35th Murder Anniversary Protest;

Jeeze! What should I do to break this story this next Tuesday, December 08, 2015? I live
in the Los Angeles area, I could go to any number of iconic venues to hold up my many signs
but what good will any of it do? Like the song title about how “…the man’ll take you away.
It’s time to stop, Hey!, what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down…”
The song titled; “For What It’s Worth.”
Stay tuned here, with this chapter, because it branches out into current events even though
the Dec. 08 date may have passed by the time you read this. I must warn you I come across
as rude and full of myself, at times, but it comes with watching the spectacle of the public’s
folly all these years in trying to break this news. Nothing I do is as nasty as your apathy.
I’ve been doing this, on and off, for three decades and nobody seems to want to help me
demand disclosure, it seems. A case of; “I’ll wait till somebody else goes, first, before I protest.”
So I’m up against all of that, including the toll each no show by all of you takes on me.
I doubt that it is a protest that happens like that or even on December 08, at all. I’ve
always felt that that week is terrible for any protest as Christmas shopping is all that’s
on most people’s mind’s, anyway. How can the importance of such news manifest itself in our
culture, our people and our celebrities all at once? Especially on such a date? Do we all
get romantic only on Valentine’s Day, for example?
I’ll be somewhere, no doubt, (I’ll let you watchers know before that time) but I’m stressing,
now, that it probably WILL take celebrities helping me before the public will.
Just last week Justin Beiber shined an invite on the Stephen Colbert show after I urged
celebrities to do so following his guesting of Stephen King and Jeb Bush his first shows.
Miley Cyrus is conspicuously silent since I mentioned she might want to re-think trusting
in Hillary not to give Jeb Bush the prize when she gets the chance, per Rockefeller’s plans.
Who knows what the celebrities are up to?
I hope, something.
Perhaps Justin Beiber noticed when I pointed out that look-alikes for him and Neil Young were
in his t.v mini series “Under The Dome”, or that the Neil Young look-alike was killed with a
knife in that series.
What are we doing pretending CBS ISN’T molesting us in a satanic manner to even air it?
The night King was guested by Colbert Paul Simon was also a guest. How morbid is our
status quo? Am I the only one of all of you not made sick beyond reason by the cover-up?
Are a society of sick leaders ruining all of our lives, defiling us and, if so, why?
Exactly the Justin Beiber’s and Miley Cyrus’s of the world should unite and stomp some
truth down the world’s cowardly throat. That McCartney has been a spectator all these years is,
no pun intended, appalling. Society’s Achilles Heel; Paul McCartney’s silence.
I’m still ruminating on what and where I will do whatever this murder anniversary. I have
scheduled the day off from my day job is all I can say at this point.
Until I announce my plans, remember; the biggest conspiracy in the world is your own collect-
ive conspiracy of apathy and phoniness and denial. You’re hero killers with a problem and
you all need help. You need to change, right now.
Grow up and show up for my protest. I’ll have plenty of signs that you can grab and show to
Or, bring your own signs. I can use all the help I can get.
As for you celebrities. If you ARE worth your salt, at all, you’ll all be wise to unite with
one, solitary black t-shirt with bold white letters spelling out my website

If you’d all do just that this sick planet would be saved, practically overnight.
It’s a matter of “We’ve got the numbers. We can trump anything anybody does if we,
resolutely, stick together and demand the results we seek”;
Stephen King arrested and exposed, ditto all the co-conspiracers; Chapman, probably
Yoko, et all and justice be served and our world given no less than a revolution in our lives
and in our lifetimes. Satan and bullshit lives be stomped into the dust, forever.

O.K., the protest will be on the anniversary, Dec, 08, 2015 at the CBS Television City
Studios just several blocks south of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame area. Tuesday. Tomorrow.
From the Walk Of Fame just drive south on Highland several blocks and then west on Beverly
Blvd. Specifically 7800 Beverly Blvd. I have no idea what the layout is or where I will
make my stand, there (You might want to find me standing atop my white website van with
large signs or standing near the grounds in a visible area.)
That will be the early part of the protest from noon till three. After there it moves to the
Capital Records Building on Vine just up from Hollywood Blvd.. It’s where John Lennon’s
star on the Walk Of Fame is and where another Lennon event is being held. That will be from,
say, 4:00 till 6:00.
A word of caution. Police tried to arrest me or move me last time I was there and they may
try to obstruct my presence, illegally.
I’ll need plenty of witnesses as well as protesters to be there, please.
If L.A. can show up and prove my billboards about me having more truth than you can handle
wrong, then we can begin to break this, the biggest news story since, I’ll say it, since Christ,
no less, and we can watch the revolution to follow as glorious benefactors, indeed.
Be there or be guilty, Lennon killing phonies and weinies.
Or we can be heroes.
Be there, please, people.

