While you read my website, contemplate the veracity of my claims, consider this; to even try
to deny my evidence is child abuse. The evidence speaks for itself. It’s obviously Stephen King
getting John’s autograph and not Chapman. It really is Mark David Chapman attached to a letter
linking himself to Reagan alleging that he is being moved, armed, into a hostile square, just three
weeks before the crime and the bold print headlines in Time and Newsweek act just like government
codes for only the several months surrounding the crime and on and on.
If you choose to deny any of it then you are guilty of child abuse. Even if you’re not a parent.
If you can’t summon outrage and recognition of what all this evidence means and do something
to expose and lock up murderer Stephen King then you’re a weak fool forking over all that
was once good about life to a sick, twisted mega ass-hole of a man; Stephen King.
That, my brain dead jackass, is a child molester. You.
Except for solitary me all of the world, but especially the people of America, are guilty,
child molesting jack-asses running around chasing a dollar bill with blinders on. Sick.
There you sit, America, sick as hell and then some. You’re the cause of all the misery I’m afraid.
You people are the monsters who choose to be deceived rather than take a stand against your
evil government. That’s right, your EVIL government. Most of you can’t even screw your heads on
straight. None of you can recall a trial for Chapman after all these years. Half of you think
it was Hickley who shot John Lennon. You’re a bunch of Soviet class slobs without a clue.
Machiavelli, himself, wrote; “It’s easy to deceive people. So many people are willing to be de-
ceived.” You actively participate in the coverup by ignoring my efforts to get you to care and you
side with the government over yourselves and your children. Why? Becauase you’re insane.
The assassination of John Lennon made all of you insane. It’s a provable fact and you are the
actual evidence, roaming around with your heads up your asses, clinging to your sick, weak,
stupid denial.
You people are the reason this kind of evil dared rear its head in the first place. Our leaders
knew they could count on your evil and they knew you’d silently excuse a trial even before the fact.
Look in the mirror all you weak, boot-licking, child abusing liars. WAKE UP!
I know I must sound upset. I AM. Why aren’t YOU? No wonder King taunted you, several times
in Firestarter; “You blind, obsessive fools.” just six months before he killed Lennon.
People, I watched everyone else in the world buy my magazine except the people wherever I act-
ually happened to live at the time. As if you have an unspoken conspiracy to silence the messen-
You people are sick and you have to be told so. You sick, motherfucking assholes.
When are you all going to get off your spoiled, weak asses and do the right thing? You’re waiting
for me to get killed, first, I know. No, you really are, people. You’re sick.
If you think your mass media, any of it, is your friend then shame on you, again, for being
so foolish. YOU have to oppose the media. The media is your enemy, ultimately. They ARE the
evil government. Wake up, you media induced, fascist, co-conspirators and EXPOSE your lying
media. It’s they who have sold you out. It was supposed to be their job to let you know if a horror
writer and not a lone nut killed our hero. They, not only failed you there, they bragged all
about their evil co-conspiracy in Time and Newsweek headlines for several months and, in the
process, let God Almighty know which planet is in need of being taken out with an asteroid, next.
A closer look reveals that they are comprised of people just like you; jealous, miserable, angry,
self destructive, weak and boot-licking. The kind of people who revel in watching people who
are better and more gifted than they are getting killed by their pet pervert, their govern-
You people are sick, hero killing masochists and you have no right to expose your own child-
ren to your cruel hypocracy. Stop it! Get help. You all need the help of a hero so badly.
That’s why the government always kills them, because you need them so badly, just to have them
to protect you from the government.
And there you sit, waiting for me to get it next. Pure sickness spread all over mankind.
One news reporter who was in Dallas the moment J.F.K. was killed said that the crowd made a
noise; “…like all the choirs of the world coming together, all singing out of tune. It was
a most unusual sound.”
That was the sound of all of you reacting to exactly the kind of evil I’m talking about. The
kind of evil that grinds all of mankind into the dirt and hell, itself, via assassination.
You all know EXACTLY what’s going on and only pretend to be so stupid. But you are weak.
New Yorkers sit under Yoko Ono’s evil rectum with their excuse to keep quiet. She told them;
“Let the courts decide…” at the time and then she kept quiet when there was no trial, after.
If she were not a government agent sent to break up The Beatles and kill John from the start,
if she were the simple wife we’d like to believe she is, she would have been killed, too.
It was reported that she sprinted ahead of John before the bullets flew, as if she knew. It was
Yoko who ordered the S.F.P.D. to kidnap and pistolwhip me unconscious in October of 1987.
New Yorker’s all knew that the government had already tried to deport John but they chose to look
the other way and allowed themselves to be deceived by the witch they initially called her.
They all followered her Judas ass to the hell America has become, since. She is their cowardly
excuse to do nothing. She is the government’s “Ace in the hole.” They, you, don’t want to admit
that their, your, lives could be so stupid and sick. Your lives could not be more sick. The
plot that murdered John Lennon was elaborate, perverse and unveils the totality of man’s evil
like no true story, except the crucifixion of Jesus, has ever done before. Right now it’s
all of you in the spotlight of evil. You’re the paralyzed pussies waiting for the story
to break itself. You have to break it, people.
When will you boot-licking (I cannot overuse that word to describe you enough) cowards do
the right thing and picket your media? You’re all child molesting bastards and weaklings till you do.
Do you people want to live like weaklings and bastards, covered in slime, your entire lives?
I dare you people to care.

