Wouldn’t you know it would take an entry like my recent one – “You’re All Sick. Get Informed”-
before it would occur to me that your mass sickness is actually NORMAL for mankind and I
must, conversely, not be just a normal person doing the normal, right thing in exposing this
truth but, rather, that I must be a HERO. That’s right, a H-E-R-O. I’m the “thing” that all of
you are NOT. I must be a hero, after all.
In truth, yes, indeed, that’s the truth. I AM a hero.
But I also believe that the message of this expose is that it is all of YOU who need to change.
That each and every one of you really do CHOOSE to be evil, in the end, and know that everything
I say is the provable truth. You just CHOOSE to ignore it and you RUN AWAY from your respons-
ability. You are a God damned, cowardly sinner and we all know that to be all too true.
So, on the other hand, I AM normal AND a hero and all of you are anti-heroic cowards and phonies
who are duty bound to change or shame on guilty all of you for being so stupid.
For decades I have tortured myself over how insipid and phony and weak and classless and evil
everybody else is and just assumed I am nobody other than a practicing human being who demands
truth and justice for us regarding John Lennon’s murder.
Now I understand how helpless and warped by the media you all are and I agree with the fact that
I am, indeed, a hero not to be like you all.
Underneath it all I was less phony and scared than the rest of you. Less oppressed. Braver.
So I now put everyone’s head in a spin with my new four foot long bumper sticker that caps
off my website van;

– “Your hero – Steve Lightfoot” –

Put that in your phoniness and smoke it.