Ugly U.S. of Apathy;

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin just announced his plans to renounce his U.S. citizen-
ship, presumably to protect his assets from the theivery of our criminally greedy government.
Can’t say that I blame him. When John DeLorean decided to build a better automobile in
Ireland our F.B.I. and General Motors concocted a cocain sting operation to bring him down.
Japan kicked our big three auto makers to the brink of bankruptcy, anyway, with a better
vehicle that actually served the buyer. As I speak our government is supplying their fleets
with compressed natural gas vehicles that get 125 plus mpg while telling all of us to
use anything but what is best for us. They’d rather keep you small and big oil big.
Maybe America doesn’t deserve to reap the profits of my multi billion dollar story, either.
My four part movie about my adventure will break all records and I’m not sure I want an
already money poisoned culture like ours to get another fix before it is forced to change.
I think letting America reap all the rewards of my taxes and money making find might make
us a worse nation still consumed with greed. It would not be right to reward a country like
that after it martyred 30 years of my life with their phoniness, cowardliness and apathy.
Our soldiers are brave enough to lose a life or a limb over lithium, gold and copper in
Afghanistan and lose their sanity from killing indigenous human beings but they lack the
real courage to stand up to their own corrupt, hero killing government that is in the busi-
ness of warping us with tv induced violence instead.
I think America would be better served with humble pie and let another country get a leg
up in our world while America re evaluates its shattered soul.
When I think of America in 1962; big homes, big yards, a one paycheck economy and I look
at America today I see a boringly stupid culture that works twice as hard for less.
Frank Sinatra once derided Australia for being a “whore for money.” Are you one, too, U.S.?
When I was 10 I knew that a 40 hour work week was a rip off and that humans shouldn’t
have to sacrifice that much of their lives to get by. Now, thanks to the con job our
government laid on us with womens lib, BOTH spouses work 40 hours per week and are
left with LESS buying power and twice the divorce and teen suicide rate.
Shortly after our government killed J.F.K. I witnessed a planet killer asteroid just miss
us. The yellow/orange streak took up one sixth of the sky – it was that wide – and went
from California to Hawaii in about one second. It was as large as a big mountain.
I know what I saw. It was real. Just as real as the one that wiped out the dinosaur and
carved out the Gulf of Mexico pushing up a large sand bar now known as Florida.
I KNOW how fragile our world is and I fear that all of you are so stupid, lately, that
God is likely bored with us and might decide we need to be replaced with a higher life form.
Now is where I, the hero, that’s right, the HERO of the day, ME, come in.
If you people think you can change by yourselves, without a hero such as John Lennon or
myself to show you how, you’re ignoring history. You’re ignoring the facts.
The fact is that a hero is exactly what you people don’t have anymore. You let your evil
U.S. government kill them all; Davy Crockett, J.F.K., M.L.K., R.F.K., John Lennon, etc…
The government KNOWS you need a singular individual to follow or you are without and engine
for change. That’s why they always kill the “smart guy” with a better plan. You can no
more get to a better way of living without someone such as I than I can break this expose
without help from all of you. Without the public and individuals from the public I will
never be able to go around our corrupt media and legal system and get Stephen King exposed,
arrested, tried and convicted and jailed like he should be. If I were to try and go to
New York City and file charges and try to open a grand jury investigation – like the media
would have you all believe – I’d get nowhere, man. Nowhere! I’ve tried, believe me. I only
wish it was just the government and media that was stonewalling my attempts to do so. In
fact, all of you are, unbeknownst to yourselves, in league with the coverup. You all want me
to fail. You want me to fail because you, yourselves, are afraid of taking your evil govern-
ment to the woodshed for the spanking they need. You are like the cowardly Lion in The
Wizard of Oz who tries to exit the castle the moment the man on the screen blows a little
smoke and fire. He can’t take the responsibility and turns tail and runs. As soon as John was
shot in the back you all turned your backs on him like the cowards and turncoats you are.
You are all cowards failing yourselves and your children and country and fellow man.
Jealousy, envy, fear, shame,fatigue, oppression, suppression, repression. You’ve all got
it bad. Embarassingly so. You all LACK BALLS!!! Just fucking admit it, people.
In the mid 70’s the once good people of Herman, Maine kicked Stephen King out of their
town over his sick brand of writing. Now that he is rich and famous and has raped all of
you with his crime of assassination they are kissing his evil, cowardly ass. Like a sick
culture who have lost their way. He is rich and famous and nothing else matters to you.
Now the people of Maine are like the wives of “Stepford”; brainwashed and programmed and
utterly oblivious to reality, like mindless, castrated robots. Aren’t you people?
You all HAVE lost your way.
If I were to meet Paul McCartney today I’d have a cream pie waiting to smash him in the
face with and throw my evidence magazine at him, after, if only to get some headlines and
try to force the media to acknowledge my evidence.
The fact is he is THE BIGGEST coward among you. He will hide behind the excuse he has a
family to protect and can’t take such a stand to which I say; “Bullshit!!!” “BullS H I T!”
Yoko, a co-conspirator in the setup and coverup, the government’s “Ace in the hole”, de-
serves a gallon of urine dumped on her tiny, midget body like propogandist Barbara Walters.
All of of you dispicable cowards are already suffering under the conditions of contempo-
rary life today. It sucks and you have no soul. Instead you have stress and confusion and
despair and worry and no more America to fall back on. You have no free press and
no real free speech.
John Lennon was the “fruit of free speech”; a man whose free speech could change the world
but you, to quote his song; “Let him down”. And now you lack the courage to; “Come together”
over him and his murder.
The enemies of America are squeeling with glee and sadness, too. You are pathetic. Before
I give you a chance to gain, financially, from my expose, you’ll all have to break my story.
If you can’t summon the courage don’t expect to reap all the rewards only I can provide, after.
You may actually have to picket your media.
You’ll have to prove yourselves “worthy”. As for me, as damaged as my psyche is from
your jealousy and neglect, any disabilities I have are your fault more than mine.
Much more valuable than letting you feast at the trough of my success and the money it may
generate, I have much more to offer all of you in terms of wisdom and offering alternatives
to the way you all live now. The money ruled “machine” is breaking down under the weight
of greed and power and I see only a vastly far less materialistic world ahead for us.
Admit it, you’re all trapped by the machine and money and are too frightened to jump off
the merry go round to build a better world. And if you did have the guts to try you’d all still
need my advice to get there because I have paid the price to know the way while none of
the rest of you have. It takes time to get over the pull of money. I’ve conquered that.
Your evil U.S. government kills your heroes because it KNOWS you need them to escape to
a better way of living than the slave pit you’re all in now. It gets rich exploiting
you and it doesn’t want you to get well or to get a glimpse of the promised land. It wants
to molest and pervert you and frighten you and scare you into submission. They have.
You’re boring Soviet class fools, now. Not sexy, not interesting, just boring.
Imagine all you people living under the truth? I wonder if you can even hope for that
measly minimum requirement for decent living?
It starts and begins with this evidence the government left behind about Lennon’s assas-
sination. If you can’t respond to that are you people even human? Are you even good?
We all know that Chapman skipped a trial. We all know that you stood for that farce.
( Incidently, for you new readers who still want to convince yourselves; “Hey, man, he
was caught in the act, arrested and adMITted to the crime. We read about what thought
processes he went through. He’s rotting in a prison cell in Attica state prison.”
You easilly mislead dupes, LISTEN!!!! Chapman was in the N.Y.P.D. precinct with the “on
the take” officers etc… while Stephen King shot Lennon, dropped the gun, sat down, read
‘The Catcher In The Rye and waited for the police to throw a coat over his face and
march him, laughing, into the same precinct where he was switched with look-alike; Chapman.
King made his way out the back door to a car to a private jet back to Bangor, Maine while
Chapman followed script with his rehearsed confession and brainwashed all of you with
the help of Monday Night Football, Howard Cosell and the whole government orchestrated mass
media. THAT’s what really happened. And then agent Yoko told us all to “Let the courts
decide..” while she knew there would be no trial in the end in the first place.)
In fact the next day Stephen King WROTE about the murder in the Bangor Daily News with
an article titled; “I Read The News Today, Oh Boy” Capiche?

