Death Wish Society vs. me;

(Before I begin with this chapter I want to direct Monterey county residents to scroll down
to January 14, 2017 in this same chapter to get informed about one Lucas Flores and Point
Pinos Grill at Pacific Grove Golf Links. The golf is good, the cafe, not so much. It seems
that the specialty of the house is bigotry and you’ll get the dirt there, as described
further into this chapter, below.)

So, you’re sitting there in Santa Cruz / Monterey county, California and you’re listening to KSCO
talk radio last January 2, 2017 and the host greets “Bob of Carmel…” The conversation had
been about the global rise of oceans and on I go as “Bob” as “Steve” might be censored.:
“You know, I have finally, after some 30 years of asking the question, come to the conclusion
that mankind, generally, has a death wish. Mankind welcomes the meteorite that will wipe us all
out. It welcomes the oceans that will swallow us up someday and anything else that accommo-
dates our urge to self destruct. That we, as a species, can’t resist the desire to spiral right down the
(Host) “What do you mean?”
“Can you name a hero who ever tried to save us all that we didn’t kill?”
(Host); “What was that?”
“Can you name a hero who ever tried to save us all that we didn’t kill?”
(Host): “That’s kind of harsh, don’t you think?” (Or something to that effect)
“It reminds me of a dream I once had over 30 years ago. There was this tree whose trunk must
have been an acre in diameter and it had a lot of shops and restaurants upstairs. While ex-
ploring I came across the scene of cooks putting poison in the rice for the patrons waiting
upstairs. I ran up and warned them all not to eat the rice, that it is poisoned, and they all
RESENTED that I had ruined their ritualistic, suicidal ‘last supper’ that they had come there
for. I think that that’s what we’re all really like in real life. too.”
(Host);(I forget his response.)
“How else can you explain why it is we have made a millionaire and author out of the man who
really killed John Lennon; Stephen King while we run from the evidence that we all know
PROVES IT? Lots of people know it but are too busy obstructing the messenger because, secret-
ly, they all can’t resist the mass impulse to continue to spiral down the drain into com-
plete and utter failure. It’s an urge as hard to resist as climaxing when you know it…”
(At this point I think the host cut me off)
“… can get someone pregnant but you just can’t help but succumb to the urge.”
Well, that WAS the call I made last week to sober the world up the day after New Years and
I can tell it fell like a heavy weight on all who heard the words, after.
Let me explain;
For decades I wondered was the human race just extremely cowardly or too jealous of me to
out the ugly truth about Time and Newsweek’s bold print government codes all about John Len-
non’s political assassination, the killer’s alleged name and letter linking himself to president-
elect Reagan, King’s photo three months before the crime that matches the killer who we
were told was Chapman and all the rest. Now I am convinced that mankind has a collective
death wish and wants to continue sleepwalking through life a prisoner of all that is evil in their
lives so long as they get to do as little as possible about it all. “Let’s all let go of the steer-
ing wheel of life and end the species, please. We’re doomed so why try?”
I used to wonder why my peers (Are there any?) would not allow me to hold a job or date any-
one and weird things like that. This strange phenomenon reared it’s head consistently and
I always wondered why. I now believe, right or wrong, that the reason is the world is resigned
to it’s ultimate end and demise, be it asteroidal or otherwise; overpopulation, climate pollu-
tion, nuclear Armageddon or otherwise.
I am the hero that dares to stand in everyone’s way and prolong the misery the rest of man-
kind is living under. They want me out of their way and let the rapture begin. They want to
be put out of their misery sooner, not later.
No wonder it is that every hero is killed by our government and we endorse it all with our apathy
and silence and boot-licking allegiance.
“No, by God, no hero is going to stop us from doing what we have all agreed upon; Doing as
little as possible at all times no matter what evil comes our way. Let Satan ride roughshod
over us for we deserve it. Hasten the end, death is what we secretly worship. We’re all
going to hell, anyway.”
People of this planet, when you had the chance to show your true colors you shouted;
“Free Barabas…Crucify Jesus”
It’s who you are. You are not a hero or a saint or a higher thinker or lover of life in the
sense you may think. You’re actually quite evil and wicked whether you know it or not. I
have to say the same thing about my own family who turned a yellow stripe, right off, when
I became information active in 1982. You may be 50 percent good but that’s about all, I think.
It’s what you DON’T do or WON’T do that makes up most of your evil deeds, in fact. Call it
a failure of nerve or plain spinelessness or cowardliness or weakness, you are all of the
above and you, as a culture, killed John Lennon with you reliable, proven tendency to roll
over and just take it whenever the government trespasses on your heroes. You relate more to
a Barabas for you understand him more than you would even want to understand a Jesus.
Just a month ago a woman who suddenly saw me next to my van yelled out; “Why don’t you just,
…DIE!?” My crime? emblazoning our truth on my van all over creation. The prospect of a hero
like myself telling all of you how you probably should live makes you probably retch. You’d
rather live a stupid life than take better advice from anyone, especially one such as I who
already managed to expose you all for being the turn coat cowards you obviously are regard-
ing my history making evidence find where John Lennon’s murder is concerned.
Last month a certain talk show host who has a way of voicing the naked truth about your col-
lective disfunction said two things that stuck out; On one occasion he tried to suggest that
John Lennon’s murder was passe and too old to care about and that there were other more pres-
sing issues to concern ourselves with. When I called right back and he tried the same logic
I blurted out; “America can’t handle the truth, is what…”Oh, c’mon, society has had it’s
head up it’s ass for decades and we can handle the truth?! C’mon!”
The following week when I boached the Lennon scandal, again, he hung up and said that we
should focus on other things like alien invasion and life beyond our planet.
Pure, mother-fucking, God damned, cowardly poppycock! And yet, it describes your collective at-
titude about Lennon’s murder evidence to a tee.
You would all rather cut off your right arm than raise a sign to expose your evil government
who are now caught, red-handed, molesting all of you with an Orwellian evil that boggles the
mind. All of you are absolutely letting King molest you and your children with pure evil
rather than do what’s right!
Oh, sure, many of you actually do pull for me behind whatever mask you live behind but it’s
no use until you stick your neck out and demonstrate against our media censorship. Maybe a
majority of you, in fact. Not good enough, you weaklings. You’ll have to find your spine all by
yourselves, like I did 34 years ago when I dared look into the matter. Little could I know
that the magazine government codes when Lennon was killed would be so obvious and easy
to find.
I remember society’s universal first utterances to my activism; “Get a job!”‘Get a life!”
“Who cares?!”
That’s what all of you would yell at me as I stood with my signs advertising evidence
in John Lennon’s, then, fresh murder.
That all stopped as abruptly as it started after about three years, about the time the pub-
lic realized I wasn’t going to quit just because they were cowards.
Now it all falls into place; the opposition society has placed in front of my great, optimistic
powerful evidence find. They feel I am only stalling the innevitible and they’d rather just
fast forward to the end of all suffering as this wretched species, once and for all.
You say it’s not you but the evil government. Bull shit! You let the government employ you and
YOU do their bidding. If not employed directly, then indirectly, with your apathy.
“Step aside for Stephen King. He murdered our hero; John Lennon. Obstruct, don’t employ, don’t
allow to date or succeed, Steve Lightfoot, who has the dirt on him and all of us.”
Ain’t that it in a nutshell, human race?
Strange that the urge to self destruct is so like the urge to reproduce, to climax, an urge.
I will list the absurdities I have witnessed that PROVE this may be the case, indeed; The
way U.C. Berkeley laughed at the news that my father had just been killed in a plane crash,
like; “Goody, goody, they killed your dad. Ha! Ha!. That’ll teach you to be a hero!”
Nothing else but exactly like that.
The day I was standing in front of a bookstore where Stephen King was signing books holding
a huge sign that read;


