I NEED SPONSORS; Quadruple your money offer;

This expose IS the biggest ‘Thing’ since The Beatles. If you agree and think I can succeed
in breaking this news wide open, to the point of Stephen King’s arrest, as well as others,
then I need financial sponsors to usher this expose into the light of day. My income is not
enough and, literally, I am in financial extremis, lately, and really do need others help.
The only possible downside, or risk, at all, to at least quadrupling your investment, is if I
were to get killed before the story broke. Other than that I can guarantee making
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If you are a philanthropist and just want to change the world with the truth then I am
open to all offers.
I can put everything in writing to all your satisfaction.
The sooner I come forward the safer I am and I’m looking for a swift breaking of this story.
In case you need to be told, the courts and other normal options are unavailable in today’s
corrupt America and publicity is the only way I have found to break this news. Perhaps a
nationbwide advertising campaign might work best. I’m open to suggestions.
Also, if anyone, or any group of people (i.e. picketing the media), breaks this story
I might even be willing to split my first years gross income with you, if you succeed. Even
split a hundred ways that’s serious income for every demonstrator involved. (Not that you’d
have to be paid to be patriotic, but I would.)
My e-mail address is lennonmurdertruth@Yahoo.com

Now please read my next two chapters listed below at the top of the list, everybody, the
“Chapman lie – media terrorism” and “Land of the deceived, Home of the slave”
Thank you – Steve Lightfoot