Come Together Over John

Government codes in the bold print of major magazines that hint out loud what Nixon and
Reagan were doing to Lennon; The killer’s alleged name and letter to the editor weeks before
the crime where Chapman explains that Reagan is moving him, armed, into a hostile square;
The killer’s face and true identity, the man getting Lennon’s autograph, printed months be-
fore the murder. Look! It’s Stephen King! Not Chapman! Even his novels draw from his act
of murdering John Lennon, even some of the titles of his novels; – King took “The Stand”
on the “Night Shift” and put Lennon in “The Dead Zone”;”The Shining” of King’s gun was the
last thing John saw; Nixon, Reagan and King – “Salem’s Lot” – were hunting John, the ‘witch’. –
etc.. Anyone who saw “Christine” knows that Buddy Holly, Elvis, Jim Morrison and John Ba-
lushi look-alikes all died as did the car that kept playing rock and roll. King even writes
about “the fellow who killed John Lennon..” in a few of his books, literally, word for word.
Salem’s Lot is about a boy named ‘Mark’, who proves the best equipped to handle the relent-
less nightmare of Salem’s Lot, The Dead Zone is about ‘Johnny’ and one man’s attempt to kill
a rising politician before he changes the world after first getting his autograph, etc. etc.
Many of his themes revolve around King’s fear of serving life for murder; “Shawshank Re-
demption” “The Green Mile” etc,. etc..
When I first discovered his matching face I didn’t even know WHO Stephen King WAS! I just
knew that the headline below his face; “One great big ‘Zippo’ lighter.” exactly decribed
the scene of the crime; a man in a raincoat with a snubnose pistol blazing fire into the
night. When I found his face advertised in Newsweek; ” Perils of pyrokinesis. ( Translation;
” Perils of fire and movement “) well, you can’t all be utterly dense.
(I stood two inches away from King in Bangor, Maine in 1992 and all he could stutter to me
was; “T-t-take c-care. I w-w-w-ant you to t-take care.” as if he was trying to apologize
to me for what he did to John Lennon.)
And what is Nixon’s book; The Real War, doing in photos released the day of the murder next
to Reagan, a book that details why people like John Lennon must be assassinated? Why the
ominous headlines; “Who’s In?””Who’s Out?” and “Fitting together the pieces of a complicated
jigsaw puzzle.” accompanying the photo in Time? Reagan was just elected weeks earlier.
In all this time King has never denied my claims, not once. Just “No comment.”.
Even as we speak, Newsweek, one of the three magazines implicated, is SELLING! On top of
all this, nobody ever even saw a trial, whatsoever, for the alleged killer of John Lennon!!!
Only an adult could dismiss evidence like this! According to all this you were all lied
to and hoaxed. Your own government killed John Lennon to keep you all from getting too smart.
It’s the same reason the government killed Jesus – to maintain the same power structure.
That’s right, people. Chapman WAS in the police station, waiting, while King shot Lennon.
The very involved N.Y.P.D. put a coat over King’s head while escorting him to the station.
The switch was made inside and King flew back to Maine and Chapman played patsy with his
rehearsed, government scripted confession. In fact, the next day, King wrote a newspaper art-
cle about it titled; “I Read The News Today, Oh Boy.” in the Bangor Daily News. Really.
Everything we were spoonfed was a lie, a calculated, intricate, Orwellian, even monstrous
hoax, infiltrated in behind the solving of the over hyped tv series “Who Shot J.R.?” just two
weeks earlier on Thanksgiving. By the time “Tell it like it is” Howard Cosell brainwashed all
of you, en mass, on Monday Night Football you were all catatonic and on your backs in
Central Park wondering how you could all be so stupid that Lennon would also have to die.
All of you are living in a real nightmare. I am the ‘King’ of horror NON-fiction, in fact.