AFTERMATH / Dec. 09, 2015;

I received THE very best parking spots on both venues, like Moses parting the Red Sea,
I didn’t re-injure my recently broken rib after scaling atop of my van at the Capital Records
site and all went as planned. No protest in my behalf ensued and no news crew showed up, but
the flavor of the whole day is what tells it’s own story about all of you and not just me.
At the CBS site a security man came out to try to discourage me resulting in my saying;
“”I’m through answering your questions, go dry hump a tree, but leave me alone.”
I recall, when I was showing him my evidence and asking him if he saw any innuendo in the
headlines that read;
“Killing One’s Enemies/Thinking About John Lennon/Caught In The Crossfire/Kiss, kiss, Bang,
bang, Ouch, ouch/All The President’s Magazine’s…, I remember him saying; “No.” I knew,
right away, that this was one phony mutherfucking, phony, bootlicker, indeed. A sell out zombie.
Another creature lost in the ether of the materialistic B.S. world. Acting phony like a disease.
I recall a few good things at the Hollywood Star site. One man gave me a color photo of a
mid 70’s John Lennon holding up an L.A. Times copy with the huge headline; “NIXON QUITS”
It was a fantastic photo for me to have as my three day stint on Morton Downey’s radio show
in the 90’s helped to kill Richard Nixon who died of a stroke a few weeks later. In fact
his stroke commenced just a few minutes after I confronted Henry Kissinger on KABC talk radio.
John Lennon, on the other hand, is the man MOST responsible for Nixon losing favor with the
public which forced him out of office. Deny it all you want you phonies, but it’s true.
No wonder Yoko kicked him out at the time. Nixon, her co-conspirator, was on the skids thanks
to her husband who she was supposed to be setting up. No wonder there was friction, then.
Towards the end of my Capital Records site venue I noticed that the “handlers” of their event
was trying to turn John’s death into a forum for gun control, including Yoko’s role in that
cause. I yelled, loudly, over their microphone; “John’s real killers are the gun grabbers!”” The
real killer hates the N.R.A.!” and then I shut up, having made my point.
Later, while standing atop my van that everybody was pretending didn’t exist, I yelled out;
You’re all guilty of the murder cover-up!” Grow up, you PHONIES!” “Grow up, you PHONIES!”
and, suddenly, they all listened. It was the magic mantra that clicked in their brains.
Ultimately I left the crowd on this final note’ “Lennon killers!” and drove off.
They all loved me, in spite of my nastiness, knowing that I was right, after all, with my
evidence that they only wish they had the courage and sanity to act on.
And then, to prove to me that the average person is a completely obtuse moron with no brains,
on the way home, while passing one THOUSAND cars in two miles by using the sparser lanes
heading towards 405 on 101 north, I had to realize how stupid must they all be to wait in 5 mph
gridlock for ten minutes when they could be doing 50 mph and cover the same ground in just
two minutes by just using your brains!
Wow! You people really ARE impossible phonies.
I’ll probably resort to taking the matter up with Paul McCartney’s hide with slogans like
“McCartney, McFartney- Knows, doesn’t care.”
And, by the way, what’s Ringo in so much financial bad karma that he’s auctioning off all his
valuables, lately?

December 10, 2015;

I think I’ll run with this chapter, for now, to bring the matter up to current events focus,
but urge you all to digest the chapter below this one, the one titled; “C.I.A. Killing
U.S.A.” You see, I’ll be proved right, against all odds, that Jeb Bush will win the nomina-
tion and then defeat Hillary Clinton because Hillary intends to lose on purpose because they
both work for Rockefeller, our man behind the real curtain of our lives. They’re a tag team.
Their C.I.A. controlled mass media will brainwash all of you into thinking it is all so.
Your vote won’t matter. You are a fascist country controlled by the military and the media
they happen to also own. Rockefeller decides, not you Lennon killing cowards and douche bags.
Right now Donald Trump is the favorite but I also like Bernie Sanders except that I know I trust
Trump NOT to be a part of the re-elect the Bush Dynasty plot. He has been authentically
NOT part of that Soviet style politics. The politics is so deceiving I have no idea if Bernie
Ward is a plant or not. If he IS legit then America might not bite on a socialist platform,
rightly or wrongly. And so, if he can keep his tires on the road and not veer off too wildly,
then I have to hope Trump triumphs if only to block the C.I.A. takeover of our country.

