Me on golf technique – part 2


By Steve Lightfoot

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(Boy, do I repeat myself a hundred times below. it’s just a rough draft.)


(To begin with, only 20 % of what is below will make it to print. I have to feel my wat around what to say)

I never made the tour, though I tried in earnest to become the world’s greatest golfer once upon a time. Why settle for second best? Why not live life to the fullest? Well, a shorter left leg than right and personal things that came along got in the way of all that but never my interest for discovering the secrets of the golf swing. My best year was 1978(?), I think. I was in third place with five holes to go to easily qualify for my first attempt at the U.S. Amateur. I had just found out that I was even in contention at one under through 31 holes. There were seven spots for 107 players as I recall. It was a pretty large crowd of people that suddenly appeared out of nowhere to watch me, as it turned out, that informed me of my place. I was attracting a crowd and it spooked me. I had no idea I was in contention and the sudden fame surprised me. I hobbled home needing a 25 footer on the last hole to get in but it missed on the left lip and I had to settle for winning the alternate spot in a playoff on the first extra hole with par. One stroke away from being IN the U.S. Amateur my first try, though.

What is more amazing is the fact that, several months prior to that decent showing, I was hardly close to being anywhere near contention placing second to last in the Southern Amateur, my first, ever, event outside of high school and college golf. What made the difference in just a few months span in between was a book by a 1940’s instructor named Alex Morrison. His book; A New Way To Better Golf, really opened up my game having learned the art of using the back and shoulder muscles to get the job done. It showed me that a book CAN make a difference and I have read enough of them – many dozens – to know that Morrison’s book was a cut above and that some ideas are better than others. Jack Nicklaus’s book; Golf My Way was vital as well. Then, again, he was and always has been my golf hero.

In 1978 I saw a golfer named Bobby Clampett who was at the top of the amateur world winning about half of everything he entered. It was during the Eastern Amateur on the practice tee and I saw what I thought was the best golf swing on the planet and of all time. Bobby was a spindly 140 pounder with a graceful slow back swing, a pause at the top, and a downswing that seemed to scream perpetual motion. The positions seemed from another planet and more perfect than I thought were possible. 300 yard drives so precise and predictable that his fore caddy was catching the ball on the first bounce, every time. In our discussion, after, he told me he was reading Nicklaus’s book; Golf My Way at the time and that he learned his swing technique in Carmel, California from a teacher named Ben Doyle and a book titled The Golfing Machine. That’s all I needed to move there right away and become the first of what would become a line of converts to learn this amazing technique. Ben was among America’s top 100 teachers for many years. More scientific than anything, it detailed the WHAT a golf swing is and all it’s many parts and their variations. It was based on law and physics and about two dozen principles to manage and I was as lost as most grasping only half of it all. Some of it must have rubbed off as I have been called out for having a Clampettesque swing, often, since, by others. That’s fine with me. Ben Doyle became one of my closest friends over the three years I spent there, too. A special soul who has regrettably passed away several years ago.

In 1982 I stumbled onto, let’s just say, the biggest political expose in America’s history and it took over my life, completely. So big a truth the world is still only just “getting it” as, lately, I have been getting radio interviews and such locally and the story is finally, slowly, breaking. I won’t say what it is but let’s hope I emerge alive on the other side someday. I am blossoming as a world class singer, of all things, getting ready for the spotlight when it does. Meanwhile I think I have finally learned enough about the swing to help others enjoy the game and make a difference in the game. I think I have a very good eye for the swing and what works.


The Core Driven Golf Swing; Catchy title but what does it mean? To begin with, no one body part, properly utilized, will register into success and make all the other body parts fall into place. There is, however, a best body part to orchestrate a swing with. Most swings begin with arm and club movement ahead of body coil. The shoulders coil in response to the stress put on them from the swinging arms and club. There is another, different way to swing that finds the order reversed; the arms and club responding to a coiling and uncoiling torso instead. In other words, the shoulder coil and uncoil, (Torso) back and forward, leads the rest of the body parts, namely the arms and club. Like the sun being at the center of our universe, the coiling and uncoiling of the torso, the largest body part of all, leading all other action, is the optimum way to wield a club against a golf ball. It’s an activated set of shoulders from the start to finish cueing the rest of the body parts, not vice versa. It implements a larger, wider and deeper than normal club head arc, a bigger circle, to stretch your torso and shoulder muscles so they can return with force and iron out any wrinkles a cramped swing might produce. An awareness of your core taking over the rest of the swing. Like learning how turning a door knob clockwise and counter clockwise opens a door, so is a swing almost as simple as that. Mind focus makes sure that the coiling and uncoiling of the torso precedes all else. A learning of how to USE your torso in the first place. The most noticeable difference is the depth OF your coil and how there is only one path back to the ball; the way it went back, everything is so tapped out to it’s limit. Adding power now becomes secondary to getting your club to catch up to and pass your hands during the strike. Because your largest body part has been fully utilized the power flows effortlessly. You can now focus, instead, on the finer details of your delivery. I, for example, when first learning this, found that just imagining a shaft angle that finds the club passing my hands after impact was all I needed to think about to get fantastic results. Both of us may find other thoughts to complete the picture at different times as the swing needs constant attention to all it’s parts. Much like an automobile. I have found that a deliberate, smooth pace works better than a flighty, fast pace in the core driven method. Not necessarily a pause at the top so much as a deliberate, controlled start in making a backswing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                There are variations in between, say equal sharing of torso coil and arms club motion, to get the job done, – not really trusting the one leading the other – but none is as effective at making you athletic automatically as letting the torso lead all else. Let the torso initiate all motion back and forward making sure, mostly, that your arm / club path is correctly aligned towards the target along an inside to square configuration. It’s a completely different approach to a swing, I’ll admit, but it’s the best way I have found to swing a club. A general awareness that it is your torso and hips that are coiling and uncoiling along with weight shift providing all the power you need. The arms and club offer the radius and arc but the inner coiling and uncoiling and shifting of weight, the cocking and uncocking of the club, is what actually powers a swing. That is where you should focus your mind regarding all motor activity, I’ve learned. If you are not aware of your shoulders still coiling at the top of your swing to tap out before going down you are not doing it right.  And even going back down your footwork won’t know what to do until the shoulders decide when and how to uncoil from the top. Everything is connected to your core’s activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I used to think the center of this rotation and center of gravity was at the base of the neck but it’s not. It’s a little lower and at the center of the upper torso. Like the peg a 78 record sits on on a phonograph, parallel to your spine, your swing’s motor activities emanate from mind focus there. It’s really just a cracking “open” of the body going back – shoulders coiling ahead of the lower body – and a return opposite closing of the body going the other way – the lower body now leading the upper body – compressing the two actions into force. Instead of thinking of myriad other body parts all activity is controlled as if from that center of your body / club mass. Like turning a fixed door knob in two separate directions. Like the agitator paddles inside an upright washing machine.

You observe how much a tour pro’s shoulders coil and uncoil and you notice how the weight goes to his back foot to the top and to his forward foot at the finish. You notice how the weight is off the back foot even before impact. What I’m saying is that the whatever the club and arms do is a consequence of that coiling, uncoiling and weight shifting. Mind focus should be on an activated core, start to finish. The hands and arms don’t get involved in the hit until impact, itself, when they then join the body in delivering the strike.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             A golf swing is also a combination of upper body action versus lower body action. The upper body coils and moves weight away from the target just by relocating the shoulders, arms and club mass back while the lower body moves weight – legs and hips – towards the target, even simultaneously, in the transition.. As the upper body wants to coil to the top the lower body wants to apply resistance to that so that every vertebra of the spine has a chance to coil from the top down, first, before the hips are allowed to coil. This allows you to fully tap out your body and avoid a sloppy, loose coil. Going down, your last thought being a final crank back with your shoulders, your lower body unwinds ahead of the upper body tightening the resistance all the more, compressing the swing. It is also the lower body that transfers body mass and weight to the target while the upper body stays put letting the club move centrifugally, instead.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .I, once upon a time, actually thought that the hands were the master brain of a swing. That their needs triggered body responses. Oh, foolish youth. I learned I was wrong, eventually. Quite the opposite. Too much hands equals too little body action. Most people overuse their hands and arms at the expense of proper coiling and uncoiling of the body’s core; the trunk the shoulders and hips and legs, and proper weight shifting. This book compensates for this by emphasizing the core section of your body (Shoulders to feet, but mostly shoulders.) because more body parts do fall into place than not with the mind focusing on it than other body parts. It is, in fact, when one consciously applies his hands and arms before impact that things go out of kilter. Until impact the arms and hands just provide arc, extension, get into delivery positions, grip and align all the angles related to the shoulders hands and club. AT impact it’s all guns blazing, however. Then the hands really DO get involved, but not until then. Your swing emanates from the center of your body mass. Put your mental focus at the very center of all the action, that imaginary spine parallel peg inside the upper rib cage and it’s simple opening and closing determining all the other actions. Like the workings of an intricately integrated time piece all connected to this master gear. Start your swing and control it from there  It is the “Sun” of the body’s universe. Trevino described the swing as the tree trunk swinging the branches, not vice, versa. It’s a concept as foreign as a bird making it’s first flight from the nest. But it works.

Initiating all motion with torso coil and uncoil rather than following the lead of the arms and club and hands to achieve coil. Think of a carousel’s circular top dangling vertical objects from strings. As the top gently starts to revolve the dangling objects sway and then move with it. That is the feeling to strive for in your takeaway. and start down. The coil and uncoil should lead the arms and club back and down, not voce versa. This produces such a deep, tapped out coil that just getting the club to un cock in time and pass the hands during the strike is all you, seemingly, have to worry about, later. That and being on the proper path with the arms and club..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A bit more, if I may, about this second “secret’ to golf. It is this; To swing like a pro you have to resist the urge to hit the ball with your arms and hands – at all – UNTIL impact occurs. Until impact the only thought you should give to your hands is the initial kink you create early in the backswing with your wrists. That you must learn to stay passive with your extended, cocked hands and arms until impact occurs. Like pulling BACK on a bow string until impact and THEN you let go. AT impact. (Putting included, by the way.) Meanwhile you must collect as much coil and depth as you comfortably can while maintaining a tension free feeling and let your large body muscles do the work. These two principles, combined; a large, deep, tension free coil with a large club head arc with passive hands and arms until impact. You will find that your body compensates and torques and rotates and ratchets more vigorously through the strike to offset the lack of “hit” in your hands until impact. Your body is being forced into action. It is helping to pull your hands, arms and club through. It may feel as though the club is still cocked during the hit even though centrifugal force has opened it up to the ball.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In a correct swing the shoulders and hips create a differential between the two that is implemented to create force and torque. Storing and releasing that torque. Creating and then maintaining that differential until late in the down swing. You want to hold onto your shoulder coil and wrist cock going down as the lower body leads and starts to unwind, for example. The innermost part of the body and it’s workings that is often overlooked. What is often overlooked in a swing is how the spine, the shoulders, wind and unwind like a propeller shaft from the feet to the shoulders, especially during the strike and follow through. If you watch the pros on television it’s as if their club head is in synch with their shoulder rotation. They both go, like a propeller, together. Comparted to hand action the shoulders are more animated, by far. This coiling and uncoiling action accompanied with a neutral to back foot to front foot weight shift that is punctuated during the strike. Turning your upper torso, left arm and club away from the target to the top position – aiming your back to the target – rather than thoughts about your hands, for example, is what works. My basic technique is not unlike the ‘Gravity Golf’ method taught by Dennis Lee. That is, a large club head arc, the deep coiling and uncoiling of the larger body muscles and shifting of weight back and forth providing the power source. All under a steady head. The most efficient way to swing. Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead and countless other graceful swingers of the club have used the same method.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The harder part of a swing is the exact path and configuration your club and arms make with the shoulders. In so many ways one has to swing a club sideways at a ball at ground level to play golf versus an axe chopping up and down motion. To make matters more complicated it’s a little bit of both actions. There is a mental trick that works regarding all hands / arms / club geometry matters. I can’t believe it took most of my life to figure this magical technique out it’s so all encompassing. Once I understood this my hand action was relieved of all friction caused by misalignments. It has to do with training the hands / wrists / club action along a target line that lays below where they happen to be at impact; about three inches in front of the toes of your feet, depending on the length of your club.  A line that extends away from and to the target. Most golfers make the mistake of focusing on the BALL target line to prompt hand geometry. In other words, if there were flashlights extending from both ends of a club shaft the light would follow that ball target line all the way back as the club cocks to the top, the butt end pointing to the target line. The problem is this is not a square configuration. The shaft points to the left of the target in a laid off position at the top position. It should, rather, point almost straight at the target. Once you master this and refer, instead, to the line nearer your toes to align hand movement with, you can simply let LOOSE with your hands and club so long as things pivot and hinge along this line. The club travels on a tilted plane from ball line to foot line and back to ball line and, finally, foot line, again, in a swing. This middle area in front of your toe line is right in the middle of all this activity. Track hand / club pivot action from this reference point for best results. Certainly whenever your hands are below waist level. For a good four to six feet of club head travel at the bottom, back and forth, your hands adhering to this strict pattern. Every other maneuver above that is set up with the prompts below allowing momentum to let the angles to continue. It is a straight line configuration, straight back and forward on a tilted plane. Though the club is traveling on it’s inclined plane out in front of you and behind your head at the top your hands are focused only on this target line in front of your toes to orient hand angles with the club throughout. It all comes together, amazingly. Then it’s really just a matter matter of pulling back and releasing a bow string. Straight back and through with the wrists and club hinging along this line near your toes. If you don’t feel this sensation in the bottom section of your swing you’re not doing it right. If you don’t disturb things the pattern should hold to the top and finish. When I first discovered this I added 15 yards to my 4 iron in one day it so freed up my swing not having to think about anything but that. This technique builds in automatic accuracy, in fact. Even though the club shaft may be aimed exactly away from the target in late downswing and goes end over end pointing exactly to the target on the follow through – those imaginary flashlights tracing along this path – there need be no worry of where the club face happens to be. It will, almost automatically, be straight at impact. No steering needed.

The other related aspect to club / arms geometry has to do with where the shaft is aimed whenever it is parallel to the ground. That is, one third back, the top, halfway down and one half past impact. At those juncture the shaft should aim TO the target. This criteria has more to do with accuracy than any hand manipulation, the face automatically squaring through the strike. Though the shaft goes head over handle and toe over heel below waist high in a swing it all works out at the moment of truth; impact. No steering needed once the shaft is trained to swing parallel to the target.

The above revelation also dispels some common misperceptions about the club path and offers proof there is a straight line component to swing a club that travels on an arc. It sure appears that the club travels inside as it goes back to the top. It does but not as you might think. Like a tilted coin has a flat, or straight, top that accommodates a circular perimeter at the same time, so is a golf swing.  It’s not so much that your club is traveling inside as it is going up along a target aligned slanted plane that slopes to above and beyond your shoulders. The club is being swung in a straight line configuration and only goes inside because it is rising on that plane that is aligned to the target. And, so, it now becomes clearer why I experienced a freer pass through the ball with my hands. Instead of suffering the friction and drag effects of traveling on a curve, like a car, as when I referred to the ball line instead, once I found the proper, exact target line midway between all the action to align my wrist geometry with the club with, I was able to take advantage of this straightaway path that exists on a tilted plane with a circular perimeter. Think of two enormous Hoola Hoops, one a foot ahead of the other leaned at a 45 – 50  degree angle against a wall aligned to the target. The one relates to the backswing, after a weight shift away from center. The other relates to the downswing after a greater weight shift has been made to the target. You don’t need to shift weight outside your stance but you certainly shift weight between your feet. A club path that appears, from a golfers perspective, inside to square is still square, (straight) just riding higher on a plane that is aligned to the target. It has to go inside and up to allow you to stay balanced. Though the club head travels from the ball line to the foot line and back to the ball line and then back to the foot line in a swing there is a straight line reference to a swing midway between all that action that is marshalled by focus on a single target line in front of your toe line to maneuver hand / club geometry from.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         If you want an explosive release of the club through the ball you need to build it into your backswing. You need to move and maneuver the big muscles; the back, chest and hip and leg muscles. Like an archer having to pull the string back for it to go forward. Especially near the top you want to cock the club and shoulders exactly AWAY from impact, the back of the ball and your target. To enhance this you need to shift your weight to your back hip at the top position and, more powerfully, onto your left hip through impact, all under a steady head. This is the powerful and effortless way to swing. You will golf best using a swing that uses mostly the body and allows the hands and arms to simply connect, hold on, sustain impact and release. Acting more like the tip of a whip with effortless power. The hands come to life during impact and beyond, like a slingshot pouch catching a rock with that pent up energy ready to explode, sustaining all that force your body has produced. Prior to impact the only thought you should give your hands is the initial “kinking of the straw” to create a subtle angle I recommend in the take away to take all wrists thoughts out of  a swing. The angle of this subtle ‘kink’ should be identical to the angle you want to return to the ball with; very slightly inside to square. I prefer to make this the first move of my backswing and at a deliberate pace the first foot away from address. Your waggle should also adhere to this geometry. Your core, the shoulders, the torso and hips and legs, namely, give them the leverage they need. Think of it. Gathering a deep, wide, tension free coil with your body from feet to shoulders and allowing that pent up energy. along with a weight transfer, to then power your whole swing as you fall into impact. If the backswing’s deep coil is tension free, and it should be, at some point that changes, like a gear engaging and things become taught and full of leverage. I believe this engagement point is either AT impact or just before. That’s where the pros seem to punctuate things. The hands and arms are allowed to then just hold on, harness and apply the force of impact. That’s core driven golf. By resisting the urge to apply the shoulders, arms and hands until impact, the weight and the hips and legs are allowed to move ahead, instead, and crank open up many degrees more that the square shoulders at impact. This is classic form and trying to take over with the hands before impact negates this action. The lower body is the bow, the upper body the string , the club the arrow, in that order.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          It’s hard to believe I ever thought it was the other way around with the hands dictating body responses. That I ever interrupted Jack Nicklaus ( I wrote him in 1979 and he wrote me back. Yeah, I’ve been into the swing for quite a long time.) to propose this idea leaves me so aghast I’m sure this book is a form of redemption. In fact, to the extent that you utilize mostly your hands to swing you automatically reign in the ability TO use your body muscles. In other words, if you have a loose grip with lots of wrist action you will find that the wrists finish the back swing and the finish instead of the shoulders and body. Conversely, if you maintain a somewhat firmish grip of, say, a 25 to 35 percent squeeze on the club and somewhat restrict the wrist action, you will find your body HAS to make up the slack and it is your shoulders and back muscles that complete your turn to the top and the finish. Your left shoulder is forced to make that extra turn back under the chin, instead. During the strike the hips, legs and feet ratchet more, instead, the entire upper body holding back until impact. This is a much more powerful and consistent way to play golf.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The mechanics of the arms is to bend in two places; at  the elbows and at the wrists. The shoulders allow the arms to swivel. During the strike the forearms roll over each other, in fact. Only just past impact are both arms straight. Otherwise one or the other or both have to bend depending on where one is in a swing. My very first instructions on golf were two things; (1), a steady head and, (2), a straight left arm. If you think about it you can build a whole swing around those two thoughts. It’s a good building block from which to start. A circle aimed in a specific direction like aiming a coin that lays tilted against a wall. The angle of your left arm as viewed down the target line at the top determines how upright or flat your swing is, your hands positioned somewhere above and between your right shoulder and head. Some players wing the left arm and shoulder behind their head at the finish or, like Jack, who used to have both elbows pointing somewhat in front of and above his head. Jack restricted his final shoulder unwind due to his extra steady head. It took stress of his back. Most modern players opt, instead, to allow the head to move up and forward to the finish and thus allow the fuller shoulder rotation. Not everybody has Jack’s musculature and may also need to do so. Body type factors a little into what exact technique you prefer. One’s condition and body type determines how one swings. Generally speaking, maintaining a relatively straight left arm from address until after impact is a good idea. Locking the left arm straight just before take away is a trigger that works for some. Others prefer a little bend to reduce tension. Many of the greats had a slightly bent left arm at impact. There is some wrist action to be sure, ferocious, in fact, especially as the mid downswing finds the club cocked and compressed the most, and, again, during the end over end release after impact. A 90 degree angle usually occurs at the top position. But the core and it’s proper use is what offers the leverage for the hands to do anything. The releasing of the angles accumulated in the arms and club into a straight configuration just past impact against the upward and target ward thrust of your legs and hips as the whole body unwinds during impact provides power to a swing. The weight shift gives the club it’s direction and not just power. On the way back to the top the shoulders out coil and lead the hips and legs. On the way down, the opposite; the hips and legs uncoil ahead of the shoulders until after impact at which point the shoulders, arms and club unwind, fully racing past the now spent lower body.

