Hi, New England,

It’s me, Steve Lightfoot, getting the news out, again, that horror writer
Stephen King is the man photographed getting John Lennon’s autograph just
hours before actually killing John Lennon.
Getting the word out that Mark David King Chapman can be found weeks before
the murder where Chapman explains that Reagan is moving him, armed, into
a hostile square.
Getting the news out that Nixon’s book; The Real War, which explains why
people like John Lennnon, who he once tried to deport, must be assassinated,
is seen in both Time and Newsweek issues released the day of the murder
sitting next to just elected Reagan.
The suspicious code like headlines that framed it in Time read;
“Who’s In/””Who’s Out?” and “…Fitting together the pieces of a compli-
cated jigsaw puzzle.”
Steve Lightfoot getting the news out that these magazines, for five months
surrounding the crime, used their headlines and bold print messages to
document Lennon’s then upcomming assassination. C.I.A. codes, no less.
Getting the news out that King also writes about Lennon’s murder, indirectly,
in several of his books as early as five years before he pulled the trigger.
Steve Lightfoot getting the news out that America’s people are so paralyzed
with fear of their government that none of you seem to care about it all.
Well, now, America you DO CARE, greatly about it all or you wouldn’t have
committed so many suicides over his murder like you did. More than any other.
Stephen King loved every tear you shed and every ache you felt, every pain
you all felt, he even taunted you, months before, with his oft repeated line;
“You blind, obsessive fools.” in Firestarter.
You see, he was left out and rejected by his peers as a boy, his father walked
out on him and he had a lot of rage to unleash on you all and he did.
Nixon, Reagan and others used his rage to kill hope and replace hope with
fear, to control you people with fear.
His reward was getting promoted to the best seller list with political help.
Now you know where King really gets his ideas. He pulled one over on all of
you unsuspecting people.
Chapman is a decoy who was never put on trial and his father is, like
Hinckley’s father, a wealthy oil executive.
Protect me while I’m here. I’m going to need you people to protest
with me by October 9, ’08 to expose him. O.K.? I can’t risk arresting him
until you people are behind me so that the system can’t deflect justice.
It is the 30th of April 2008 as I write this entry. I’m hoping that the local
authorities, police and media don’t try to violate my civil rights or try to
paint me as something that I am not, as they did in 1992, when I first
spent six months in Bangor, Maine.
I have no intention of seeing Stephen King at all until after you, the public,
show me some self respect and support for the day when I can arrest him.
My goal is to mostly inform all of you of the facts.
The fact that I can prove that Stephen King was photographed stalking John
Lennon six hours before he shot him does not make me a stalker or a whacko.
I doubt that Stephen King will deny my claims or comment on them. I doubt
that he will sue me for slander, his only legal remedy, but rather, that he
will hope the baseball field and university grants, and hospital grants, etc.,
that he has tried to buy your silence with, will work.
It all boils down to you, the people, what will come of all this. Are you
people truthworthy? Do you people deserve a nation of truth and justice?
Or do you want to let the government get away with letting Stephen King
murder John Lennon?
What kind of people are YOU is the question.
P.S. If some of my rantings in my other chapters offends any of you I apologize,
in advance. I don’t want to delete any of them or hide my past
feelings from anyone.
I’ll try to apply what I have learned to make less of a fool of myself than
in the past. I’m not perfect. I’m just showing you right from wrong when
you need to be shown. What a blessing this evidence is, America.
(To be continued….)