Now, to give you a sampling of what you’ll get to hear and watch someday, perhaps on my own
exclusive website, circumventing all mass media, if necessary, doing live concerts, if necessary,
one of my latest songs in progress; “Live Wire”;

Live wire walking on a high wire
Poor life hanging by a thread
Busting the government for John Lennon’s murder
Lucky I’m not already dead
So many years, still, nobody cares
Left here with my fears
Am I really going anywhere?

You all turned your backs on John Lennon
With the lame excuse; “He’s dead!”
You people don’t care about nothing
You’re all sick in your head
You say that you’re ‘free’, Ha,
Home of the ‘brave’
In reality, you’re a media controlled slave….

One of my first ever verses goes;

The silly masses, laughing in their dark despair
Killed John Lennon, saw no trial and no one even cares
Lying to your children; “It’s the fan the papers pinned.”
Living’s easy swallowing that pill
Lights that used to signal you’re the human race have dimmed
Your smoky eyes are glazing over still…..

My chords are discordant and haunting and unlike any music I’ve ever heard and I think you’ll all
get a chance to grow with the message. Some of my songs are hokey, sort of;

Mommy and Daddy

Mommy and daddy love money more than they love baby
Till Lennon’s killer’s tried it’s the terrible truth, not maybe
John Lennon’s killer never went to trial because you’re morally lazy
Now your children have to pick up the pieces in a world gone crazy
There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done
There’s nothing you can sing that can’t be sung
You bring home the bacon and the pay check year after year
But you’re dining at the table of cowardice, hypocracy and fear
Bubble brained, you’re entertained on television, football and beer
Now another lying politician’s phony war’s drawing near
There nothing you can make that can’t be made
There’s no one you can save that can’t be saved
Deliver me from evil and temptation
Mommy and daddy love money more than they love baby
Till Lennon’s killer’s tried it’s the terrible truth, not maybe…