I used to think that he proper ratio of how much hands to use in a swing versus shoulders was 50 / 50. Half hands and half shoulders. Today, (2023) especially watching the current number one tour player’s technique, (I don’t mention current players by name.) I think it’s better to have a 60 percent use of the body and shoulders versus a 40 percent use of the hands. It’s a little stiff wristed, maybe, and requires a different type of movement with the body to work, but it works very well. This unnamed player is noted for his active footwork. Probably a result of his muted wrist action. Maybe, coincidentally, today’s leading senior tour player also has a muted wrist action. Imagine muting the angle between arms and club in a swing. How easy it would suddenly be. It almost cuts the geometry part of a swing and things that can go wrong in half. I learned that by firming up my wrists going back this forced my shoulder blades (Bones) to rock more, instead. Like a baton at the top of my spine rotating more, instead. The body core is forced to engage as it should. My method does not depend on muted wrists, however. It is required TO cock the wrist as much as 90 degrees to the top but no more than that. This has to do with trafficking the weight weight shift up so as not to let a rearward shift move you off of balance and sway.  I, deliberately like to “kink the straw’. figuratively, create a subtle angle at take away just to rid the mind of any swing thought about cocking and uncocking of wrists until impact, itself.  This technique also rids the body of swaying away from the target going back, letting the club go up instead of just back. It’s nice to feel some swing to the club in the hands and one probably SHOULD achieve a 90 degree angle at the top between hands and club. Not more than that, though. Mid downswing is where the sharpest angles occur. For some this extra “crease” at the top in one’s swing cements geometry into place. Hogan did this, for example. You have pay extra attention to completing your body coil and uncoil, however. In a sense you have to beat the wrists to the top and impact with the body.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  You may see some tour players take the club back more straight away than they return it. As said earlier, perhaps due to mind focus on just the ball target line. This produces a loop. A necessary loop because you have to swing forward from wherever your body mass is which is inside from straight back. Bobby Jones and still some players, today, take the club back on an inside plane to the top and amp up the torque going down by switching to an outside, in plane going down. Almost like two separate planes pitted hard against each other. More commonly some golfers swing outside – straight back – going back and inside to square going down. I recommend no loop and just discipline yourself to recognize how it is a swing is a little more inside to square than you might think, the way a door hinges, and start arcing it a little bit inside after the first foot or so. Nicklaus had the least loop of any golfer and we all know how well that worked out.

One other fact is that, as viewed from behind down the target line, the angle of the shaft going down is slightly flatter than it’s path to the top with most golfers. The idea is to eliminate any and all loops that you can so that it appears the club goes down on the same path it went up.  Otherwise you’re introducing unnecessary friction and need for compensation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I also found that a certain style of tempo works best; one in which the backswing starts smoothly and deliberately the first foot. It’s important to “crack” the whole body open, right away, going back with your shoulders making the first move. The whole body, arms and club one piece like a bolt being loosened the first few inches. Ground tension with the feet offering the leverage to transmit coil to the shoulders that move first and the most. If the club is moving at all so should your shoulders also be moving with it at all times. If you let the arms and hands snatch the club away, instead, and race away from address you miss this crucial benefit and lose potential coil. If you DON”T coil from the shoulders, down, going back you lose potential coil. The backswing’s “Dye” is cast in this first foot of club travel. Because mental focus is on your innermost core rotor that is orchestrating everything else like a miniature opening and closing door knob, or record peg, everything else that moves will instinctively know at which point it’s O.K. to engage. Even that imaginary mini rotor has to come to a complete stop before it turns in the opposite direction. Before it can return in the other direction your body senses what has to move first and when. From the top, down, it’s mostly a battle of lower body moving weight to the target against an upper body stretching away from the target at the same time letting impact happen. Even with a muted wrist action, if you have a large club head arc and think speed at impact, you’ll find speed, just in a different way. Regarding the finish, I recommend recoiling out of it immediately and not posing. It’s a stress position and not good for the back. The ball is long gone by then, anyway. Impact thoughts and ball flight thoughts work best.

One other thing I have changed as a result of writing this book is my grip pressure. One needs to “Grab the bull by the horns” a little to play top level golf. Not too tight, but tight enough, never getting flighty or re grabbing at any point. The hands connect the club to the body for leverage. They have to hold on to do that. Again, it’s called a “grip”, not a “hold”. Think of the hands as a wire conducting a solid electric current. Keep a good connection at all times. I grew up with the notion “Hold it like you would a bird” regarding grip pressure. I now think the author meant a bird wriggling to free itself. A little firmer than gentle.

Ben Hogan is proof there are many ways to hit a golf ball. He was also very dedicated and put in the hours to get away with his hand flourish. The “Core Driven” method, I think, is the future of the game, however. “Less is more” is turning out to be the axiom. Simplify. Use the body more. Don’t give the hands an excuse to get too out of whack in the first place. Sports are supposed to keep the human being in top shape as a by product, after all. Winding up the whole body into a deep, tension free coil and then engaging it to the weight of a club to whack a tiny ball as hard as possible can be very conducive to staying toned and in shape and limber. Don’t lose the sensation in your hands of swinging the club. Swing from your center and feel the club head connecting with that part of the body, not just the hands, however. Even with all this said, a golf swing, no matter how you decide to approach it, is counter intuitive in many ways and requires, perhaps, more mental imagery and pre swing thoughts than any other sport I know of. You need mental triggers that work versus mental triggers that don’t work so well. You have to take these thoughts and add them to your swing, like a recipe, and ingrain them all a little, one at a time, over time, to finally find yourself having only to think about the business of the ball’s flight and the wind and surface factors and not your body or swing at all. Like the pros try to do. When golf is at it’s most fun.

Ben Hogan put the quandary of the golf swing this way; “A golfer will try to attack the golf swing like he does everything else in life and he will be completely wrong about everything.” What Ben meant was this; In a correct swing the shoulders and arms and hands seem to just hold back until impact. They are delivered, instead, by the lower body like a bow delivers the bow string. Like a whip delivers the tip. The minute they try to lever across and ahead of the body they defeat the purpose of a good swing. At impact the hands can, then, let loose, indeed. A drill I will show you to demonstrate the correct feel is to chip with a mid iron and take the club back and just forget everything to do with hands and arms and let the body pull the club through, instead. Even to the point that the arms and hands feel as though they’re swinging backwards all the way into impact. Can you imagine best results from swinging away from the target with your upper body, arms and hands until after impact? That’s golf. Completely opposite of what you THINK would work. The art of maintaining the differentials you created going back – the shoulder coil and wrist cock away from the lower body – until impact. Pulling everything through like a bow does a bow string, your lower body being the bow. It’s an art. The hands mostly hold on and connect the club to the body like an electrical current. Another one of my basic drills to instill this “leveraging” of the big muscles is a miniature length swing – one half normal – with almost zero wrist action, the body doing the work, resisting hand use during the strike, trying to squeeze out as much power in that tiny distance of club travel with no limits on the length of the follow through. Like “The Calvary,” the body comes to the rescue and learns how to apply itself.

We’ll get to the drills and such and maybe even shed my thoughts on putting  and more;;

The All Important Stance and Set Up; (To be continued)

The All Important Grip; (To be continued)

The Basics That A Swing Is Built On;

(1) A steady head, (2) A mental focus on your core to activate the swings smaller parts rather than vice, versa..(3) Resisting the impulse to hit with your hands and arms until impact occurs like pulling BACKWARDS on a bowstring until impact. .(4) A shifting back and forth with the weight from front to back foot, (5) A wide arc on both sides of the ball, (6) A deep, tension free coiling back to the top starting from the shoulders, down, (7) An equally deep unwinding starting, conversely, from the feet, up; (8) An end over end rotation of the club shaft and even the club head from just before impact to just after impact.; (9) A target oriented swiveling (mobility)  of the club shaft and hands for accuracy along a target line just in front of your toes.; (10) Preserving differentials between hips and shoulders, club and the arms made going back into the downswing (Leading with the lower body going down).(11) Fully dumping all those differential angles (feet  hips, shoulders, wrists ) on the target side of the ball (12) A tempo that starts out deliberate and unrushed the first foot or so. 13) A sufficient grip pressure (14) The correct set up and stance (15) The correct grip.(16) Shot imagery and confidence

There are other basics but if you build a swing around these particular basics it’s hard NOT to play good, repeatable golf.

The Torso And It’s Use;

Let’s start with the torso, the upper core of your swing. Let’s grow a swing from the inside, out. It turns and coils in a specific way.

Jack Nicklaus, first thing on the practice tee, would always put a club behind his back and lock the shaft around his elbows and mimic a swing without a club, his body coiling and uncoiling, the feet exchanging weight back and forth, the shaft of that club tracing a path basically parallel to his target line. This found both ends of the club shaft pointing TO the ball at the extreme points of coil. He was training the core ahead of all else. He coiled and uncoiled his torso square to the target line. His club shaft did not trace outside to in or inside to out but truly square to the target on both sides. Equally deep on both sides of the ball. Imaging a tilted tomato can for a torso leaning above your hips and imagine turning it like you would a door knob if it were attached. Because he coiled square his club shaft found itself aimed to the target at the top position and not left or right of it. I use Jack as an example because there has been a trend away from that these last decades that is, lately, starting to correct itself. Namely a laid off top position, (I made mention of this in this previously.) the shaft aiming left of the target. It reveals that the backswing was not deep enough and not coiled enough for maximum leverage going back. It was also probably overly deep on the target side of the ball. Had it been a balanced, square coil there would have been equal depth on both sides of the ball.

I believe this former trend got started by adhering to the ball target line too much allowing the butt of the club to swivel and trace along it’s path instead of a path closer to the foot line, instead. That is, as the club swings end over end to the top, the butt end points away from the target along the ball line and that throws things out of kilter. If you’re going to swivel the club along a target line it should be somewhere in front of your toes where your hands are at impact, instead. Let the club find the ball target line by itself. It will. This should also help keep your coil equally deep and balanced on both sides of the ball. The advantage to this method is that you have more of your body’s mass to apply as you are swinging from inside to the square where your mass is instead of swinging from where your mass isn’t.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Like the paddles in an upright washing machine you want to move your shoulders and body. Back and forth. Especially the shoulders. This paddling feels more vertical than horizontal, too. It’s imperative to have your shoulders in motion, first, ahead of anything else. It should feel like cracking the whole body open, smoothly, especially the shoulders, at the start. Like taking a very deep breath to fill your lungs you want to similarly “tap” your resources and make a very greedy coil. Going back the left shoulder going down and under, the arm and club extending out and up, the left shoulder back under your chin at the top with the shaft aimed to the target.. Don’t be afraid of biting off too much, either. God hates a coward and sometimes behaving more athletic makes the sport easier. You may find more knee flex at the top than you’re used to but coil deep and wide. If your shoulders could make two rotations they would but they can’t. No tension should be present even though your body is wound like a pretzel at the top. Like winding a tilted, vertical propeller shaft. If your feet represent 9 and 3 O’clock if standing on an imaginary clock face, 9 being your lead foot, the weight shift and coil feels more like traveling from 4 O’clock all the way around to 8 O’clock in both directions than merely a straight line 3 to 9 O’clock shift. A more internal and compound pivot in both directions even though the club is traveling along the straighter target path like the top of a tilted coin…

The unwinding is accomplished by holding back with the shoulders hands and arms, resisting the impulse to hit at all, like pulling BACKWARDS on a bowstring, until impact OCCURS. Since mind focus on that imaginary spot at your chest’s center is determining all coiling functions, back and forward, it, also, has to be ready to return the other way, first. It senses when and, also, how fast you can move everything else forward. From top position, down, the knees lead the hips, the hips lead the shoulders, the shoulders lead the arms and club and in that order until al levers are dumped, end over end, to the target side of the ball.  All with a back and forth weight transfer. Mastering the art of making a deep body coil and resisting the impulse to hit with the arms and hands is the hardest part of the act. It takes faith and practice but, once mastered, makes golf easy compared to other methods. Even on putts you want your body, not your hands, to hit the ball until impact at which point they then engage…

Geometrically your shoulders turn from address to about 90 to 100 degrees at the top, back to SQUARE to the target at impact, the right shoulder going down under the left, somewhat vertically. After impact the shoulders may unwind as much as another 150 degrees from impact. Don’t hurt yourself, though. Pay attention your right elbow stays tucked and doesn’t wing out above the left elbow until after impact.  The forearms and hands do, then, roll over each other in this end over end transfer to the target side. Vigorously.

Typically, one’s center of gravity is above the navel. When you add a golf club and amplify it’s weight with centrifugal force that true center of gravity is moved higher towards the heart, in fact. Beyond that adjustment, once I also transferred the core focus from the base of the neck to nearer the heart, everything became easier regarding coiling and uncoiling. Suddenly everything became more balanced, integral and harmonious. Just remember that imaginary peg is roughly parallel to the spine. It just so happens that’s where the hub IS. VISIBLY. Just observe where the club unwinds from on film looking down the target. Right there.

Weight Shifting;

There is a distinct back and forth weight shift that accompanies this deep coiling and uncoiling of your core. At address the weight is pretty even. At the top it is almost all on your back foot and hip. By impact the exact opposite, almost all on your front foot and hip. You can almost mirror the foot lift at these two points, too. At the top the front heel is off the ground. At impact the back foot’s heel is off the ground. This back and forth weight shift dynamic is just that; dynamic. It multiplies the dynamics of the coil. This directly back and forth shift is partly what establishes your ball flight direction. At it’s essence the weight shift involves the whole upper body – trunk, back, shoulders, arms and club –  transferring weight directly away from the target to the top – keeping a steady head – while the lower body holds firm and, then, in the down swing, the lower body – everything below the waist – transfers weight directly target wards against the opposite tug of the upper body having displaced weight away from the target. A rubber band effect, so to speak. This is the dynamic you want in your transition zone, especially. It sets up a correct body sequence down. The upper body – from the waist, up – moves weight back, away from the target, the lower body – from the waist, down –  moves weight forward, the two pitted against the other. Somehow this mind focus of transferring weight directly away from the target with the entire upper body versus the weight transfer TO the target with the entire lower body going down seems to iron out a lot of alignment considerations. The shoulder muscles, mostly, initiate this upper body move away to the top. Just maneuvering all that mass of arms and club away automatically shifts weight to the back foot. Even though the arms and club travel up halfway back t to prevent swaying there is still some shoulder muscle that should always be traveling exactly away from the back to of the ball to the top. I make that focus point my left shoulder tip. The legs and hips initiate the downswing sequence. The right leg pushes hard and begins to shift weight to the front foot as the hips and left leg wings target wards to get into position to be able to catch the weight before impact. The hips also rotate open, always ahead of the shoulders, until one third past impact at which point the shoulders overtake the hips.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       If what follows sounds a little confusing the above information should suffice for most people. But there is also another subtle kind of weight shifting; a circular, ever shifting, ever changing weight shift that finds itself at the opposite end of the club’s weight, wherever that may be at any given point. Lee Trevino called it a “Hula” shift. motion. It is a move directly related to creating a centrifugal force like a weight whirling at the end of a string. If you think about it, to keep the Hula hoop against your body and not fall to the ground, you have to keep tension on the part of the Hula hoop touching you and tug away from the side that’s not at all times. Like tugging against a weight on a string. For example; Sam Snead’s famous “squat” position in early downswing. It appears as if he is jumping out of an airplane, straight down, as his shoulders are coiled and his club is dropping from above his head. You see, his club is above his head and his CENTER OF GRAVITY is going straight down at first pulling directly opposite it.. By the time his club is halfway down and opposite the target his center of gravity is now pulling TO the target with his legs now arched in that direction tugging against the opposite position of the club. At impact, the club now hurtling straight below him, his body posture finds his legs now pushing straight up, opposite the position of the club’s weight which is straight down. In the follow through it’s as if he is pulling back on the club, opposite it’s position. The fact that a strong push upwards against the ground with your legs during the strike produces centrifugal force suggests it’s best to first plant your weight low and down in the early stage of the downswing so you will be able to push up at impact with even more force. You have first dropped your weight downward so you can then shift left and then push upwards during impact. Not just a back and forth shift but also circular depending on where in the swing you are at any given moment. Feel the weight of the club and tug just ahead of it’s opposite position – like spinning a weight on a string with that tiny circular finger motion – using mostly your lower body, legs and hips. It’s mostly the lower body that transfers weight to the target. The head stays steady. It should be pointed out, also, that the weight going back is partly a product of displacing mass – the shoulders, arms and club to the right going away from the target automatically putting weight to your back foot. The downswing, however, is the result of a very strong shift to the front foot, using the lower body, before impact. There’s a little Hoola Hoop hip action in the mix.

If you’ve ever swung a weight on a string you understand what is happening. To make that weight spin you must first make a tiny inner circular motion with your fingers to make the weight spin. Wherever that weigh happens to be your fingers are tugging OPPOSITE of wherever it is at all time. It’s the essence of creating centrifugal force. I suspect this opposite tugging is not quite opposite but rather just ahead of the opposite point of the club’s weight. Thus the dynamic effect versus a static effect. Nobody in golf has ever spoke in these terms yet it seems to be staring us all in the face when you analyze a swing..

Going back it is the upper body, mostly, that moves weight away from the target. The downswing begins with most of your weight already on your back foot. It remains there to support your weight as you jockey the hips target wards and open up your lead leg to the target. That is, the lower body transfers weight to the target. Only the lower body. The upper body stays coiled and back. Shoulders, arms, wrists and club. The right leg pushes hard into the ground to allow the hips and lead leg to lift and travel target wards. In mid downswing, the hips sliding left,  the weight is now evenly distributed between both feet. Before impact and during the strike most of the weight is transferred to the lead leg and hip and foot as the shoulders rotate somewhat vertically above, the arms and club rolling over each other to the  target side of the ball, after.

Body Sequencing;

I learned, by positioning and re arranging my swing in a picture window’s reflection, that a flat mirror is as good as practice and maybe even better. I’ll admit one has to KNOW exactly what is and is not good posture and position to benefit from this technique but I think I do and the results have been paying off, big, for me, lately. Now that I have properly “molded” my swing into proper mechanics using the visual aid of a picture window I don’t need to practice so much to stay sharp. I am fundamentally correct, finally, already. Things automatically click better. I can go months without hitting a ball and it’s like I never missed a beat when I hit that first bucket, later. I’ll teach you what good position and posture and sequence are. You can do this window training, too. A camera works even better. I give my body a thought and see what it looks like and, when I see something I like, I make a mental note of what thoughts led to it and try to ingrain it into my swing. The good news is all you need is a big picture window and a stick or a club.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Once the set up and grip are correct you want to observe a few things. Without swaying your head and after a wide swing of the arms and club, the coil beginning form the shoulders, down, you want your torso very slightly leaned away from the target at the top position against a lower body that leans a little towards the target. A kind of zig zag look. A mostly vertical upper body is just fine. You do NOT want the upper torso to lean target wards at the top or your hips to travel. The hips serve like an anchor going back stabilizing things. They save their action for the downswing. You want your legs to look as though they are resisting the upper body coil a little at all times, the rear leg arched towards the target a little and with a slightly flexed knee. The lead knee also resists and acts as a prompt ready to kick target wards as the first move forward. You want to see your entire left arm, club handle and shoulder to the right of your head at the top. Pushed deep under your chin, back and up. Those little bones between your neck and shoulders, moved even a little, pack a lot of wallop. Can you appreciate the pent up power involved in such a configuration? Your entire, extended left side, shoulder, arm and club wrapped around your spine against a resistant, coiled pair of hips and legs below ready to launch the entire package forward? Your body wound up like a twisted towel? Your shoulders have out coiled your hips by twice. Progressively your body is more tightly wound above than below. To get to the top it wound itself from the top down and not all together. It was the upper body that moved the weight and club away from the target. This ensures a tight coil. Now the transition and downswing commence and you want to preserve the differentials you have created. If there exists a differential of 45 degrees at the top between shoulders and hips you want to retain that early into the downswing even as your lower body is shifting down and left, opening up and uncoiling towards the target. Now the lower body, alone, moves the weight to the target. The hands actually are forced to increase their cock a little in this early stage of the downswing to relieve pressure and allow the lower body to shift forward and down into place. You want to also retain that club angle until just before impact. As the downswing begins the right elbow and shoulder go straight down, like a rock, the elbow socked against your right side like a spear point that leads the hands and club into position. By late downswing you should notice that it is your hips, lower body and legs, mostly, that have opened up and advanced target wards, your upper body remaining somewhat more coiled, still, and in place. If your hips are opened 20 to 40 degrees ahead of your square shoulders at impact you understand the concept. They should be. You have preserved your differentials all the way into impact. During impact, your shoulders square to the target, the right shoulder goes under the left almost vertically. Impact is the place where your hands catch the club like a slingshot pouch harnessing a rock and let all Hell break loose as they act like a whip’s tip hurtling the whole club / arm assembly to the target. The lower body acts like a bow, the arms and upper body act like a bow string and the club acts like the arrow. That kind of dynamic. The secret is to resist the urge to hit, whatsoever, with your hands and arms UNTIL impact while putting mind focus on that central core hub your whole swing emanates from, instead.

Once the ball is struck the sequence changes allowing the upper body, shoulders , arms and club to rocket past the ball position and the lower body. When the club shaft is aimed to the target in the follow through, both arms straight, the shoulders are beginning to pass the hips and continue to unwind about 45 to more degrees past the spent hips at the finish.

Basically you have created differentials to the top and, with a lower body unwinding first along with a weight shift, you have preserved this upper body coil and cock of the club until almost impact at which point  the upper body and club, launched by the lower body, whirl past the now spent lower body after impact all the way to the finish.