John Lennon tried to warn us that he would be killed; “Come Together” for example.
We failed ourselves, our children, John Lennon, every future important artist and God.
There was no trial ever seen or asked for by anyone. So much for trusting Yoko and the media.
So much for being able to trust ourselves to even notice that or admit to that – ‘US’, exposed.
Is it any wonder the masses are now overworked and tragically afraid of their own shadows?
As the messenger of this unprecedented expose I can attest to your collective insanity about
admitting and dealing with the truth. You should all see yourselves as I do; utterly blind and
helpless in your ingrained, familiar patterns of fear, denial and deceit. (Sorry, people.)
To show all of you just how sophisticated and devious the media was, then, do you all re-
call that the killer was reading “The Catcher In The Rye” as he sat waiting for the police?
That book is about adult phoniness. We have always been phony about assassinations – let-
ting every coverup stick, without challenge, for example. – John was cast as the phony for not
eschewing ‘possessions’. The media flipped reality upside down so we could blame our phoni-
ness on John while we swallowed the massive Chapman horsepill. Pretty diabolic, actually.
In fact, only adults say things like; “Looks like Roy Orbison” or “fat Elvis” when I show King
getting Lennon’s autograph. They often laugh my evidence away just to feel good and not have
to face the facts. Kids, however, literally, shriek in horror and can admit what their eyes see.
I know, better than anyone, how phony adults really are. It’s a phenominon. In reality I am a
hero to expose my findings but adults actually resent me for being one. I know just what John
meant when he wrote; “Nowhere man can you see me at all?” Even my own mother and siblings
are phony and blind and weak and unable to handle the truth. Strange; When I first made
my discovery they could admit that I was really onto something. Only after I actually went
public did they all turn coat, later. A lot like the way every Beatle and Lennon fan forgot to try
Mark (DECOY) Chapman. Stop being so phony, people. You’re abusing your children, lately.
In the world we all live in only a superstar/hero like John Lennon can help you defend yourselves
from the media/military/industrial complex that controls you all like a rancher controls cattle.
No heroes of consequence equals a stagnant and unauthentic society. I’ve seen the huge
changes in our college campuses, lately. I suppose castration is the only word to describe the
state of our union, there. Lennon’s assassination desTROYED all society. Now we have become
good, silent Soviets, admit it or not.
Even the post Soviets admit that it was The Beatles who destroyed their system, ultimately.
John Lennon was a man of consequence. For any of you to be fence sitting is absurd.
I have been busy, lately, tending to my own personal problems and things that I’ve neglect-
ed and I come back to you fresh and better than before. Let’s crack this egg and maybe even
cause a little revolution, for a change. I know you can do it. All you need is to love
yourselves. It’s easy, everybody. Just connect and focus on our one ace in the hole; this
lucky, awesome evidence find against our govt. and their author/murderer; Stephen King.
On the face, it all seems too preposterous to BE true at all. But it IS true. What a
complete farce all our lives must really be for this incontrovertable evidence to exist?
It’s only scary just how sophisticated the govt. really is, and just how wicked.
When I first discovered who Stephen King was, after I pegged him as the autograph hound,
I had to credit Nixon for going so far over our heads with the outrageousness of it all.
Sheer human denial would refuse to comprehend it. What a brilliant tactical angle.
Who would believe any of it, now?
If you continue to laugh away the facts or the importance of the facts, may God help you
all. (Now that the Gulf of Mexico is ‘BP’;’Beyond Pollution’, maybe you SHOULD grow up.)
I suggest massing at media outlets, courthouses, public squares, with placards that express
your outrage and indignation until the facts are generated via the world media. You cannot
trust a media that timed their Chapman lie during Monday Night Football to brainwash you
all at once with Howard Cosell, like it was sport, and then distracted you with Hinckley while
the media just skipped a trial for Chapman during the same time frame. You’re no match.
The media’s job is to control all of you. Period. They hypnotize you all with sports, sex, vio-
lence, greed and murder and lots of happy, smiley people to sugarcoat the whole experience.
Have any of you wondered why stories about real love are never shown to you on tv? That
would be counterproductive to the media’s campaign to desensitize all of you. Really.
True love stories are as rare as hens teeth. Violence and Stephen King keep you afraid, though.
When the Beatles movie “Yellow Submarine” came out it was about “The Blue Meanies” (the
police state) vs. “Love”. John knew that love is what all of you really needed, even then.
Apparently the govt. knew John was onto something. Why do you think they traded ‘Peace,
Love and Understanding’ for horror, murder and fear if not to keep you in control with fear?
Nothing happens until you people start to happen. The media is not your friend. It is nothing
more or less than big brother and the military tweaking your brains unless you stand up to them.
Sadly, the very people who are still trying to rationalize away and justify the killing of Jesus,
namely, the media Jews, are in charge of the U.S. media and, I think, Lennon’s murder.
You have to start sounding less like old maids and lonely hearts dithering away on
talk radio and, instead, seque into my website address and sneak THAT in! Etc. etc..
You will have to use a phony name, dial *67 before you call to block your number, tell
the screener a fib about what you think he wants you to say and then SNEAK my website
address in once you’re on. It’s the most bang for your buck if you want to help me.
Realize what has power. My expose has more power than anything else on earth, politically.
No wonder the jealous mass media wants to shoot me down. I am the lucky finder of facts.
I’m the one the govt. fears the most if my expose breaks, now. They know I will pick up
where Lennon left off and doom their plots to enslave you. Women shouldn’t ‘have’ to work.
That they have to, lately, is the result of politics more than economic necessity. To
think that they tricked you all with the slogan; “Women’s liberation.” More like slavery.
John Lennon, according to McCartney, called his murder; “The Event” as if he knew he would
be killed and that the govt. would get caught and that that would change the world.