and how several juveniles were throwing eggs at me and my parked van from a window above.
The way the workplace turned me away just because of what I drove and who I was, all the
jealous, guilty loathing of what I stood for to the point they couldn’t bear working along side
of me. Before they discovered what I drove I was liked. After, quickly resented.
The way the police oppressed me, especially in the San Francisco bay area, before I got a web-
site to advertise the abuses; gun pointings, kidnapping, brutal beatings, etc..
The way the crowds did nothing to protect me whenever the police would violate my rights.
The way S.F.P.D. took my signs the day before the Golden Gate Bridgewalk without cause.
A thousand trespasses, though, I can’t name them all, and how Soviet like America seemed.
About the way even dating became a threat to mankind to the point they’d rally to abort any
potential relationship I might engage. Not like the world would treat anyone but one such as
I with the news of the century that had the power to pull down the world’s pants, big time.
The way Berkeley snickered when they saw my nose broken and arm in a sling which was about
the same time when their local rag was defaming me with a cover story that mocked me.
The way the whole media gathered around the bowl of hero’s blood to suck from, like bats,
whenever they would mock me and belittle me and generally try to derail me at every turn.
People just like you who took media jobs.
The way my own family sided with the evil government rather than hold a sign and stand by me.
The way all of you co-conspired to sit on the story rather than grow a spine to begin with.
You see, all of you secretly worship death and fear. This species, this life, you secretly
hate and you are hoping an asteroid or something will, to quote one of your entertainment com-
panies logo;