To simply observe this it appears as though the entire right side is compressing in a downswing, the arms, club and shoulder going down against the upward thrust of the right leg as it pushes off the ground. A kind of vertical compression. The entire left side seems, conversely,  to be extending and bowing out to the target. This vertical compression is also felt between the downward centrifugal thrust of the club against the upward thrust of the legs, especially the left leg, at impact. From face front the impact position looks a little like a man trying to pull a snake out of it’s burrow with his hips shifted left, his head back, putting the load on his left leg, mostly. At no point in a swing are either knees ever locked straight. At impact you WANT some flex in your lead leg. You always want to look out for your body’s well being and flexed joints just last longer.

Regarding foot action, the foundation of all body activity, the weight is transferred to the back foot at the top, the lead heel slightly off ground, and stays there on the rear foot as the downswing begins only to launch target wards in mid down swing and transfer weight to the lead foot before impact. Ride the insteps of the feet in both directions for best foot posture.  Avoid rolling around to the outer edges until impact with the left foot. When the heels lift it is from the instep, first. By impact it is the rear heel that is off the ground the lead foot catching the brunt of the swing’s force. At the finish the weight is on the lead foot’s outer edge and heel and the very toe, only, of the rear foot. About an 80 / 20 % ratio.

Regarding hand action, and this is something I personally prefer, you want the hands to cock a very little right away into a back swing in the correct geometry to break the ice for later. Just a slight kink along the waggle’s path is all so as to help cancel out body sway allowing the club’s momentum to go up a little instead of so backwards. As the arm and club go back and up the cocking will increase automatically and the kink, early on, will lighten the weight of the club and eliminate the conscious thoughts of straight to cocked back to straight again. Once that initial “kink” has been created with the proper angle the club feels lighter and there are no thoughts about the wrists, except restraining them, until impact. If you feel the need to adopt the more traditional style that starts out with no wrist cock the first few feet back that’s fine, too. I just think the game’s future involves creating an initial kink to set up the rest of the swing so as to eliminate extra thoughts. Adhering to the target in front of your toes with the hand geometry is key. Very importantly, (Also previously mentioned.) you want to make sure that your club shaft is properly trained to aim to the target whenever it is parallel to the ground – one third back, the top position, 3/4 down and 1/4 past impact positions. At the top your club face should be parallel your left arm or thereabouts. At the top as much as 90 degrees of cock is alright. Not more, however, until early downswing. In mid downswing the hands are very compressed, maybe 100 degrees and later start to open due to centrifugal force – not conscious hand action –  just before impact. At impact the handle leads the head slightly and it should feel as though the club is still slightly cocked, your right shoulder going under your left. Taking the divot after the ball helps ingrain this. The right elbow, as seen from behind, down the target line, is still behind the left arm and elbow a little, just like address. Don’t let it wing out and around until after impact when the whole everything; shoulders, arms and club are hurled to the other side of the ball head over handle, club head over heel, 180 degrees, each. After that it’s all about coming to a finish. Still, you want to maximize your acceleration from impact to past impact. Hit with unrestrained authority and follow through, the most speed just after impact.

Which Wrist / Club Configuration To Use At The Top?;

I’m a little amazed at how differently the tour players are in this regard. You’d think they’d all conform to an ideal but it seems there are instinctual factors that steer different golfers in different directions. Somewhere along the way something worked unusually well and they let that move take hold and become a part of their technique. Some bow the wrist, others cup the wrist, still others have a flat wrist. The bowed wrist puts the weight behind one more at the top than a cupped wrist will. A cupped wrist action throws the weight more up and above. The flat wrist technique is basically neutral. The real trick is to keep the shaft aimed to the target  at those four basic positions when it is is parallel to the ground; 1/3 back, the top, 3/4 down and 1/4 through on the target side after impact.

Me, personally? I like a very slight cupping of the left wrist – straight is O.K., too –  and a slightly upright plane with zero loop back and forward. I prefer an initial, subtle  kinking with my wrists and club and no other thoughts regarding the hands until impact. It adds up to scope rifle accuracy, I find. I find myself not looking at the ball flight so much as it’s landing, lately.

Upright or Flat swing plane?

An upright plane will find the arms and hands higher at the top than a flat plane. The flat plane has some balance advantages while the upright plane has accuracy advantages. Taller golfers gravitate to the upright style I’ve noticed. I like to strike a fine balance between the two although I lean towards an upright plane for accuracy. The extreme “Flying Right Elbow” is to be avoided as much as the too cramped elbow. You want a little elbow room but you also want to be in position with the right elbow to go down in a good geometry. The modern trend is to cramp it tight against the side to be in place for the downswing. You can still have a deep extension with the left arm to the top with a cramped right elbow, however, I lean towards moderation in all things putting comfort near the top of considerations. The main thing is to keep the right UPPER arm from traveling too far behind your head. It should point slightly towards the target at the top versus 90 degrees to the target line.

Refer to the illustrations provided for a reference guide for all the swings body and club positions and sequence..


(WWHHAAAATTT? lost data?)

One Page Letter Explaining Reasons Why Noise Ordinances Exist;

Noise levels can be unwarranted depending on the circumstances. Some noises can actually cause hearing loss. Jack hammers, heavy equipment and even vehicles can contribute to this kind of “noise pollution”. Prolonged exposure to these high decibels is especially harmful and can pose dangers to physical and cognitive health. These loud sounds can increase stress levels, including cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline increases. Chronically high levels or these hormones can impact heart disease, hypertension, stroke, immune responses and cognitive functioning. Other effects include heart disease, high blood pressure, low birth weight and can pose cognitive development issues in children.

Typically this noise pollution involves the sounds of living in a modern world; heavy equipment, vehicles, exhaust noises, screeching sounds and other noises varying in pitch and frequency levels. 85 decibels over an extended period of time can cause hearing loss I recently read. Other kinds of noise pollution can come from from loud concerts, even local festivals and music or amplified sound from electronic devices. A past frequenter of karaoke bars I often found it necessary to stuff my ears with wads of paper towels to protect myself from these loud noise levels. Some of these karaoke hosts already have hearing loss and can’t appreciate how loud their systems sometimes are.

My own situation involved my stereo system in my van. I play karaoke CD’s and non karaoke CD’s and sing along (unassisted by microphone) with my natural voice. I do this near outside dining situations so people can hear me for more than just a few seconds. Typically my voice is always louder than my amplified backround music. I have to be able to hear myself above the backround sounds yet be able to also hear the music to sing along to. I sing in public to promote my political messaging relating to evidence I have discovered in John Lennon’s murder. The truth of that matter is so depressing I sing to offset that fact and get the public on my side by showing my gentler, softer side. I also happen to sing extraordinarily well, lately, and it serves to give me credibility with the public to show that I am no slouch and possibly correct with my claims that our government killed John Lennon based on my findings in back issues of major magazines that contain codes all about the behind the scenes goings on then. Last July of 2022 I may have been close to the 50 foot limit for amplified sound as my driver’s side speaker wasn’t working requiring me to turn up my volume a little to hear the passenger side speaker. I have since replaced both speakers so that I can still hear the music over my singing without having to use as much over all volume. Beyond a certain level I can’t hear myself sing and I always make sure, now, that my amplified sound levels are modest and well below that 50 foot limit. I have sang at least 1,000 times like this and only last July of 2022 have I received complaints. I occasionally speak, instead, but very sparingly. That is so much more offensive that I choose to sing, instead. The locals seem to appreciate it, too. Especially now that I AM quieter.

I noticed this subject recently in our Monterey Herald and saw that there are efforts afoot to lower the decibel levels from 80 to 70 and to also extend to 72 hours the current 24 hour limit for compliance after a warning.

In agreeing to perform eight hours of community service and write this letter Judge Mendoza has agreed to suspend my fines for both matters and effectively erase the disturbing the peace violation and not use the remaining violation to be used as “a cudgel to bludgeon me with, after”. In other words, any future violations should not impact this plea agreement but be treated separately. I am a target of police due to my controversial political importance and want to avoid being victimized in this manner. In the two citations issued last 2022 no effort was made by police to determine whether I was or was not complying with the 50 foot limit for amplified sound. Any future citations should require this test be met, first, I would ask. Otherwise my right to free speech could be viewed as being a political target.

I have made good on my end of the bargain and hope the judge will, also.

Steven Lightfoot



In the situation regarding my citations the law allows for a 50 foot radius for amplified sound to be heard over ambient noises like traffic and such. Even whispering can be heard from that distance in dead silence and so ambient sound is a factor. While I contend I was not in violation there was one defective CD track – quiet to start then raising in volume drastically –  that caught me very close and I knew that my driver’s side speaker wasn’t functioning then forcing me to turn up my overall level to hear the passenger side speaker over my singing. I have since corrected that by installing two new speakers so I have one speaker very close to me allowing me to turn my overall volume down, well within the legal limits. I have managed to sing almost daily for more than a year since my citations without a complaint and feel I have fixed whatever may have been wrong before. I only have to hear enough of the song to be able to sing along with it and still hear my own voice over it to stay in key.

In a recent Monterey Herald article sound ordinances made the news and even Mariachi music and car and motorcycle exhaust sounds made the list of offenders. Noise pollution was alleged to be upsetting to citizens. There were plans to possibly lower the current 80 decibel limit to 70 decibels, I read. Regarding my own situation most pedestrians only hear me at all when they are within 30 feet of my open driver’s side window where I sing. It’s also bad for one’s voice to sing louder than necessary and so I have learned to deliberately lower my levels. I value the health of my instrument beyond the considerations of others who value a quiet atmosphere. If I were not sure I am a world class singer focusing on easy listening sounds I would not burden society at all with singing. I don’t ask for tips or anything like that yet have received $40. tips more than once and most pedestrians and restaurants appreciate what I do and give me thumbs up, often. The whole purpose is to convince people I am not a wacko at all (My political claims do seem outlandish, at first.) but a credible citizen with evidence and to be taken seriously. Also to show them my gentler, less political side. There are free speech rights that I feel I am legally merely exercising.

Recently a brazen security staffer on Alvarado Street tried to intimidate me by leaning into my window and suggested I must have something against Rosine’s to be singing there. I told him they like me there, in fact. He, still, then questioned a waitress about me having received no complaint. I want to avoid any unwarranted future police citations that might affect this plea agreement so that this matter’ “… not be used as a cudgel to bludgeon me with later…” and affect the conditions you offered. I promise to obey the laws and sound restrictions and respect the laws that exist where noise levels are concerned.

Dated September 18, 2023

(Insert replacement);

In the research I have done about why the state restricts loud noises I have not found too much relating to my specific cases. I began singing in the 80’s to squeak by any complaints about my political message regarding John Lennon’s assassination evidence. I figured it can’t be illegal to sing in public unamplified. It, apparently, is not.  Amplified sound coming from my van’s stereo system is the subject of scrutiny. That is the matter I am charged with appreciating. My system can no longer be heard in that respect even from 40 feet away since the speakers were replaced and I can hear one speaker that is now only a few feet away from my ears instead of several feet away. I hope I am not a problem in the future and endeavor to avoid any complaints.

This revised version of my letter is made in the interest of sticking to the task asked of you and not, instead, talking about me. If the first two versions were in error in that manner I hope this rectifies the situation.

Dated September 26, 2023

Steve Lightfoot


Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot


It should be said that the prosecution has defaulted in not filing it’s respondent’s brief.  It also failed to respond to my proposed statement, before.

My argument has been that my case was one of political persecution over my John Lennon murder evidence activism and website that proves our government assassinated John Lennon in contradiction to everything the public was told, then. I have claimed that there is more than a good chance that officer Kopp deliberately hid himself in my blind spot to make me take my eyes off the road to see if I could be caught doing so as a light was changing. A police ‘trick’. I have claimed that he presented himself on his motorcycle to me in a 7-11 driveway and blatantly followed me, after. Naturally, when I suddenly could not see him anywhere – video shows him drifting to the extreme right edge of our lane for several seconds after first being seen driving in the center of that lane -, I naturally was concerned if he was directly behind me which would have made stopping a dangerous act even if it was a red light. As it was I was busy trying to find him at the very moment the light had changed. I never saw anything but green before this. I was very aware that I was being followed by a police officer and had no reason not to obey all signals. I was on extra alert, in fact. It so happened the stretch of road included three consecutive signals in a row on a downslope. The only explanation is that I WAS distracted by the officer’s unusual driving which placed him in my blind spot. That it was his actions that resulted in my violating in the first place. I had a stack of flyers on my dash about his chief Hober’s recent abuses against me that day, in fact. I was busy balancing diligence with safety and the officer’s safety took precedence when he suddenly disappeared. It would have been dangerous to suddenly stop not knowing exactly where the officer and his motorcycle were.

In my trial I filed subpoenas for several other officers to show a pattern of fraud and abuse by this department against me. I am protected from discriminatory prosecution and should have been able to show if there was any. Prior matters involving fraud apply to this case even though the other officers had nothing to do with this matter. Twice these subpoenas were ignored. The second occasion found officer Silonzolchic of Seaside police present and without papers to contest his appearance. In spite of this even he was not permitted to take the stand. This fact harmed my defense. I would have been able to ask him if he actually called me on the phone number he listed in his report like he said. My phone would have showed he could not have done so as it was last used by anyone months before that day. This fact would have cast doubt on his truthfulness and credibility. I explained this to the judge. The officer made up an outright lie that he ever spoke to me at all. He had not. This instance, alone, should have put reasonable doubt in Judge Sillman’s mind if I was being discriminately prosecuted or if there existed motive to cite me or not. But there were other instances of lying and fraud committed by the other several officers from Monterey P.D. who failed to show, twice. The first time they offered no papers to contest their appearance. They just simply did not show. This fact the court cannot deny was improper. The second time the city attorney claimed my subpoenas were civil, not criminal, and therefor invalid. I argued that the clerk made the mistake, not me, as she knew my case was criminal and still gave me the wrong forms and that I could not be held responsible for that. Had the other officers appeared I would have been able to prove, with video and reports they made, that they all lied or committed fraud of some degree in citing me in other matters. I explained to the judge that officer’s Phillips, Herndon, Hill, Newby, all lied in other matters. Phillips admitted he lied that he would not cite me for the teaspoon of alcohol in a bottle I mistook for olive oil if I passed a sobriety test. I blew 0.00, twice yet he still cited me for that. Sergeant Newby, to justify this, claimed the video showed me trying to take a sip yet the video shows no such act and that the lid was on tight the whole time. Officer Herndon, who admitted “no damage” to a parked car I tapped while trying to park, demanded my insurance information a week later and alleged an accident where there was none. The other car’s owner declined to file a complaint. He, himself, took this action. His sergeant admitted he was wrong in doing so, after. That’s three officers all lying to some degree in just one instance on August 28, 2020. Had I been able to show this fact with the video that proves it all it would have made a difference in the case involving officer Kopp. Officer Hill’s report on Dec. 8, 2021 is in contradiction to her video which I was denied access to. A man had deliberately rammed my van and protest sign yet her report made me out to be the bad guy while she refused to follow up on this man’s hit and run. The video shows that she made up lies in her report to paint me as an angry man at every opportunity. It was the offender who displayed anger, not me. She gave the offender a pass and victimized me. Officer Hill’s bias would have been apparent and I could have shown a bias to the judge that exists against me, generally, where this department is concerned. Add officer Solonzolchic’s lie made up from whole cloth and it would have been amply apparent that there is an agenda among the local police to cite me and hobble my Lennon murder evidence activism. Another matter involved Santa Cruz trying to prosecute me for a DUI in 2019 with a 0.00 reading for alcohol or any drugs they were looking for. After over two years of tormenting me and violating my speedy trial rights and my having to fire two lawyers and recuse three judges the matter was dismissed. Besides all this my van was wrecked by a man a police officer recommended to me. They wrecked my van with me in the back section and tried to blame me for everything. I rescued it from worse mayhem that I think they intended. Ultimately I believe the local authorities are trying to remove my website van from the street by going after my driver’s license. I recently had to attend an interview with the DMV over these matters.

That these officers were prevented from testifying harmed my defense that I based on discriminatory prosecution. Had these officers been questioned it would have better explained officer Kopp’s act of hiding in my blind spot to catch me looking in my rear view mirror and presented a very real reason to dismiss as there would have been doubt as to whether or not I was or was not targeted.

My other motions about a change of venue, discriminatory prosecution and disqualifying judges should also have been allowed as other multiple episodes involving police misconduct have surfaced, since. Last July 13, 2023 a correctional officer (I filed a report and found out) claimed I dented his car when I gently rested my door against his parked car next to me in a court parking lot. An hour later he found me ten miles away and threatened to “(F—) (Me) up…” His pre existing dent I could not have caused – it was not anywhere near where I rested my door – and, when it became clear to him that I was aware he was trying to scam me, he desisted and drove away. Twice in three days, in spite of three previous years without a complaint and hundreds of instances without a complaint, I was cited twice for singing from my parked van. The other man who made a similar claim in a police parking lot a year earlier that I damaged his car was found dead in the same car and parking lot and space where we met a year before. I claimed, then, that he was likely a police operative trying to blame me for things I didn’t do. That I drove by one day and saw a sheet over his car was very eye opening. Who knows what his motives were?

My awareness, now, of my situation has convinced me that the Italian mafia that allegedly runs the government here has been actively behind all this, apparently, and may even run our courts and police for all I know. Whether or not that is the truth my not being able to cross examine witnesses I summoned to trial did harm my defense as I have a good case to show prejudice and discrimination where my many matters are concerned. I have a right not b to be discriminately prosecuted by police. Had my rights been honored in this regard I would have been able to show reasonable doubt as to whether or not officer Kopp deliberately hid himself in my blind spot or not to catch me looking in my rear view mirror. If there is even a chance he did so my case should have been dismissed.

As such I ask for a dismissal, entirely, of my case and not be subjected to another trial over the matter.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is all true and correct.

Dated September 7th, 2023


Steven Lightfoot (Appellant)



ity IS. I’m a refugee trying to figure it all out, still.

You have to admit, though, my idea



Aug. 22, 2023;

WHHEWWWWWHH!!!!,… Am I tired today. Woke up barely able to move at all I was so tired. said something ominous the first call. I reminded the listener of how I emphasized the role of super natural forces at work in my expose that protect and avenge me, etc. per the recent interview and then said this; ” Two weeks ago I mailed about 20 copies of my magazine and evidence to selected businesses in Bangor, Maine since I found out that King is back there living part time and I included a letter chastising them for harboring him. Well, guess what is happening right now, as we speak? ( ” I don’t know, what?” @M.Z.), The worst storm in fifteen years is pummeling them now as they are reading my stuff and gossiping about it. The last storm this big was in 2008 when I was last there, in fact.

About fame and the public. It’s as if I have just pulled the curtain back on the Wizard and everyone is saying; “Where? I can’t see. What are you talking about?” as if the world is insane and helpless to function normally. It DID take a dog to admit it, then.

Sept 26, 2023;

Nowadays, as the watching world is looking for my flaws to focus on in the wake of my two latest interviews, I notice how it is that Stephen King likely got his idea for “Christine” from the sign off of “:Leave It To Beaver” Theodore is walking with Wally on a curb, up and down, up and down, with one foot only on the curb and half way into the street with the other. Just as this is transpiring a car, the model used in “Christine”, comes trolling by close to hitting The Beave.

I’m supposing King noticed this fact one day and thought to himself; “So, life is so charmed and simple and ideal, is it, kid? You have a father – I never did – a mother and a brother and all in the luxurious lap of the mid 1950’s. Utopia, huh? Not so fast, punk. How’d you like that car to actually crush you into a wheelchair or to death? I’d like that. Would ruin your day and all of America’s if that happened, huh? The ‘Beave’ squashed by a presumptuously over designed, vulgar, even boastful American hunk of junk? Anyway, that’s MY gig little boy. Hurting all that goodness and opulence. That’s where I come in. I love ruining everybody’s day. I think I’ll make that car that should have hit you the star of my next novel. I’ll probably kill a lot of loud mouthed, belligerent American red necks, there, too.”

October 2, 2023;

Those deletions?, I don’t make copies in the name of living in the present, I hope you know.

October 6, 2023;

I found a way to cut my auto insurance by 66%. I qualify, so I get a new lease on life this week, hopefully. I have but one point on my DMV record in spite of all the B.S. that has been thrown at me.

Love watching your lovely face, though. I arrange that time slot for you as often as possible. That is the one thing I’d miss most not having my van. My van, by the way, has been my hero. So good running a machine. I feed it only super gas and also fuel cleaners and drive it like it was my lifeline to maximize it’s longevity. My cars usually go 300,000. K miles.

I found and bought a book about golf with my old instructors signature inside. He died several years ago. I sparked me to write my other hero, Jack Nicklaus, for the first time in decades. When I first wrote him in 1979 he actually wrote me back. Wow! Was that a surprise. He knows me somewhat well, I suppose. I’ve met his wife dozens of times in the galleries over time and Jack at least several times.

October 14, 2023;

Seeing more angles on you in this last week than in the last two years. What have I done to deserve such lavish treatment? AND mostly au natural and dressed down.

October `19, 2023;

Oct. 29, 2023;

Not feeling too sexy lately now that Israel has taken to wanton destruction of our if it has a right to. I hope their evil ways backfire on them is all I can say.

