I tot I taw a Putin cat;

As the chapter, SNAPSHOT, which I recommend you also read, that you’ll find at the end of this
page has already expressed, I’ve been talking former Soviet Union politics and our apparent partner-
ship with Moscow for years, now, but especially lately, just before this invasion into Crimea
by Putin.
I’m devoting a whole new chapter to this new turn of events as it gives you all an excuse to
give a God fornicating damn, whether you care about John Lennon, truth and justice or not.
It used to be that Americans referred to the kind of lives people in the 1960’s Soviet Union
live as being “repugnant”, and rightfully so. J.F.K. said so, publicly, for emphasis.
Look at Russia today; That dissident who Putin is said to have poisoned with a nuclear cocktail,
who told the world before he died that Putin would reap a whirlwind of rebuke from the people
of Russia for it, has been, so far, proved partly wrong. While Ukraine has lost it’s appetite
for Russia over it, it appears that the people of Russia have swallowed the horse pill that
Putin’s propaganda system prescribed to the go along slobs that ARE the people of Russia, today.
They, not only let Putin subvert their own system to get elected twice, the most recent one was
tainted with a ‘fix’ appearance. All right over that poisoned dissidents dead body.
That people can allow themselves to cow to such barbarism and terrorism is repugnant but also
cowardly and masochistic and stupid and weak. Life like that is cheap and meaningless.
A world ruled by fear and horror and terror. Instead of standing up to this kind of cheapen-
ing of our lives they cow to government because they ARE so powerful, as if the powerful should
get a pass just for being so. Putin depends on this government first, before people, mentality.
As I have been learning, it is the PEOPLE who must be brought to the woodshed for remedial
measures. It is the PEOPLE of Russia who have, for decades, given in to fear of government and
boot-licking, cow towing to the powers that be out of pure weakness on their part. It is always
the PEOPLE who choose the wrong behavior. It is this defect in everyone’s character that
fuels all political corruption and it is the enemy of us all; our own weakness as people.
A lot like the people of America today who let Chapman skip trial and ignored my hard evidence
all these decades, now, that proves it was Stephen King, not Chapman, who was smirking and
grinning right after murdering John Lennon while he waited for the co-conspiring N.Y.P.D.
to arrest him and then for decoy, look-alike; Chapman to take the blame and throw everyone
off the trail of the truth. Two countries, the same story: Public laying down for evil.
Putin was also given a pass by the slobs of Russia for also poisoning that other politician with
the Orange colors and the elevator gunning down of a female reporter who had the goods
on Putin.
Putin the poisoner. A coward? Yes. A terrorist? Yes. A boot-licking vestige of a primitive and
obsolete past? Yes. Playing out another quest for conflict in an atom splitting world? Yes.
A shrimp-boat bloke with a chip on his shoulder and his own manhood to prove and who repre-
sents a threat to America and the world? Yes.
Before I give the battle cry to stop him let me first point to his partners in crime, The
United States of America who allowed, for all these years, a self avowed communist magazine
like Time to rule the American roost, for example. Who let Stephen King murder John Lennon,
as if to spiritually murder the people of America in the process, and of our own rigged
elections and authoritarian tendencies here at home. Do any of you NOT think that Jeb Bush
will be rigged in as your next president? I’ve predicted it for years, now. Do any of you
NOT think that both parties are in cahoots, together, to take turns controlling you for the
exact same end game of fascism? That politicians lose on purpose to rig elections?
Mostly, though, to warn you about your own wicked, weak, boot-licking, slob selves, first.
To warn you of the fact that evil politicians spring from the evil of people like all of you.
It’s what you all WON’T do and DON’T do that makes you evil, in fact. You are cowards. That
every time you look in the mirror you are staring back at Tin man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion,
all rolled into one.

I want to start by revisiting the issues of GLOBE and STAR that carried the post John Lennon
murder back when 1980 lapsed into 1981 to show you all why Moscow already runs our mass
media and that, even if they don’t, they might as well be with the things I will describe.
Let me be right up front and say, also, that the jewish media empire will be exposed for most
of the coverup, to begin with, and they may be in bed with Moscow, big time, a la the Rosen-
berg’s giving Moscow our A-bomb secrets. I’m not an anti-Semite, just an honest observer.
I’m also outraged with our media’s pushing murder by government gunfire on us, everyday,
and why all of you cowardly slobs accept it.
Our entire media needs an enema. The dignity and quality of our lives depends on it.
Your sanity depends on it. In fact, you have all been psychotic since Lennon died. Sick.
Completely out of touch with reality, 24/7. All of you. Sucking Stephen King’s penis. Heads
so far in the sand you can’t even see your tragic plight. “Thank you, sir, may I have another.”
like the frat brats in “Animal House” getting ritualistically hazed. All of you.
The media has you fined tuned to the stupid position so completely, let’s take a look at
our government run mass media;