“End them all”
I stand in the way of the tidal spiral that is sucking you down the drain as a species.
You ACT as though an asteroid or something is going to kill mankind anyway and so why should
any of you care at ALL about improving life on earth while you are able to since it will all
be for nothing.
Or so you all apparently DO think, like the news or not.
Every 90 seconds someone on the planet is murdering someone, probably, war just never seems
to get a vacation, man’s inhumanity has always been legend and still you don’t want to admit
that all of you are protecting the real life murderer of John Lennon as if he were your friend.
King, who revels in destruction, whose favorite scene in The Stand is setting off all those
oil refineries watching the planet burn, King, whose movies are all about what is wrong with
us all; fear, hatred and murder.
Me, the hero, the messenger with the evidence mankind has prayed for for eons?,
So, why me? What am I if not like all of you? I maybe USED to be like all of you but, thankfully,
a long time ago. I’ve avoided the degradation of my being the cover-up took out of all of you.
It’s worth all the sacrifices; personal, social, financial, etc. just to not be stained by the Mark
David Chapman lie. The one your C.I.A. owned and controlled mass media is still peddling.
It’s not like any of you missed the fact that Chapman wasn’t even tried. You all knew THAT.
It is lonely at the top but at least I’m free and brave, more so than anyone you know.
In fact you almost have to be talented, yourself, to even be intrigued with a John Lennon
in the first place. Oh, I was and still am, I could list the credentials and bore myself but
suffice it to say I always knew I had something world class to offer the world and expected it
would be as a professional golfer. Lennon’s murder interrupted that and so I stumbled onto
something even bigger than that. The story of the millennium had just fallen into my fertile hands.
I wasn’t busy being jealous of John like most of you were. I admired what he stood for and
how he managed to occupy the highest level of credibility with the world of anyone at the time.
I was captivated by what a godsend he was for us all and how powerful his voice could be.
I knew that he was, indeed, the voice apparent of all mankind about to unleash his leader-
ship and help us get away from the big brotherly hell alternative to a world without the
traditional bullshit where life could be magical and humane, again.
Not many would even recognize all that he was. I remember the moment a woman told me that it
was John Lennon on the radio singing “Starting Over” in late 1980, out of nowhere.
My first thought was; “Oh, no, John. If you make a comeback they’ll (the government) kill you”
Several weeks later that’s exactly what happened.
It took someone admittedly “special”, to begin with, to even appreciate John Lennon. To this
day I could easily see myself advertising the slogan; “MORE EVOLVED THAN THOU”
on my side window alongside the rest of my van messages. Only I could do it with conviction.
The rest of you knuckle draggers also drag your feet and pull against my heroism like
a tug of war. Must I have to admit it FOR you?
So, if you think John Lennon had an invaluable contribution to make to mankind post 1980 then,
congratulations, you aren’t a jealous, insecure peon who never knew what John Lennon was all
about. You weren’t threatened by HIS greatness. You must have been great, yourself, somehow.
Meanwhile, I’m waiting for you death wish demons to snap out of your comfort zone and take
action and avenge your friend and the world’s friend; John Lennon.
You can’t wait for scum like government agent Yoko Ono to do your job. She’s been busy doing
a job on all of you. She may be Nixon’s “Ace in the hole” but you don’t have to be Nixon’s
victims. Unless you stay afraid like the government wants you to.
I was just beginning this entry when a spell check view revealed that my site had been de-
faced with about 30 different images of male on male sex acts. The second time in a year
that my site had been similarly hacked.
Jeeze, if everyone was homosexual the species would be dead in 100 years or so. Again, a
crowd that wants to end human life on earth, in a sense.
That hack has been erased and my enemies are left looking stupid.
While on the subject, let’s bring up the religious crowd who “prophesizes” all about how the
human race will come to a cataclysmic end. I think they go by the names; “End days” “Arma-
geddon”,”Rapture””Revelations” and so much mental midget, superstitious ridiculousness.
They want to put the human race’s fate in the hands of mortal men who guess what might hap-
pen someday. Some groups are using the church of “Prophesy” to ordain possession of land,
as if that makes everything O.K.. World war’s III or IV might go off if they don’t get their
way, besides.
What would John Lennon do?
John Lennon was killed on Jim Morrison’s birthday; Dec. 08, and Jim once announced, on stage;
“I don’t know about all of you, but before this shit house all goes up in flames I’m going to
have myself a good time…”
He also wrote;”The human race was dying out, no one left to scream and shout. People walk-
ing on the moon, smog will get you pretty soon. Ship of fools, ship of fools…”
That dream I had about the tree and the cooks poisoning the rice occurred shortly BEFORE my
discovery of government codes, not after, as I recall.
Freud may or may not know a lot about the human mind but I have learned that if you aren’t
all DIS-couraged by the group that you support with your taxes and if you you have not lost
your courage in the process, then how can all of you pretend NOT to be worshiping death and
misery behind all your pretentious backs?

January 06, 2017;

In step with the above chapter you’ll notice that Trump’s victory pulled the curtain back
on the fact that, between open borders and everything else breaking America’s back, the
United States Of America has been under a globalist take over these past five decades, at
least, and all you “Brave and free” Americans are just now having to admit it all. Meanwhile,
you all just rolled over and let the wool be pulled over your trusting eyes like a nation
in the throes of self destructive behavior. The death wish syndrome I mentioned above.
Thank God that good people are exiting the european union (SOUNDS like Soviet Union?) “Brex-
iting” and America has voted for a non politician who might help save us.
There is hope for mankind, after all.
When Stephen King is under arrest and Mark (Decoy) Chapman and ultimately, Yoko Ono and
whomever else can be pinned for that crime against humanity, killing our planets biggest hero,
John Lennon, when the people of the world are man enough to take the truth and deal with it
THEN I’ll be more opimistic.
Until then, good luck, death wish society. It is not I who undertook danger who wants to die.
Far from it, I may be the least suicidal person on this sorry planet right now. I will say that
I’d not miss life if it were to stay as sorry as you have all made it. It is an honor to
risk my life, in the meantime, that life itself might be better someday. It’s not as if I
even have free choice in the matter it is so powerfully obvious how important it all is.
Sitting on this story is more fun than sex, probably. It’s the most important item on earth.
Oh, and by the way, what’s with your urge to roadblock the hero? Me? Are you not all sick?