As if to make the situation even more sick the latest speaker of the house happens to be a religious zealot as well. Trump is too stupid to understand it is the Jews behind his troubles. New York City, the mass media. “Wake up Trump!” They want him out because he ONCE showed fairness towards their neighbors. Now Trump spouts their Kool Aid like the fool he, apparently, is. I know that the Jews have never deserved any patch of land according to their treatment of the rest of humanity. To persist as if they do is folly. Period. Maybe America is being punished for denying my cause all this time. Maybe for abandoning the belief of a separation of church and state. Either way, I notice how Maine got it’s mass shooting event right after I mailed them packages warning them of their denial; and protection of King  I even explained how it was he who started the mass shootings, to begin with. Normally I’d say the Jews should take Georgia near their ancestral origins in the Caucasus region of the former U.S.S.R. but concentrating any religion with a country status is a mistake. Especially concentrating so conspiratorial and selfishly exploitive a bunch as they have proven to be. My solution is a dispersion of the Jews all over the rest of the world, like the rest of all of us, and NOT in the middle of where they are hated the most. It’s as if our evil government is also using them to foster friction there so they can wipe them – the indigenous people – all out to construct world government headquarters there. The status quo is and has always been evil since 1948. In my opinion. The Jews have earned their ouster by mistreating their neighbors. Look at them, now, in full genocide mode, slaves to false religion, meting out to the world what the world meted out to them. Tragic. Befitting of a culture of Lennon killers like we all are.

November 01, 2023;

I hit upon the crux of my Golf technique – part 2 section today. N-O-W my title makes sense. INITIATE all action from the shoulders, back and forward, letting the club and arms respond TO that churning, central motion. It’s a night and day difference from how most people swing a club but the pros seem to know about it. Check out my opening paragraphs for a sampling.

I think I should concentrate on focusing on finishing this book about golf so as to finance whatever needs I will certainly have between now and world disclosure. I think it’s a case of build a better mousetrap and the world will hear about it and come. Now I have a proper perspective to finish it. Strange, but this is the exact concept that worked for me at my height in amateur golf. I remember coiling so much on that first playoff hole I won that day that the memory stands out all by itself. Tapped out as a body could be. I was working my core.

As for Saving the world my next billboard will probably be;




November 8, 2023;

I have been a little short with people this past week, this war emphasizing how stupid their apathy is and all. Pretty upset at every stupid body right now. It’s not like I can say; “It’s not me, it’s them, so relax and don’t worry about it.” It’s more like; “worry about it before it becomes a cancer on our entire world.” It’s KNOWING that that cancer IS the Jewish / communist plot against the U.S. that Stephen King warned us about a dozen times in 1981. How glad I am it is not YOU riding around with Israeli soldiers putting a stamp of approval as they go after the attackers that Israel provoked in the first p[lace. Poor Tony, though. It so happens that the scar of the 1940 attempt on their race by all of us really pitted them as our enemy. All mankind, and they can’t even see or help it. Exterminating Arabs, now, is their catharsis of necessity, for example. We’re all on the receiving end of it, ultimately, and their conspiracy to monopolize their way into destroying us ALL has to be reversed. It’s time for a hero. Where are the people??

Nov. 15, 2023;

I guess it seems the powers that be actually WOULD start a world war JUST to squelch my expose. I wondered would they in the past and it seems, indeed, they would do just that. I’m wondering is there a media blockade regarding the Palestinians demands for hostage negotiations or are we all being deprived of that information by our all controlling media? Fortunately the world is hip to the treachery and duplicity of Israel and is not swayed by their media monopoly. Isn’t our media machine trying to cheer lead the real instigators in all this? Meanwhile it seems they (Israel) have a lot of future building contracts lined up in the wake of their laying waste to the Palestinians. Not to mention all those new natural gas and oil reserves just found off the Gaza coast. Israel has demonstrated a non worthiness to live there given their attitude towards their neighbors. “We hate you more!” is all they can say. Just Nazi’s about it all and they can’t help themselves. Passing on that scar to another race that isn’t them.


Nov. 17, 2023;

I consider you the best at what you do but yesterday you outdid yourself. What a pro. “Do you think the bombings in Gaza might result in a deepening of the Palestinians hatred towards Israel in the future?” Took the words right out my mouth, there. You were the more capable of the two in that interview….(deleted). The only caveat I’d offer is that, as a true genocidal war criminal these past weeks, he shouldn’t be given such a royal perch to spew from. I don’t expect your outfit would ever go that far but it’s still a valid point. Another question I’d ask him is this; “Are Israeli contractors going to rebuild Gaza or are you going to assign that to Gaza contractors?” or; “Will all of Gaza’s former residents be allowed back to their newly rebuilt homes and, if so, how soon?” “Will you agree to their autonomy regarding power, fuel, water  and electricity and end your controlling of their regions needs.?” or even; “Many suggest that anti Israel sentiment is rooted in the belief that it is being used by America to eradicate Islam serving as a provocative ” goat on post ” to incite war to then justify the slaughter Arabs.?” Or my favorite; “Do you think that it is a fair criticism of Jews to say that they cloister more with themselves than every other race and religion and, thereby, foster world distrust and problems related to inbreeding?” Lest I forget; one more; “Do you think Jews, or a small group of Jews, perhaps, are driven by revenge over the Holocaust to destroy the rest of unapologetic humanity?”

Anyway, real proud of you yesterday. While my site is lately devoted to outing the Jewish factor in our world let me describe yesterdays bout with “Billy Sunshine” of KSCO Radio, a part time host there. Yes, he, like the owner and half the hosts there, is a Jew. Only because of that has he survived several bad behavior episodes there. In the past he’s made his bias known about me saying things like; “Let it go, anyway…so what…who cares?…live life and be happy”…etc..

Yesterday it went like this;

Right after I brought up my Lennon evidence;

B.S. ; “Boring. Boring.”

S.L.; “Only to a classless person like you would that be boring. People like you are the reason I don’t have sex.”

B.S.; “Well, that’s a good thing. We don’t want you to reproduce…”

“S.L.; “I wouldn’t do that to a kid until this sick world gets the truth it needs, first.”

S.L.:” Anyway, what I think is going on in Israel is…” (Cut off by his interruptions)

“B.S.; “Do you still think we all deserve to be taken out by an asteroid for not going along with you?…he thinks that Jews are reptiles…”

S.L.; “Only the Jews covered up Lennon’s murder and nobody else. WhomEVER would do such a thing IS reptilian.”

At that point I was cut off.

I would have continued with this banter had I remained on air;

S.L. ; “Billy, you have said about my story in the past, so what, who cares, get a life, boring, etc. Now you claim my characterization of the Jew that he is more reptilian than the rest of humanity is out of bounds. You also think that Stephen King getting away with Lennon’s murder is an O.K. thing. That a little bit of irony is good for our blood. Let me ask, you once bragged on air; “But if you’re as smart as me you don’t have to work to get rich.” Isn’t it a  fact that you married a terminally ill woman a few years before her death to inherit all that you now have? You know, your million dollar house that you live in and all the rest? Wouldn’t you have otherwise been a poor person like me? And, if so, isn’t that a display of reptilian mind set to do something so selfish, calculated and exploitive? You’re a Jew. How can you deny there might be something to what I am saying about Jewish inbreeding costing the Jew a portion of his humanity and why that might factor into their role in the Lennon murder and cover-up? That they may, indeed, be more reptilian than the rest of us? That some malign mutation may be in play that affects all world politics?”

Well. I think we can guess the rest. Explosive. Just a dose of me in the future, too. I could have even inserted; “Shouldn’t your theme song be “Just A Gigolo?”

Anyway, keep up the sterling work. Very proud of you. Love,

P.S. Oh, by the way. I’ve already noticed that the public really IS deathly terrified I MIGHT reproduce. A phenomenon only a hero like myself could ever know. Several times I’ve seen the public insert itself between me and any love interest. Desperately so, in fact. Like I was a Martian they feared would take over the world and render their lives a joke. It’s one of the reasons I stopped having sex long a go. Who needs sick people to get tight with, anyway? I’ll wait till they’re exorcized, washed and clean and well again, I think. Less spiritual pollution that way for me. Only a real dazzler like yourself got my head turned in the first place. If we ever should merge paths I’ll try, in the meantime to, preserve my health and youth as much as I can and I’m going for a ripe old age of 106, regardless..

Nov. 21, 2023;

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you and yours tap into the goodness of life, always. Love you…

Dec. 1, 2023;

Pretty neat little thing we have here. A line of communication woven out of thin air and mutual interest. Mine is amorous, yours, I can’t begin to know, but I think you like me at least. I’m pretty sure you keep up with this section and I noticed a sudden pall in your face since I wrote; “…the media is our enemy…” Again, no worries. I separate you from the media and recognized you are merely caught up in the times and are just a girl who made good in that world. Very good, by the way.

I don’t think you ever looked more beautiful than (Deleted. Too personal.)

By the way, there is an interesting set of stories related to me and Kissinger on my main page several pages down from the top somewhere. Nixon suffered his fatal stroke just two hours after he heard me confront Henry on KABC radio in 1994(?) about Yugoslavia. Weeks earlier Morton Downey Jr, had me on three days in a row to expose Nixon on talk radio for 45 minutes in all. Did the sound of my voice two weeks later, speaking to Kissinger, who likely brainstormed the idea to kill John Lennon, scare Nixon into a stroke? I think maybe so.

Then there was the time in the late 80’s(?) when Kissinger came to my home town of Santa Rosa to taunt me on his murder anniversary, Dec. 8, only to cancel after I made a public stink about it. He returned ten months later on John Lennon’s BIRTHDAY, Oct 9, to PROVE it was all about me, and was met by a crowd of a dozen people in a room that held 500  Right before he closed his speech I stood up in front of him and said; “Mr. Kissinger, we want to know the truth about John Lennon’s murder.” He looked between his legs and muttered; “Where did that come from?” and then insinuated that I will not live to see my story break in my lifetime Maybe not his, but he died just weeks after I first ever blamed him for being part of Lennon’s murder plot last month. I’m winning on one front, at least, the karma front..

I just love that you are (Too personal for here Deleted. ) I recall, in the past, after a decades long sabbatical from romance, how powerful all those emotions still were, as if they had been roused from their sleep under the sand at the bottom of the sea. I’m optimistic I have all the faculties I ever had inside me still. Meanwhile I am the fox eluding the hounds, 24 / 7, lately, scrambling to stay ahead.

Wish me luck. I have a rally next Friday and will need followers.

Dec. 7. 2023;

Yeah, saw you practically pointing to your 9 carat ring. It…()…. water, lately. Busy, busy, busy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Dec. 8, 2023;

The question is not did anyone show (Deleted, having calmed down..()….

Rather than re-peat myself, get a load of me and my revisions on the first few pages of my from page; ME OR WWIII, BUT CHOOSE QUICKLY;….

Dec. 11, 2023;

I’ve reached a fork in the road wit the public. It’s paragraph one of page one on my site’s editorial section.

Love you ( I can dare say that much, now )

Dec. 18, 2023;

I let them know it, too, last Saturday Special on KSFO Radio where I also let the owner know that he is happy at my rally’s failure, listeners beware.

Yesterday one of my observations came true. A mostly toothless, homeless loser in his 40’s wearing, appropriately, a garbage bag over his clothes tried to muscle ahead of me in a food pantry line. His bravado was turned into humiliation after I scalded his ass in front of the others with my tongue. The most telling exchange came when he said; (Him) “At least I’m not a paranoid psycho like you…” (Me) “I’m not either.”(Him) You sure act like it with your van and all.” (Me) “I’m a hero, you just can’t handle it….You’re not worthy of what I do.” That got to him and he recoiled and leaned back in disbelief that I could hit him so hard with the cold truth. (Him) “Well then you’re not worthy of life!” Not the reply you’d expect from one who doubts my evidence but, rather, one who is insulted that I’d rather he not be saved by my efforts.

Just a week ago I was letting my listeners know that there are four kinds of people who have revealed themselves as my biggest enemies. Media Jews who are jealous of my being right about everything including their treachery, globally, lesbians, homosexuals and – are you listening? – toothless losers and beggars, life’s biggest losers. I think it’s because my plan to clean up our world will erase the excuse they have always hid behind for their failures; that it is the world’s fault they are so lost. They are anti heroes in that sense. Evil losers. I’m proud that these four groups are my enemies. They all have a lot to be ashamed of. The homosexuals for not considering the needs of the children that they don’t reproduce to begin with.

Anyway, how are you, girl? You know I’m very proud of your ability to maintain such a perfect figure all these years. It takes willpower and dedication, good nutrition and exercise. Good for you. I am finding that, at my age, spending 12 hours a day in the horizontal position has rejuvenated all my joints and vertebra. When I’m up and at ’em I feel young again. I actually jog a lot just to use up my energy. By the way, appreciate the less is more trend with your beautiful eyes. They don’t need mush dressing.

My efforts are being taken up imagining my next billboard. Like a merry go round of thoughts that roll around, over and over, me weighing the overall impact of each one. It’s hard work.

My oral argument for my traffic appeal was last week. What a circus of corruption they think they can get past me with. Wait until the name Panetta is disgraced when I’m famous. The entire corrupt Monterey court and government system, in fact. Money controlled vipers, all. There’s nothing, I think, more stupid than being a millionaire, many time over, and still working into one’s 80’s and 90’s. They don’t get that life, itself, is the treasure, not the money and possessions it buys. I knew that when I was only ten and couldn’t believe people worked half of their waking lives. My very first political observation, ever. How stupid a species I thought at the time.

Enough about me, I’m in for a long hard fight and my billboards will have to do the exorcizing.

Dec.19, 2023;

I saw the suddenly sober, dour regretful, disappointed look in at least the right half of your face (Controlled by the analytical left side of the brain).

Truth be told I knew this area was a bitter culture when I awoke to the sound of hammers in a  building I was sleeping in that was under construction. The workers saw me and my bicycle and sleeping bag and didn’t say a word to me. They just started work around me. This was in Pacific Beach, Ca. in late 1981 a block away from where I would discover my evidence a year later, in fact. Had it been in Monterey a very angry construction worker would have shouted at me, I’m sure. San Diego has it’s own problems but bitterness wasn’t one of them. I noticed how living in Monterey from 1978 to 1981 had rubbed off on me in a similar overly competitive, bitter and selfish way I wasn’t before moving there.

It’s also a fact that it attracts certain types of people. I came there to learn from Bobby Clampett’s teacher, Ben Doyle of golf fame. Because it IS so scenic and soothing to the eye it attracts a lot of overweight less than gorgeous women. About 70 %, in fact. It’s noticeable. It also has a high alcoholic and pedophile profile. It has a lot of wealthy people and elderly people who worship money to a fault. Shove, shove, push, push, me, me, etc.. Just last week. while waiting for my court room to open I showed my photo of King getting Lennon’s autograph to a detective awaiting testimony. He acknowledged it was King but replied automatically; “So, why is that important?” I just as instantly replied with comments about teen suicide rates, school shootings and how King started that phenomenon with his mid 70’s book “Rage’ exactly ABOUT a student shooter. This DETECTIVE about to testify about the details of a case involving a criminal charge is asking WHY King’s monstrous crime matters. THAT’S Monterey! Oblivious to anything not directly related to money. I also know that the Panetta hierarchy here has corrupted it’s people just from the trickle down effect. So, there. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Monterey has already fooled me once and that will land them in the throne of shame someday. I haven’t got time to play games as if they might change if I kill them, now, with kindness as if that would melt their hearts. No. They’re bitter, jealous slaves with zero self esteem or they’d be outraged over my findings. They lack self esteem and I can’t fix that. Stephen King and a local gay radio station that protects King has destroyed them spiritually and I must look elsewhere.

If you examine the territory between Stanley, Idaho and Helena, Montana it is the wildest in all America not including Alaska. It’s where my parents are from. I am a wild, untamed, free spirit who will not accept the mediocrity of the soiled masses. You can’t take the Montana out of the boy, in a word. I look forward to meeting real people in the heartland and not adjusting myself to the selfish culture here that puts money ahead of life. I dodged a bullet. Besides, just listening to the  lisping of KSCO Radio’s crew and some of their callers makes me feel stupid to be there if it’s that gay and irrelevant. They seem to enjoy protecting Stephen King. I know, better than any other, how jealous the public is of any hero who dares to rear his head and go for the prize. As far as I’m concerned they have just mart

Samuel Clemmons (Mark Twain) remarked about humanity; “I pity the doctor who can never appreciate the blush of a cheek for knowing the details of what lies beneath the skin… I pity the captain who can never appreciate the tranquil beauty of a river’s surface over his knowing of the treachery that lies below that could capsize his boat. Mark Twain, in fact is a nautical term to describe the safe depth of a river to travel over.

I have managed to stay alive because I am willing to call it like it is, always. The fact is I know things about humanity only one such as I COULD ever know. Every jealous, bitter, self loathing miscreant who ever resented my heroism. I’ve seen it. Few have seen what I know for a fact about people. My own flesh and blood taught me what hypocrites we all are.

When I saw that asteroid in the mid 60’s it was as if I was supposed to see it and that God was angry enough with us to destroy us but for me, only, and my virtue that might, yet, save us all someday. I was supposed to see it to forge my mind to appreciate how wicked we are to deserve that kind of rock someday and how we had better change. At the time we were knee deep in killing the Kennedys and Martin Luther  King Jr., too.

In 1978 on the first tee at some Charlotte, N.C. country club that was closed on Thanksgiving Day I found myself defiling and defying God and renouncing him for his sadism. I didn’t deserve the troubled girlfriend I had just encountered and I blamed him for her being so screwed up. I could have been heard for a mile I was so loud about it. It’s as if God heard me and decided when John Lennon got shot that he’d let ME save the world and see how easy it is. Really!! I still pray that that asteroid wipes us out if King dies of old age before we punish him. Any species that stupid does not deserve to live. No guilt or shame in wishing that. It would be cruel for God to let us continue like that. Quality trumps quantity. Below a certain level life becomes more evil than good and we’re almost there, now. Look at your distressed teen’s suicide rate skyrocketing. It’s their way of punishing their parents for being so phony, weak and stupid, I think. Money worship slavery and religion has a way of doing that to adults.

Once upon a time a precious little five (?) year old girl in San Antonio had her world destroyed by a sadist named Stephen King. Her parents failed to demand a murder trial for Chapman and let her down, too. Actually, I think your parents were in Ireland, maybe, at the time and may be less guilty than American parents. Regardless, the whole human race has, ever since, been satanic in it’s cover-up and denial and refusal to care. I care. You should be glad of that. Otherwise that asteroid may be the only future we deserve. I think this is the acid test. Lennon’s murder.

By the way, the less is more look in your eye make up plays well with the rest of your face. It brings out your beautiful mouth more. It has a balancing effect, I’ve noticed.


Sound morose to say that but that is the only hope we have of ever being good and sane again. I, once upon a time, was laid back about King’s punishment. I’m not at liberty to express my opinion of the matter, now. I’ve already volunteered to be on that firing squad. If only to rub everybody’s evil decades of tolerance in their faces. I really don’t care what the stupid world thinks, either. I know how messed up humanity really is. Like no other human on earth. Like none in at least a few thousand years, I honestly believe.

I will use the phoniness of the holiday to rub a nasty message about our apathy on my bumper. The contrast has a certain effect that I must capitalize on while the moment emerges..

I’ll think of something in the next few days.

Hey, I do care about your politics. I only partly support Trump, for example. You are surrounded by media types who are terrorized into a certain mind set to get along with the bosses. I understand that. But, because I don’t want my preference of him over the communist swampers to get between us, I admit he’s only 50 % right and not the great hope he thinks he is. I won’t be supporting him this time because he is blind to the Israel issue. He’s too stupid to notice it’s the Jews behind his court tribulations and problems. They got a whiff of him being fair to Palestine once and that sealed his fate. He is also blind about global warming and too willing to imitate our enemies to compete. That’s self defeating heresy. So, you see, your possible leanings HAVE allowed me to see Trumps numerous faults so I don’t get too lost. R.F.K. Jr.? Now he I’d support just because I trust him and I know his mind and instincts are so far superior to the rest.

Library time up but, love, always.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Jan. 9, 2024;

So I was just using Round table Pizza’s television in Healdsburg, Ca. since I was out of reception zone for my T.V. and then I saw you standing there in that pastel burgundy pants suit and….WOW!… Thank you. You even shared the moment with your smile in your sign off.

I’ve been busy like a hamster on a wheel just getting things organized. Sang a capella (Listening to one earphone to a tape) for Stanford last Monday with my website address sign and other messages. Going to unload 100 lbs. from my van, I hope, tomorrow or Friday. I have storage. I can’t use my second parked van any more for that. May or may not have gotten a stop sign camera ticket in San Francisco last Monday. Worst case scenario is a reduced fine due to my status and traffic school ($250.(?)) Best case scenario is no envelope in the mail or a dismissal on the grounds it does not meet requirements in the regard the signs required advertising the camera enforcement zone are both obstructed by branches (I took photos) I may have to also argue that it is a ticket trap with too short a yellow light for a downhill circumstance. There was nothing I could have done differently without endangering whoever was behind me. It is also in a black neighborhood to oppress blacks. A total display of deliberate scamming by the government against the citizen. No visible signs, too short a signal, on a downhill, and, along with the only other like situation a block away, in a minority neighborhood to keep the blacks down. My last similar situation in S.F. was 14 years ago at 2:30 am with manually manipulated lights – five in a row – to trip me up – as if I was under surveillance – I could feel the human mind behind the mischief. I recall going straight to their televised city council meeting minutes after being convicted to put a curse on all bay area sports teams for revenge. It actually worked, too. Two consecutive droughts for all local teams. In this second ticket I also feel I was being surveilled – perhaps by a license plate reader and a human at the other end STALKING ME! – My first time on that street in several years and I get tripped up driving safely. The yellow seemed like it was only two seconds, in fact. If I live to make my four part movie I will exact revenge there sparing no names involved. I recall in 1992, there, making a sign that read; WASTED ON BAY AREA DEVIANCY right before I left there to head out to Maine to confront their people. They, too, have proven satanic in their boot licking, masochism.

