Tired of being stupid?

My parents were stupid, like yours are and were, when Lennon was murdered. Neither has seen
a trial for Chapman or anything representing normal justice in all these decades. Our parents
are phonies and it’s time we all admitted that fact. Our parents WERE wrong and weak.
It’s a matter of courage, really, and our parents are also obedient boot-lickers not to have
ever even asked for a trial for Chapman to make sure everything is transparent and that
our government didn’t kill John because of his enormous influence and political beliefs.
He was, after all, dogged in the 70’s by our F.B.I. etc.. It’s why he moved to the more
adequately secured “Dakota” to begin with. John was afraid for his life in the 70’s.
So, so much for being as good as our parents. That’s just not good enough, brave enough,
smart enough to remain free in this ever changing world.
I’m no longer stupid, cowardly and weak. If I can change surely all of the rest of you can.
Yeah, I’ve assumed a surly, in your face style of honesty that rubs you wrong and you may even
think I’m an asshole for dredging all this up, but, in reality, it’s all of YOU who are the
real assholes of the story, not me. I’m the hero, you’re the kicking and screaming all the
way to the promised land morons who may not even be worthy of the truth I have given you.
You’re the reason John Lennon and every other hero we ever had is dead. Your cowardliness and
apathy and boot-licking ways are the reason the world is sick and sorry. I’m more evolved.
Right now you’re all satanic, scared, jelly spined fascists licking Big Brother’s boots.
I sound like an asshole just to say the unflattering truth about you but I’m not.
You can’t see how Soviet like you have all become under your government controlled media
and movie industry. You foolishly hope that Jeb Bush won’t get elected but he will be elected
if you all don’t get your fingers out of your stupid butts.
Your parents, our parents, did a real good job of walking around, blindfolded, with their
fingers up their asses never suspecting for a second that Nixon was anything but an American
politician with our best interests at heart. Our parents were stupid, trusting fools. Like
zombies in a television trance marching in lock step towards the pursuit, mostly, of money.
Right now most of you, even though your first instincts as a people were that she was a gov-
ernment cunt, don’t suspect that Yoko Ono is and always was a government spy setting John
Lennon up for assassination. She was. She did. She’s still a government cunt and a sick ass-
hole responsible for untold agony and misery that was foisted on all of you. Stephen King?
Not just a writer of horror novels but a real life murderer who qualifies as human monster
for killing John Lennon. He practically brags about it daring you cowards to stand up to him.
He’s NEVER denied my claims, even when I was in his home town of Bangor, Maine for several
months in 1992, 1996, 2002 and 2008. Boy, are the people of Bangor, Maine blind douche bags.
Also, perhaps, sellouts for accepting all his hush money he has to dole out to keep them quiet.
Chapman is a sociopathic, pathological liar and monster for playing the role of decoy and is
no less responsible than his co-conspirators. Ideally, the three should be locked up for life with
each other. Not only that, they should be on public display via one way glass so that we,
the public, can check in on them any time to make SURE they’re where they belong. I would
like this to become our right as a people, anyway, for all future political assassinations,
so that powerful forces can’t hide the truth from us or deprive us of making sure our monsters
are in jail. We should all be able to go on daily tours to view these monsters in jail so
that their powerful handlers can’t, for example, see to it that Chapman only serves 30 days of
photo op time out of the last 34 years he’s supposed to have been serving. As is probably
the case with him, so far.
You people ARE stupid, jealous, cowardly, boot-licking fools living a real life nightmare.
Your lives are a JOKE and an abomination and you, collectively, have all agreed it’s O.K.
to live like that. You, deep down where it matters, know that I’m right about my findings
but PRETEND you don’t really know. You have this universal snicker of admitting you’re all
sick whenever you see me demonstrating. It’s as if I’m watching a freak show of masochists.
How S-T-U-P-I-D is that?