January, 08, 2017; This charade about Russia putting Trump into office is, in my opinion, an
attempt to dethrone Trump, maybe before the inauguration or even after, by American traitors
who probably believe that the Russians were either NOT involved or actually trying to tilt
the race towards Clinton as Americans should vote against whatever Putin would want, anyway.
A reverse psychology trick that backfired.
Talk about a bombshell story going unreported; the REAL people in the DNC who DID the leaking
are either now dead or missing. That and the fact that we meddle in more elections than anyone
and one dead and one now missing DNC staffers who did the actual leaking should tip all of
you off that you’re being propagandized by your intelligence and media apparatus.
For over a decade my site shows that I believe Moscow has been running D.C. for a while now. That
both Russia and America have sold you and I down the river in the name of globalism. Weeks ago
I wrote that our own dirty C.I.A. and F.B.I. may try to assassinate Trump because they fear
he will accidentally expose this unholy union they have and they fear the globalist efforts
they have made could all be dashed if found out.
At the very least domestic traitors are trying to hobble Trump’s presidency. If the Russians
are up to anything it’s the hope that we’ll fall for this unsubstantiated claim by our govern-
ment and media which they are a part of, anyway.
Trump will do just fine if we can protect him. The only whiff I’ve had of concern is that the
name Dick Cheyney may be even considered for anything in Trump’s team. I hope I misheard.
Other than that Trump’s doing pretty good.
I would only ask Trump to understand, kind of like how the hippies got L.B.J. to grow his hair
long, after office, that materialism is not a sustainable model to expand upon but, rather,
a return to mother earth approach to achieving happiness and success on this planet
is what the world needs now.
Hey, man; “Imagine no possessions…” I don’t need them to be happy and I was raised a doctor’s
son. It’s all probably NOT worth all the bullshit inbetween. I used to worship money, once,
but found out what it does to humans. Blinds them and steals the magicalness of life and all
mostly for the benefit of a small group of greedy people and parasites of government.
Time for a little wisdom from John Lennon;

“No short haired, yellow bellied son of Tricky Dicky’s gonna Mother Hubbard soft soap me
with just a pocket full of hope, money for dope, money for rope…”

In other words, the government’s idea of success is keeping the public entranced with a carrot
on a stick to get them motivated but only to give them enough money to self medicate and just
hang on to the end of your rent rope till they give you some more, etc….The corporate busi-
ness model requires that your power as a people be limited so they can control you.
The government will soft shoe and soft soap all of you if you let them. They can’t get rich
unless they can keep the taxpayer poor. Economics 101. Hey, two paycheck America, are you
paying attention? Women working used to be the exception, now a requirement. Doesn’t sound
like liberation to me. Did they take that 33 percent overnight tax increase and give you
anything back? No. They took the money and ran and kept raising your rent and taxes.
Could it be that the masses need a hero to get them straightened out? So far, I’d say, “Yes.”
Now that’s some wisdom we can all learn from. There must be a reason the government keeps
killing the hero. They know how vital they are to your causes. Essential. Irreplaceable.

So, at least 500 of you are going to mass in front of your t.v. stations until King is exposed
and arrested for John Lennon’s murder?
If not, then God damn your apathy,. You’re all just damning yourselves every day you don’t.

January 12, 2017;

What is Leon Panetta up to?! He’s a local Monterey, county politician (Congressman or
something) and former C.I.A. chief.
The look on his face is so grim and foreboding that he may be angling to have me assassinated.
I recall watching him on a 60 minutes show, once laughing and cackling, uncontrollably while
discussing his slaughtering of the enemy combatants. Like he got off on being a sadist.
His expressions lately, and he’s not one to hide his thoughts, not a poker faced guy, are
very ominous, indeed. What’s going on?
Regarding the latest Trump news conference following the Fake story about hookers in Moscow
and golden showers, the way he nailed CNN as “You are Fake news” was brilliant.
To that end let me declare the real fake news.
The real fake news is Mark David Chapman. Nothing more fake than that story line. The man
who ALLEGEDLY shot John Lennon but never even stood trial or public scrutiny, after.
Shame on the public, again. Grow a pair.
The establishment trying to still stop Trump must be beaten back with public outcry.
Time to cry;
“Enough is enough. Leave Trump alone! Get out of the public’s way. You work for us, not vice

January 14, 2017;

One Lucas Flores of Point Pinos Grill in Pacific Grove is acting like a jealous Mexican
bigot, in my opinion, and at the expense of my right to drink coffee there and watch T.V..
Oh, he will tell you otherwise; that I was using the T.V. table (Not dining table) to rest
my right calf (Not shoe) on.
The real reason, in my opinion, is that he hates me for supporting Donald Trump based on two
occasions where he overheard me talking to the waiter, there. I was even discussing my ex-
perience at a steakhouse I was fired from over my Trump bumper sticker, there, at the time.
And so I wondered why this same man who practically cupped his ears to listen to me then
was suddenly telling me what I could and could not watch on T.V. on a day where I was the
only person in the restaurant. And then, again, when he told me I couldn’t rest my feet on
the short table there. At this encounter I asked him “Is there anything else I’m doing wrong?”
He replied; “No, but I’m sure I’ll find something.” And again when he told me not to watch a non
sport or news channel when I was the only person there.
It had been raining a lot that week and I really WAS practically the only non employee there.
I knew he didn’t like me and even told him so, then. The whole bigoted energy he exuded
got me so distracted that I temporarily lost my wrist watch.
The very next day he came up to me and showed me a picture he had taken of my leg, not
foot, resting on the T.V. table and asked me to leave and not come back.
I warned him and his employer’s secretary that I will billboard their establishment to get
a boycott started if they didn’t reverse themselves, immediately.
While engaged in this heated conversation with Lucas Flores, when I was listing my influence
and stature and achievements and how I helped even get Trump elected he shot right back; “I
don’t like Trump…”
So, there is the overview, laid out as it happened and I ask all local customers to play golf
there but eat and drink elsewhere, please.
There is no doubt in my mind that Lucas Flores is a jealous Mexican bigot who hates me for
what I stand for and that, to quote him, he would “..find something..” no matter what I did.
His employer is AQUATERRA and I will be contacting them Monday. It may not go well and,
in that case, I’ll be out there with my large billboard with something like;





