People, you’re the problem….

It’s April of 2011 and, since I’ve been busy, lately, and haven’t written anything lately
I thought I’d put it out there that you people, the great unwashed, the masses, the public;
There was no trial for Mark Chapman, none of you seemed to notice or care, and now you know
why John is dead; you couldn’t be counted on to defend him, after. Only I took up that cross.
Your apathy inspired the assassination, the guilty resting assured that it was a safe
crime, one that you wouldn’t raise a stink about. They knew, in advance, that you people
were most likely prone to look the other way and all of you did just that. Except for me.
I can hardly think of any significant hero that you, the people, haven’t allowed the govt.
to slaughter; Jesus, Davy Crockett, Gandhi, J.F.K., R.F.K., M.L.K., Lennon and about a
hundred or so more, I’m sure. It’s as if you, the people, revel in the guilty pleasure of
murdering those around you who rise above the insane rabble and point to a better way of
living. You all SEEM to like killing those who are better than you, even if their advice
would help you all live better. In a word, you ARE bootlicking, hero killing cowards pun-
ishing yourselves with government rulership of your lives. Yes, you are sick and afraid,
I’m afraid.
In my life I am surrounded by my fellow Americans, all waiting for me to get killed, first,
before anyone pays attention to what I am trying to do. It’s just the way you sinners
Are you all such unevolved monkeys that you can’t hold the govt. accountable even with
hard evidence? Is that how weak you all are? Turncoats, betrayers, yellow bellies, all?
Meanwhile, there are those of you who outwardly express your disdain for what I do.
Not very free or brave, you citizens.
Look at Paul McCartney; He must pay a shrink good money to assure himself that his silence
is o.k.. It is the weakest link in society of all, his silence.
His apathy condemns you to act yourselves or remain imprisoned peons and pawns in a sick
stew of Orwellian evil that has enveloped you since before you were born.
I’m sure my next window slogan will be something along the lines of;
or something like that. And in ten inch letters!
Guilty mankind, look in your mirror.