On the cover of the Dec. 30, ’80 issue of GLOBE, in 2 inch high headlines, “LENNON” covers the
top above John’s large photo. Right next to this photo a few weeks after his murder
the accompanying headline next to him reads; “9 types of men no girl should marry.”
On page 3 a story about Alfred Hitchcock. Stephen King and Hitchcock were both horror writers.
On page 21 John’s murder is lumped into a lot of other murders that happened at The Dakota
including news linking the Charles Manson murders to The Beatles song Helter Skelter.
One headline depicts the Dakota as “House of Horrors”.
On page 22, a new article shows John at the single most ridiculous moment of his life in
a costume like a barber pole with ruffles and a large hat as he stands next to Yoko who is
wearing a witch costume like the Wicked Witch of the West with a pointy hat.
Accompanying the article about John’s death is an ad titled;
“Arteries” “Arteries can cleanse themselves without surgery, by diet alone.”
Kind of distasteful at best and cruel at worst, given the fact that John bled to death.
“He wasn’t the first to die.” and “1980 took it’s toll of superstars.” also paint the mood
of “Just another everyday tragedy, nothing out of the ordinary, here. Go home, people.”
On the back cover of this issue is a full page ad titled;
In the Jan. 6,’81 issue of STAR John is portrayed as an adulterer and a trouble maker as a
boy, mostly.
I recall seeing one other story about witchcraft and one item depicting a drawing of Reagan
with a pair of orange lensed shooting glasses, similar to the ones King wore while getting John’s
last autograph. An accompanying photo of Reagan at Pacific Palisades in said shooting glasses
is shown in comparison. That would be the week of Lennon’s murder, folks.

And that’s from just two magazines I found last week at a flea market. Read my chapter
Govt. Codes for a taste of how the media plays with your heads. The website version is a
fraction of what my magazine has.
My other flea market find of the last Lennon Playboy interview led me to the discovery of
a several page article by Stephen King inside that very issue where King even discusses John
Lennon and Lennon and McCartney in the last paragraph.
The media controls all of you. I discovered my evidence mostly because I was not watching tv,
listening to radio or going to movies for several years prior to my find. I was media free.
Now we all hold our breaths as we try to locate the downed airliner with 239 presumed dead
that occurred the week of the Crimea invasion. Never mind that there were two Ukrainians aboard
and stolen passports used. This is the age where one RT reporter (Russian Television) quit
on the air last week over censorship.

Whatever geo-political changes we may make as a people replacing our mass media really is
“Job one”.
You masses don’t want to admit that you need a folk hero to fight the system. That, without
one, you’re adrift and and at the mercy of politics. You can’t lead yourselves. You’re not hard
wired that way. It’s either a hero or the government leading you. One or the other. Why do
you all think that our government is so strident in killing every last hero you’ve known?
They know this is the fact of your lives. Without a folk hero you’re powerless. I, personally,
think that The Kremlin is behind lots of the murders of America’s cultural icons, in fact.
Now I have to verbally spank all of you for being so lame for so long. The truth you need.
I’d have been the biggest celebrity of the 21st century if the media told us about my findings
decades ago like they should have. My fame and position would have changed the world, drastic-
ally, for the better, if the media did their job to begin with. We have no free media. We, as
a people, are not free. Ultimately, where the rubber meets the road, politically, and except
for me, Americans are NOT brave, but, rather, are cowards. AdmIT IT; You ARE boot-licking
bastards, cheating your children.
You DESERVE for Putin to threaten the free world you have been such douchebags over my evi-
dence. A better America would have stopped EVERYTHING and broke this story, no matter what.
You sit licking ice cream as America goes down the drain 30 years still waiting for Chapman’s
trial in the first place. Give yourselves an “F” America. You failed yourselves.
You sit watching from the sidelines waiting for the government to kill me, next. You’re a poor
excuse for Americans. You’re as pathetic as my own thumb sucking family who won’t dare
lift a sign to protest the cover up.
“UUOOOHH!, the government. Can’t stand up to them.” You spineless pukes.
And you wonder why, after martyring 30 years of my life to give you the truth, I come off as
an angry man. Blame yourselves over that, you jerks. Before I found out most of you are
more willing to molest your children with a murderer than point fingers at the government
I was more positive and up beat than anyone you know. I was always a special person.
Meanwhile, Putin has chosen my 60th birthday to invade Crimea. Because of me? He certainly
knows who I am; the most dangerous man in the political world. He has certainly spent at
least 100 hours of his life studying me and my activism. But it was also the 60th year
of Russia’s surrender of Ukraine in 1954. Still, it might have had more to do with Olympics and
timing. I only know that it represents a threat to human dignity and quality of life for
all mankind. Politics is secondary.
In the 60’s and 70’s the cold war kept America focused on what it stood for. After Russia
probably faked its demise and the wall in Berlin came down America got stupid and lazy and
careless. Just as Moscow had counted on.
Nixon warned us in 1980, in “The Real War”, that Russia would conduct a “Strategic surrender.”
Personally, I think Nixon was a Soviet agent like I think Kissinger is, etc.. I think Moscow
and Nixon had the Kennedys killed because their vision of American freedom was robust.
I think it had mostly to do with his kicking their missiles out of Cuba, though.
I think a lot of things that make people, probably like you, think I’m a nut. It’s the risk
I have to take. Truth has a ring and I’m trying to ring that bell.
In fact, without the whole truth, truth, itself, is but an enigma. Not good enough. You’ll have
to bear with me on some of this.
I think Yoko was an agent and enemy of America and that all of you lost your country decades
ago. I think our surrender is the best kept secret in the world, in fact. We would be the very
last to know if it were true. Admit it. In fighting Putin we are also fighting our own shadow
government that Putin is but a part of. The media, courts, politics, etc., that is geared
towards a world order, everything relying on media mind control of the masses.
Nothing is as you probably think it is to begin with. Our government may HAVE made a deal
with Moscow, decades ago, that spells big brother world order misery for mankind.