(see site for details)

and then flip it around to my website;


and see what happens. Flyer handouts included.
It should be noted that I really did get one Del Monte Golf pro transferred to out of county
following a timely radio talk show call that blasted his employer (Pebble Beach) for 86’ing
me from their putting green just because he didn’t like my politics. That same call found
the Chinese owners selling Pebble Beach months later after losing face over it.
It may also be added that I may have nixed a plan to build yet another course here as that
was the subject of the talk show then.
Then Clint Eastwood and partners bought it and even Clint may have fallen into the bigot
bracket by towing my van off grounds years later and all that entailed listed elsewhere in this
general page a chapter below, in fact.
Quite the catalyst, me, it seems.
Lucas Flores may not be a Mexican but he looks a little Mexican and wouldn’t that be added
fuel to my new cause of reversing the illegal immigration into America. It’s a disgrace.
It takes courage to take a stand on this issue but it’s a good one, I think.
I recall a day in Santa Rosa following some redneckish trick the owners of a pizza shop
thought they’d play on me. I was out on their corner the next day with a billboard that read;


The name of the place was Pizza Experience. I made my simple sign with just their name on it.
I crossed out the word Pizza and replaced it with the word REDNECK above it.

It was short and sweet and had them coming after me with a hammer they were so outraged.
Several months later the several year old pizza experience was gone.
You don’t have to be Mexican to hate the Lennon murder evidence hero. Everybody hates the
real heroes of the world. It’s why the human race is so over worked and miserable. I probably
give A list movie stars penis envy for all I know.
Meanwhile Trump haters are insane and misinformed phonies who don’t care that the Clinton’s
met secretly in The White House with murderer Stephen King in April of 1995, no doubt to plot
his escape from justice and media disclosure.
Aren’t you Trump haters really pinko commies and Lennon killers?
You just don’t have your eyes open enough to know it. It took this great election to pull the
mask off of the globalist, decades old take over of America. You still can’t even face up
to that humiliating fact.
Just look at our Soviet class mass media and establishment trying to undo our vote.
Let’s examine Meryle Streep, a 7 on a scale of 1-10, in my opinion. That’s good for today’s era
of celebrity but if Meryle was a little more hip she’d know that Hillary is the kind of person
who would help the real killer of John Lennon make good his escape from justice instead of ex-
pose him and administer justice. (Clinton’s and Stephen King met secretly in The White House
in early 1995 with knowledge of his crime.)
If Meryle were less of a hypocrite she’d refrain
from rhetoric like; “…humiliation begets humiliation.” just two months after mocking Trump
dressed as a pillow stuffed clown and things like that. Hollywood, in general, is the moral
equivalent of a lewd magazine vs. real sex. The biggest, most overpaid stars are really market-
ing violence and vengeance, mostly, and other biddings of the media, military industrial complex.
Shooting humans to death everywhere to make America hate the thought of guns and to scare us.
While life should have an ocean of real heroes there are none or too few and everything is
make believe in this so called great nation. Our real heroes are assassinated. So phony.
Like I said on talk radio last week; “They are monkeys on a string with a tin cup collecting
coins and bills from the spectators…” That they are just dancing the dances they are told
to dance and not courageous mavericks like in the days of yore just decades ago. A new, dumb-
ed down version of what used to be a better human.
As to John Lewis, the civil rights protester of iconic legend in the 60’s, and as I said on
talk radio that day; “His alternative is a woman who said, years ago to the C.I.A. about
Julianne Assange; ‘Can’t we just ‘drone’ this guy?’ Her answer to activists and dissidents..”
I added that he so exactly mirrored the media’s exact spin that he may have even been coached
by the media, first. I added that if I were Trump I’d have praised Lewis’s deeds of old but added
that he, too, may have become blindfolded and co-opted by the very forces that would try to
undo the people’s vote, his original cause.”
Speaking of my claim of media collusion and coaching; I noticed that the media did not pose
the question; ‘was Trump a legitimate president’ but was ready like a major league baseball
catcher for the unusually calm and measured response; ‘Then what should be done?’ as if even
THAT was rehearsed. (Researching name) repeated it more than twice. Calm, measured, rehearsed.
I believe that all this outrageous behavior on the part of the media is designed to get Trump
to crack and react unbecomingly and hurt him like that besides trying to weaken him from this
day forward and may possibly may even be trying to help the C.I.A. and F.B.I. assassinate him by
poisoning the public, first, with fake garbage.
I was on talk radio (KGO) last night (1-14-’17) and said; “…Yeah, the former Soviet Union
has infiltrated our government a long time ago and have taken over our mass media and estab-
lishment and are trying to undo the public’s vote as we speak…”
That was a golden pearl of wisdom if ever I spoke one, people, and you’d all better grow up
and wake up in time and admit it.