When are you so called human beings going to care and begin to help me confront the lying mass
media and demand full disclosure and the arrests of King and co-conspirators; Yoko Ono and
Mark (Decoy) Chapman?
George H.W. Bush is almost dead but there is the matter of dismantling all government magazines
and media so that we can be Americans and not Soviets pretending we’re free and brave when
you’re all not. There is a whole lot of exposing that needs to happen when this story DOES
break for the worlds sake. There’s a whole lot of heads and institutions that are going to have
to roll if you people are ever to live up to your promise. Right now you’re all in disgrace.
Your flesh and blood, sweat and tears are being forfeited and lost just because you live in
these nightmarish times. It’s as if your life is being used by your politicians as toilet paper,
your dignity and decency obliterated as much as possible and soiled with their feces. You
all ARE the raped recipients of a plot designed to cow and scare you and make you retreat.
How disgusting it is that none of you can even begin to see that reality. Too ironic to admit.
You have this opportunity to grow up and be better than your stupid, scared parents and act
or you will automatically get Jeb Bush because your fascist government wants him to be presi-
dent when my story does break. Your vote won’t matter, every other republican is promoting
Jeb and the writing’s on the wall. His father, George H.W. Bush was head of the C.I.A. when
Nixon was plotting Lennon’s murder and his son, Jeb, is supposed to save him from all the
slings and arrows of consequence when that happens.
Hillary will deliberately lose if she comes up against him. But you can’t see that well, can you?
You stupid, silent fools are trapped. Or, you could just snap out of your spell that Yoko
has cast on you all and join me and confront your media and stop being stupid like our parents.
Behold the Gulliver that has become New York City; tied down and unable to move or think straight.
Hopefully America will not be crippled by a four foot, nine inch witch who hopes you all do
nothing about investigating John’s murder like she’s been doing all this time; baby-sitting the
Chapman lie to make sure it sticks. That’s what Yoko’s been doing all this time you fools
and, yes I’ll say it, you perverse, child molesting, masochistic, hero killing boot-lickers.
Please get your fingers out of your rears and start protesting the media cover-up! Or have you
all lost your minds and spines?

Mayor Garcetti, Governor Brown and Chief Beck Stalking Me:

If I told you that I have received at least three parking tickets in seven minutes time since
I began exposing L.A.’s corrupt officials; mayor Garcetti and police chief Charlie Beck for
an assault against me last spring that they seem to be a part of, you’d say I’m kidding.
Not kidding, people. My last three parking tickets have occurred over seven minutes time of
delinquency. The first, within five minutes of parking near a sign that was completely obstructed,
the second, one minute after parking on Haight Street in San Francisco while I was present, the
third, one minute after pulling over to pop in and out of an exotic car dealership near L.A..
I recall thinking, before leaving my space unattended in this last incident, :”If I get a
ticket within the one minute I’ll be in this store then I’ll know I’m being stalked.” Esp-
ecially since I parked at the one spot that has no meter (Car accident last summer, I’m told)
I quickly left and noticed the ticket on my window three hours later and couldn’t believe it.
I noticed the ticket agent not only cited me for an expired meter that never existed, but put
down an incorrect address almost 180 feet away from where I was parked. Perhaps to hide the
fact that the ticket was never valid to begin with! I took photos of the torn out meter and
have store witnesses to everything. Apparently the ticket agent felt I should have paid money
in the nearest working meter since mine was missing, but that’s not how the law works. No
wonder, then, that the agent also falsified the address by about 180 feet to obfuscate the
facts surrounding this strange ticket that occurred within seconds of my parking to begin with.
Now what has chief Beck got to do with a ticket in San Francisco? you may say. Enter crooked
governor Jerry Brown and you get a better picture. The chain of command connected to my
demise goes all the way to the C.I.A. and the Rockefeller family who founded the C.I.A.. Jerry
Brown is a tax hike clown. I’ve said it before and he keeps proving me correct as he gets
ready to kick the bucket and saddle California with “Big Brother” size tax hikes before he goes.
Looks like he’s growing a second nose for all his crooked ways.
They’re all behind the witch hunt against me and you can judge for yourselves via the other
chapters in this section that deal with the barrage of injustices that would make any lesser
man go berserk, which may also be part of their plot.
A ticket I received in Goleta last fall occurred within seven minutes of being on the road
and just two days after I arrived, stranded with car repair issues. It was so orchestrated
as to be worthy of the term; “On a silver platter.” the timing had to be so perfect. When
I put it on the big screen, eventually, it will look like a set up, I assure you all. “Hinky.”
Regarding the parking ticket, it occurred right after I left a library, a library where I previously
noticed, perhaps the very same ticket agent, casing my van while it was legally parked.
Apparently going after my meager wallet seems to be their battle plan to stop me, now that their
attempt to break my jaw last spring or provoke me to retaliate against the under-cover loser
who hit me has failed.
Those John Lennon killing, public betraying, boot-licking cowards.
So, read on, reader. Some of the other chapters below detail what I’m talking about.
If you all wonder why I’m so bitter sounding at times, get a clue as to the reason why.
Not just the police abuses and assaults that go unpunished, but all of your apathy in it’s face.

Update; Feb. 17, 2015;
When I started my radio talk show campaign in the early 90’s and, up until the last several
years, it was accessible. I recall getting on as much as ten times a week using various dif-
ferent names and there was only a seven second delay with any station.
All that has changed and I say that, since no one else in all that time has emerged with a more
controversial message than mine, that these changes are a result of my presence in media.
Now most stations have a 27 second delay, for example. Now KABC of Los Angeles, a C.I.A.
owned station, no doubt, is no longer allowing callers with a blocked I.D. past the screener. This
was never the case until I established residency and visibility here in L.A.. It’s pointless
to even try to get on in this overly censored market zone, mind control zone.
Dennis Prager, today, failed, for the second consecutive time, to field my call. Rather, he
opined about the subject of my call, giving my point a platform, but failed to let ME say it.
Now the host, Prager, speaks FOR his callers. Especially if the subject has anything to do with
John Lennon, as this call did. Dennis started his show by lamenting that any artist would sing
“Imagine” on stage in response to all the mid east violence. He said that John sang no “God” no
“religion”. No, John did not sing no God in Imagine and I called to correct him on that.
He pointed out my point to the audience but did not brave the possibility it might be me and
let ME speak.
That’s the state of talk radio today. Especially in Pentagon administered L.A..