P.P.S. I’ve been hearing from others that my appearance at the Sarasota City Council meeting
last spring is making the rounds on television. Of course I made a fool of myself, just to insure
that my website would get some air time, but you should all know that that’s all it was.
It worked; my website got aired and King moved out of his Sarasota home months later.
If I appeared unhinged or over the top, well, yes, it appeared so. I wondered, myself, after,
what was ‘THAT’ all about? I don’t usually come across like that.
Now the media is trying to marginalize me with it. It’s about all they’ve got.
The question is are you viewers going to block out my website and ignore what’s important?

The other media scandal on me is all false; While holding a huge sign outside a Stephen King
book signing in Santa Cruz, Ca. that read;


I was arrested on national t.v. and branded a stalker of Stephen King. I was released a
few days later and no charges were filed. It was a publicity trap to brand me in a false
light and give the public an excuse to be irresponsible. Like every public arrest or police
event ever staged against me it was really an effort to scare you, the citizen, from help-
ing me. Not so much to scare me.. I believe most of you would rather let a murderer molest
your children with horror than help expose what the government did to John Lennon. In fact,
everybody has already proved me right on that. You see how scared you all are?
In reality, I can prove that KING was stalking Lennon, hours before he shot him, getting John
Lennon’s last autograph.
Now, don’t you all feel brainwashed? The media told you that the whistleblower is the
villain and that John Lennon’s real, actual murderer is the good guy.
See why you can’t trust the media, people?
One more thing; I heard from a Santa Cruz resident that I was sued for slander or something
like that. Not true. King can’t afford to sue me. I already beat his lawyers in Bangor, all
by myself, when he tried to bring a protection from harassment injunction against me.

Now, May 11,’10 Newsweek is up for sale. Could it be I am to blame for exposing their role
in documenting the government codes that led to my discovery?
I would say that both the internet and myself are equally to blame for Newsweeks fall and
the huge decline in print news, generally. My expose exposed their betrayal of us all.