December 11, 2015;

Some very encouraging signs amidst all of the tragedy I also see out there;
Bruce Willis was on Stephen Colbert’s show last night and, when he was told that Stephen
King was on Colbert’s show a few weeks ago, Bruce looked shocked and said: “Stephen King
was HERE?!” and then they both said, simultaniously; “He actually came out of hiding…?”
Willis acted like; “He actually had the guts to show his face to the public?”
Willis and half of Hollywood all know about me and the correctness of my evidence against
him. Willis is actually in a Broadway show called Misery based on King’s novel. Bruce, him-
self, acted ashamed to be doing anything with King at all.
And then there was the first ever admission by the news last December 08, that ; “A deranged
fan allegedly shot John ….” ALLEGEDLY!

Encouraging signs. If I seem a little disgruntled at your collective insanity in avoiding my
news then imagine how someone would feel if he, all by himself, had to clean up the entire
mess left behind at the famous Woodstock concert in the days of flower power. All the trash,
bottles, paper, everything. That’s what my job is like. I have to offset everything evil that
all of you are prone to doing if only because you’re ingrained cowards where any government
exists. I have to compensate all your sins to get this news out. If you weren’t so weak and
evil in the things that matter my job wouldn’t be so frustrating.
A co- worker asked what will come out of the story if it breaks? Why does it matter?”
I responded; “Better orgasms, better lives, happier people, healthier everything. When Lennon
was killed all of our lives all over the world were instantly made 20 percent less happy, instantly!
This story will undo all that misery just as quickly….”

Regarding Trump and Israel’s snub at his remarks about blocking Muslims to America. It would
only be self serving of Israel to deport the entire middle east to America after forcing
them to leave because of OUR wars we fight for them. These are the issues that any president
must weigh, and carefully.

December 12, 2015;

I just have to get something off of my chest, here. What do think about all of you?
However encouraging it is to see signs on t.v. that Stephen King might be outed, after all, I
have a very pitiable, sorry view of all of you. You all want material things, the nicer the bet-
ter and care not at all about your spiritual well being and you’re stuck on phony religions
to compensate your misplaced values. You’r all a sick, fucking, stupid mess. That’s what.
I have to make a new slogan to get you cowards off of your asses and here’s a few of the
slogans that have been on my mind, lately;

Chapman never stood trial.

Stand up to the cover-up.

You just don’t care.

Still stuck on stupid?

I think you all get the jist.

Satan rules all of you, not me. Like John Lennon, I will be in a league of my own,
separate from all other celebrities, with my own niche in the world after this truth is out.
I have suffered to know you all better and you are all one sick monkey, indeed. Only I could
even know that you’re all so blind and weak and foolish.
How IS that Stephen King urine doing all over all of you, anyway? You make love to each
other under those conditions?! How sick!

One main reason I see the value in all of this truth outing and demanding justice stuff
has to do with the fact that I am a man of talent and promise and not a common dweeb like
most of you just are. Those average Joes and Janes of you do not see the value in what John
Lennon gave all of us, partly out of jealousy and envy and all those filthy emotions
that I despise the very thought of. And yet, it is the average human who enjoys the assassina-
tion of a great man and for sick, self destructive reasons. I pity you common slobs for being
so stupid, actually.

December 17, 2015; Bush threatens Trump on mic;

First of all, let me advise Trump what to do about John Edward Bush in the future;
1) Remind the audience that the Bush family tactics fomented all this Islamist extremism
in the first place and another Bush is NOT the answer, now, for anybody.
2) Remind the audience that America does NOT want another Bush in The White House.
3) Ask John Edward why he shy’s away from the his name, John, and does it have to do with his
father’s head of C.I A. role, at the time, regarding John Lennon’s murder.
4) Remind the audience that this election is about either the C.I.A. running America via
Jeb Bush or of one of America’s citizens running the country for a change, wealth and cir-
cumstances, regardless.

