It may well end up as a four foot long bumper sticker on my website van;

It’s so easy to say “I told you so.” regarding my, now three years ahead of fact, predictions
about Jeb Bush being rigged into our presidential office by about now, December 17,2014.
Oh, he’ll BE elected, maybe not by the people, though. But what do you people care? Every-
body knows it’s the government and the military industrial complex and the C.I.A. who are best
equipped to run our world, our lives. Let the corporations and Halliburtons own America. You
did it before with the other two Bush’s and Reagan before that. You people don’t care. Let
America become a fascist, corporate controlled prison of work slaves. (Ah, the days of my youth
when most women didn’t even have to work!)
Oh, yes, you all have Reagan to thank for the police that are killing our citizens left and
right, immune from prosecution, it seems. He started this mentality in the 80’s. Of course
what kind of a man could Reagan have been to allow a horror writer to murder only John Lennon
to start wars in the middle east? What kind of monster must Reagan HAVE BEEN?
Most of you ignorant fools don’t want to know that Nixon, “Tricky Dicky”, as Lennon used to
sing about him, was central in the conspiracy that killed both Kennedy’s. You don’t want to
be confronted with the bold print codes in Time and Newsweek, then, that prove it.
So, I’ve been predicting this moment for years, now, practically laying money odds on my accu-
racy, but it’s no use. You people don’t seem to care about what happens to your lives and
our country anymore. “Stephen King shot John Lennon for Nixon and Reagan? Oh, well, but that
was a long time ago.” Never mind that King began writing about school shootings in the 70’s,
before there ever WERE school shootings. Do you people ever even THINK about that? At what
point do you, the people, become responsible for all the bullshit that goes down in your
The day Lennon was killed you wanted to take a bazooka to him but, suddenly, now, he owns you.
Jeb Bush announced, via Twitter, his “Possible…exploratory…maybe I’ll run.” message. He’s
buttering you up. Getting your pants around your insipid ankles. Oh, yes, they’re insipid.
You won’t admit I’m right until the confetti is falling all over president Jeb (It’s a family affair)
Bush in November or 2016.
Dishonest Barbara Bush got your defenses down, too, months ago, when she moaned;
“Oh dear, not another Bush in the White House.” Barbara is buttering you turkeys up, too.
Of course Mark (party line) Levin of talk radio is saying; “Not impressed..” with Jeb. Mark
Levin, too, is buttering you insipid, can’t get real with Lennon’s murder, fools up. Sean
(Will do anything for money) Hannity will soon be greasing the skids for Jeb. Limbaugh will, too.
Already the story line is Jeb will get the big corporate money donors and leave the rest of
the field in the lurch.
Another lie to stuff you turkeys up with. Like the Wizard of Oz scene with the big screen,
the wizard’s image bellowing smoke trying to intimidate his petitioners. Media scare tactics.
Trust me. I’m a hero. A national treasure. I solved John Lennon’s murder and gave you the facts.
I’m giving you the facts, here, now, again. If you immature, jealous of me, masochistic, child
abusing, cowards can’t deal with who should be jailed for killing John Lennon and then expect
anything else to go well for America, then you merely prove my point and JUSTIFY my indignant,
pissed off with your mass stupidity, attitude. I signed up for messenger, not your exorcist, too.
Get your OWN full of feces heads out of the toilet, jail Stephen King and help me come for-
ward or, I guarantee all of you, it’s going to be a Jeb Bush, corporate owned America.
You fools don’t know that all the other candidates get paid to lose. They are the actors whose
purpose in life is to fool you for the people who end up winning. It’s a game you don’t want
to acknowledge even though it’s a clear as a bell. Just look over your shoulders. Frankly,
I can’t recommend anyone. Politics is just as evil a game as is being played lately. All bad.
You are at the point that only hoisting my message on your shoulders can save you, now.
It’s as if God is seeing if you are worthy of a better life. Lennon’s murder is the test.
Honestly, I know that you’d all be better off dead than to continue to live such a stunted,
ironic, satanic existence as you are living now. A monster meteorite would be a better scenario.
You dolts can’t seem to admit that the media is all corporate owned and Soviet class, now, and
they want Jeb Bush in, too. Of course, they will butter you turkeys up, too, that they don’t.
You’ll have to wake up to my cause and apply it to your problem. If you can’t think that
abstractly then America and your lives are all doomed. No more freedom, just fascism.
You think you can dodge this and protest against police violence instead and get results. You
CAN’T. You can’t be taken seriously by the authorities as long as they know you were willing
to fold over John Lennon’s satanic murder plot. They all KNOW THIS about all of you. They
know that, when push comes to shove, you let the government shove you around with the man
who murdered your hero, a man who writes horror novels for you and your children. They know
that you are all full of feces, spiritually, and mentally, ultimately, at the end of the day.
It’s not often my fellow Americans get punished as badly as they will be when Jeb Bush gets
sworn in if they ignore my Lennon cause. I will take no pleasure in your utter tragedy if
you fail to help me stop this fraud on America by outing my Lennon evidence like you all should
have done decades ago.

