onto his flag draped coffin, but I forgot.
A symbolic protest of John Lennon’s blood being on his hands. In todays
America I would not have made news, to begin with, doing that.
It should also be noted that Nixon died a month after Morton Downey Jr.,
the ONLY honest media host in America at the time, gave me three days in
a row to lay out my evidence over L.A. air waves. I may have scared him to death.
In fact, one hour before his stroke, I confronted Henry Kissinger, on L.A.’s
KABC radio show, concerning the situation in Yugoslavia at the time.
If I seem a little cool understand that there is a good chance that Reagan
and Nixon may have had something to do with the fatal plane crash my
father died in in 1984. Two weeks prior I received a threat letter, in
Stephen King’s handwriting, warning me about “”Phases Three”..since you
won’t cease your investigation..” The F.B.I. wouldn’t even look at it.
As the citizen most aware of the TRUTH about Reagan in all this time I saw
through his calculated propaganda and rhetoric like a hawk. I always knew
when he was lying with that kindly, grandfatherly act of his.
He was called “Teflon Ron” and I was tormented for decades by a blind,
irrational, mentally ill public that had convinced themselves he
was a saint who would and could do no wrong.
Ultimately I think much of the U.S. public KNEW he killed Lennon and
STILL forgave him.
Never underestimate the foolishness of the U.S. public on that one.
Now he IS DEAD! I say AMEN! Maybe now the evil spell can be broken
now that that witch is dead.
I appreciate that he didn’t have me killed, but it wasn’t as if he didn’t
try, either. (See Current Update chapter)
There are a lot of things that must be said about Reagan and that era.
We should know, for example, that his first of many cabinet appointees to
resign was the head of the Food and Drug Administration. This was the same
man who was in charge of the hallucinogenic testing on G.I.’s in the
50’s and 60’s!
When all those other members of his cabinet were resigning you were led
to believe it was over Iranscam or Contra-gate.
I was there and it was over Lennon’s murder evidence, only the media mislead
all of you. I was so close to breaking the story then in San Francisco.
It was one of the biggest resignation episodes in U.S. history.
Alexander Haig was really the first to quit and it may have been over
his discovering what Nixon and Reagan had done and he wanted out.
You should all know that Reagan invented homelessness in America, to
a big degree, and corporate corruption and de-regulation and tax cuts
for the wealthy and tax increases for everybody else.
You should know that the size of government GREW by 20% under Reagan.
That’s right, people! He increased it, vastly.
Under Reagan a new law was laid down; shoot to kill first, then ask
questions, where criminals were concerned.
A rogue element that set the law above the law and increased the power of
the concept; police state.
Under Reagan everything decent America once stood for was used as a
speech prop for policies that would undo that very decency about us.
The kindly, soft-spoken, grandfatherly con artist revolutionized America
to the point that we became a more moneyed version of the Soviet Union.
He claimed credit for the fall of that regime but Putin has told McCartney
that it was really The Beatles.
Reagan was just on the job at the time, in my opinion.
Like the former Soviet Union, who banned The Beatles, outright, Nixon and
Reagan ALSO feared their revolutionary power, but especially John,
“The intelligent one”. He had the stones to lead the masses the way masses
are supposed to be led. By one of their own, not some polarized bureaucrat
most likely working for the police state.
In fact, John’s line; “You say you’ll change the Constitution..” was about
his fans who were trying to make him our president, someday.
To know the damage Nixon and Reagan did to America by letting Stephen King
assassinate and replace John Lennon as our principle culture role model
is to strongly suspect that they MUST be working for the Soviets, no less.
A controversial opinion that most men aren’t man enough to even consider but
one full of supportive evidence;
To begin with, Nixon writes, in The Real War, that The Soviets will
conduct a “strategic surrender” only to resurface later. That was in
1980 and we know what has happened since.
Both Nixon and Reagan arrived on the political scene during the commie witch-
hunt days of both Washington and Hollywood, at the height of infiltration.
Nancy Baker, who Reagan married, I’ve heard, was ON that commie blacklist!
She sure wore out that red dress! DIDN’T she!
Both Nixon AND Reagan took on the role of outing the commies. This is
spy 101 technique for shifting suspicion away from oneself.
Both men did a hatchet job on America, too. From Nixon taking us off the gold
standard, to courting communist China, to the crime that became Vietnam and
Reagan’s penchant for arming rebels in South and Central America, trading
arms for hostages and the subsequent perjury on the stand afterward
and Nixon’s PROVABLE, central role in J.F.K.’s assassination (See Nov. 22,’63
issue of Time magazine headline codes) and the way he demoralized the mili-
tary and caused the gas crisis in the 70’s with his Israel policies, to
his resignation, discracing the office, to Ford’s immoral pardoning of him,
turning our legal system upside down, to Reagan’s deregulating the airline
traffic controllers, letting Jewish media domination proliferate, to his
economic policies that, literally, created homelessness as we now know it,
and the two paycheck ratrace we have all been tricked into, invisibly, to
his police state visions of a big brother in the skies to control us all,
to record tax increases, throughout his career, to the phony, jingoistic
patriotism he branded us with in all his speeches, couching everything
under the umbrella of God and country while murderer, King, began his greased
career to poison our culture.
Throughout their terms the headlines told the story of everything they
both did to turn us into a “big brother knows best” country. Much like
the stuff we are seeing from Bush Jr., lately.
The case can EASILY be made that Nixon and Reagan may well have been
a secret team working for our enemy.
I used to save newspapers to someday show the world all that they did to de-
stroy us but I’ve since had to unload the hundreds of them to make space.
I know what they did. I studied everything that they did and it’s as if
they were part of the plan to, as Nixon adds in his forward of The Real War’s
second printing, six days before Lennon was killed, “…Lower their ideals…”
In fact he wrote; “…Americans must learn to lower their ideals…” as
if he regards Americans as seperate from him.
That so many Americans are convinced, to their soul, that these two men
are American heroes and patriots is a testament to the fallability of
people who have no clue as to what their lives are really all about.
When it comes to the political reality of ones own life, men are often
too overworked to have a good opinion.
I remember watching Nixon’s casket, with the U.S. flag so crisp around it,
thinking, seriously, was there a Soviet flag inside the casket that he’s
really wrapped in?
I’ll always remember Bob Hope telling Johnny Carson, one night, that the
Republican Party approached him about running for president. He told
Johnny and all of us that they had assured him that they could guarantee
his winning if only he’d agree to run.
Bob said that didn’t feel right to him and he declined their unholy offer.
I’m sure that Reagan was made the same offer only he took it.
Apparently Bob Hope loved us too much to contribute to corrupt politics.

Forward to today and John Kerry is conspicuously silent this election.
His offer to John McCain, a republican, to share the ticket with him
should tip the brighter among you that he may be working for Bush and
the same Rockefeller, oil baron, corporate crowd that has been ruining
our lives for long enough.
Not that he would do their bidding if elected, so much, as lose on purpose
to guarantee Bush Jr.’s re-election.
This possibility is explained better in other chapters.
Of course Bush is going to be re-elected if the past serves as a guide.
The presidential elections in America have BEEN rigged for decades.

The only question is; Are you too stupid to use my evidence against Nixon,
Reagan and Stephen King and possibly Bush Sr. before the election?
Are you intelligent enough to picket the media outlets with my web
address on your billboards and signs that read; “LENNON MURDER
COVERUP!” ? That is the question.
Do you love yourselves enough to become activists and do your duty?
Evidence like this comes along only once every dozon generations.
Will yours be the one that lets it down or uses it as a sword to defend
yourselves from the real enemies of America?
YOU GOING TO ACT? That is the question.