You people need a hero yet your jealousy and pride won’t let you let me help you.
You will HAVE TO picket your lying, government controlled, people hating media. Do it soon.
Until you do that you all ARE the worlds laughing stock, not me, like you pretend.

P.S. Now that Mark Zuckerberg has gone public and will lose control of facebook it is just
a matter of time before our C.I.A. highjacks it to spy on all of you lonely thumb clicking
maniacs. Perhaps if your mother was around when you were young instead of having to work
you all might not be so desperate for human contact, however seperated by a machine, that
contact may be.
Now, please count the number of times per evening an actor wearing a government uniform
or suit points a gun at another human being and/ or kills him for your perverse entertain-
ment appetite. If you channel surf like me it should add up to about 20 times per day
365 days per year. Do any of you suspect that it is a design to take away your second amend-
ment rights someday? To make you all sick of guns? That’s why republican actors Reagan and
Nixon used a gun to kill the most loved human being on earth, don’t you know? It’s also
why Reagan faked getting shot and one reason why none of you noticed that Chapman skipped
trial while Hinckley distracted you, like the red cape that matadors use, to kill the bull.
The tv series “Who Shot J.R.?, solved two weeks before J.L. got it, was a C.I.A. plot to
make you apathetic about Lennon’s, then upcomming, murder. It was.
Do any of doubt that it was by design that the 60’s tv series; “Get Smart”, starring Don
Adams, was a mind control operation to hypnotize you with a Lee Oswald look-alike who re-
peatedly remarked; “Would you believe?” while the title of the show challenged you all
to get smart for a change? It was. You see how much the media is in control of your minds?
Do any of you doubt that Barbara Walters DELIBERATELY brainwashed you with her Chapman
interview in 1992? Do any of you doubt that all the big tv news anchors are C.I.A. owned?
Barbara Walters had my magazine before she brainwashed all of you. It was hand delivered.
Stephen King is the symbol of your horrible culture. Out with good, in with evil. That’s
where you people all stand today.
Today, in a world without heroes or celebrities of consequence, you must sit and be eneter-
tained with no name wanna be celebrities “Dancing with the stars”. Don’t you all feel plastic?
Today your real enemy is the producer of your radio talk shows who break the law to get
my blocked phone number so I can’t get on the radio and inform you. Your new enemy is the
coward behind the microphone who wants to belittle me just to keep his dispicable job.
Your media is the military. They own it, control it and send into space the satellites that
enable it.
You’re all sugar coated Soviets. Or didn’t you catch the irony, in 1993 (?), when Clinton
wanted all of you to side with Moscow when the Chechnyan rebels took them on? All those
trillions of tax dollars you spent to fight the “enemy” were mispent, money slaves.
What WILL you all do? Will you picket your evil, lying, C.I.A. owned mass media, or will you
let them tell you that government thief Jerry Brown’s tax increases have your support, ac-
cording to their media poll, when they don’t?
Well, what WILL you people do? Or would you all rather lick ice cream and dismiss me as
a nut while your country unravels?
Oh, yes, you’re ugly, America, lately. Wake up and smell the media’s manure.

Please read the chapters below for your own benefit.