Now that the gulf of Mexico has been poisoned by big oil am I the only one who can see that
a mile long 21 inch diameter ‘snorkel’, or pipe, needs to be assembled and pushed onto the
ruptured pipe below so that the oil can be collected on ships until the permanent fix is
achieved? The six inch pipe is a far cry from what is needed. It will take a small submarine
to push it on. Also; every platform should have floatation devices attached below where the
pipe meets the platform(such as airtight barrels) so that the pipe can be sheared clear if
the platform is about to sink. In the next emergency the platform would sink while the
top of the pipe would stay put and remain so with GPS and propellers and anchors until
the fix was made. The top would be able to connect to waiting ships to catch the oil.
One other fix; the falling platform would have to be steered away from the pipe with motors.
Am I the only one who sees this solution? Pretty common sense, I think. How long could it
take, one week?
Looks like the whole planet is, indeed, insane.
It’s as if God is punishing us for turning a blind eye to John Lennon murder evidence.
It’s much worse than ‘9-11’. Halliburton and BP have managed to outdo our enemies in
terms of disaster. Thousands of humans could die, billions of sea creatures will die and billions
will be poisoned, fatally or not. Way to go, silent America! Your Lennon coverup – how is
that working out for you? Will a great depression follow? Better help me, fast.
It’s the ‘something’ that’s been broken in all of you all this time, to begin with; our
collective failure to even notice or care that Lennon’s killer was never even tried.
You will all have to unite and bring me forward and out of danger before I can begin to try
to save you, if that’s even possible.

P.S. Please visit my site about KGO Newstalk. They are up to their old ways, again.
You should know that the San Francisco bay area has been under their brainwashing thumb
for so long that the people seem too limp wristed to care about Lennon’s murder, now.
KGO is owned by the C.I.A.. That’s right, reader. They are owned by the C.I.A.. So is
their sister station in the same building; KSFO. Jack Swanson, the manager, Ray Taliofaro,
a host, and Barbara Simpson, another host, have all admitted this fact over the air. Don’t
take my word for it, though. I found out when Mark Lane, author of ‘Plausible Denial’, gave
out the docket number that proves it, live, over the air, when their host tried to erode his
credibility one night. It’s a fact, people. In fact, most high profile stations are, as well.
KGO doesn’t even use grid electricity but, instead, oil for their power. They are as
entrenched a government bad guy as you could think. Their job is to keep the bay area limp
wristed about my expose. So much of their staff and management is Jewish they should call
themselves KJEWO. Not your all American group.
Lately they have been requiring callers to divulge their number to get on the radio. All
because of me. Now, one screener, Jay Westerling, their least employed screener, by the way,
is rigging their line to play me a personal message whenever I call from my cell phone;

“Hello, and welcome to the mental health hotline. If you are obsessive compulsive press 1,
repeatedly. If you are co-dependent ask someone to press 2 for you. If you have multiple
personalities press 3,4,5 and 6. If you are paranoid we know what you are and what you want.
Stay on the line and we’ll trace your call. If you are delusional press 7 and your call will be
transfered to the mother ship. If you are schizophrenic listen carefully and a
small voice will tell you which number to press. If you are depressive it doesn’t matter
which number you press. No one will answer you. If you are dislexic press 69,69,69,69. If
you have a nervous disorder please figit with the hash key until the beep. After the beep
please wait for the beep. If you have short term memory loss please try your call
again, later. If you have low self esteem hang up. All our operators are too busy to talk
to you. Please leave your message after the tone. When done, hang up and press the # key”

This is the kind of jealous, weak response I would expect from their producer;
Very anti human race, very anti social and absolutely evil in its anti-intellectualism.
This message is the voice of Jay Westerling, if I’m not mistaken. I refer to him as Jay Under-
ling. This drives him mad, apparently. I told him, years ago, that he would never be a
host for KGO as you have to be C.I.A. and less milktoasty and peculiar than he is.
I was right. He’s not a host and his hours, appropriately, have been cut, drastically.
I think he only works the weekend night shift for the likes of Bill Wattenburg, another ‘agent’
who pretends to deride the “fat cat bureaucrats” which he, essentially, is, himself.
Poor KGO. Now I have all this foolishness on tape to play for the world, someday, after the
world HAS to admit that King killed Lennon and I’m in the position to tell all.