Now on to how Clint Eastwood had someone stalk me while dating one of his girlfriend’s and
slip me a knock out drug this stranger just happened to have already poured for me if I sat
down at the bar at all. It’s apparently a fact as two drinks could never render me uncon-
scious for 24 hours, helpless at this girl’s apartment, as it happened.
I hope Clint sues me for slander if I’m wrong, I need the publicity, frankly and honestly, but
that’s not why I am stinking up the whole United States with this 36 year old news, not to
mention making the hairs of Monterey county residents stand up on the backs of their necks.
No, right now I have to name all of my possible enemies who may be behind a bizarre, and, I think,
possibly deadly situation where I am concerned.
Our media is so centralized and monopolized by the C.I.A. that no gossip rag would even
print my dirt on Clint. It’s that sewed up.
The local police who gave me a suspicious ticket Dec. 10; Will’s Fargo Steakhouse of the rat
riddled, bigoted status I described in other chapters and now, Point Pinos Grill at Pacific Grove
Golf Links who kicked me out of their café and now, as a visit from P.G. police officer Lewis
(like John Lewis, suspiciously) indicated, today, from all their grounds including the putting
green for up to a year. Oh, I’ll be holding that roadway ground down for some time letting
the locals know what to do about it all.
All this lusting and jealousy and bigotry dumped on me all at once is why I’m outing Clint,
Will’s Fargo, P.G.P.D. and Pt. Pinos Grill. They all deserve it and I love a fight.
Please support me and defund my enemies. Don’t be bigoted like them. Rescue me, in fact.

Open letter to Clint Eastwood;
The second apology letter in 16 years, I guess, but I want to acknowledge that I admire you in
many respects; you’re very attractive as humans go, you’re intelligent and a pretty good actor
in fact, a golfer, philanthropist, and, I think, a sensitive, caring soul who wants to do good
and not bad. I want to also say that what I went through over that incident at Sly McFly’s
bar in Monterey and how it ruined what could have been an important, possibly life changing
evening, was not small and I should have outed all this then, when you were 50 and me 25.
I’ll leave all the other inferences and possible other possibilities for others to opine. I
know you ARE tough enough to take it and I don’t want to distress you at all. It’s all part
of whatever life is that is unfolding and America’s beating up on me. I hope you understand.

P.S. Help me come forward and make an end run around the evil media who hates me and get my
expose out and I’ll make sure that you become a legendary REAL hero for all time. That is
what prominent celebrities are really for; to outfox the establishment with fame and trump
any attempts to censor big, relevant news. You have more clout than anyone in Monterey but
me. Please use it and help me expose and jail America’s enemy; Stephen King, the rabid bat
who has his evil fangs in America’s throat.”
Get real, Clint, anything less and we’re a nation of cowards under Satan’s thumb.

Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot

There is a list of possibilities I’d like to go over with all of you;
1) It’s all just a massive coincidence and there is no conspiracy, whatsoever, afoot.
2)It’s just bigotry, fear and loathing of the messenger and truth, a historic pattern.
3) It’s a C.I.A. / F.B.I. / P.G.P.D. conspiracy to keep me from getting a foothold in Monterey,
home of many of their former members.
4) It’s just the P.G.P.D. trying to move me along and asking employers to please fire me.
Asking local businesses to remove my van from their parking lot, etc..
5)The steakhouse, who knew of my coffee spot retreat, may have called the cafe to oust me.
6) Clint has tipped off authorities to harass me out of the area over our feud last decade
and may have asked the steakhouse to fire me and the coffee shop to oust me, too.
7)Plots too complicated to figure out, yet.

It should be said that in the space of several weeks all of the above happened to me;

Was interviewed by P.G.P.D. when I started my job at the steakhouse. They knew where I worked.
From that point on I was severely harassed and then fired from that job.
Days before being fired I was given a stop sign violation ticket a block from my residence.
The next morning another P.G.P.D. car was parked at another stop sign even closer to my home.
It seemed to me I was under surveillance.
The week of all this drama a man was stalking me as I watched T.V. in my van. Standing next to my
open door for a half hour before opening his mouth to alarm me. I saved his cigarette
butts for proof and was about to file stalking charges against him in case he was a government
stooge hired to harm me. As It turned out he committed violence against his girfriend hours
before I was cited and was jailed for that. I wondered was it misdirected anger towards her
if he was planning on harming me. A similar experience occurred in Sabta Rosa decades ago;
(I’ll discuss later.)
Then I was harassed by Lucas Flores at my coffee spot and 86’d for resting my leg on a cof-
fee table. The real reason was bigotry or some other conspiracy.