My sign I propose making for my trip to Sa

Here’s to looking at you.

Jan. 15, 2023;

I was going to delete some of the above but time is too short lately to do anything but go forward. I forgot to mention I was interviewed by Frank Morano at WABC last Jan. 4 at 1:30 to 2:00 am, eastern time. I was classic me swatting down attempts to marginalize me. His first question was King’s motive. :”Rage against his father who deserted him when he was two and a half years old…..Lennon’s father did the same thing when he was the same age but John turned out great while he was working at a laundromat trying to eek out a living as a writer…” Also, I separated from KSCO Radio last Dec, 23 for not being on the side of the truth but rather on it’s trivialization. I told owner Michael Zwerling on air that he is the reason the public doesn’t take me seriously. Etc. Utah is looking mighty nice now that I know the public is satanic, lately, here.

Realizing how thankless a job mine is. SAVING BRAINWASHED SATANIC YOU being a consideration for my next billboard. Or;;YOU RAPED RIFDICULOUS RETARDS!. Or;YOU’RE THE COVER-UP’S COMMUNISTS I’m fatigued from the long drive to Sacramento and having to press naughty buttons on nasty society. My toned down selection this week is SILENT CA. FAILING AMERICA It accompanies my other sign; “I’M LEGIT. SO, WHO’S F.O.S.?”  I notice Gayle saying this morning “legit” related to the truth. Coincidence?

Bought a locking gas cap today ($21.) after noticing the effects of water in my gas tank. A possible contamination from all the rain or something else? I feel I should have done this years ago given my enemies everywhere. My van has been so good to me.

In a few months I’ll be eligible for supplemental social security (An extra $400 to $640 dollars @mo. Then I can forego having to dine with bums for free coffee at the Salvation Army.. Imagine going from $10k @ yr. to 50 million @yr. someday. Hopefully soon. Don’t worry , I will not get materialistic, after. Rather I will l become an example with money saving methods of living. MY adobe house, half underground, will be expensive, yes, but also trend setting. For example. The idea is to free up more time by sidestepping energy costs with corporations.

I notice how Nikki Haley might be a plant working to elect Biden. Dukakis, Mondale and MANY others threw their elections because that was their job at the time. The powers that be play it that way. Both sides all sewn up. Trump got by in 2016 because they got sloppy is all. I got drift of this from John D******* this morning when he was interviewing Haley and he blurted out a Freudian slip when he said; “…are you going to do anything different the next round…are you going to show us why we should reject Trump and go for the one with more experience….?”

Well, that’s mouthful.

“Hey, Nikki, aren’t you going to show us why we should reject Trump and re elect the more experienced Biden? We both know you’re in it to lose on purpose.” Translation

Then there’s Desantis housing Stephen King in a witness protection mansion on a key in Florida. What a farce it all is. Biden is from the school of screw the ,masses, enrich the ruling class and his mind set is; “Hey you elected an 80 year old. What are you going to do. Lock me up for twenty years after you realize I deliberately sabotaged your county? We’re not going to let Trump give you back your politics. We OWN you fools.. We’re the establishment globalists.”

Biden knows I will finger him after I am brought forward for trying twice, with Obama, to kill me in two high speed accidents along with camera tickets mischief at the time.. I know that they want to paint me as one who runs red lights before they set me up in an intersection kill. That’s why I am suspicious of this abbreviated yellow light last week in San Francisco, a proven satanic government.

It seems the world is allowing Obama to place  medal of the arts award around King’s satanic neck last 2015 (16)(?) and let the Clintons invite him into the White House secretly a week before the Oklahoma City bomb went off.

Like King wrote to warn us; “Beware the Jewish Communist plot against the U.S.” And, by the way, we ARE on a corrupt horse with Israel. It will be our downfall and I suspect Netanyahu has already doomed Israel’s fate. It will likely be nuked, someday, regardless of anything we or they do.

And, still, I support R.F.K. Jr. who is wisely staying out of sight and out of mind only to pounce and steal the show, soon, I hope.

Noticing how wonderful you are and keep getting. Oh, it’s a lonely life, mine. I had a very brief mini dream last month that cut through all the angst I go through 24 / 7. A beautiful woman leading a magnificent chestnut horse approached me in a pastoral setting removed from the hustle bustle and it was a great taste of how life used to be for me, free of worries and the weight of the world. I could smell the sweetness of the nectar in the air it was so beautiful.

Off to save the ingrate world.

Jan. 17, 2024;

I have to get something off my chest. (I …()….have even been wrong about it all. Please forgive me.

About marijuana. It is a substitute for companionship. A pacifier against loneliness. Besides, my lungs were talking to me (a wheezing) and it can’t be good for my $50,000.00 investment in titanium and zirconium. I couldn’t b happier with how THAT all turned out.. Even though I exhale through my nose, only. I’m almost 70 (Going on 106) and, perhaps should grow up, especially now that I have to push the news over the top. I know that, when I gave it up for three months in 2021, I suddenly looked ten years younger and saner. I saw a glimpse of me on the city council monitor Tuesday and noticed it is time to lay off as I looked as haggard as I’ve ever seen me look. I’ve been a little insomniac lately. That “flashbulb” in San Francisco and the worry about it resulting in a mailing has weighed on me more than I thought it would. I know that the politicians are angling to kill me in traffic at an intersection, likely, and want to paint a pattern of me in violation when I’m really not. I have to prevail in this matter if it materialize

My next billboard may read; …()….Drastic rhetoric is required to exorcize fallen mankind. No more Mr. Nice guy for evil humanity. It’ me versus evil, period. Like Abby Hoffman’s book title; “How To Talk Dirty and Influence People” There is no road to victory being “nice” to the public. My three year singing stink proved that.

I hope the new year finds you well and happy and prosperous. I hope whatever gaff I made yesterday is over with, now.

If my use of pot is any indicator of my need for companionship I can see myself making up for as lot of lost time, romantically speaking. Maybe someday. Until then it’s all blood, sweat and tears.

Love you (Even showing signs of it I didn’t expect)

Jan. 18, 2023;

“I’ve grown accustomed to her face, she almost makes the day begin. I’ve grown accustomed to the tune she whistles night and noon, her smiles, her frowns, her ups, her downs, are second nature to me, now, like breathing out and breathing in…” The famous song Henry Higgens sang in My Fair Lady upon his sudden realization how much his female friend really meant to him. after all.

That’s what occurred to me last night as I grasped the import of my latest gaff that found you taking a Thursday off the day after. “What HAVE I done???!!”

Well, I promise, now, if the occasion ever arises again when I need to say something exceedingly private, I will mail you a new singing tape with the message within, instead. I’ve learned my lesson, good. You have grown to mean more to me than I thought. The thought of losing your friendship and trust over a sleep deprived mistake horrifies me and saddens me greatly. In spite of the one sidedness of our communications and the technology driven mode enabling it all, something real has blossomed inside of at least.

We remember Lara Logan. She now occupies the territory of alternative media since Hillary Clinton savagely had Mohammar Khadafi(?) killed that same week that Logan had the misfortune to be gang raped by dozens of Egyptians, I believe. I remember, before all that, how I lamented that she had become a Jane Mansfield poster type of girl for the military. Like a mascot, there she was, embedding with the military, almost exclusively. I thought, then;. That can’t lead to good karma, being a poster girl for the military. I was right, too.

By the way, did you notice the taped remarks by Roger Stone about assassinating Swalwell of the Chinese agent girlfriend? Stone having a tattoo of Nixon was a warning sign of how Trump has a knack for terrible taste in who he associates with. I warned him of Chris Cristy and Gulliani years ago. (Trump’s team used to e-mail me almost every week during those days) In spite of his being better than the alternatives – not counting R.F.K. Jr. – he is really a mixed bag of good and bad. I heard R.F.K.Jr. last night on Coast To Coast radio and he IS the smartest candidate in decades for the job. He HAS a grasp of right and wrong and I hope he takes it all. My attraction to you made me open my prejudiced eyes and, for that, I owe you.

I locked my keys in my van….()…..out my life and the danger I am in. I SAW how terrible I looked the day before on the Monterey city council’s monitor. “Whewww!” Time to quit the pot.

In hopes of rising above my slovenliness and sin I am quitting pot, for starters, and also losing the ten pounds I have gained in the winter. You know, I have an extremely nice guitar – Jose Oribe classical – that I have in storage in my other van. I’ll try to break it out next time I record for you to offer some original stuff with me at the strings while I sing. Maybe some original songs, too. I was wise to focus on that guitar when my Father died while my siblings rummaged through his other offerings. A new one, today costs $20k. No kidding, It sounds great.

We may have a technology driven relationship….

P.S. I let some fire fly at the Monterey City Council meeting (1-16-’24). You can read about it at the top on page one of my editorial section. Yes, I DID prescribe asteroidal extinction for humanity if King is allowed to skate and dies of old age, first. We’d all BE better off dead than living in that world.

I am geared for my story breaking and avoiding all that. Did I ever tell you of the time I saw a monster asteroid just miss us in the mid 60’s? At least 20 miles across and “BLIP!” fast. Only 3,000 miles away, glowing yellow and orange and not just white and taking up a sixth of the sky. My first thought was; “We all almost just died.” I told no one for years it was so unbelievable. That is why I care about human behavior, I guess. I know what awaits a wicked planet if we descend into hellishness like we are doing now. If the rest of the public knew this about our being sitting ducks I think they’d care greatly about my evidence. I believe we were busy assassinating the Kennedy’s and M.L.K. then. I wonder did God show me what awaits us if we don’t change? So that I might save us someday after discovering evidence that could free us?: I wonder. It’s my real motivating force behind my courage. I’ve see what the alternative is. I really do think he revealed this sight to me, specifically, as if I really was “the messenger” and that only my solitary virtue spared the rest of us, then. I had no sooner settled into my pillow the one night of the year I slept in the back yard, I looked up and there it immediately was. Like served to me on a silver platter. A MOUNTAIN from Healdsburg to Hawaii in about two seconds time, it seemed.

Jan. 23,2024;

Dodged a bullet last week. My valuable guitar could have burned down with my Toyota van as my driveway space landlord’s house caught on fire. Only the living room ceiling burned but she and her tenants are not allowed in until inspections take place. I advised her to establish a “go fund me” campaign if she can. I do have another valuable steel stringed acoustic guitar, a mid 70’s Gibson J-40(?), in my distant storage facility, fortunately. I picked up that thousand dollar baby at a Goodwill in Healdsburg years ago for $35., case included. It rings like a loud bell, indeed. I recall entering that store late in the day, it was raining, and a Hispanic woman brought a guitar case out from the back room and set it on display. Within seconds I was looking at it and not even sure what it was. I knew the name Gibson meant something and so I bought it. I had to spent $200. once to repair a crack my loose guitar strap mount caused but it was very minor and now it’s fine. Just sitting there, safe and sound. Had I not stumbled into that store at that exact time it would have disappeared within an hour, I’m sure.

I just remembered. I don’t know if I ever told you, that Clint Eastwood had someone dose me with a date rape drug, here, the night I was dating one of his girlfriends in 1980. It worked like clockwork, too. Just as my blood was racing through my system a half hour later at her apartment I fell unconscious for a whole day, in fact. Our only date, it turned out. It disillusioned me about life. I regret not standing up to him then and making a case of it. He was too famous for me to ruin his reputation was my rational. It turns out I have been giving mankind penis envy my whole life, it seems. Even huge sex symbols. Anyway, I like Clint and think he is a good man and so I leave him alone. He lets me putt on his greens and that’s the bargain we made, I guess. I had to resurrect that tale once in 2002(?) when he had me and my van towed off his golf tournament grounds. (I had rebuffed his year earlier attempt to befriend me while watching Jack Nicklaus play golf – I gave him the slip after he was found shadowing me for a half hour trying to be my friend – ) I was let back in the next day but only after I distributed a hundred flyers across town about that 1980 incident. I wrote him a letter of apology that week trying to mend fences. Quite a life I lead, huh?

The funny thing is this. His movie “Thunderbolt And Lightfoot”, made decades before, was about a Lightfoot or someone else, maybe, from Idaho who had stashed many thousands of dollars in a church wall – probably a true story –  and it was probably a direct relative of mine as my father and grandfather were FROM Idaho.. Talk about coincidinks. How many Lightfoot’s could have ever lived in Idaho, ever?! Life’s strange riddles.

Recently (Mid 2022) a man claiming to be Clint on KSCO Radio was found saying.” “Because you know what I know that you know that I know… You tried to get in my way when I was making movies and having sex with Salinas women…Get in my way again, punk, and I’ll blast you into the ground…” It could have been an impersonator but maybe not. Maybe he does have demons, still, about it, I don’t know. Generally, I think of him as complex, sophisticated man. A very lonely man who can’t even go out in public and be normal he’s so famous.

I’ve deleted a lot of what was in this section, above. I noticed my bitterness about stupid humanity was a little too impolite and so I will refrain from my condemnation of humanity here from now on. I also have to keep away from leaving any “breadcrumbs” behind that might give your identity away and so I will stay away from your professional references. I do notice a change in G.K.’s face, lately, though. She is doing a good job rebounding from a weight gain and I hope she pulls out of whatever funk she is in now.

Day five of withdrawal from pot and I’m a little out of sorts. Now I have an extra two hours a day when I’m not fiddling with my pipe and such. I notice my voice is much clearer and my mind a little sharper. I’m looking forward to maybe making 2024 the start of a life without it. It’s as if the high one gets is the result of shutting OFF parts of the brain rather than enhancing it. The one thing I notice my singing lacks is a sustaining of long, drawn out notes. With cleaner lungs i think I’ll conquer that, too. Vibrato I could never do before. Now it happens without my having to think about it. Miracles abound. Willie Nelson proved to me last year in an interview that pot does NOT affect one’s cognitive abilities. He’s as sharp as most 50 year old’s, in fact. I’ve even heard it has cancer protection effects. No one has ever died from lung cancer from pot that I know of. I still look forward to a better life without it, though.

Regarding Utah, I may change it up a little now having learned I could move to a place near there but with a few high profile, like minded movie stars who would inevitably learn of me and even help me for all I know. It might also be a little warmer in the winter there. I’ll have to scout out both areas, first.

I noticed a dangerously worn rear tire I am replacing tomorrow. I’ll likely have to get new shocks, too, and that will put me into the Supplemental Social Security qualification window, soon. No mailing yet from DMV about that flash that occurred even before any red light appeared. – Like a double yellow, instead. Two months after getting new auto insurance still no paperwork from them, though, either. Somebody in Madera says he has already mailed me the $313. he did in damaging my bumper. He was without insurance. We’ll see. It’s minor damage I can fix with a good jack I think.

The low pressure weather patterns are affecting my lower back, I’ve noticed. When I get back in the swing of life with normal sex I think I’ll fix that, though. One is not meant to go without as long as I have, I’m finding out. Normal weather, no problem.

What else? Oh, yeah. I want to tell you what I’ve been noticing about you regarding me that I appreciate, but it’s too personal for this space. Maybe in a month or two I’ll send a new music tape and put it there.

I also wanted to say I’m not interested in busting up anything good you may have with Hubby. Only if you become available would I resort to that. I guess I care more about you than my selfish needs. I’d still have to tell the world, if we were ever an item, what to do if ever you were harmed by my enemies to hurt me or slow me down. Boycott taxes for two years, for example. Remove the Zionist state of Israel. I’ll have to do all that, someday, just for ME to stay safe. I don’t want to live like a president with an army of security shadowing me all the time. I’ll have to scare my enemies into a hands off policy with me and my loved ones, instead. One of the things about my life I don’t wish upon anyone. However, if you can handle the heat and turn out to love me, someday, I’m all about exclusivity with only you. Something about you rings al my bells. Sometimes I feel foolish for having such high goals. I shouldn’t. I deserve the best and I know it. I think no one on earth is more deserving of recognition and reward than me, in fact. It’s a matter of time, only. The trick is making it as short a period of time as possible.- Love you.

P.S. Desantis fell short of even my expectations and I wonder was it anything to do with my sign in April of 2021 ‘DESANTIS STALKING MESSNGER” after getting a ticket (subsequently dismissed via phone court) for standing in the roadway with my signs near King’s Florida residence. It was up for a week and maybe that DID ring a bell. One other thing before I forget. During that time King, himself, tried to box me into his private roadway to his house. I was two cars lengths into it “private driveway, no trespassing”. I backed out thinking it could be a trap and it WAS KING in his black Tesla behind me having to also back up to let me get out of there. I found out from his neighbors he DOES drive a black Tesla and it looked like him as he turned his face away from me so I couldn’t see for sure. I think I’d have been shot to death, allegedly justifiably, for being near his house with my van as proof of my mischief. Self defense. Did I dodge a bullet that day? I think I did. It was my being arrested in Santa Cruz in 1995 at a bookstore during his book signing event for entering it that taught me these kinds of traps exist. I was slandered on the national news then as a stalker. Just like King had hoped. I recall the book displayed behind him in the paper the next day read; “How A House Works” Enter this bookstore and, WHAM! The irony was, he bragged to the crowd at the Civic center that night about me; “We took a few shingles off of his roof today..” Five years later he was almost killed by a van driver in Maine. The shingles, he lost, not me.

Jan. 24, ’24;

Day whatever of no pot and I am dreaming, again. Rapid eye movement deep sleep that I was missing all this time, before. Wouldn’t you know it, YOU were in my first vivid dream. There you stood from a distance in your white, satin, knee length dress getting blown up half way up your gorgeous thighs. It lasted a few seconds, only, but it was reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s sidewalk grate scene blowing up her skirt. Interesting, I think. A sexual overtone.  Also interesting, in 2009(?) while going through San Antonio, Tx., I noticed a stunner in jeans brushing her long hair in the sun feeling her powers and strutting her stuff all by herself in the middle of nowhere on a remote crossroads. It was an intriguing sight I still remember. I’ll let you fill in the coincidence. Along that line, though, I dreamed about Dorothy W., my first girlfriend, a year before I ever met her. I was up in Ketchum, Idaho visiting my grandparents and I had a dream about his beautiful Japanese girl who I fell in love with. A year later, there she was. Weird.

No mailing yet from the DMV or of my insurance package, now almost two months late.

I noticed how exceptionally beautiful you looked on Monday this week with your close ups in New Hampshire. Your make up is spot on, now, your naturally beautiful eyes shining through.

A touching memory of my first and longest lasting girlfriend; Dorothy W. was of how we paced off each other in a deserted courtyard at our high school one afternoon sizing each other up for trust and becoming vulnerable for the first time. A moment of our mutual surrender to each other. My fondest and happiest moments in life were with her. Our first kiss – a half hour long ecstasy that found us coming up for air just once, as well as our rolling in the grass in an orchard just making out for hours. We were great kissers. I noticed how I put a smile on her yearbook photo face compared to her year book photo before we met and of how it went back to blah after we broke up a year and a half later. My parents prejudice tore us apart, in hind sight. She was very beautiful half Japanese woman with a great mind, heart and soul. I was a fool. She married the guy three doors down from me as it turned out, later. My subsequent one night stands style parade – maybe 100 – took her place and I’m so not proud of that. (No STD’s along the way, by the way. Maybe a yeast related issue, once, but no symptoms, whatsoever, in 40 years).  My father was terrified I’d get Dorothy pregnant. My father was good looking doctor / playboy / cheat and I guess he mixed me up. I have since rebelled against all that and long for what I need, a real relationship. I used to be a stupid, spoiled brat. On the bright side he saved me from abortion, I would learn from my sister, recently. He was a reluctant father, yet a good father, I have to admit. Very thoughtful, intelligent and philosophical. I had a good mom, too. She was a gifted artist and a down to earth, kind and patient soul. My father took music appreciation in college and maybe his thoughts when I was conceived rubbed off on me. I think I’ve already mentioned both of our fathers were physicians.

The point being, it feels as though we are in that sizing each other up stage and letting our guard down stage, though we have yet to meet. It feels touching, too. It’s been a while since I’ve felt love like I remember it. Thank you.

A few things I want to let you know about the Forrest Gump side of me that finds me in everyone’s porridge like Waldo in every scene. I’ve met a hundred celebrities in my life. Glenn Campbell once listened to my very earliest 90’s karaoke songs via my Walkman. “Gentle On My Mind”. His advice then was to pick up the beat a little more and not to worry about vibrato since it was my complaint. My inability, then, to do it. Of course, Jack Nicklaus, who I just recently mailed a tape to after all this time. I included a sketch of him at the top of backswing position. I was the best artist in my high school, by the way. Ray Manzerak, organist of The Doors, I gave some Beatles and Doors karaoke tapes to in 2006 as well as my magazine. You’re the only other celebrity to have a tape(s) of mine.