Here’s how Jeb threatened to assassinate Donald Trump, if necessary, on stage this week.
First, let me remind all of you that Nixon had both Kennedy’s assassinated to win The White
House (I can prove it with Time and Newsweek codes during those events.) Nixon did so with no
remorse or guilt but, rather, with gusto and righteousness, counting on the stupid public
to do nothing as they always do.
Now we have a wild card, Donald Trump, not a C.I.A. lackey like Bush or Clinton, in the mix
and he stands to defeat Rockefellers plan to rig in Bush. Here’s how the encounter between
Bush and Trump went down…;
After trying to couch Trump in the context of being “not serious” about running for president
he remarked; “You can’t insult your way into the White House. That’s NOT going to happen!”
Trump replied;
“I’m at 43 percent and you’re at 3 per cent. I guess I’m doing better than you…”
Bush shot back, like a kid whose father is the coach of the team..;
“It doesn’t MATTER! It doesn’t MATTER!”
Before this exchange Bush remarked to Trump;
“It’s a tough business, Donald…”
To which Trump interjected;
“Yeah, Jeb, You’re a real tough guy…” Mockingly.
What really happened, people, in my opinion, is Jeb Bush was telegraphing to Trump;
“You are NOT going to be president…It doesn’t MATTER if you win more votes than me, the
process is RIGGED, ‘Duhhh!’ in fact it’s such a grizzly matter we might have to kill you
to stop you like we’ve done in the past. It’s a tough business you’re applying for.”
That’s what happened, people. The spoiled son of the C.I.A. is sure your vote doesn’t mat-
ter and he’ll use his C.I.A. owned mass media to brainwash all of you into going along with
his phony victory. He can’t lose. Everybody else running except Trump is on the Rockefeller
payroll. Rockefeller, 100 times wealthier than Trump and that’s the truth! In fact, it was
the Rockefellers (John or David) who founded our C.I.A.. Fact, people! F-A-C-T-!

Now, Trump should bury Jeb as he could with a little of my approach to his silver C.I.A.
spoon in the mouth portrayal of Jeb and how the Bush dynasty is Un-American and led to the
unrest in the middle east in the first place.
Donald, you could erase Bush, fast, taking my advice.
While on the subject, stop scowling on t.v. with that upside down frown any time you try
to look serious. Smile and look serious! Always.
Stop pointing just to how popular you ARE but, rather, point out WHY you are popular.
Point out that being popular, being the people’s choice, DOES MATTER. It’s the whole idea.
Bury C.I.A. brat John Edward.
Bush family, ditto!
As for the chatter of all the other candidates, here’s what I heard;
“I will KILL the terrorists. Vote for me.”
“I’ll kill the terrorists even more than he will. Vote For me.”
“I’ll carpet bomb them until the desert glows! Vote for me.”

It shows me the whole tag team tee-ing up Jeb Bush for another decade of war and genocidal
war tactics on our part.
The end game involves criminal, genocidal war on the Islamist man, a crime against God, or
of admitting our sins and retreating and leaving the middle eastern man alone with his natural
That’s what John Lennon would do.
These are the only two choices that exist for us to choose between.
When Kruschev stood down Kennedy and vice versa in 1962 our military and C.I.A., the same
people who deliberately screwed up the Bay Of Pigs Invasion to embarrass Kennedy, told J.F.K.
to pull the trigger and go to nuclear war with Russia. He found a more civilized solution
and defeated the military industrial complex’s desire to take over America, then.
Now, you people have the same choice decades later.
What WILL you do?
Help me get famous, fast, jail King, and lead you out of this ensuing take-over while you can.
You people are to blame for the terrorism that has come to roost on you like an outbreak of
Scabies. You have been unclean for too long and wrong and under Stephen King’s thumb and
you have attracted terrorism by being a douch bag for the military.
Haven’t you noticed how wrong this genocidal war on Israel’s enemy has been? Our soldiers
are justifiably so ashamed of what they are doing over there (killing a species) that their
suicide rate is higher than their death from the enemy rate! Our soldiers are being asked to
commit war crimes and genocide and they KNOW IT!

While closing on this entry let me advise Trump to use the next live stage to suggest that
“Jeb should be suspect number one if ANTYTHING, plane crash, ANTYTHING should happen
to me. The establishment seem overzealous about putting him into power for whatever reasons.”
That’s good advice Donald. Better than any life insurance. Confront back that bully, Jeb, Donald.
Play real hardball. You have the stage and the balls, so use it all and win. Call out the
C.I.A. intervention in our process for all it’s worth. That is the real issue.
Meanwhile, don’t fall into their trap, after you win, of playing THEIR game! I recommend
you do NOT become a Crusader who kills the other dark skinned man just because our media
makes it sound popular.
Another more effective solution is available called integrity and justice and being right.
That is America’s secret power. The military is trying to subvert all that, though. The mili-
tary probably wants to diminish America
to fit us into a new world order, really.