January 18, 2017;

Just as I have been trying to explain, all along, Putin is trying to show the world that he
is pro Trump. A day or so after John Lewis tried to drop a heavy shoe on the proceedings with
what I think was a media coached interview saying he questions the legitimacy of Trump’s
win, Putin shows us this exchange of words:
“Trump associates with some of the most exotic and beautiful women in the world..” Then says;
“I can’t imagine that he would associate with any one with loose morals.”
He seems to be endorsing the notion that he may have, indeed, by virtue of his jet setting
lifestyle, just possibly sampled some of the local culture.
Then he says that the whole leaked dossier was fake and false about prostitutes and that
anyone who would pedal that is worse than a prostitute. When I first heard the quote it al-
most sounded like he was trying to suggest that the people peddling the prostitute story were
worse than the prostitutes involved. Very murky, mixed messages almost slurring Trump.
Overall he came out and said;
“Trump is good guy, his enemies are prostitutes. I want Trump.”
There he is feeding the narrative that Putin illegitimately put Trump in The White House
like our government / prostitute media has been trying to brainwash us into believing all
this time.
Putin could much more easily have blackmailed a Clinton than a Trump and our media all know
it. They are trying to pedal the exact opposite of the real truth to confuse us and, ultimately,
to completely control us.
I have been waiting for Putin to make a statement and he did not surprise me. I think I’ve
been correct, all along, that his world order agenda will be harder with Trump than Clinton
since she is definitely on board, already, with the globalism agenda and all it’s corruption.
Trump, I think, and I think Putin thinks, will be very good for America and that he has been
standing on the sidelines of this issue waiting to make his statement explained and examined
above just before the inauguration, similar to John Lewis. To disrupt, not help, Trump.
Trump knows what he’s doing to keep quiet about it all, poker facing the matter.

January 20, 2017,;

Congratulations, Donald (The Real Deal) Trump and Americans and world citizens, alike. Today
Donald trump was inaugurated as our 45th President and my faith in the future is affirmed.
I noticed the blue ties by Trump the day before and Pence the day of the inauguration, the same
shade as my “Trump” window sticker, and I appreciate the “coincidence”.
I noticed Charles Schumer fouling the airwaves with hostile rhetoric worthy of a Secret Ser-
vice investigation while introducing Trump;’
“The only thing that gives me faith in America is you, the people of America…”
Translation; “I have NO faith in this President.”
This was his first sentence! Then he followed up with a story about a patriot who entered a
war but was killed in action a month later and what a noble man he was. Translation;
“And wouldn’t it be patriotic of you to take a bullet for America, too, Trump?”
Was Charles Schumer trying to intimidate Trump with talk of their plans to assassinate him? I
think he WAS, America. I also notice that these same establishment whores who sold you all
out long ago, who Trump wound up excoriating in his following speech, are trying to gin lone
nuts up to try to kill Trump independent of government plots in the wings if that doesn’t work.
All these rioters in the streets over Trump’s inauguration; a product of establishment mass
media fomenting and abetting the unsuspecting public to overturn the peoples vote and choice.
Even if that means the worst of scenarios.
This same media is telling us that the president with the biggest crowds in modern politics
who swept mightily into victory with some 90 % of all counties in America voting for him,
they’re telling us that he has the lowest favorability ratings in modern time
Complete Soviet Union class media bullshit, America. Wake up. You’re still being raped by
the establishment Trump promises to squash who are plotting to kill Donald John Trump if he
isn’t killed by some lone nut their media can whip into irrational action.
Hey, all you anti Trump demonstrators, where were your sorry, phony, cowardly asses when I
gave you evidence in John Lennon’s murder that proves our government let Stephen King kill
him? I’ll tell all of you where you all were;
You were “Nowhere, Man” Like the song.
Just as the gun grabbers who killed Lennon are using his death to disarm you by showing up
at his murder anniversary rallies all over America linking his death to our gun rights, so
is the media trying to propagandize all of you that Trump is anything BUT the man you all
voted for. They want you to deny your own will and impose the establishment’s will on you,
instead. Through treachery and trickery.
When John Lewis and everyone else was trying to stop Trump just before the inauguration I
felt the presence of George. H.W. Bush and sons lurking in the back round, conspicuously
out of sight and earshot, pulling the levers.
The MOST anti Trump politicians out there, perhaps, allowing for the Grahams and Schumers.
I was so angry about this possibility I actually wondered how the elder Bush was up to the
rigors of so monumental and un-American a fight as this at his age. Would his health fail?
Well, it did, just days before the inauguration, and maybe for a reason.

I’d like to claim credit for the moniker

Donald (The Real Deal) Trump

for it is sure to surface to the top of appropriate tags soon.
The rest of all we are hearing is sell out establishment loathing and treachery and fear
and, I’ll say it; EVIL.
Tune out your media, people, at least until Donald revamps it for America’s own good.
Resist the stampeding efforts of the media to undo your own votes and fight against the est-
ablishment who want to harm your President and your country and lives.
Keep Donald alive and well. That’s job one.
Be ready to lay down your lifestyles and stop work if anything ‘Dallas’ like should happen.
Be ready to punish the establishment into extinction if they harm Trump.
Honor Martin Luther King and Gandhi and John Lennon with meaningful, powerful, productive
NON VIOLENT action and not violence of any kind.
Just stop paying taxes and stop working and live off of the land for a few years and do it
all together and you can defeat any evil government or system. Anything LESS will fail.
We have a great, brave and smart man for president. Let’s help him succeed. He needs our
protection and support.
When I was a kid the Nixon’s and J.Edgar Hoover’s and Reagan’s of the world just killed the
people’s choices for leadership and covered things up with the public’s apathy, after.
It’s time we put a stop to that old way of living our lives and earn a better future.
Who wants to help me get my Lennon evidence on the news?
That’s what YOU all need to do.

Donald; Congratulations. I admire you for just who you are. Keep up the great work. I know
how lucky we all are that you have the smarts and courage to help America find it’s way, again.

January 21, 2017;

Happy birthday Jack Nicklaus.