In 1998(?) I managed to kill Richard Nixon via my voice on talk radio. Morton Downey Jr. gave me three consecutive days on talk radio in L.A., Nixon’s turf, Fifteen minutes per day to pull down his pants and I did. Just weeks later, after hearing me confront Kissinger on talk radio, he had his stroke an hour later. No kidding. Served him right, too. God really DOES rule. Morton paid dearly for his courage losing his television show before it aired and such. A year later he called me a great man in our last conversation on the radio. I gave him the accolade right back, too. (All of this is available on the archives). He, more than anyone, gave me a shot at the media exposure angle. He was on my side. Very unlike Michael Zwerling of KSCO Radio, here, an admitted Zionist, thinking I wouldn’t catch on to his marginalize the messenger angle. Kissinger died just a week after I first ever tied him to Lennon’s murder on my site. I think I told you of the time I confronted him in the late 80’s at an event hosting him. I also am responsible for changing the mind of the woman of Roe vs. Wade. I was a talk show caller in L.A. – her only interview, ever –  I think I used the name Kevin. I remarked that “…abortion is less a crime against the unborn than it is against the woman who will ,forever after, be unable to love completely from the associated guilt inherent in her choice.  Abortion is mostly a crime against love, itself.” A month later she announced her change of heart. No one else said anything profound that day. Check THAT archival tidbit out. I could go on and on and on, really. But I have to rest now and recharge for later as I’ve said a lot today. Until later, love you.

P.S. Nikki Haley  isn’t smart enough to articulate her campaign rhetoric as she is doing. She is being handled by others trying to elect Biden. What a burden knowing all I do about our politics.

My life IS hard but I forge ahead looking for the silver linings all around me in the meantime. You are the best thing going for me, lately, and it keeps me strong. I’ll have to mellow out my abrasiveness someday as I don’t want to offend you for knowing me. I’ll have to sugar coat my messaging and, probably, for my own good, as well.

Also, a mini add on to page one of my editorial section about heroes and politics I added today.

One other thing; that announcement of my possibly moving has been read by the locals and seems to have lit a fire under them I didn’t see before. Who knows, maybe they WILL wake up and help me. Like the song title; “Something’s Gottta Give”

Jan. 25, 2024;

AHAAH! I wondered why you looked a lot less pleased with, possibly, me Tuesday versus Monday when your face was lit up with so much love. I forgot (deleted). I don’t make excuses, I did, and I’m sorry. At least I figured it out right away. I have been under the duress of withdrawal from pot and so under slept. Yesterday I had to make a U-turn to add the most important part of my radio call to the Roe vs, Wade lady and I got yesterday’s date wrong. ExHAUSTED! I looked up Jack Nicklaus’s (deleted) to see if you (deleted). The good news is you are (deleted), the same as Dorothy and Linda, the two most powerful loves of my life. (deleted) Maybe (deleted) is far enough removed to click. I noticed a look of pride in Jack’s recent Google photo that suggests he is very proud of what I have done with my singing, not to mention what I’ve learned about the golf swing. His way of not having to write me back. He did write me back three times in 1979. I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation, full of sass and sway and, ‘world, get out of my way’ now that the THC is on its way out. A feeling of being unchained. Maybe I subconsciously remembered as I quit pot (deleted) basically. I plan on looking ten years younger as a result. That glimpse of my haggard, loony looking self on the City Council’s monitor last month was a real wake up call. John was drug free when he was killed and even wrote a song “Clean Up Time” to get us all off of them, in fact. I think I may have to see about staying off of pot.

How is the world’s greatest detective doing on his hunches?

I think I figured out, also, why you assume a distant look whenever (deleted) shares split screens with you. Perhaps he made an uncouth pass at you that went rebuffed like another C.R. .and you want to signal to keep his distance. I say mend fences and smile and go forward. I’d even say take him off the battlefield for his own psyche’s sake. No one should have to ride along with genocidal, insane, misguided Zionists. Maybe report from a less intimate and embedded posture so as to be unbiased, as it should be.

It seems the specter of my story breaking has accelerated the attempted communist takeover of America to the point it is failing and falling apart like a train going too fast around the bend. It’s great to see Trump’s Georgia tormentors getting a little karma payback for their money grubbing traitorous activities. I honestly think greed and money are the tools our enemies are plying to undo America. I see how Ricki Lake was just offered millions to quit by such types.  I was on talk radio in L.A. yesterday explaining how Dukakis and others lost on purpose. When I shouted out from the crowd to him in San Francisco; “Use Reagan’s Lennon evidence against him.” Do-dick-us, seconds later, remarked something about the garbage collection there, emphasizing the word garbage as he looked right at me. You see how they really DO lose on purpose? I recall Geraldine Ferraro hissing and scowling at me as I gave her my magazine on stage (A photo showing it in her hands in the S.F. Chronicle the next day.) Mondale, himself, in a San Jose rally, was giddy with excitement as he was looking at me in the crowd almost saying under his breath; “You think I’m trying to win? You rookie.” Jesse Jackson, when I met him, gave off the vibe; “You’re a good looking Honky but you actually think I’m who I pretend to be?  I set up M.L.K. to walk out on the balcony that night, sucker! That pillow fight, minutes before, was just a gesture of kindness to give him in his last moments on earth and to get his guard down.”  Gore was as schizophrenic as possible in his fake run to make sure HE lost, in my opinion. Like Howard Cosell remarked when asked about announcing Lennon’s murder, once; “It’s a sordid business.” He should know. Weeks before the murder he introduced Lennon to Reagan AT a Monday Night football game and the two were seen walking, Reagan’s arm around Lennon’s shoulders. “John, we’re going to kill you on this very venue like a Roman arena kill to please the crowd and Cosell will deliver the lie, to boot. Stephen King, your exact opposite, will pull the trigger and undo all your great influence, as well. We/ve got a smokescreen event with a friend’s son, Hinckley, who will fake shooting me to change subjects when your killer’s trial is skipped for no reason. Just a part of the gun grabbing we’re all about. And, Yoko, your wife. She’ our secret agent Jap ace in the hole. She’ll tell everybody to let the courts decide. We’re too good not to get caught. It’s all SOOOO sophisticated, our brand of evil.” So, now we know the real reason Reagan never attended church as president. He even LOOKS  a little like Stalin, I think.

While I’m on a roll, I met Barry Manilow in N.Y.C. in December of 1992, right after my first foray into Bangor, Maine and gave him my magazine warning him about Larry King who was to interview him that night. I knew he was about to also interview Chapman. Barry was very tight lipped that interview as if to merely watch and observe Larry. See for yourself. Barry was standing next to his white town car limo in the middle of the street at 72,nd and Columbus St. and I got out and introduced myself to him. Years later I ambushed Larry on Ronn Owens KGO radio interview in S.F. nailing him for knowingly betraying us with a sham interview. When Ronn tried to apologize Larry remarked; “It’s O.K., Ronn, it’s all going to come out, eventually, anyway.” Bully for him for NOT being a lying Jew for once. A sordid business, indeed.

Speaking of Barbara WaWa, I gave her secretary my magazine a week before her Chapman interview. When she tried to make a comeback a few years ago I sent her right back to her cubby hole to hide until she died when I nailed HER on national radio for her role in betraying us all. Not necessarily proud of any of this, but not apologetic, either.

I want you to know that the commie takeover plot is in full swing, now, and we all have to be on our toes. Trump, while far from perfect, is our lucky gift, frankly, to stop it. (By the way, in 1988(?) at the practice tee at Pebble Beach I approached Trump and asked him; “Have you ever heard about evidence that links Nixon and Reagan to John Lennon’s murder?” “No” he replied. “You will, someday.” and I walked away.) I still want R.F.K. Jr., however. I feel we all, as a nation, have to give him a collective hug to get over his PTSD induced speech impediment from all of us killing his family with our apathy all these years, J.F.K. Jr., included. Have you SEEN the vitriol against HIM by our Jewish media? Astounding! Even more hostile than they treat Trump. My late Uncle Tommy, on my Mom’s side, suffered similar shell shock from being on at least three ships that were sunk in the Korean(?) war. I’ll have to get out ahead of any future attempts on HIS life and warn us of the Jewish communist plot against the U.S., to quote Stephen King. Beware whatever advice the bosses you’re with are peddling. Our enemies run that business. 3 % of America is Jewish yet they run 80 % of our media? Wake up, everybody. It IS a conspiracy. Nothing less. Remember the Rosenburgs. They gave Moscow our A-bomb secrets the same year we gave THEM Israel. 1948. I think the Jews bring a lot of their bad luck on themselves with their breed only with Jews mode of conduct. My Mother’s grandparents(?) stood up to the Nazi’s in Yugoslavia (Serbia) and had their tongues cut out and were tied, alive, to their burning houses for it. You don’t see Yugoslavians asking for a nation of their own for it, though. For that matter NOBODY  and no other religion but the Jews feel entitled to a country of their own. There’s the problem, I think. They, themselves. Their prejudice against any non Jew – to the point of how they breed – has CREATED all subsequent prejudices against them, I think. Even as early as the 30’s they were being called out for their parasitical nature with mankind. But they are the masters of the 180 degree lie. Hey, I used to LIKE Jews and Israel. I’m post-judiced, I guess, you could say. Only 20 % of them are bad, but that’s a lot. Forgive my candor as I know it’s impolite. Their problem is a natural reaction to almost having the whole world snuff them out. I understand that. Now they are motivated to kill all non Jews on earth for it is the problem. The moral of the story? Any attempt to breed a race unto itself via selective breeding is a sin that fate will punish. Einstein, as brilliant a Jew as he was, gave us all a way to kill ourselves via splitting the atom. That’s where their brilliance all leads to. Not curing cancer. Par for the course.

Anyway, just a quick note here before this stupid library computer system loses all of this, again, and I have to start all over. I’m, perhaps, just playing a little hard to get, lapsing (deleted), maybe, is all that happened. Subconsciously, perhaps. I’ve known your birthdate for two years or more, now. It amazed me how close it was to Jack Nicklaus’s.

Monterey, except for the money grubbing government here, has been very good to me allowing me space to sleep and such and seems to be on my side. My next billboard may read; “YOU WEAKLINGS NEED MY HEROISM” just to lighten up the atmosphere a little. I have to find a way before this time next year to get them to join my cause. Otherwise the remote, wild, southwest is appealing to me and, if I get rich, maybe even a little further north since the temperature won’t be so important. I’ll probably move there, after, anyway. I deserve a little peace and quiet. I just won’t have to humiliate Monterey for being a lame duck, after, is all. Wish me luck.

Just a quick note here to assure you I realized I temporarily (deleted) a day before your fill in announced it yesterday at 6:29 PT. When the computer at Pacific Grove library lost it’s browser, or server, I forget what the librarian said, I lost an hours worth of what I had to type twice immediately above. This library is so lax it has happened several times before. I let out a whoop of frustration in the library that got one man to threaten me with his cane over my outburst and I told him to not point his cane at me – he was threatening me – or he’d be eating it. He wanted to find an excuse to beat up on me. Maybe he knew who I was. It was all over in seconds when his challenge to go outside was defused when I said; “Look at you.” to let him know I was too much for him and me and the librarian continued with fixing the computer, me all polite again, as the man exited the building. I took ANOTHER hour to re type everything I lost and got out of there at about 1:00 pm to see the same librarian talking to the police outside. Nothing came of it all but the record is on file to check to prove when I typed the above. Several hours later your fill in made the birthday announcement. For what it’s worth. This whole area has some of the most dysfunctional workers I’ve ever seen. Many prior complaints about it’s atrocious computers and, still, nothing gets fixed. Nobody, it seems, has their hands on the steering wheel around here. It doesn’t matter what business, nobody seems to know their job. Is my story the cause of all this distraction that they can’t get their act together? It’s as if something is in the water it’s so pervasive. It’s just been an exhausting stage of my life, lately. The same kind of insomnia I experienced for a month when Lennon was killed that found me in alarm mode at my world, then, has reared it’s head, again, lately. That dream that included you, for example, was also rife with images of me having to escape capture and me skipping across stones and luxurious landscapes to stay one step ahead of the threat chasing me. Like navigating an endless maze with not a split second to waste or rest, constantly. The same kind of dream I experienced in 1996 the night before I defeated Stephen King’s lawyer in court in Bangor, Maine over a protection from harassment injunction. I told the judge; “Even if the injunction is granted I’d be violating it right away because my right to come forward and remove my life from danger trumps King’s right to not be harassed. In the real world he can sue me for slander or defamation but not to restrict my free speech.” I beat his lawyers and his request was denied. The Italian mobsters that protect King there, the Baldaccii’s, showed visible signs of defeat on television a few days later. Like “Wheeewww! What do we do now?” I’ve just been fatigued and out of sorts is all.

Other than that I know much of the above is pretty grizzly and I’d like to leave it all out but I want you to know all about me, up front. I left out the moment a 22 caliber bullet grazed my right ear one day as a teenager while sitting down eating a banana when my jealous sibling(s) tried to kill me while we were hunting birds in a field. “BLAMMM!!” went the sound from 100 yards or so. I felt a warm sensation on my ear, turned around and saw a single blade of straw swaying back and forth and dust rising next to it. So traumatic was the experience, knowing who it must have been that fired the shot, I blocked it out for decades only to remember it when one of my siblings tried to pull a fast one on me dividing up our father’s estate. I confronted the brother I suspected over the phone and got the answer I needed. No denial. I wouldn’t find out until years later that it was my other youngest brother who pulled trigger. Apparently they had arranged a rendezvous, even, to meet up together. I got a subtle admission OF that fact from them, even. I forgave them both the day after we buried our mother’s ashes near Lake Tahoe in 2019. We’re still a little distant. It’s a work in progress. I communicate mostly with my sister, Laura, who I, perhaps, neglected when we were young. I suppose my being first born and getting to do everything first, from working to having a girlfriend to being the smartest and best at everything got to them more than I knew. My one brother was pretty slow with learning to read compared to me, for example, I guess. I don’t know. If I was ever overbearing with them or bullied them I was unaware of it at the time. Maybe my overly disciplinary father’s tyranny found me passing it on to my siblings without my knowing it. Perhaps that same tyranny forged in me the ability to stand up to and oppose authority and tyranny regarding Lennon’s murder. It was bad enough that I developed a stutter for a year in my early teens. I’ll never forget the time my father ordered me to put the phone book back in it’s place when I was helping him move to a new condo in 1983(?) I said ;”No.” “Oh, yeah?” “Yeah. For the first time in my life I’m capable of kicking your ass.” He was both proud of me and shocked at the same time. I suppose he was asking for that and he knew it, then. I resolve to never be tyrannical or a bully with anyone close to me. I may have a tawdry tale but I evolved out of whatever dysfunction I grew up around. I have to admit, though, I am still a little pushy with the recalcitrant public. I still have work to do.

Another strange footnote to that; The brother / trigger man was beaten with a belt, violently, right after, when my father discovered he had messed with the scope on that rifle, not putting it on straight. It was horrific and it made me feel sorry for my father as much as my brother. It’s as if my father subconsciously knew what he tried to do to me with that scope rifle he was so out of control. It affected my brother to the point of a nervous breakdown years later, I think. So tragic. Maybe that crooked scope setting saved my life, though. Weird, karma. Just weird as heck.

I could even say more, but maybe for a later day, about how my father’s plane crash was a mirror copy of karma for something he did a dozen years before he died on a ski slope in New Zealand as a passenger on a ski lift plane. I was grateful that the last words I ever said to my father were; “I love you.” eight months prior.

Wow! You have sure brought out the confessor in me, haven’t you? All the bad stuff I want out of the way, I guess. I am assured I am O.K., now, is what matters. It’s as if I want to scrub myself clean for you before we meet. In you I see a kindred soul whom I can share such things with. The up side is we can discuss other matters from here, forward, as that is all out of the way. I so DO want to focus on the positive with you if we ever meet. Once this story is in the history books I want to only focus on what is good in life. I’ve had my share of drudgery and angst. I always wondered how it was that someone as optimistic, positive and ‘up’ as I always was, before, had such a horror story fall into his lap for my destiny. Maybe only so positive a soul could endure such a story, perhaps, and be strong enough to see it through. Even my name is a riddle; “Light” “Truth” and “Foot” “Carry” Carrier of the truth. Just so weird, ALL of it.

Jan. 27,’24”

Oh, brother! As you can see I’m not a professional secret keeper. The opposite, an expose artist. I deleted the breadcrumbs I was SO STUPID to place for a few days. You’ll see if you check out the immediate pages above what I mean. I am sleeping again and hope it doesn’t happen again.

About my daring to dump out my family’s secrets, I wondered, should I or should I not? I think I’m actually safer with the beans spilled vs. not. No motive, now, to shut me up to keep the beans in the bag. My brothers know I’ll be celebrity numero uno, someday, and, who knows what they might resort to to keep those items a secret. Now it IS too late to keep the lid on. We’ll all just have to live with our dirty laundry, I guess. My life’s story will be revealed someday, anyway. Better sooner than later so as to get on with what’s more important. If the media thinks they can someday intimidate me with any future personal disclosures, good luck on that to them.

John’s song lyrics from; “Nobody Loves You When You’re Down and Out”; “I’ve been across to the other side. I’ve shown you everything, I’ve got nothing to hide…” is a sentiment I share. If I can’t tell the whole truth what’s the point? We’ll all just have to grow up and face the straight mirror of ALL our lives. I’m sure it only humanizes me and I seem less like an alien from outer space like the world has been treating me all this time. I have enough plusses to erase the minuses

Ricky Nelson’s song; “Teenage Idol” describes another reason I’m so forthcoming. “I need somebody to call my baby, someone to tell my troubles to. I got no time to ever find her cause I’m just passing through…” The cathartic value, even via this site, I need. I feel there is a mind on the other side listening with you.

About Trump. He thinks he can throw his weight around and fool people. Walking out of the courtroom while the other side is making their final argument was a huge mistake. He DOES need to humble himself and stop thinking he’s the smartest man on the planet. He’s not. “I felt that her statements were less than accurate.” Code for “I can’t come right out say she was making it all up.” “Trizzle trazzel, truzzle trone, time for this one to come home,” to parrot a 60’s cartoon about an impetuous turtle who goes out half cocked and half informed only to find himself in a bind, ultimately calling out for help; “Mr. Wizard, help!”

In the other hand, I KNOW exactly what his defense lawyer is saying. He WAS absolutely railroaded and deprived of his defense. It happened to me all last year over that traffic light ticket. He was deprived of American freedom and his rights. Now I know why Biden was so smiley all last week. What a turd of a man. What a TURD! His supposed good economy is based on credit card debt, money printing and smoke and mirrors and stealing from the retirees who’s bank accounts are now worth 20% less. By the time it crashes he’ll be dead  and gone. I hope Trump wins his appeal and learns from it. All the more reason I hope R.F.K. Jr. lights it up on the campaign trail. He was smart enough to go Independent. Trump is in the enemy camp and doesn’t even know it.

I was on N.Y.C. ‘s WABC Radio’s The Frank Morano show last week on the red eye hour to ask America to give R.F.K.Jr. a big collective hug of reassurance to help him get over his PTSD speech impediment from the world killing his family all over the place. I remarked; “As much as I like Trump, I like to see R.F.K. Jr. win, ultimately…Like his uncle and father, he is smarter and sees farther and he sees the big picture more than the rest. He is eloquent and articulate and can inspire us all more than the others.” Did the listeners recognize my voice from my last months interview there?

About the same time I was on L.A.’s KABC’s radio with Royal Oaks to remind everyone that Nikki Haley may be another Dukakis type, paid off phony designated to lose on purpose to get Biden in. I even got to let everyone know who I am in the process, in case you wonder where her smile went, lately. What, now? 4,000 radio calls in the past 30 years for me? At least, I suppose. Somebody please bring this hero in from the cold. I’ve got to get a break from all this insanity, fear based stonewalling of the biggest news on the planet that we need as badly as we need oxygen.

For the golf event here next week my complimentary billboards now read; “PEOPLE, Y-O-U-‘R-E THE PROBLEM” and ; “SILENT CA. FAILING AMERICA”.

Jan. 29, ’24;

Wow, did you watch the 49’rs vs the Lions football game yesterday? It ‘s enough to make me believe it was fixed. The stats were a complete about face from the first half. I recall how the 49’rs won almost every Superbowl with Montana when I first hit S.F. with my story in the mid 80’s. That was before they proved impotent in the face of evidence, later, and lost their pride.

Quitting pot is like watching all the bats leave your belfry as you sober up and detox from all the THC.  What used to seem very interesting now does not. It’s like going solo with no crutch to lean on and no pacifier to satisfy you.  It does make me feel my aloneness more and the need to fix that.

I know how to stop immigration. Become a famous celebrity and get America off it’s rampant drug use that empowers the cartels. Tell the pilgrims; “Hey, learn how to erect your own democracy and freedom train where you’re from. We eradicated the cartels, now YOU work on making YOUR land a better place like we had to.