P.S. About Putin endorsing Trump. It’s a mind game he’s playing. Translation. “I am your
enemy and would you please elect Donald Trump? I really hope you do.”
Naturally it’s a stone cast AT Trump to knock him down a few pegs in our collective minds.
Bush and Putin are a tag team for the new world order his father once bragged about.
Remember???? They’re a team against all of us!

December 23, 2015;

My recent entries are NOT very Christmasy. In fact, one John Edward (Jeb) Bush seems livid
that I would speak about their family so rudely much less during the holidays. Oh, yes, he and
much of our who’s who in politics read my site, aware that I could change their world with
such an earthshaking expose as mine. Indeed, G.H.W. Bush uttered; “…You know, nobody likes
‘Who shot John?’ in reference to my magazine then titled; “Everybody’s Business; Who Shot John
Lennon?” that tanked his ratings in Kennebunkport in the one week I was there dropping off
dozens of copies all over town weeks prior. That was in 1992 and during the live presi-
dential debate in Richmond, Virginia. He said the same thing about me a week or so earlier during
the Hurricane Andrew relief speech. My head almost his the roof of my van when I watched
him first broach my magazine subject on t.v..
Well, my job is to teach the rest of you how to be brave and I will happily slap the Wizard
Of Oz in his face in public. Rockefeller, Bush on down as need be and I will stand by my remarks.
In fact, let me add to them.
Bush family, GO HOME! Get out of our lives, get off of our backs we don’t want your leadership.
You’ve caused untold misery and pain and tragedy. Go HOME and leave us alone! Your family
fomented all this radical Islam terrorism AS YOU DESIGNED IT TO! You don’t fool us any more.
We are sickened by your masked genocidal warfare and wholesale slaughter tactics. Evil!
Will ‘Poppy’ die any day soon and will you blame that on me, too?
Will Chelsea give birth in time to sway America towards Hillary?
Who knows? America is sick, politically, spiritually and otherwise thanks, largely, to Bush
policies of war, violence and corporate greed and the C.I.A.’s takeover of our media and
our lives.
America will not tolerate a Jeb Bush presidency and will regard it as a ghost as despicable
as if Richard Nixon were to return from the grave to haunt our lives, yet again.
No way, Jose. Bush family, go home.
If Hillary is put in by Rockefeller, instead, (She and Jeb work for the same boss.) then America
is in as much trouble, as well. That is a scenario that must be avoided, as well. In case you
naïve people don’t know, she and Bill secretly met in The White House with Stephen King in
the mid 90’s knowing all about his role in killing John Lennon. Absolutely in bed with the
Republicans. No doubt about it folks. Rockefeller owned and controlled.
Who else? Cruz? Too reminiscent of Nixon. Crissy? Too old east coast corruption, I’ll bet. Another
politician on the dole, no doubt.
Trump? Full of authenticity and seems like the real deal, faults and all, but a decent bet
with what we’ve got to choose from. Bernie Sanders I’d be happy with him, too. Is America
ready for him is the question. O’Mally (?) Seems decent but who can we trust? Who is NOT a
plant working for the Rockefeller regime?
So far I trust Trump, maybe Sanders.
Merry Christmas, everyone. Happy New Year!

January 8, 2016;