There are many more but I’d rather offer an episode that occurred at the center of the Venice
Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles that illustrates exactly why I am correct in alleging;
“You’re all sick in your head…”
To begin with, the last time I wrote about a similar episode at the same place involving the
same, exact players (I think they may well be undercover police in homeless disguise to specifi-
cally harass me and my message from that hot spot) something someone said prompted me to think
that a terrorist attack might happen there, soon. After voicing my concerns to the Sidewalk Bar and
Caf� manager, a motorist rampaged through there killing at least one pedestrian ON the board-
walk about a month later.
Don’t ask me how I can sense these things. I don’t know.
In the past, there, months ago in fact, one angry loser of a man with a chip on his shoulder
made his animosity against me known. Assessing his psychology I’d say he may hate his father
who may or may not have either abused or abandoned him, I don’t know, but he seems to be “off”.
There is a piano player who hogs the space in front of the cafe. I don’t know how he is al-
lowed to pre-empt any free speech there 24/7, unless he’s part of a censorship plot with police,
but he does. He has good hands but can’t keep simple time and I think he hurts the scene
there compared to artists you’ll find on the Santa Monica Prominade, for example.
During a battle of free speech rights over his incescent cacophany this angry man came out
of the woodwork to harass me. Once I got my valuable guitar secured in my van and returned
this coward was gone. He won’t confront me without a crowd of his friends around or while
I have my guitar in my hands and I let the crowd know that.
Now, the fourth of April, 2014, the same 155 lb. 45 year old homeless man who
threatened me back then, sucker punched me as hard as he could in my right jaw. I barely flinched.
It began when his girlfriend interupted my music to see if I’d vacate the space I was in.
No one was occupying it, it was not her space nor any of her business, unless she is part of
a police plot to keep me away from there. I told her I will look into regulating this area.
Just then this angry loser with a chip on his shoulder poked his face into everything and
said; “What did you say?” I replied “I’m going to see about regulating these areas.”
A second later he may have hurt his hand trying to break my jaw.
Then his girlfriend started vandalizing my signs but took off like the cowards they are after
I got my valuable guitar in my car and called the police. I made a report and will absolutely
arrest this man the next time I see him or her. While I was protecting my signs from her
this man tried to hide behind the defending his girlfriend routine whom I never laid a hand on.
He, now knowing I was tougher than he planned, didn’t hit me again, however, as I was getting
my guitar protected.
Now, it’s not only the agent provocatour and his girlfriend that emerge as evil, but also
the other people who were there.
Innitially, when I asked someone to call 9-11, nobody lifted a finger. I had to call, later.
They enjoyed that I was being challenged for confronting society with hard evidence. They all,
apparently, want my message to go away and let the riff raff element rule the day. They
want to remain stupid and low class just because the truth is too much work.
It was like watching the Jews and Romans yelling “Free Barabas! Crucify Jesus!”
Sick, people displaying their sickness, publicly.
Not one to suffer anyone’s abuses, I calmly walked up and down the rows of outside diners and
remarked; “You child abusers never even tried Chapman and now you let his killer, Stephen King,
molest your children. You child abusers. You hero killers, you phonies. Behold the spectacle
that is your own evil on display here, today. I’ll buy your lunch if any of you phonies remember
a trial for Lennon’s murder.”
If that is how the restaurant waiters and passers by and sidewalk venders feel about something
as important as hard evidence against the government in John Lennon’s murder being publicly
displayed then it would be fair to say that the people of Los Angeles are Lost Angeles.
They are lost, cowards with no self respect or class. Until they care about the messenger
more than the assailants who jealously try to stop him I’ll stick to that fact.
Caught, L.A., at your biggest beach, acting evil.
L.A., in case you don’t know, you’re a city in need of some culture. You used to have it.
Way to go L.A.. Siding with the low life losers who help you ignore the truth about your murder
of John Lennon. Attacking a man whose greatness will eventually be recorded in history books;
me. They HAVE exposed themselves as satanic, Lennon killing bats for all the world to see.
I WILL contact councilman Bonnen(?) about rounding up the riff raff who monopolize the area to
sell tourists drugs and I will try to regulate that area so musicians cannot monopolize a space
more than five days a week instead of the 24/7 schedule our local piano man practices to, I think,
keep free speech, specifically, MY free speech, away. That L.A.P.D. want him there, not free speech.
If there is no progress with the detectives handling my report I will want to see the video they
may be ignoring. Incidentally, and pointing in the direction of a police conspiracy in-
volving this man, when I called the police number I was given by the reporting officer, nobody
answered for hours until I got a priveledged number to a sergeant who brideled at my even
calling him. Furthermore, though I was promised a canvassing of the area including obtaining
film of the incident from security camera’s outside the cafe, when I asked if any followup
or police contact occured that night the manager told me no. When I said that U.S. police
engage in censorship plots with undercover agent provocatours I know what I’m talking about.
It’s a provable fact you can dredge up on the chapter “Current Update” in my website.
This jealous man is about 45, 155 lbs., 5’8″ with long, dark, straightish hair and a long goatee.
He actually bears a strange resemblance to a 40’ish Charles Manson minus the swastika tattoo.
Like Manson, he seems to like manipulating others to do his dirty work, too.
He has leathery dark skin but he’s white.
His vandal girlfriend is about 33, 5’3″ and 120 lbs.
This provocatour may well work for police because of the way he always shows up within minutes
of my arriving, like clockwork, and this is how police conduct censorship, generally.
If he’s just a loser then there are too many of them polluting the Venice Beach Boardwalk and
Eric Garcetti should, perhaps, see about a facelift, there and make it safe for free speech.
As it is hundreds of homeless people sleep overnight next to their grocery carts there.
There should be a police officer within 200 yards of that area, generally, always. At least
before dark. Riff Raff rules that area because it is not patrolled properly.

