Memorial Day Message

Why are more soldiers killing themselves than are being killed by the ‘enemy’? Why is sexual
misconduct out of control among the ranks?
I, actually know;
The soldiers are discovering that their mission is to eradicate the indiginous people of Afghan-
istan and Iraq for our materialistic goals of getting their lithium, copper and gold. That
they are being used to wipe out a less materialistic culture so our materialistic culture will
be less threatened by their alternative lifestyle getting a foot hold in the world.
That they are, basically, killing the native American Indians again, for all intents and
purposes. It bothers their conscience that they are killing innocent, ordinary people who just
want to keep their way of life simple and be left alone. They know they are doing evil
In response they kill themselves and rape each other.
The generals have deceived them and the corporate interests that fuel the orders are be-
comming clear to them. They are ashamed.
I was amazed to see articulate disgusted former soldiers addressing microphones today and
throw their medals away while renouncing the new military as a sham mission.
Hurray for intelligent men who have seen the light.

P.S. The devoted father and off duty soldier who was butchered on a London sidewalk last
week? He was a mass murderer of Afghanis. He was a machine gunner for the Queen and the mil-
itary industrialist machine. He likely murdered hundreds of innocent, indiginous people so
he could put food on his table.
Just thought a little balance was needed on the matter.