Before I state my recent thoughts about this story and all of you who may not even deserve it,
let me say that I have been in a heap of pain between these west coast storms severely aggra-
vating my lower back and a case of food poisoning on stale blackberries. In the throes of all
this pain and suffering you, the public, entered into my thoughts and how much I despise your
collective weaknesses as a species. No wonder Stephen King was emboldened to shoot John
Lennon. He knew that as soon as John hit the sidewalk you’d all just say; “Well, too late to
do anything about it, now. Guess we’ll just suffer.”
He and the evil U.S. government KNEW all of this about all of you. They just didn’t figure
on one such as I not altered by any mass media who only listened to Beatle’s music for a
year and a half instead. I wasn’t media controlled or whipped into submission like all of you.
I’ve concluded that I am not really as much of a hero as society will try to make me out
someday. Rather it is the fact that all of you are subhuman cowards who probably don’t deserve
my heroism, after all. Even if I saved you from your evil cover-up that you’re all guilty of
you’ll all regress, in time, back to the same spineless zombies you are now.
When a man is under the stress of pain it concentrates his mind and I have learned that I
will probably let you all have it if I ever DO jail King. What do I mean?
It means that whenever I am seen in public and especially on media, just as John made the
Peace sign his message, I will wear a shirt that reads “PEOPLE, YOU’RE THE PROBLEM!”
Whenever I am asked about it I will unabashedly bash all of you scumbags over the head with
all the reasons why you are to blame and part of the biggest conspiracy on earth; boot-lick-
ing apathy and phoniness.
Throw in your mass stupidity and I think you can guess what kind of a celebrity I will be.
Rest assured, if you slobs deserve my truth at all, you will be spanked in public by me for-
ever after until I see a profound change in all of you and you all bend to my vision of how
we should all rather live.
The western dream is a comfortable nightmare and I know the way we live is sick and twisted.
I will probable never speak to Paul McCowardly who dropped his obligatory role in the whole
matter and I hope that it pisses all of you evil bastards off as well.
I do know you slobs do not deserve a lot of what could have been had you acted, say, my third
year into my expose efforts like a well society would have done and rescued me.
As far as I’m concerned you can all kiss my royal ass for being a better man than any of you.
I had no idea what depraved weaklings all of you are. I was a fool to ever trust your goodness,
a message I will forever pass on to the watching world if I ever get the chance. But not to
worry, It’s the medicine you all need. Right?

A quick preview of Steve Lightfoot in action once I get the stage you all need me to be on;
One of my first projects will be to cut the amount of T.V. and movie violence, especially
murder, to a small fraction of what you are soaked in currently and promote your right to own
guns to defend yourselves from our own government.
Obama sheds a scripted tear last week pretending to care about our children at Sandy Hook.
If any of you slobs cared on iota about the matter you’d all boycott every sponsor of these
homicidal over-kill media shows and do without T.V. if necessary. But you are all sick.
Right now there are more mass shootings in America than there are weeks in a year. Obama and
most politicians work for these messengers of fear and homicidal rage and know that the media
violence is calculated to make you violent and to then enact legislation to take away your
guns. They set up these tragedies waiting for the day when you’ll all say; “Enough is enough!”
You’re probably too stupid to agree with one as sane as me, though.

January 12,2016;

David Bowie passed yesterday.

I have new slogans on my van, or will be up any day, now;

Side windows, Passenger side:

Picket your lying media

Driver’s side;

Stephen King IS a murderer

My perceptions of humanity this holiday season were tempered by my nearly dying of lower
back pain and a case of food poisoning (?) that occurred simultaneously. Like a week dead
cockroach coming slowly back to life with rain after being squished a week earlier.
My perceptions are rare and telling and not shedding a complimentary light on you at all.
I can clearly see that mankind wants to obstruct my efforts, in the crunch, that mankind
is no good, and wants Satan to destroy all life on earth. Sounds extreme, but accurate in
reality, I’m afraid.
Oh, there is the noticeable good will citizens afford me but, in the crunch, they fear and
dread the thought of living under the truth and relish in squashing it.
Nation of cowards, grow a spine.

January 17, 2016;
Today I spoke and demonstrated at Santa Monica’s ‘Prominade’. I spoke out loudly:
“Jeb Bush will be rigged into office you poor, blind bastards… Hillary WORKS for Bush.
Rockefeller decides, not you blind boobs… Everything IS rigged, you Soviet pushovers…”
My large display sign read : DEMAND DISCLOSURE, DEMONSTRATE
My new window slogans are up;
Stephen King IS a murderer.
and, on side (B);
Picket your lying media.
On KABC, last Friday, I got it out over the airwaves that; “Rockefeller will rig Jeb Bush
into office, even against whatever the people vote for.”
I watched Jeb, ‘The Turtle’ proclaim; “I will WIN the nomination…Trump will NOT get the
It seems that Jeb’s go to line, no matter what the people are saying, is “That will NOT
happen…” as if he has some secret strategy to thwart the public’s right to choose.
In fact, he said: “…we have resources and we will use them…” regarding his victory.
I hope that Trump will say, to Jeb’s face,; “What, short of a rigged election on your part,
makes you so POSITIVE you will beat me since the public is behind me ten to one over
you.? How do you equate your 5% showing with a mandate, Jeb Bush?
Are you and your handlers up to a rigged election using the C.I.A. your family comes from?”
I hope Donald plays his “TRUMP CARD” on Jeb, and soon.
Hey Jeb! Put your middle finger down that you have erected behind your name and slogan.
That exclamation point. And go home. Bush, we don’t want you. Your family stinks and we won’t
tolerate YOU getting snuck into office so the C.I.A. can have it’s way with us.
Go fuck yourself, Bush dynasty. Go to hell. In fact, we, the American people say, “Fuck YOU,
Jeb, and the C.I.A. excrement you rode in on. Go home!!!!!!”
I hate to sound so rude but I know what treachery your father and brother have already done.
Only a fool would doubt that you’d be any different. You’re BAD for America.