Meanwhile, L.A., are all of you sick in the head or just the crowd at Venice Beach, your
main beach?
Do you know that I’ll make a four part movie someday that reveals all of America’s misdeeds?
Who will find the courage to help me break my story?
Hollywood? They revel in make believe and acting, mostly. Don’t hold your breath.
McCartney? McCowardly is more like it. He actually endorsed me live, once, barely, in 1990.
What about you?
Are you part of the problem or the solution?
In the world I envision there would never be a silent Paul McCartney or U.S. public once con-
fronted with my evidence. That modern society is exposed as such cowards in this crisis of evidence
is tragic for everybody. Spineless, boot-licking, phony, sado-masochistic all of you.
Shame on you all.
Shouldn’t you be jailing murderer Stephen King? Don’t you care about your kids? Or is lick-
ing coverup government boot more important to you? Keeping your heads down? Not free? Not brave?
Or, remain retarded. Get some culture, banal L.A., you seem to need it.
Oh, and by the way, in case police and our government are trying to break my jaw, I will be
deluging the boardwalk with this flyer to put a spotlight on the situation.

Do read my other chapters in my New Developments page, especially the ones at the top of the list
following this chapter.

Progress report: April 6, 2014;
I located the perps and phoned police at 5:15, 5:30 and still no response. About this time the
same girl came up to harass me again and her face was newly sratched up like she or someone
else clawed her with fingernails since Friday. She looked like she was on hard drugs, besides.
She threatened to puncture all my tires and that she knows what I drive. She told me; “I’ll
bet you never come round here anymore.” and to move along. I told her “You can fuck off.”
and dialed 9-11. She told me that people saw me grab her Friday and that I’d be arrested.
She’s lying and the surveillance film will show that. I’ll bet she put those scratches on herself
to cover her phony story about me. She is as sick as he and she may have gotten into a fight for all
I know. I recalled, after the fact, that her threats included the remark:’ “I can get you killed..”
A fact I will make sure gets adequate exposure there. Every time I see her there or him I will
announce this fact to the crowd as I remind them, also, that these two personify the coward-
liness of the people of the boardwalk, generally, where John Lennon’s murder is concerned.
As for the male perp, he shaved off his facial hair and got a new haircut. Either that or he
was wearing stick on props that looked dyed to begin with when he assaulted me. He also
seems to have injured himself and needs a cane since last summer. He picks fights.
It just occured to me both of them may have already been getting their karma that seems to
punish my enemies since I can remeber. Following his last episode of threatening violence against
me it seems someone else kicked his ass so bad he now needs a cane and she may have had her
face scarred the day after collaborating with her manipulative boyfriend to attack me by either
herself or someone else. Some of my enemies, Herb Cain, for example, and others even died
shortly after attacking me. I seem to have a very powerful avenging angel, somehow.
I wouldn’t want to be the unhappy assailant who hit me in the jaw, now.
While officers Kwon and Juarez were getting their side of the story I yelled that her scratch-
es were new since Friday and that she threatened to vanadalize my van minutes ago and that
the whole scene is on film at the cafe for proof. I had already warned the officers that, to
cover their acts, they were going to lie that I ever touched her or did anything but protect
my signs that she was kicking.
The police told me they would make a decision after the film was viewed or we’d all get arrested.
I’ll have to wait till Tuesday to see what’s going on.
These two are lying cowards. He hides behind her and her lies to assault me and now to try
to intimidate me into not arresting them both.
I will arrest and testify against them and remind the judge that this may be the very same man
who DID knife a tire of mine a decade or so ago there and has to be punished for his remorse-
less criminal behavior. I will keep the progress on my site and sue the city of L.A. if I am
prevented from charging these jealous assholes for battery and vandalizm.
So far, I don’t know what to think. I’ll have to see how the police act from here on.
As for their loser friends who are too classless to defend John Lennon, “Pound sand.”
Right now, L.A., you lick coverup boot. In fact, my next huge bumper sticker may next read;
April 8, 2014;
It seems law enforcement is freezing me out of the loop of progress in my arrest case.
I called, as asked, and have been avoided all day and may well be out on the the streets with
a billboard reading; “Eric Garcetti Stalking me!” or whomever the police chief is.
The fact is I will sue all of them if these two harm me in any way or threaten me, even.
They are to be charged, tried, and punished and forced to stay 50 yards from me as a condition
of their release, after, period. Anything less will launch the biggest publicity campaign L.A. has
seen in a while. I’m unemployed now and have all the time in the world to break my story.
Meanwhile, L.A., I have the football. Don’t envy me like unhappy, angry man does. Help me
cross the goal line, please.

