Most people, instinctively, did not like Yoko Ono when she came into John’s
life. I was already dating a half Japanese girlfriend at the time and I
pitied these people and felt that they had racial and bigotry issues.
It wasn’t until her security had me kidnapped, handcuffed, pistolwhipped,
almost to death, and slandered that I saw the light.
That was in late 1987, just two months after martial artists dislocated my
arm and then smashed my face into the sidewalk, breaking my nose.
This after saying, simply,; “We don’t need the publicity.”.
I would later learn that Yoko had been living in Berkeley, secretly, at the
time, keeping an eye on my activism at U.C. Berkeley.
I was kidnapped a half hour after I gave her a packet with my evidence.
Her security came back and pushed me, violently, out of the Dyansin Art Gallery
in San Francisco into the arms of the waiting S.F.P.D. who picked me up
by all fours and said, as they carried me to a police van,: “We’re going to
beat your ass.” A half hour later, while I was handcuffed, they stopped in
the worst neighborhood in the area and wailed on me until I went un-
conscious. When I woke up I had to ask myself how I came to be in the back
of a police van all bloody?
When they arrived at the S.F. General Hospital officer Kevin Hall said to
me; “I’m going to break your nose.” A doctor overheard him and he didn’t, but
I was branded as a whacko with a phony report that accused me of yelling
death threats to Yoko Ono at the gallery. My camera was also stolen.
I remained calm and I was able to convince the doctors that they made
up a lie and that I was getting the Soviet treatment because of my activist
status and I was transfered to another facility, observed for two days
and released.
A few weeks later it dawned on me that Yoko may be involved with the murder
and coverup and, suddenly, all the pieces pointing to that possibility
fell into place.
To begin with she wasn’t killed with John and that seemed a risky move, if
she was John’s loving wife, as she was all too aware that Nixon tried to de-
port them in the early 70’s and that she would be able to alert the pub-
lic to the possibility that John was politically assassinated.
Far from doing that she told us; “..that’s up to the courts to decide..” in
her letter to the public in Rolling Stone magazine regarding her sons
question; “Was the killer crazy?”
When Chapman’s 60 day psychiatric evaluation lapsed with no trial or new
developments she came out with an album titled; ” It’s All Right.”
She has been silent ever since and has even tried to sell Nike the song
rights to Revolution, the one with the lyrics; “But if you go carrying pic-
tures of Chairman Mao, you aint gonna make it with anyone anyhow.” an obvious
dig at Nixon.
Suddenly everything she ever did pointed the finger of guilt her way.
When she said to the world that she didn’t know who Lennon was when they
met she was lying. According to Paul McCartney she had already approached
him, months earlier, for money to sponser her art projects. He suggested
she hit up John instead. She met John at an art gallery and promptly had
an affair with him, got him to pose frontal naked on an album cover,
got him to divorce Cynthia, got him hooked on hard drugs, began causing
friction in the recording sessions and poisoned him towards the rest
of the band and, ultimately, broke up The Beatles, got John to go underground
and planted a marijuanna roach in their apartment resulting in his arrest
and Nixon’s deportation effort.
Furthermore, it was her phone call to Japanese authorities that resulted in
Pauls pot bust.
Yoko initially pursued John the same way Selena’s killer pursued Selena;
by slipping notes under her door.
When I would show up in New York she would pay the police to harass me and
ticket me several times per month.
When the crowds outside her apartment were grieving at Strawberry Fields,
her memorial to John, a year after the murder, she called the police to shut
them down and disburse. Furthermore, Strawberry Fields is exactly where
dog owners take their pets to defacate. The place reeks!
In absolute violation of John’s will not to be cremated, Yoko had his body
cremated, within days.
When John was shot she RAN from the limo, ahead of John and ducked behind
a wall before the bullets were fired!
Before he was shot John wanted to grab a bite to eat first but she in-
sisted they go straight home instead.
Sean, I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but if you still
trust your mother you are a fool and you may even be in danger.
Yoko is what is called in espionage circles, a “Black Widow”, one who gets
close to someone for the purpose of assassination.
Before Sean was born Yoko miscarried, not one, but two of John’s children.
She took over John’s business matters and let John raise Sean because she
was too busy to be bothered.
Yoko also ordered the N.Y.P.D. to kidnap Fred Seaman and hold a gun
to his head to get back some of John’s journals that he kept. Mr. Seaman
was their houseservant.
Yoko’s role today is to keep New York City residents too stupid to in-
vestigate the matter further. She is sandbagging America.
It goes to show that Americans and people are, on the one hand, instinct-
ive enough to know that she was a government plot from the start, yet too
weak to confront the even more obvious indicators after they are all
around us, daring us to act.
A little piece of information, that there is hard evidence to prove, is that
John was going to divorce Yoko towards the end of his life.
Yoko has her 500 million dollar reward for helping Nixon kill our hero
and she has never disputed my accusations or tried to sue me though I
blanketed her neighborhood with this information.
There is much more, but if the above has not convinced you no amount of
information will.
If you let her get away with it you’re all just as bad.