Nomination update; February 4, 2016;

Perhaps Jeb Bush is NOT going to be necessarily rigged into office. Perhaps Hillary can do
all that Jeb could have done for the establishment, i.e. Rockefeller, C.I.A. and such.
Maybe she is plan ‘B’. Either way, Jeb or Hillary must both be avoided to arrest our satanic
spiral into fascism and phoniness and fear and lies and tricks and tragedies. They both
spell bad things for us all. Establishment is the problem. They are both owned by the men
behind the curtain of our lives.
Did Hillary cheat in her Iowa showing? She effectively tied Bernie Sanders. Or did she?
Did Cruz cheat in telling his precincts lies on their ballots to steal another candidates
votes under the false report that he would be quitting the race and to “Vote for me.”?
I think Trump is right to call Cruz out on his deception and to point to politicians as un-
trustworthy, generally. Good for you, Donald. Speak truth to power, always. Use the naked
hypocracy of our established system to get ahead. They ARE suffocating the baby in the crib
with a pillow. They ARE unfit for our lives. We need to have a normal citizen to clear the mess.
It just so happens that to compete you may also have to be a billionaire normal citizen.
Between Trump and Sanders I’m open minded. Will America move to Sanders this soon? Is it a
viable possibility? I like what he says and I like his issues based campaign.
I also like Trump as also being the real deal in his own right.
If they were to end up in the race, proper than I think America would win one way or the other.
Letting the evil establishment back in would be stupid and masochistic. It would be evil.
Everyone else running is pure establishment in my book.

February 09, 2016;

I notice that Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are sparring with each other as if Trump knows all
about the Rockefeller crowd trying to rig Jeb into the White House. He sometimes acts dis-
courteous to Jeb as if he has some beans to spill on Jeb if he doesn’t reign in his com-
ments. In fact, I think Donald should just come out and say something like this to get
John Edward’s attention;
“Looks like the Bush name has a skeleton in their closet. We can only “Imagine” who.”
That would blow by Bush like a 110 mph fastball, inside. And then just tell everyone who asks
for further comment on what he meant; “The American public can Google John Lennon’s murder
and see who was head of the C.I.A. then and find what’s out there with Reagan and Nixon
and how they have a lot of explaining to do.”
George H.W. Bush actually acknowledged my magazine; “…Who Shot John Lennon?” in 1992 when
he said on T.V., twice; “You know, nobody likes “who Shot John…” as his explanation of
why he was falling in the polls in Kennebunkport where I delivered the magazines, then.
He even said it again in the Richmond, Va. debate. It’s in The New York Times transcripts.
I would refrain from quoting me in my more profain moments and just wave the specter of John
Lennon’s murder in front of America and watch the whole ball of wax carry Jeb right off
of America’s stage. Also, one third of America thinks that 9-’11 was an inside job or that
George W. Bush allowed the attack. (Stand down orders keeping interceptor jets on the ground,
etc.). Why NOT suggest the possibility that he allowed 3,000 U.S. citizens to die just to
get his mid east war? Why NOT point out that the Bush’s desire to hang Saddam Hussein wasn’t
worth getting us into that war in the first place just to settle their personal bad blood
and all the false reports of weapons of mass destruction?
Imagine the reality of our election. We have the younger brother of the man who may be re-
sponsible for the biggest attack on America, who may have killed thousands, to run for our
Are you all asleep?
I noticed that John Bush listed all the military generals as his supporters in the last debate.
Like I’ve been warning all of you for YEARS, now, about Jeb’s rigged election, the military
and the C.I.A. want to take over America. If you tolerate his win you will all be guilty
of that terrible coup against us all.

(To be continued…)