On the other hand, I can see how we are just getting our karma for killing the Indians. Now WE’RE being taken over by THEM. If you look at our history, we have a lot of bad karma we’re paying for, now. The reason North Korea is a problem is because we mercilessly, sadistically, bombed them in the Korean war. The reason we have enemies in the middle east is because of the Crusades and our governments continuing role in that. To those who were ever prejudiced against blacks – and they have flourished all across the east coast and south – it had to do with their sick need to enslave them, once. There are so many wrong things America did to deserve its troubles today. I think our need for materialism and money may destroy everything else if we don’t go back to the basics of life and be happy farmers like God intended. I recall, as a 10 year old, that I’d gladly trade my doctor’s son lifestyle for the Indian way of life. I even went through a stage of making bows and arrows and running around in a loin cloth for ayear. I even trained hawks as a young teenager. There’s no way today’s millionaires are as happy as yesteryears Indians were.

About where I’D like to live. I only say that because we are not yet an item. Maybe YOU have a better idea. I decided my preference based on tornadoes and bad weather that comes from living anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico, an unnatural geology that was the result of an asteroid crater. Now it swirls the winds in ways not intended by nature and why live in that bullseye’s zone? (My spherical, half submerged house design ideas has that weather exactly in mind.) I also care about the smell of the land and the stillness and quietness of a place. Did you know one has to get 90 miles away from the ocean to not hear the ocean’s roar? I hate to say to you how unpleasant I find the hustle and bustle of cities, now, or the mafia corrupted upper east coast. The west and southwest and the wildness of that region appeals to me is all. The way America is going I hope I can stand to live here at all, in the future.

I keep up this dialogue to pay attention to you. I know we are a long shot, but I have to keep my line in the water just in case. You strike me as one who deserves attention. Don’t we all?

It’s interesting to observe my dreams, lately, as I am just having vivid dreams again. My latest one found me cock sure that I was entering my apartment at night and wondered why one tenant was wide eyed with fright at my walking down his hallway. I couldn’t find my room. The whole floor plan was amiss. Nothing made sense until I awoke realizing I still live in my van. My mind has been a non stop rolodex of slogan ideas, lately, and my sobriety has made a difference in their nature. This morning, for example, the slogan was; “GET WELL, SICK U.S. – PROTEST!”  And another; ‘WEAK, JEALOUS AND AFRAID?” I’m seeing the differences. I do know that, if I ever get to be as famous as I deserve to be, I will blame the common man and not the media or the government for this world’s problems. I’ve noticed that I am deliberately NOT eloquent like Gandhi or Lennon, the Kennedys or M.L.K.. They all got killed for not realizing it is a jealous, venomous public that wants it’s heroes to be slaughtered. Masochists, all. I have to tread a fine line between eloquence and raspiness so that their jealousy doesn’t get me killed for being too nice.

I noticed, yesterday, that I already DO look a year or two younger than last month. I noticed, also, that there has been a consistent crowd across the street from my Sunday protests, lately. Some two dozen people who just might be there waiting to join me. Next time I’ll walk across the street and ASK them to stand by me.

I noticed my advice to a breakfast restaurant I frequent went unappreciated. I told the manager either their cooks aren’t keeping the eggs cold – perhaps allowing them to heat up above the stove on a counter without proper rotation – or they need a new egg supplier. I used to be a cook for 20 years and know what I’m talking about. The owner gave me the evil eye as he walked by me yesterday. My waitress who likes me also seemed a little upset with me. What am I supposed to do, keep quiet and let them lose customers to Black Bear Diner down the street who have already figured all this out? Kind of like how the public resents my saving them from evil Stephen King and the fall of America if they don’t punish him. Ingrates. I’m their best friend to tell them the truth. They even admitted that the customers once complained when they switched to Costco eggs once. Good eggs are a must for any breakfast house. I also advised them to get a better pancake syrup. They were so sure that offering real maple syrup for a fee hike was enough. It’s not.

One last note; Obama / Biden tried, twice, to kill me in two high speed accidents in 2010 and 2015(14). They are communists to even dare to do so, too. (It’s all detailed somewhere on this site.) There is a reason I know better than the average American about them. Boy, was I ever fooled to ever support Obama or Clinton or Dukakis or Mondale, before. R.F.K. Jr. I trust. Trump I trust, but, wow, is this the best we can do? I seriously doubt I will ever go the politician route. I think I will tell the world, instead, that I can do more as an artist, like John did, to change the world so long as they are paying attention and willing to join the effort.

Jan. 30,’24;

Whewww! I came here today to speak about mostly only you but just got off the phone with the owner of Rosine’s Restaurant and warned him not to follow through on his waiters threat to have my van impounded and arrested for my free speech activities across the street from them. The oldest establishment in Monterey, I’d hate to have to shut them down with my billboards and website, but hey have, apparently, been networking with the evil police here to mess with me. I had to inform him of my closing down Pizza Experience in Santa Rosa with just one day’s worth of billboarding in 1988. They pulled a redneck trick on me and my sign the next day read; REDNECK EXPERIENCE with their real name crossed out below. In six months they were gone. I also had to let him know that Healdsburg House in Healdsburg, who wrongfully fired me from my cook job there, pleaded  with me to remove them from my website as their business had plummeted as a result. I actually did since I knew they were sorry. Anyway, I think we have come to an understanding.

Now, on to what I came here to really say. Let me begin with a girl who’s first name is Claire. I was 13 or 14 years old and so was she. She was a bright eyed, blue eyed, blonde German beauty who was a star skier, there. I was a bag boy at Atkinson’s Market in Ketchum, Idaho. I spent two summers there with my grandparents. Talk about animal magnetism. Whenever she would come through the line my heart would race and my breathing would become panting she was so beautiful and different. The feeling was mutual and I noticed her practicing her tennis against the wall of a building just outside the market to get my attention. I was too bashful to make a first move and by the time school rolled around I was back in California. Subsequent meetings with her years later told me I was pretty important to her, after all. She and I could have been a match made in heaven, I think. She went on to try out for The Olympics she was so good at skiing.

The point being, as I beheld you yesterday in your olive drab dressed, un made up self, I found myself experiencing the same heart racing and panting I experienced then. Just like going back in time, and I realized I must really have something profound inside of me going on with you. I picked you, initially, because your face and spirit spoke to me, profoundly. I knew you were young enough to keep me, indefinitely, and barely old enough for me to also have a chance with you if I kept myself young, too. That you were married was to be expected. After however many years many marriages aren’t what they used to be and you can’t blame me for choosing my druthers. As I said, I can live with just you being happy and would never intrude on that, but, I am hopeful. I hope you understand. If I am brought forward, well, Kissinger once said that the ultimate aphrodisiac is power, I think we’d both be better off, I imagine. If you can handle the heat, that is. W-H-A-T as thrilling ride I will be in for if all that happens. I’ve been busy mostly preserving my youth for SOMEONE, you know. My special ability TO love is such that I once cured my brother’s dog’s cataracts with my special touch whenever I would pet it’s head and face. Six months later, no cataracts. I know all about my specialness. A Golden eagle who had been watching me at my grandparents house from a mile away in Ketchum in 1968 for months allowed me inspect her babies once. I was two feet below her nest with two eaglets above as she flew into it as I was trapped there, with no foliage to hide me, and, just as quickly, left, allowing me to check out her ‘baby photos’. A week later, when I brought a camera to take those baby  photos, I noticed the parents soaring almost so high above they could not be seen. They were celebrating! They knew I am the exception to the rule regarding human beings. I recall how I skied down that mountain that spring on shale rock, afraid for my life, after being let off the hook that first time, though. Boy, was I scared. That was the week I first climbed the nest. She – the mother – saw me approach before she flew away ALLOWING me to take that first peek. Hey, I can’t make this stuff up and I would never tell you a lie, ever.

There is little doubt, now, if there ever was, that you, indeed, ARE abreast of all this gushing. Too much controversy recently shed here has etched it’s impact on your face, I can see. I’m not really sure of WHERE I DO stand with you but I want you to please recapture you JUST before sign off and you mentioning your name, as your luxurious eyelids were batting closed, your face lit up with a smile that spoke of how much you are loved by me. I dwelt on that frozen image of you for 40 minutes, a new record, I was so impressed. My large, 1.25 power, glass lensed, wire frame reading glasses played with your image distorting things around the edges as I held them away from my face a little and it was thrilling to watch your face move with every subtle change.

Oh, the little, simple pleasures you give me I can’t tell you how grateful I am for.

Pitter, patter, pitter patter! I think I really am in love with you.

Jan. 31, 2024;

I’ve decided to keep up whatever is biographical here for future’s sake. I must be the real Forrest Gump / Waldo of our world and it’s all only too true NOT to keep up. Some of the rest is eligible for deletion, though. In due time.

Meanwhile, I see you pulling a Lara Logon on me (………….). I hope it’s a short stint as I hate to see ‘my girl’ sullied. On the one hand, I love seeing you in your natural unmade up self in different situations. For some reason that gets my motor running. I’m funny that way. You, of all people, don’t need makeup. When I see the real you I go a little bonkers. I’m a sucker for the truth, I guess.

I recall, in the Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan in 2008, my eye almost kicked out of my head and my jaw broken by a gang of Haitians in Spanish Harlem. –  A mugging trying to buy weed there after someone tried to burn down my van with a lit cigar that burned a hole in my door panel hours before had me stressed. I came back with a flash camera to intimidate them to give me my money back only to find, not two, but over a dozen of them waiting for me. By the time the flash went off I realized I made a mistake. They got my camera, ultimately – It was the same hospital that Lennon lived his last moments on earth in. The staff told me, there, what happened to him. “He was wheeled in muttering; “Why? Why?” Then the doctor opened his chest up, like a suitcase, and he groaned and died upon that.” Was the doctor paid to do so? I think so.

I fixed my jaw by myself and my eye is only slightly the worse off for the wear that day. God’s guardian grace. I recall how I heard the jaw click into perfect place one night days later. That was the night I showered from the waterfall rain runoff from a roof on Long Island hours before. Anyway, I saw my head X-rays and my real, naked self. I looked a little like a zombie in a movie, my skin and muscles out of the way. I looked like a highly sophisticated human being, indeed. I looked pretty good for just a skeleton. Extremely intelligent I thought. I was surprised at how I really look underneath. Maybe that’s why I think you look so good au natural. I’m fascinated with the underlying truth about the world I guess.

One parting thought, today, about Claire and 1968(?) I was standing next to the Sun Valley ice rink one day and someone crept up behind me and put her hands over my eyes. “Guess who?” she spoke. It was Claire. Oh, the wealth and bounty and happiness I once enjoyed. The living was easy, the fish were jumping and the cotton WAS high. Like the beautiful Tony Bennet song “Once Upon A Time” ..the world was sweeter than we knew, everything was ours, how happy we were then….”

Now it’s only YOU I see. I’d like to see you back and you can let someone else do the media’s dirty work. I hate to say so but I think I really do love you and think we can be one someday. I deserve a little goodness in life for my efforts all this humanity serving time.

Oh, my page one is exploding with new controversy near the top. I’m al over talk radio with it, too. Check it OUT!!!.

P.S. I saw a younger you in a PBS documentary about Jan. 6 last night. I thought; “My GOD!” I hope God gave her a big stick to beat off the men with. Maybe the world’s most beautiful woman, ever. Even Norma Jean had to take a back seat to how you looked just a few years ago. I still think, and will always think, you still are. “The most beautiful girl in the world.” I can only imagine YOUR diaries from those Halcion days of youth.

Feb. 2, 2024;

Happy Groundhog Day! Third anniversary of my last meeting with Linda in Dallas. As if God hasn’t already played enough coincidence tricks on me all these years. After about a 40 year period of no see he picks THAT day for us both to poke our heads up. It was actually that experience, my not recognizing her until it was too late and her failure to show up later, that got me over her after decades of regret and pining. Like the song says; “Once upon a time never comes again.” You have to admit how incredible the odds were for us to poke our heads up and see each other at all. She was visiting from Alabama that day and I only had a hunch to be there based on a few Dallas addresses she left on my phone bill in 1977. A friend of hers must have called her after seeing my van in the first place. Then there was the way the Dallas P.D. rousting me from my sleep minutes earlier provided the animation needed to make it possible at all. Just too much meddling from above to ALL be a coincidence, I think.

In 1977 she was the most delicious creature I ever held in my arms and I’ll always remember that first night. Her melodramatics, after, was a fire I was supposed to walk through, I guess, to prepare me fore my calling that presented itself at a library on July 26, 1982. I hope she is happy and remembers me at my best, not my worst. She is the only women I have ever slapped or anything close to it I can say in my defense. I am confident it was and will remain my last moment of weakness in that regard.

I imagine you must be just back from your long airliner trip to be absent yesterday. I doubt you will appear today but probably Monday. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see the real you. Like a bolt out of the blue I fell in love at the sight. I could see your real soul, I suppose, is why. No makeup? No problem! Hubba, Hubba and double backflips.

Now that I am excoriating Taylor Swift for using her status as a pop star to plug for Joe Biden and my questioning of her romance with another famous person / football player, I have a little explaining to do of my own why I am attracted to a famous person as well.

I once mentioned how lonely a man Clint must be to have also picked from life’s menu a (Same exact profession as you)  from Salinas for a wife. He must have noticed her from his home just watching the television and decided she was his cat’s meow. Cloistered in his prison of fame and secluded from the masses, himself. Pretty much the same with me. I am too radioactive to attract any commoner, I am like an alien to people, generally, nor would I ever entangle myself with another UNTIL I am brought forward and out of danger. In your case I will have to be famous and in the clear or I’d never entangle myself with you, either. Meanwhile I can enjoy you and see you and watch you and study you and admire you almost every day, harmlessly and effortlessly. I’m the kind to avoid anything so artificial and technology driven as this approach to romance, but, hey, it wasn’t my choice, it was my nature upon seeing your spectacular face and noticing how your spirit and heart and soul seemed to also match up. My only misgiving has to do with your availability, now. Nothing’s ever easy in life, have you noticed?

Am I using you to break my story? Heavens, no. There is nothing you can do to help me, anyway. What are you going to do? Flash my website address on live T.V. and get fired? I actually WANT someone who can handle the heat and one who has proven herself to make it to the top in this competitive jungle we’re both in. I know you won’t be interested in me for my money. The fact that I’ll make at least as much as you, instantly, when I am brought forward, should quell any doubts about my motives, too. No, I’m just smitten with the bounty I see before me. Pretty much a case of boy meets girl and that uncomplicated.

Now, having seen what your soul looks like, I miss every moment I am not sharing a cup of coffee with you, etc.. That heave you just heard is me sighing, is all.

Well, it’s back to the grind of exorcising jealous and afraid and, dare I say, Satanic mankind. My front page section is buzzing with new controversies. What about that story of the son who killed and decapitated his government employed father for being part of the Biden corruption machine? You’ll notice how quickly THAT story got shelved never to be broached again. It’s as if Biden knows this act was the simmering boil over point of what half of America must be feeling about the current politics. It’s regrettable that such a noble motive – standing up to all the lies and rigged elections and commie take over antics of Biden’s administration  – was so poorly portrayed. I say it’s just the dessert America deserves for being so silent in it’s OWN similar disgust. Like God saying; “H-E-R-E-‘S how you all REALLY feel. DO SOMETHING!!!!!”

I know you can take this horrific conversation as we’re both news junkies at heart. Hey, my dad was a surgeon. Used to guts and gore. I guess I am, too.

About my dropping pot all at once; Last week, while opening my van’s hatch to hit practice balls, a single joint in a tube rolled out onto the street I forgot I had. Like God saying; “Whooah, partner. Not so fast. You need to ease into withdrawal for it to take. Here. When this is gone then it’s time to go cold turkey.” So, two or three hits a day – not 100 – and only just around evening when I’m settled into my van do I partake. One joint is about gone and it lasted a week.

I lost about 6 pounds, already and only have 4 more to go to be fit as a fiddle. My stress induced tummy fat is all I have to do to complete my mission, there. Real heroes have an English paunch it seems. My hair. It’s about your length, and, while I’d like to cut it I can tie it all back now and I don’t want to lose that. My once problematic left shoulder has been fine ever since I stopped the wrong repetitive move every morning getting out of bed. My golf? Amazing! I can go months without hitting a ball and resume as if I never missed a day.

The AT&T golf event seems to be suffering from the bad karma the city has earned from beating up on me lately. Rain, rain and more rain. KSCO Radio, also, has received a dose of karma just days after I confronted the owner on his show – 12-23-’23 – for marginalizing me all this time. 100 thousand dollars in storm damage on Christmas Day removing one six story tall antenna and messing up his docks. He is presently on a months long cruise all the way to Australia to hide and contemplate his actions. He admits he is a Zionist. “Trizzle, trazzle, truzzle, trone…”

I hope America doesn’t fall to the world order communist crowd before my story breaks is how I feel, lately. Go, R.F.K. Jr. or even Donald Trump. Biden and the evil crowd must be stopped. I think the people are being punished for ignoring me, their biggest hero. Jealous, unjust jackasses, anyway. Did you know that Raffensburger(?) the man who was in charge of the efficacy of the 2020 election was – get this – an ENGINEER by trade before? Who better to rig the voting machines? Pray my story breaks soon, girl. It had better.

Feb. 5, ’24;

As if I don’t already have a robust avenging angel to boast about, and weeks after my last City Council meeting found me brandishing a sign that read; SILENT CA. FAILING AMERICA (Which they tried to hide via a sideways angle camera) the AT&T Golf event this area depends on, was cut short and amidst multi million dollar damages to the area from the biggest storm in 15 years here. 250 thousand without power in the greater bay area and cars crushed below falling trees and on and on and on. ALL of California was dealt a message; “PULL YOUR SICK HEADS OUT, PEOPLE!” AND all this two days after I was issued a fraudulent parking ticket.

Tomorrow, when I remind them of the non coincidence, (Showing the same sign) I’ll include the time the vice mayor of the Santa Rosa City Council came out in the paper in the 1980’s (90’s?) explaining why it was not the councils job to help me in prosecuting Lennon’s murder. Almost immediately after he contracted terminal cancer. He subsequently walked out of the room whenever I spoke as I was found saying “Shouldn’t be protecting Stephen King.” about it. Aren’t I a little stinker? I’ll also have to point out how KSCO Radio lost a six story antenna on Christmas in a storm days after I called out the owner for his marginalizing me all this time. Karma, you see?

Meanwhile I, not only got my website address on national television from the beach near the tenth green with a large sign on Saturday, it was broadcast twice as Sunday was rained out and Saturday’s broadcast we repeated. (Google it – the last several groups) Now that I sense the finish line I find the little stinker in me ready to chastise the world for making me twist in the wind for 40 years while they hoped I’d got killed, too. I WILL, too. Big time. No polite phoniness from me. (I am also on world television with my sign Sunday in the 2018 U.S. Open there, same hole, too.)

On Friday you mentioned the man with a broken heart, the handyman helping women in his community. I felt you were implying MY broken heart. Oh, yeah, it was very broken then. I likened the experience to having a hand full of balloons on strings only to lose grasp of them all and having to put them back only in a rearranged manner than before. Kahlil Gibran wrote poetry about the subject of love that I related to as well. Anyone whose heart hasn’t been broken has never really lived, I think. Sinatra had his Ava Gardner and Adel her jerk boyfriend who never came around, too. As for Linda, after her no show in Dallas in late April of 2021, I let her family know the truth of our matter when I called her nephew to reference my latest post that included a line; “She was a hornets nest of mental problems, yes. D****** by her D**** when she was young, I guess..” It takes a family for her kind of trauma to ‘just happen’ and I let them hold the bag for a day that day. Linda, herself, seemed to appreciate that I was honest enough to sock it to ’em, too, with her final Google photo that spoke kindness and appreciation. I remember Macon, Georgia, in 1977 when I was looking for her, as a culture worthy of praying the Lord’s prayer over. Depraved as hell. I DIDN’T deserve all her problems. Neither did she. The feminine mystique I learned all about in the process. I remember diving, headfirst, into the maelstrom of it all and not taking the easy way out and blaming her, then. Even after her father, I suspect, had me falsely jailed for 10 days for trying to find her – an outlandish kidnapping charge complete with a knife brandishing me – I came to her parent’s house and SAW the tiny, eyes swollen shut alcoholic of a man. Like a crushed cigarette butt in a dirty ashtray was he. The real monster in her life. Our lives. The day I was released I just HAPPENED to run into one of her previous boyfriends while at a gas station and learned of her nervous breakdown, etc.. The things God puts me through to find out the truth. The phony police charge was an attempt to keep me from finding out her family secrets.

Anyway, I lived and learned through it and hope I’m a better person for it all.

To whatever extent I am still unhealed from it all YOU have more to offer me than you thought, perhaps.

I recall the fickleness of life the month before I met her. I met a bombshell of a woman from Erie, Pennsylvania, beautiful, blond, buxom and, well, so physically perfect, I decided NOT to bed her our first night when I had the chance begging me to. I was looking for marriage material all of a sudden, it seemed. When I returned from the 1977 Masters golf event (I am on television on Sunday on the 17th hole standing behind Nicklaus as he is hitting his 9 iron to the green) she had replaced me with a goober from hell and I learned her brains were not up to snuff, after all. He, a real loser, who was too ashamed of himself to show his face at her door when I came knocking. I dodged a bullet, I thought, and moved on, right away. That following week, enter Linda, or Danielle Phillips, as she lied to me about her name. No more Mr. nice guy that night and to bed we went. Her looks, not her passion, saved the day that night but I was skittish of her ever after. Especially after her crazy stories she was spinning. WHY? is the lingering question. I DID learn lots from the experience. It was while trying to woo her back last 2021 and I detected a wounded bird look in your face about my efforts, as if you’d rather it was YOU I was interested in. That’s what lit the fire with me regarding you. I figured the whole media must be reading my website all about it. Of all people, YOU? Well, I took the hunch and have been running with it ever since. No regrets. You just keep amazing me is all.