This is your biggest talk show station, bay area. Grow ‘a pair’ and ‘dare to care’, people.
We have a historic murder expose to uncover. Sneak my website onto talk radio when-
ever you can, to compensate for my pay phone, only, calls to them from now on?
It’s us versus the media, people. You can’t trust C.I.A. owned KGO or any other station.
The Beatles were media wise-they almost never went on tv or radio- and George even wrote
a song titled; “The Devil’s Radio”
When will all of YOU get media wise?

Final note; Paul Mccartney (came and went) to San Francisco this summer. He did nothing to
avenge the death of his friend and help me come forward.
On April first, 1990, during the instrumental of “Fool On The Hill”, and one year after I asked
his brother, Michael, to tell Paul that I need some help, and before thousands in the U.C. Berk-
eley football stadium, Paul yelled out; “Yeah, STEEEEEEVE!! That’s RIGHT! I don’t know what
YOU think, Berkeley, but I want you to know that we LIKE it and we NEED you, as a PEOPLE,
to GET to the promised land…”
I have it all on tape or I’ll give anyone of you $1,000.00 if I don’t.
Too little, anyway, frankly. It didn’t work. John would have stopped the show and laid it
out as plain as day and would have made all the newspapers with his effort.
The point is; don’t expect Paul to care enough about you to stick his neck out for truth
and justice in our lifetimes. That feckless attempt was not worthy of a man as great as
John Lennon.

It’s the real job of superstars, anyway; to override the machine with their visibility,
clout and importance. Otherwise superstars aren’t, really, important at all. It’s the ulti-
mate job of an artist; to use their prominence to change the world. It is, literally, the
‘fruit of free speech’.

(Paul, between you, me and my readers; are you emotionally whole? Your lyrics; “I said
something wrong, now I long for yesterday” allegedly had something to do with your
flippant remark, after your mother’s death; “What will we do without her money?”
Did you marry Heather because you, too, are crippled, only inside, and shared that incom-
pletess? Do you always play “Live and Let Die” at your concerts to bury John? Are you just
about being a show off and a narcisist? The Beatles were a lot about that, you know. Does
the fact that you were raised poor make money the all consuming God and truth and justice
just don’t rank high on your list of priorities?
I’d like to know why you haven’t done more to help me. I counted on your support before I
began my dangerous mission and was let down, even with that plug you offered at Berkeley.
I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but I’m getting old so long as this world and you are
acting like tongue tied cowards. It’s not fair to me or the waiting world, not to mention John.
I did notice you waving the applause down following your New York City concert following
“Live and Let Die” as if the audience was being wrongheaded. Why not stop the show and
explain W-H-Y the audience is wrong to applaud that message? Tina Turner’s songs; “We
Don’t Need Another Hero” and “What’s love but a second hand emotion..” are also wrong-
headed messages. Yours is not alone, but didn’t you write that song of yours just to have
one of your songs represent the title of a movie after only John’s songs were used in The
Beatles movies except for Ringo’s “Yellow Submarine”? Was that it? Were you tricked by that
industry? It’s a terrible message, you know. Why continue to play it at concerts in light
of John’s murder and coverup? Is it the thrill you get when the smoke cannons blast off?
Instead, why not stop some show and plug my website address, at least, so people will take
me seriously? Better yet, announce to the crowd that “..That guy with the van and the
Lennonmurdertruth website has been right, all along, people. I need you all to start
picketing your local news stations for full disclosure. Power to the people is what John
would have wanted. ” Or something along those lines. Put my website on the screen!!!!
You are the superstar that everyone is watching, you are on the stage, you have the mic-
rophone and the audience. Even if the mic gets cut, as happened once in the 80’s, you
can always hold a press conference, after, and get the word out that way.
The public already knows that you were the sillier one. It’s time you did your part.
Wouldn’t you rather be remembered for being the second biggest hero in this historic,
world changing expose; “The Event” as John called it?
You have my e-mail if you want to bring me on stage to plug this, myself;
Let me know, get me in and I’ll be glad to do it. If not, won’t you please help me, if
you can?)