Go ahead and check my warnings about this fraud election to put Jeb Bush in. It’s all
over my editorial sections.

UPDATE Dec. 20, 2014;
North Korea calling us out for a mind control movie about killing their leader? Good for them.
They were in the right, we were in the wrong, they called us on it and good for the people
of America that we are not force fed a government sponsored mind control film to brainwash
us with the evil concept of assassination. Kind of like our government force feeding us evil
with Stephen King after clearing the stage of John (Peace, love and understanding) Lennon.
It’s illegal to assassinate world leaders, yet the U.S. government does it routinely, only
now with poisons and diseases and bio- warfare. (Hugo Chavez, Yassir Arafat, etc..)
We’re a greasy pig going around and terrorizing the world with our ‘might makes right’ belli-
gerence. Shame on anyone who sees this “The Interview” movie when it comes out.
We had NO moral authority to make a movie for our people depicting assassinating a current
world leader. If North Korea was involved in the Sony hacking and threats made if it were aired
then they were within their survival rights to do so after being terrorized by our government
controlled movie industry in such a juvenile, immature manner.
Shame on the U.S. public for not protesting our media violence long ago.
If it was North Korea that was behind this then they conducted themselves adroitly and,
I think, for the better for both countries.
Meanwhile, back at the teleprompter/media spinwheel here at home, Obama is making threats
to get even with North Korea for slapping our hand caught in the mischief jar. Not very smart.
Own up to it, America; What are YOU doing sitting silent while Hollywood cranks out another
mind control movie to brainwash you with? Aren’t you poisoned enough already with the
hidious hoax they perpetrated on you when you were all lied to that a man named Chapman
shot John Lennon? You all can’t seem to shake that urine off your ankles, still.

America has a deplorably bad, government controlled mass media and movie industry that
has been poisoning its people for far too long, Stephen King being their poster child.

Hey, George Clooney, stop acting loony. I like you and I can’t believe you are on board with
the military industrial complex talking points. If you really are worthy of free speech
and a world without censorship then PUT my website address ON your t-shirts and start
practicing what we all like to preach. If you can’t do that, you’re not being real. You do
know that our C.I.A., media and film industry are in bed together and mind control us all, right?
It’s why you have to wear a government uniform to get a job as an actor, these days. Usually
you get a role brandishing a hand gun and pointing it at the viewer to scare the public.
A lot of actors have no idea that that big blockbuster film they just completed with all the action
and violence was written by a government staffer and had an Orwellian effect on America.
I have given the world the very fruit of free speech and courage with my Lennon murder
If no one is man enough to care about who killed John Lennon then America is not a man
and censorship is a varnish already hardened around it’s pretentious, cowardly people.

A sub thought about war, in general;

We are a stinky, smelly, nasty, foul creature with a need to lash out at other humans
to prove we’re not a victim, to prove we’re not a pussy and because we hate ourselves.
That’s what war is. It fills that fantasy need in us to be evil and mean and horrible.
Of course, for lots of poor people, it’s a way out of poverty with a guaranteed job and
benefits and stuff like that, too.
It’s really a pretty knuckle dragging proposition.

Which kind of reminds me of religion. And I know I will sound a little like George Carlin,
here; “It started out as a way to improve life on earth by giving us guidelines and rules
to be better people but resulted, also, in giving each other a reason to hate each other
over our religious differences.”
I believe in God more than religion. That’s for sure.
Is there anyone out there whose religion is strong and real enough to respond to my Lennon
murder evidence and jail Stephen King? If not than all religion is a C-R-O-C-K-!
It’s how everyone avoids wrestling Satan to the ground. They point to a passage, instead.
God, on the other hand, IS real. Wish you people were.