P.S. to read about this perp’s last attempt to terrorize me read the chapter below;
“Follow me. Get well”

Police Report;

About 20 years ago a young man tried to sell me some marijuana on the Venice Beach. I rejected
his offer and he said; “You do what you have to do and I’ll do what I have to do.”
It seemed like a threat I, wondered. A half hour later I noticed my van’s tire was stabbed
with a knife. This man would have known what I drive. I confronted him about it while he
buried himself in the protection of his gang friends. No blows were exchanged, he never de-
nied popping my tire, though, and one of them threw a skateboard into a building above my
head as I left.
That was 20 some years ago and, until last spring, this individual has never bothered me.
Then, while I was playing my guitar at the Sidewalk Bar and Cafe near Horizon and Speedway
streets, but on the boardwalk, this individual came out to challenge me to a fight and I had to
seek protection for my valuable classical guitar. He was gone after I put my guitar in my van.
I had not done anything to provoke him, in fact, I was making a speech to the restaurant
patrons about how the piano man, Nathan, monopolizes this area and prevents free speech.
That was on May 23, 2013. I documented the episode then in my website.
Now, on April 4, 2014 I was there, again, playing my guitar when this young woman approached
me to harass me to leave the area saying I was in someone else’s space. I explained if that
person comes I’ll leave immediately. She persisted in urging me to leave. I did not know, then,
that she was part of a tag team effort to conduct an assault with her boyfriend who was man-
ipulating her, apparently, to break my jaw.
I told her that I would see what I could do to regulate this area to allow free speech.
Just then this man, her boyfriend, presumeably, stuck his face near mine, apparently disguised
in a wig with phony facial hair, and said to me; “What did you say?” I replied, calmly;
“I’m going to see what I can do about regulating this area.”
Without warning he immediately swung a roundhouse punch with his left hand and hit me as
hard as he could in my right jaw. My jaw did not break, but almost did. Having my guitar to
worry about, I did not not hit him back but, instead, yelled to the dining crowd to call 9-11,
that I had just been assaulted. Just then this woman started to vandalize my signs, kicking
and breaking one. As I tried to gather them for protection I heard her boyfriend yell out;
“What are you doing putting your hands on my girlfriend?” as if he was trying to justify,
yet, another attack. I never touched her to begin with and was now securing my property
in the restaurant to confront him but he kept
away from me.
I had to call 9-11, myself, and, by the time I returned, both were gone.
Again, I did nothing to provoke this attack and did not throw blows or anything.
After I secured my guitar, then, another man, Mike, I believe, a black man about 35 years old
whop has a vendors stand there approached me and said; “Maybe I want to fight you.” I stood
my ground, silent, and he approached me and then decided I was more than he could handle
and he walked back to his stand.
Nathan, the piano player I disparaged last year, bagan playing the Rolling Stone’s song;
“Play With Fire” as if the attack was a retaliation for that year old speech I made and
that he might be a party to the assault.
On April 6, 2013, two days later, I spotted the two there, set up my signs as if I had not
seen them, and called police to make an arrest. This was at 5:15 pm. At 5:30 I called again.
At 5:40 this same woman came to harass me again only this time she threatened me by saying;
“We can pop all four of your tires, we know what you drive.”
Just then it occured to me that, for sure, this man IS the one who knifed my tire 20 years ago.
Because my mind was processing this link, at the time she said it, what she said next I almost
missed, but now I’m positive she said; “We can get you killed!…I’ll bet you won’t be coming
around here, anymore…”
Her face had new wounds, it looked like someone’s fingernails had scratched her signifi-
cantly between now and Friday. I had to secure my two signs between my legs to dial 9-11
and then she left. Officers Kwon and Juarez arrived 45 minutes after I made my first call.
I told them about the tire threats and a little at the time and they approached the two,
I thought, to make an arrest. They did not, however, explaining their version of the story
didn’t match mine. They said if the film I alleged is available shows I’m telling the truth
then they would make an arrest. That if I insisted on an arrest now that I would also be
arrested. I was assured that the two would be arrested after the film was viewed. I also
made sure to let the officers know that the woman’s new facial scratches I had nothing to do
with, that she may have caused them as a ruse to blame me for the man’s attack Friday.
Because I was conducting two job interviews in the days that followed some 30 miles away
I was forced to wait until the 16th of April to make the second report but notified the
other officers of the death threat that day.
At first I was very suspicious that L.A.P.D. was possibly behind this assault for not making
an arrest. I’m not sure they’re not, now, but it appears that Mike and Nathan may have
lied to police if they were interviewed to cause police to doubt my version of what hap-
pened. That they may have been part of a conspiracy to assault me and then lie to police
to protect my attacker. If so they are eligible for charges of giving false information to a
police officer and for obstruction of justice.