Jan. 6, ’24;

Yup, made some deletions. Mostly the personal stuff that just seems weird after the fact. Also worried this chapter may run out of space.

Sicker than a dog with some kind of flu. Maybe from standing on the beach with my sign last week. (Already have a customer from that showing from Indiana) Maybe because my lungs no longer have that resin coating from smoking pot. Whatever, I’ve consumed two years of normal aspirin in just two days it’s so miserable. Maybe 100 paper towels a night getting the bug out through my nose. I once believed that, alone, could ward off Covid. Blowing it out your nose. Even typing this up is too much exertion, frankly. For years, now, I’ve been drinking mostly goat milk versus dairy milk and thought that that, alone, gave me immunity from any bugs as I’ve been bug free for years, now. It’s expensive but worth it, I think. I know you have taken the vaccines for Covid. I never will, however. Our government cannot be trusted right now with anything. I’d advise the same to you. Very seriously.

Yesterday my mind got whipsawed when a letter from the DMV arrived. I thought it was about that flash at a S.F. intersection but was relieved it was a notice that my insurance isn’t registered with them. A call to that low cost insurance ($232. @ year) assured me it will arrive this week. Minutes later I got that parking ticket dismissed by the chief without even asking.

Right now I may not seem like hot stuff but after I am brought forward I will surely be. Even as I am I’ve had women way too young (19 – early 20’s, believe it or not) for me make a move or two but I’m past the one night stands phase of life, thank God. Also, if I ever went through a stage where young girls got me interested that was 35 years ago. Even then it was due to the phoniness of women my own age, I think, and not some other kind of motive. Oprah Winfrey and Christ Brinkley and I all will be 70 years old any day now. I’m in the middle of detoxing from pot, booze and even coffee, lately. Totally committed to looking 55 again. A women at a solar company (NRG) I used to telemarket for taught me that no coffee in your life DOES make one look younger than belief. She always looked bright eyed and bushy tailed, I noticed.

City council meeting in a few hours. Meanwhile it’s a few hours of ‘Counting Cars’ (A muscle car restoration show) I’ll be chilling with. You know, my first car was 1968 Camaro 327 automatic. I prefer stick, but it was a great car. My second was a 1972 MGB convertible. My dad had good taste too. A ’67 Bonneville and a 1963 cream colored Lincoln Continental. Later, a 1973(4) Lincoln Mark four(?). A photo of a ten year old me in the back seat of that 1963 car is a snapshot of my moneyed youth, I guess. I want a custom 1967 Mercury Cougar with all modern suspension, posi-traction drivetrain, someday. I let Danny Koker of that show know, too. Black with neon white accents, maybe. Gotta rest, now.

Jan. 7. 2024;

I can tell my last post was a little weird (I was under some bug, after all) by the nonplussed look you had that same evening. I think. It could all be inside my head, I’ll have to admit, but I still think it was to do with me. Maybe the part about young girls making moves towards me this past year, for example. How I’ll get a 15 years younger look by giving up pot, coffee, etc.. I meant no disrespect about girls my own age being too phony. I think you’re the exception. No one is as phony free as me, I think, but I’ve been forged differently, too. The point I was trying to make is, I know you have young daughters and what mother would NOT be concerned. I wanted to lay that fear to rest. Besides, I never indulged in those feeling, then. I really AM over all that nonsense from the late 1980’s. A stage, I think, is all. I’m way too educated about me and life to ever NOT appreciate who YOU are. My way of saying, simply, I’m in for the long haul if you are. True blue, all the way. Of course I’m a little insecure about being 20 years your senior. I really do think I can impress you with my undiluted, rested, saner look someday. I wouldn’t choose anyone and have her spend very many years, if any, alone without me should I pass first. Like I said, 106 years of living is my number one goal in life. My dad couldn’t understand that philosophy. He feared growing old. Not me. Life just keeps getting more interesting is all. Although I have to contort and stretch and lift things and such living in a sardine can it all keeps me fit and that’s how I view it all..

One thing I’ll concede; my going from Linda to you may HAVE BEEN a little rebounding action that I didn’t consider before. Even if it was, I still feel the same as I’ve felt all this time for you. It just so happened that I was enjoying being in love and wanted to not let that part of life elude me a day longer. That chapter with her WAS finally over. With you I found a worthy upgrade, besides. It just seems that you so exactly fill the bill with me, I think. Like a bolt out of the blue from our maker to say; “Steve, are you paying attention?” I know he has been good to me in many ways in the past.

My van’s inverter blew a fuse or something last night just before you know who was to be on. Maybe the rain caused some condensation turned droplets that got into my device, I don’t know. My other spare inverter I couldn’t find in my other van. It was raining or I’d have looked harder. I bought a new one and will be back on TV track in no time. When the rain lets up. It’s now via library computer and a day later than usual but I won’t miss a day of you if I can help it. No commercials, besides.

My idea about blowing any flu or cold bug out your nose seems to be a genius idea, after all. God’s natural way of getting a bug OUT of one’s system, after all. Just two days and now it’s all gone and I’m back on track. I dosed up on multi vitamins and aspirin for two days and, viola!

I’ll refrain from any more tender thoughts here about you as it DOES seem weird, even to me, after the fact. Like the song “Show Me” from My Fair Lady. If that day comes. I think, then, I can show you, instead.

Meanwhile, with newly found spare time, I am learning how to Google live radio across America and listen in to reach out to a broader audience. I pounded home the fact that a corrupt F.B.I. is at the heart of all our other troubles. Any enemy of ours would HAVE to infiltrate, penetrate and degrade THAT agency, first, to do anything of substance, after. And they absolutely have. So long as they wear J. Edgar Hoover’s name on their building there is no hope for them, either. I wonder do YOU have any idea what I know about the world you interpret for others? Beware of falling into a pattern of trusting what you’re being told. Especially from your bosses. That’s the other agency our enemies have to wrap up in a bundle to do anything else, too. When I DID go to the F.B.I. S.F. office in 1984(3) an agent sitting across from me in the foyer remarked; “Have you ever read a book titled ‘None Dare Call It Conspiracy”? If you get my drift. Yeah, they depend on the rest of us all being obedient pussies. I’d say 99% of all parents, mine included, are, were, too.

At the council meeting yesterday I recalled for them an incident involving a college room mate who bent my left thumb back while I was asleep out of jealousy over my golf career. I knew it had to be him because I caught him once ‘borrowing’ another roommates letter jacket from his closet in the wee early hours for a day. Sneaky. I detailed how he had a GTO and myself an MGB and how he later downsized to a two seater Volvo sports car only to wreck it a year later and found himself being cared for by my father. How weird he must have felt to find himself being cared for by the father of the man whose thumb he tried to damage years before. This to demonstrate how I am being protected by a super natural force and how even this worst storm in 150 years had to do, maybe, with my sign I displayed a month before; “SILENT CA. FAILING AMERICA” It was as if California, specifically, was being punished for SOMETHING. The council already knew about some other huge instances. I said of the storm; “If it makes the public even 3% closer to helping me expose Stephen King then it was worth it.”

Be patient with me. I’m worthy of you once I get back on track with being the real me from my past. This expose has distorted me 180 degrees from my usual affable, cheerful, sociable, funny self. In yesterday’s post I just wanted you to see farther down the road with me, is all. I clean up real good if given the chance.

Feb. 8, 2024;

It seems there WAS a reason that forgotten joint rolled out on the ground to entice me. It taught me that even a little pot will rob one of deep sleep dreaming. I lost two weeks of dreaming over one joint. Pot is NOT worth it. The only thing I’m giving up is the slightly more enthralling experience I get while singing. I’m pretty sure even that will change in time. My dreams this morning were quite remarkable and bizarre, even. A lot of soul cleansing ahead of me, it seems.

I looked in the mirror today and I have lost 10 pounds in one month. It’s pretty easy to do. It’s just mathematics and discipline. Eat less, lose more. I’m truly AMAZED that my body hasn’t changed hardly at all in the past 25 years. Even my hair is mostly brown, not grey, and I’m 70 in a few weeks. My food intake will be very health conscious from here on, too. Fortunately I’ve only drank 1% of the average persons soda intake my whole life. Lots of sugar in the juice drinks I DO drink, though. Love the Meyenburg’s goat milk, though. My body says thank you every time I drink it. I may join a gym to get the rest of me in top shape.

No coffee from here on out? Maybe. I’m betting I will achieve my 106 years of age goal.

Money, drugs, coffee, booze, television, poor quality food and a lot of things bog mankind down and I’m going to be in a position to change the habits of millions, someday. The drug cartels will hate me, I’m sure. I’ll have to scare them off from killing me, even, and I think I can.

In 1981-1982 I got over my addiction to money, the hardest of them all. Unemployment and a 12 speed bicycle and a Sony Walkman is basically all I had to my name. It happened to be the most beautiful and magical two years of my life. I felt I was getting away with murder life was so different for me all of a sudden. Just me and my Beatles tapes and no television or radio or anything but just that and I was on top of the world.

I will surely welcome a house to live in, again, and the rest of it all someday but all in due time.

I notice how great R.F.K. Jr’s campaign ads are. The most recent addresses the fact that only if “…you all are active, before and after the election will…” he get to be our sledgehammer against the state / corporate mergers, etc.” Should Trump get hanged by the communists attempt to stop him R.F.K.Jr. will take it all and leave Biden looking for coffins and arrangements OTHER than running America into the ground. It Trump should win the commie takeover will get a dose of good old fashioned American resistance to tyranny. My worry is can anything good happen so long as Americans lack the spine to stand up to Stephen King? What IS it about my story that paralyzes all manner of everybody. I see the talking heads on conservative radio spinning their wheels to save Trump but mention Stephen King shot John Lennon or even mention the NAME John Lennon and they all dive under the covers and suck their wimpy thumbs. Trump is finding out, now, that my warning he would lose to fraud for NOT arresting King when he had the chance was the best advice he ever received in his life from anybody. As I said in my other section, recently; “My balls intimidate even Trump.” Now, that’s saying something.

I DO see even you a prisoner of this mass dysfunction Stephen King’s evil has CAUSED and it motivates me all the more to defeat him.

Something has changed between us since about your birthday, I’ve noticed. I’m still confident that, once the Stephen King dragon has been slayed, I will attract you back. If anything I’ve said in this space has caused the change  I’m sorry. Something as innocent as saying “she was buxom…” has me second guessing myself. I prefer normal to small breasts, anyway, frankly. Especially as age takes it’s toll. I’m more of a face man, you see. And a brain man, too. And heart.

When I was a teenager my girlfriend, Dorothy, had me wondering why she cared about the Chicago Seven and radicalism. I was serenely content to be an uncluttered doctor’s son with nothing to complain about. She even convinced me to run for some school election. I put zero effort into the campaign and lost and didn’t care, but she was impressed I at least ran. It must be a little like you, now, wondering why slaying the human race’s dragon is so important to me. If you knew what I know you’d be right there with me, I assure you. The way I look at it I’m giving you front row seats to Lightfoot mania after the fact. You’re my pick of the human race. is that a bad thing?

Feb. 9, ’24;

You look better last night than the night before. Love to see you in the sun, too.

It occurs to me I am detoxing from pot, and coffee all at once and I’m a little off as a result. I’ll leave out the sentimentality for now and just log the daily journal that is my life and at least document some of the wild dreams I am suddenly having as a result. They are so out of the realm of my normal imaginings I have to record them or forget them. Yesterdays dreams were so weird I already forgot them, for example. This morning I dreamed of teasing ruby throated hummingbirds at night(?) with the tip of a belt as I tried to caress them in flight with it’s tip from underneath. They seemed to know I meant no harm. Then I found myself, a stowaway, in the back section of a van being driven by someone else. Just as I was about to sneak out the van began driving somewhere as if to a rock concert or Super Bowl or Burning Man. Suddenly there were dozens of wildly painted 50’s and 40’s vehicles barreling down a road in the darkness bunched up tight like a bunch of drug fiends on a road trip. Like a bunch of Hippies. After a while it occurred to me that the driver would be opening up the back section where I was and I had to prepare myself for my surprising him. I could feel the door opening and I jumped up and shouted; “I’m Dave’s (?) friend. He said I could be here!” This man in his early 30’s looked like a drug fiend with weird cylindrical pock marks all over his face like an AIDS victim. I wrestled his wrists so as to keep him from advancing and he realized he was no match for me. He remarked; “An old duck!?” surprised at my strength. Later, a naked, young women, face front, was up on some stage, her arms over her head parading her beautiful body to all with a suggestive move from her middle to punctuate the potency of her allure. Later we were all found sitting together chuckling over how I surprised the driver who discovered me in his van. I said something like; “For a while I forgot you were even driving. I wondered had I actually kept quiet that whole time. I’ll have to hitch hike back, now, but I don’t mind..” at which point he said, while also chuckling, “I believe you, now..” At that juncture a women, perhaps the one earlier on stage, buck naked, now clothed, made a snarl with her mouth as she lurched towards me, like a jungle cat. At that point or shortly after, I awoke, too weirded out to fall back to sleep. Maybe two hours of deep restorative sleep is all I got. Detoxing is not so easy, I’m learning.

I TOLD you my dreams are weird all of a sudden. Like watching banshees fly out of my head it seems. I, apparently, am very under slept from all that pot I was smoking depriving me of restorative rest. Not to mention the effects of coffee. I’m looking forward to seeing how I really look. It was that haggard, aged, image of me on the city council monitor that shocked me into sobriety. I imagine my plan to get America off drugs someday found me empathizing with the druggie crowd in this dream. It kind of reminded me of the shirt the casting crew gave me to wear as an extra in Oliver Stone’s “The Doors”. It was a simulated grungy, soiled t shirt I wouldn’t normally wear. I felt a little grungy dressed like that. I’m usually too square to be that careless about my dress and manners and who I associate with. I was a common slob that night, though.

I’m surprised I never felt any head aches normally associated with coffee withdrawal. I only ever drank two cups a day.

About my getting rid of that nasty bug in just a few days, I have a theory; Like a boiled piece of beef in a pot will froth out the impurities like a foam (Cooks will lift the impurities out with a spoon) so does the body froth with impurities that concentrate in the mucus. The body naturally wants to purge these impurities via blowing one’s nose and sneezing . My philosophy is to get that river of mucus flowing via vigorous blowing of the nose, as much as one can, constantly, until there is no more to blow. In my case, the next day, there was no more congestion or mucus to blow if I tried and all my pain symptoms were also gone. So, there, world. Smarter than Dr. Faucci am I. If I do say so, myself. By the way I think that ‘Navage’ nasal irrigator is ridiculous and might even introduce germs from bad water INTO to the nasal passages. Let NATURE do it’s job is all I’m saying. Got a bug? Blow it all out your nose. Vigorously. Do NOT take the vaccines the government recommending, lately. Even my physician father didn’t believe in half of the vaccines in his day. Nowadays deliberate, nefarious population control is factor not to be sneezed at.

Why am I so familiar with you, already? Hey, I’m an unpretentious Hippy at heart. Open book? That seems to be my M.O. I can’t ask you anything about you, so I’m dumping everything about me in the meantime. Just to keep a conversation going.


( Not withdrawn, just deleted for privacy)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb. 15, ’24;

Hi, beautiful. I hope you’re doing well.

I, myself, am detoxing from marijuana and coffee to give myself a fighting chance to fight the evil forces I’m up against. That and trying to look young for you. Pot deprives one of the rapid eye movement deep, restorative sleep and I know I look ten years younger than I looked last month on a city council monitor. Booze I’ve never had a problem with but even that I am giving up, completely. I noticed, when I did happen to buy a small bottle of brandy last November, that it was like drinking gasoline. It hurt my stomach and I have vowed off anything but wine in the future as a result of that. Maybe it was because I had been booze free for months prior and the sudden introduction of brandy really rubbed my stomach the wrong way. The country singer who recently lost his battle with stomach cancer maybe had too much hard liquor for his own good, I think. It has not been a cakewalk, all this detoxing at once. I find myself suddenly impatient with the world as I find myself getting sharper and cleaner. I look at the hills and valleys of withdrawal as an adventure on the road back to me, all clean and healthy again. Keeping my eyes on the prize. I mostly took pot because of my being alone with no one else to relate to. Pot became a substitute for another person, I think. Coffee I took because it perked me up and got me started every day. Its taste grew on me, too, but it’s not THAT tasty. Coffee, I have concluded, has been drawing away my youth BECAUSE it is an artificial stimulant taxing my body beyond its normal abilities. There is always a pay back for anything one takes, I think. That woman I used to work with who never drank coffee always looked especially youthful and bright eyed and I think it’s because she wasn’t accelerating her body beyond her natural resources. She was always rested as a result. The government loves America’s coffee addiction because it translates into more earnings and more taxes from all the extra energy we expend from being on it. I wonder is it all that harmless.

The fact that any pharmaceutical alters one’s state suggests to me that it actually makes the situation it is trying to correct worse by throwing the body in the opposite direction unnaturally. A tolerance builds up and then you become even more out of whack without it all of a sudden. For this reason I will never rely on pharma to solve my problems. It can only dig any hole I may be in deeper, I think. 70 years old in two weeks and I have never taken pharmaceuticals for anything other than anti biotics and occasional pain relief for surgeries, etc.

Now that I am dreaming, again, and now that I already look more rested and younger for giving up pot, I wish we’d all clean up like John Lennon tried to get us to do in the end with his song; “Clean Up Time”.

One reason I am attracted to you is you have no stigmata from drug or alcohol use. You look perfectly happy and healthy. May you always stay that way

P.S. Pity about Navalny. I have a new post on page one of my other section about it.

Feb. 20, 2024;

Went scouting for your pre 1990 photos and learned, 1) you have two daughters and a son and not three daughters, and, 2) Your marriage to (deleted) seems to be 100 % A.O.K. You both seem very happy with each other and, lucky for me, I’m just detoxed enough from THC that I am taking it in calm stride. Your happiness is key to mine, anyway. Hey, if I was obsessive about you I’d have learned all of the above years ago, but I’m not. I just have good taste, I think.

If things ever should open up for one such as I am probably going to be open to the situation. That is, if someone else hasn’t fenagled her way into my heart, first. Not likely given my lifestyle. Now, I will be focusing on my expose and ways to get the public’s heads out of their asses and help me before I am pledged to leave the state of California on grounds of it’s political impotence over such a vital matter within a years time.

I made a home run on Sean Hannity’s show, today. I took advantage of a substitute host and the chance TO get on and said the following about Nikki Halley..

“The day after the Iowa caucus John Dickerson said to her; “Is there ANYthing you can do to pull voters away from Trump and to go for the guy with more experience?” He inadvertently spilled the beans on her strategy. What he and she both know is that she is running to lose.”

Had he not cut me short out of jealousy I’d have added; “That’s how elections really work, with both sides sewn up with a designated loser like a Dukakis or a Mondale, for example, to ensure the other side gets in.”

Calls that potent are how I got Trump elected the first time. You know I am a R.F.K.Jr. fan, first, but only a fool would go for Biden or Halley.

You still have first dibs on my first interview under my conditions, of course. $10 mil, up front, and re use restrictions.

I think Putin did in Navalny because he knew Biden was about to extradite Assange and he wouldn’t like the only bad guy. Either that or he wanted Navanly off the upcoming ballot or to brand the citizenry with his barbarism to make them all masochists.

Must be pretty stale listening to all the government C.I.A. talking heads at work, i imagine compared to the real truths of our world.

I’ll be at the Monterey City Council meeting in minutes and let loose there. That bug I got rid of came back after I let myself get exposed to cold weather with wet hair. Ten more days of torture , but that vaccine is worse than i told you. Have you heard the latest about how it attacks the nervous system and heart etc..? Please refrain from any more government recommended vaccines, please.

Feb. 23, ’24;

Your eyes are popping for whatever reason as of yesterday. Was it something I did? I noticed, also, a sense of disappointment in me that I could relinquish he reigns over you so suddenly. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not abandoning anyone. I’m not leading anyone on. I just happened to notice how happy you looked in your wedding photos and such and I don’t want to mess anything that real up. If fate works out for us I’ll be there 100%. I doubt I could do better no matter how big I become. All the bells are ringing your name and I have to listen.

I noticed, while at Stanford the other day, I don’t feel or look anywhere near 70 years old. More like 50, frankly. My face is looking a lot better now that the THC isn’t dragging me down a hole. I can pretty much do everything I ever could as a 50 year old and don’t feel much different. From a distance I could pass for 40, I think. Certainly from the neck down. Must be all that bicycle riding I did before my evidence discovery, I guess. That or the athletic goal of becoming a golfer. Maybe it was being breast fed from a farm girl. I think 106 is very realistic, frankly.

Going over my editorial section I notice how messed up pot has made me. I have to delete and redo a lot of it. The readers must be shaking their heads.

Love you, Steve