For example, this missing 777 jet that vanished like a David Copperfield stunt. The only
other like incident I can recall is flight 007 that Russian migs blatantly shot down over
Korea right after Reagan got elected. Where was anti-commie Reagan THAT week, people?
What almost none of you people know is that on that flight the leader of the John Birtch Society
was killed. Not only was his group the most ardent activist group against Soviet aggression,
Richard Nixon, who was supposed to be seated next to this leader that day, just happened not
to board the plane. Can you imagine the thoughts racing through that man’s mind, then, as
Russian migs surrounded that jetliner, Nixon’s seat, empty, next to him?;
“That bastard, Nixon, set me up! He planned all this to assassinate me, to bait me to board
the flight and then to not show. He’s one of them. He’s like their agent 007!!!””
You see, U.S. public, the media didn’t report on this fact. I found out through others.
Just like I found out through other sources that John Balushi’s killer was in tha same room
with John Lennon the day before he was killed, over a year before killing Balushi.
Now we have a missing jetliner with no signs of debris. Special weaponry involved?
I’m only speculating to say that Russia is the beneficiary of this distracting matter.
In just a few days they are forcing Crimea to vote for annexation to Russia or go rogue.
It all seems too convenient, frankly.
But without me on the world stage you’ll probably never get to know, will you.
It’s not too late to hoist this expose on your protesting shoulders and amend your evil ways.
A few other insightful observations;
King’s mini series; “Under The Dome”, that was cut off in mid presentation without expalanation
last fall, revolves around, partly, the Monarch butterfly. They are like omens or something.
What King is really discussing is the use of the word Monarch in the dictionary which is
“one who rules an area after first killing the former influencing figure.”
King likes to consider himself a Monarch, not a murderer.
You see all the little things in life that whizz by you because Steve Lightfoot isn’t in
the public eye like you all need?
I can tell that lots of you people have been reading my website in southern California.
I could tell when you weren’t, before, and I can tell that, suddenly, you’re now aware.
I can tell I may be reaching critical mass. No matter how this story breaks I will always
lament everything if you do not play a part in breaking this monster expose. Must you all be
dragged, kicking and screaming to a better world? Will you shame America by being a reluct-
ant witness and have the story break without your civic duty engaged in its gears? Will
you people be even worthy of its arrival if it ever breaks? My heroism deserves a better
ending than that. I’m exhausted and you people better organize, without my activism, and figure
out how to deserve this precious expose that will, automatically, make everyone 20 % happier
and better off than you’ve been on your face and in disgrace all these decades.
It’s time you free-loading, douchebag, spectator, ingrates put some skin in the game and break
this news.
Imagine when King is lead in handcuffs facing charges. You have the evidence to absolutely
do this, people. Why ARE you waiting????? Are you paralyzed under media mind control?
If you were would you even know it?
Wake up, you. This is the biggest news event of the last 2,000 years. Where are YOU!? Who
are you!? Do you take responsibility at all!? Are you all not masochists, child abusers and
idiots not to protest your media censorship of this news?! How DARE you not care!!!
Get off your spectator asses, masses. Do YOUR duty and take to the streets, now. And what
about you celebrities? Is Darfur, far, far away and easy? Are you willing to do YOUR duty
and alert the stupid masses and speak out? Or are you all just so much glitter in a dog show?
Shouldn’t you give back as much as you take from your public? Shouldn’t you set a responsible
example for them, since they have no platform? Isn’t that the role of a celebrity? Or is
the new celebrity one who merely gets paid millions to help Big Brother scare us with guns and
model government uniforms and keep us all scared and in our place like most actors do today?
In my life celebrities used to put their names and reputations on the line for something
more than phony fame and lots of money and possessions. What’s it all about, Alfie?
In the modern world world war three is stopped by celebrities traveling to Ukrain and
Poland, etc., and saying meaningful things to the people there like; “Hey, we’re decadent
and ridiculous in our own ways but, world, you really don’t want a suspected poisoner like
Putin ruining our planet with terror and fascism. You really should think twice about let-
ting the power of the gun become the rule of law in your lives. If things are so bad that
a better pension is worth going fascist for then, maybe, you need to look in a mirror….” Etc..
Even if they lack the real guts that, apparently, only I have, to out Stephen King and lock
his sick ass up for murdering John Lennon, the least they should be doing is using their
clout to sway the brainwashed masses away from the likes of a Putin.
Russia. Do they have celebrities, or still just dancing bears?

(To be continued…)