I attest the foregoing is true and correct under penalty of perjury this 16th day of April, 2014.

What film footage taken from The Sidewalk Bar And Cafe reveals. Taken April 4, 2014, a.m.;

11:35 to 11:55 Lightfoot is seen seated playing guitar across the boardwalk facing reaturant.
11:57 (Approx.) Man approaches Lightfoot standing with his back to camera for several
seconds. Lightfoot stands up and disappears out of frame for several seconds.
Suddenly a flash of a shadow appears just inside the frame not inconsistant with Lightfoot’s
claim of a flying left arm to his head.
11:58; A running Lightfoot reappears with guitar and sign in hands to restaurant front.
Alleged suspect, a man in shorts, not the first man seen, appears pacing around Lightfoot.
At one point he faces the piano player and, in a gesture of body language, tries to get the
piano player’s attention, opening his arms to him, though he seemed busy playing piano.
Suspect is seen pacing around Lightfoot for a few more seconds. At the same time a woman
is seen entering the frame from the left holding a large sign over her head and throwing it
towards Lightfoot across the boardwalk.
Several seconds later all parties are no longer visible.

This comports with the film footage both Steve Lightfoot and I viewed together. Technical
problems prevented saving this film footage.

Signed this 8th of June, 2014


Steve Lightfoot

Now, this may be a drug selling couple with mental problems who hate my message or just me.
All attacks on my free speech must first be looked at throught the prism; “Is this a police
operation made to look like something else?”
I have been subjected to more than few of those conspiracies before.
So far, every domino that could be violated against my pursuit of justice and an arrest
has been violated.
I insist that these two be arrested, charged with assault and criminal threats and that
the Venice Beach Boardwalk be a safe place for me to visit and get my Lennon murder expose
out to the public there.
Anything less will agitate my activism to go after the top officials in L.A., the chief and
Mayor Garcetti, who are responsible, so far, for an abortion of justice.
Meanwhile I will be at the boardwalk passing out flyers alleging this man may be working for
L.A. police for the purposes of breaking my jaw and obstructing my message.
I will take legal measures against the city if I am harmed in the wake of their negligence, so far.