To the subject of God and John Lennon, as we all know, Yoko Ono had a hold on him and he did
a lot of stupid things with her help; hard drugs, she left that roach in the ashtray that got John
deported, she got him naked on an album cover and stuck him in the attic baking bread after she
got him out of the limelight after breaking up the band and a lot of things that John, in a
more rational state of mind, might not have espoused. “God is a concept by which we measure our
pain…” is something John did write and sing. Probably with a nudge from Yoko, I’m thinking, though.
His last works included a song written by a man named Wilson that read a line; “God bless our love.
God bless our love.” So, in spite of Yoko, he probably did believe in God.
I do. It’s religion that I doubt. I think it’s feeble thinking, really. How can the thousand
different religions on earth be right? Only one could be right making the rest a waste of time.
When we should be “living for today…”
I doubt any religion is valid enough to merit that everyone live according to it’s tenets.
The situation in the mid east highlights the absurdity of, not only religious dogmas, but of
the result of war and murder and violence in it’s name on both sides.
God, on the other hand, is valid, I think.

February 28, 2015;

You hero-less losers really need someone like me, for example, to publicly call out Vladimir Putin
for the malevolent, Probuscus monkey, midget he is. This utterly cowardly, sick man who even
displays a jealousy against tall, handsome, anti- corruption platform politicians. Now he has
just assassinated another the day before his protest and right in front of the Kremlin building.
The news announcers reported that Putin would assume personal responsibility for conducting the
You could see the seething anger in our man in Moscow, Terry Moran, as he delivered the story.
That kind of anger that wants to grab Putin by his boy sized ankles and swing him into hard
objects until he’s dead.
You so called people of America need someone like ME to publicly speak out to the world on
issues just like this and in the capacity of a monster sized celebrity like I should already
be according to the nature of my Lennon murder discoveries. The biggest news since Christ.
As I’ve been saying, lately, the Kremlin was probably behind the murder of Lennon and dozens
of other American heroes, probably ran Nixon, Reagan and half of our government and media ever
since the breakout of WWII. This political assassination that Putin wants to assume responsibility
for was just like John Lennon’s murder; right on his front doorstep dripping with obvious poli-
tical overtones. There was terror involved to scare the public, like Lennon’s murder, and an
abandonment of normal justice like Lennon’s murder without a public trial. Like Lennon was
killed just as he was making a comeback, this opponent of Putin was killed on the eve of his big
protest to galvanize the people.
I noticed one of our news correspondents interviewing this brave Russian anti-corruption
candidate before he was killed saying; “Aren’t you worried about what is going to happen to you for
what you’re doing?” He replied laughingly; “I was born in Russia and I will die in Russia.”
It was eirrily reminiscent of our Margaret Warner’s interview of the woman candidate against Mushar-
if who was killed in a motorcade. Margaret said the very same words; “what will happen to you…”
as if there were some inside knowledge on her part as if she was working hand in glove with the
U.S. and Musharif. Just like our other reporter seemed to KNOW what would also happen as if HE
were on the Kremlin inside as well as our C.I.A..
Obama has a chance to call Putin out like I WOULD, ABSOLUTELY, but I doubt he will broach
anywhere near the needed temper it demands.
We need someone like me who will thunder across all media what a sick pervert Putin is until he
is ousted by ridicule and world condemnation. That is what the world needs; Famous celebrities
like me who got famous via something that matters like solving Lennon’s murder to use that
fame and prestige to affect world politics. You VICTIMS don’t seem to get that, though.
We live in phony, upside down times and all is not what it may seem.
I suspect our C.I.A. and their K.G.B. both wanted him dead because both governments stoke both
machines with corruption as their foundation and this do gooder threatened both systems.
Perhaps this brave Russian should not have been so sold on the Russian people and realized that
he overestimated their goodness. The goodness of Russia’s people was squelched long ago with
other assassinations and lies and treacheries and they have no spine or courage of their own to
support or keep alive the people who would save them if they wanted to.
We used to look down our noses at what slobs Russia’s people ARE to suffer these assaults on
their lives and decency with such silence and insane allegiance to their monster rulers.
You weaklings are no better, I’m afraid to say. You’re the spoiled, good for nothing gener-
ations who can’t punch your way out of a paper bag, lately,
Stephen King urinating all over you from the hightest mountain top.
Political assassination of those who are our legitimate, organic, natural heroes, the Ganghis,
Lennon’s and Lightfoots of the world is the worst thing a government can do against its
people. It’s the act of censoring alternatives that would improve life on earth and, in so doing,
condemns you all to hellish, second best lives that are usually an abomination to God.