My advice to Donald Trump;

Now that he is in the White House I feel free to let it be known what I do and don’t like
about politics in general and, if I can, I’d like to help steer Donald away from pot holes.
You already know about the mass media and hopefully their co-conspirators; the F.B.I. and
C.I.A., probably half of corporate America, maybe big oil, big military, insurance companies,
big pharma, etc., etc., etc..
You probably do have an inkling, if not as Orwellian a picture as I might see.
Nixon as a role model?. I’d rethink all of that as I believe it’s entirely possible he was a
foreign agent sent to destroy us while pointing fingers at all the commies doing so. He em-
powered China, doubled gasoline prices partly to accommodate that extra burden on the supply,
which polluted the earth, in spite of his clean air program. Now China owns us, sort of.
Government bold print codes in the Time magazine issue dated 11-22-’63 (Came out a week
before the murder of J.F.K.) prove it was Nixon who was behind the dastardly, satanic plot.
A glancing of same Time issues a la R.F.K. murder timeline will likely implicate him there, too.
Reagan? Ditto. Both, to quote Nixon; “magnificent actors”. Nixon was probably the real commie
in our midst and Reagan was all talk and opposite action, complete smoke and mirrors.
Those are the two alarm posts I’d like to lay on you. Nixon, Reagan? They had Stephen King
murder John Lennon. A clear case of evil vs. good. They are evil America killers, I think.
Russia and America probably are in bed to gobble us all up under the umbrella of big brother,
together, no pussy footing around. This undeclared, well hidden relationship that may be
real has been around since the mid 90’s at least if not decades earlier. Maybe what Eisen-
hower was really trying to warn us about. The military / industrial complex. He meant, at
the time to include the word “Congressional” but withdrew it for P.R. concerns.
Another matter you may know more about than me; congress.
I’ve got a brilliant idea about healthcare and how to definitely cut costs. Remove the in-
surance companies. Our program would direct patients to doctors for reduced rates and these
rates are pre determined like an auto repair estimate with no multi layered bureaucracy and
the citizen isn’t paying double just to include the rattlesnake aspect of big insurance or
any other outside interest or middle man.
My father was a doctor but that’s my take on the issue. There are plenty of other jobs the
insurance industry can attach itself to. To keep medical costs affordable for the masses may
require this middle man be removed from the start.
Flat tax? I don’t know. It would cut down on pollution and consumerism.
Keeping all taxes, COMBINED, below 20 percent of the nations productivity and forcing all
government to live under that plan. It would keep government under our control before it
ever got too big to handle. Maybe it would keep them honest, besides.
Just top of my head ideas. I’m as busy thinking up 25 characters or less slogans the way you
seem to use Twitter. Breaking my John Lennon expose is all that I can focus on.
Thank you for your leadership, Donald
Best regards.

January 24, 2017;

I was watching Tavis Smiley on T.V. (Not his show, but him addressing a crowd at a podium)
and he was going over the facts about society’s lack of responsibility in keeping people
like Martin Luther King Jr. alive to begin with. He explained that, until he was martyred,
King had little support, black or white, and that, had he not been killed, he was going to
deliver a speech the next day in his church titled;”Why America might go to hell.”
America DID go to hell with his and then J.F.K.’s murder, then Nixon became president and
Viet Nam and all the rest; Watergate, you name it. It was dark time for America and
all because you people were flat-footed cowards against a tyrannical government who
MADE life in America a living hell.
Right now we have Chuck Schumer code threatening Trump while introducing him at his inaug-
uration, we have women in the streets and Madonna threatenening to “blow up the White
House” and the media is egging it all on. Our C.I.A. controlled mass media.
Are you people ready to keep Trump alive? Are you men or are you flat-footed monkeys?
I’m telling you that our media and establishment have poisoned the climate and anything
could happen if you apathetic morons don’t change and change right now.
The establishment is dropping hints of what may be to come and you aren’t offering any
blowback at all. Just me, mostly. Who will stand up to all this media induced mind
control that wants to, literally, assassinate Donald Trump?
Martin Luther King was concerned you might all go to hell and you did, in 1968. And right
after he had triumphed over bigotry and prejudice.
We are so lucky to have a non politician president who cares about all of you and Amer-
ica. We are so lucky to have a brave leader like Donald Trump. Don’t you people get
soft and lazy and stupid, now. Fight back, out loud at all the media sickness being spun
out there in mind control land. Put up your dukes and make sure the establishment sees
and hears you. Start becoming activists FOR Trump to counter the government induced
Hey Madonna, write better, more socially challenging songs and stop being an ignorant air-
head. If you had YOUR way the woman in bed with the man who really killed John Lennon
would be president. Aren’t you a fool?

January 30, 2017;

The mass media that is now chastising itself for it’s obvious bias this election is still
controlled by Rockefeller and company; The C.I.A., military, corporate America, etc.. The
same six or seven corporations that owned most of the media still own it. I doubt Rush Lim-
baugh or anyone still on the air is anything but loyal to those trying to oust Trump and
I would not put my trust in the media. Sean Hannity is one exception as he has changed his
spots in that he is not the host I recall decades ago. Now he seems to think for himself.
A word of caution to Trump. The media needs the swamp drained and those seven companies
need to be replaced, in my opinion, if that can be arranged. The status quo will not let
Trump be Trump, and it needs an enema.