I fear that the world order Bilteberger crowd may soon start a war with Iran via their agent
provacateur; Israel, very soon, if this story is delayed any longer. If it starts you can
be assured that you will all be lied to about what’s really going on. Please hurry, people.
Oh, and by the way, Lennon was murdered just a few months before Israel took out Saddam
Hussein’s nuclear facility and John wasn’t around to protest in case a war broke out after.
Another new note; Afghanistan has a motherload of lithium, gold, and other precious materials
totalling in the trillions of dollars. So now you know why we’re really over there. All that
blood is on your hands unless you all stop what you’re doing and stop that war.
The young people of the 60’s had their spine until the govt. killed all their heroes. Look
at all of you, now; no heroes and no guts.
Unless Russia or China or some other country starts to invade Afghanistan we should shut
down shop there and get the hell out. Otherwise we, as a people, are evil pirates and
murderers with no moral authority to lead the world in the first place. We can’t complain that
these countries aren’t modern, like us, and also take what is theirs so that they can’t be-
come developed, like us. Otherwise we are all hypocrites and doomed for failure.

Talk about timing; A week after I wrote all of the above and also what I wrote in my chapter;
‘Fed Up With This Oil Mess’ where I explain, for example, that Richard Nixon had John Ken-
nedy killed and that big oil is the man behind the curtain of our lives, that big oil may have
ordered Nixon TO kill J.F.K.; A week after I wrote all that, I awoke to the tail end of KGO’s
Ray Taliofaro interview with Russell Baker, author of “Family Of Secrets” about the Bush
family. In the first place, Ray Taliofaro doesn’t usually do interviews and I was not surprised
that this controversial author was interviewed only after most listeners were already fast
asleep – from 1:00 am to 3:00 am. – Mickey Luckoff, their president, likely swatted down Mr.
Bakers’s request for the Ronn Owen show from 9:00 am to noon.
Here is what Mr. Baker said in his closing minutes; “The J.F.K. murder and evidence that we
weren’t privy to, is the real reason Nixon was forced to resign; Big Oil may have been behind
that; That big oil and other corporations really run our world and even kill presidents who
don’t go along with them; That politicians are controlled by these powers, not vice,versa;
That the mass media is utterly inadequate to inform us about all this treachery and that we,
the people, had better start talking about all this amongst ourselves and begin to pay
closer attention if we are ever to change things….”
I paraphrased, of course, but he did make all those points and more, points just like I made
a week earlier.
What did Ray Taliofaro do right after the interview? Here’s what he did, reader.;
He told us all to, in so many words, ; “Focus, not on all that is wrong in our world, but to, in-
stead, find a way to step around all that and find happiness in our lives with things as they are.”
I’m not kidding. The remaining two hours of his show had people calling trying to explain how
they got past a sadness in their lives, dying relatives, sick friends, etc.. and how they
blocked out all the bad and focused on just the remaining good in their lives.
I do know that Taliofaro’s philosophy of stepping around what’s wrong in our world, just
because it is sad, is weak and pathetic and does not make for strong or robust societies.
In fact, his philosophy perpetuates what is wrong in our world and our lives and, whether
he or any of you are willing to admit or not, when societies fail to grapple with what is wrong
in the world the world gets progressively worse, even impinging on our ability to BE happy,
in the first place. The world and the people in it get, in a word, ‘GUTLESS’.
The only good news in that Monday morning show is that I learned that all of you are not
sick and weak and phony all by yourselves, but that a villainous media has helped to make you
that way.
The bad news is that the media has defanged you and slipped you a limp wristed psyche.

I do take suggestions. I also need your support. I might even offer a percentage
of my future income if anyone can help me break this story wide open.
Hey, get your heads out of the crapper, people. Stop licking the boot that kicked you.
My e-mail address is;