Say, regarding my prediction that Jeb will be rigged into office in 2016, I heard him say
the following just yesterday.

“There are no plans to deport 12 million illegal immigrants….”
He was on the campaign trail fielding a question about immigration if he were elected.
He didn’t say; “I don’t plan to..” or ” if elected…” No, he said, as if he knew he would be
in the position to decide after the election;
“There are no plans…”
I guess at least Jeb and myself already know he’s your next president if you can’t care about
whether or not Stephen King murdered John Lennon.
You’ll notice Musharif is back to business as usual after the U.S., Russia and the new world
order killed that female politician in Pakistan. Probably getting our tax dollars, too.

Post observations, Moscow assassination;

The Moscow media are laying the hot model date with him when he was shot angle on Russia’s
people. “Look, people. Lusting after a woman 30 years his junior, a scamp! How can such a man be
trusted to lead you? He only thinks of himself.”
In so many un-uttered words.
Also, Putin alleges the murder; …” was an act of provocation against the state.”
Perhaps by outsiders wanting to destabilize Russia.
What he meant to say was that this man’s insistence on exposing Russia’s corruption was a
provocation against the state and he was dealt with accordingly.
As if to answer the worlds burning unspoken question; “‘Why’ did you kill him, Putin?” Putin
volunteered these early remarks; “He was brave and spoke out and upheld his beliefs…”
as if to terrorize the rest of Russia’s people from doing the same, or else.
Also, Putin tried to suggest that Ukranians who are fighting Moscow operatives were behind the
murder as if this man wasn’t an outspoken force against Putin’s invasion to begin with.
I guess the subhuman slob population of Russia is used to this NON sense.
I, however, am used to seeing right through it.

March 9, 2015;
Me at a bar in Huntington Beach last night raging on politics and religion and, boy, was it
a sight and scene to behold. I finally got up and left before the place exploded.
It began with a waitress there who, in response to my preachiness about Lennon’s murder and our
cover-up said. “It doesn’t matter. It was so long ago.”
“So, Stephen King murdering John Lennon and running around the world with his horror books
after isn’t a problem with you?”
To which I replied and walked away from her, after;
“You poor, poisoned pudding head”
Later on an attractive 42′ ish woman asked me to do a duet with her in karaoke. I agreed.
While waiting she brought up religion and I lambasted it as how we wash our hands of everything
we lack the virtue to actually do. Like Pontius Pilot washing his hands of Christ’s death.
That, when we can’t face up to a moral challenge and we retreat from the rigors of practicing
what we preach, we point to religion as our escape device. Still a wretched sinner but at
least pointing to a book that at least shows we’d LIKE to do right when we won’t DO right.
I went on how religion is a crock, all of them, and how God, however, was very real in spite of
man’s feeble minded, superstitious practice of following a religion. About this time a man
came up and gave her a small pocket sized Bible, as if to show he was in her camp. I said to
her; “What is this, a bar of soap? Will that wash your hands of Lennon’s blood?”
Later this man told her; “My phone number’s inside.”
I spoke up; “What’s this, the Bible is now a vehicle to pick up someone at a bar?” I went
on to also tell her that society is afraid to let me date anyone for fear I’d show them a
better religion than the townfolk have shown. As if I threaten their whole world if I even
date ANYONE. In fact, this was the second man to come along like a dog in a manger to com-
pete against me though I was the first to approach her. I think I said to him; “Am I horning in
on your girlfriend, here?” I guess not, but he couldn’t just leave us be either.
(Incidentally, this is a phenomenon of all of you I’ve gotten used to. It’s embarrassing.)
Typically she resorted to changing the subject to; “What about ‘Isis’ who’s chopping off heads?”
“That’s because they are undercover C.I.A. posing as relief workers and they (Isis) know it.
It’s Nixon and Reagan cutting off YOUR head and putting Stephen King’s head on you you
should care about. That was the beginning of this whole war to begin with, Lennon’s murder…”
I was on a roll and I forget half of what I said, but it was a lot and the whole bar was in-
tent on every word and I let them know that this messenger that they all know of and have
taken for granted all these years thinks that all of humanity is a spineless, satanic, jealous,
boot-licking, pussy, hypocrite, coward and not to be respected for his asinine values at all.
That everybody is cowardly and insane, period. That everybody is guilty of Lennon’s murder.
That I’m sick of everybody’s cowardly bullshit excuses for not caring.
Good! I hope I scared the devil out of all of them.