(Q) Why do you think Stephen King shot John Lennon and not Chapman like we were all told?

(A) “I discovered government codes in the headlines and bold print of Time and Newsweek and U.S.
and World Report magazines surrounding the night of Lennon’s murder that spring to life when
analyzed in the context of John’s murder; “Johnny Comes Marching Home”, “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang,
Ouch, Ouch!”,”America Needs A Poet Laureate, Maybe.”, “The Job Richard Nixon Really Wanted;
Blasting The Opposition”, “Thinking About John Lennon” etc. A pattern of behavior unique only to
the weeks and months immediately surrounding the night of December 08, 1980 and nowhere else.
Literally, up to 70% of the headlines spring to double meaning life in some issues.
This motherload of codes includes the killer’s alleged name, Mark David Chapman, and attached
letter to the editor where Chapman explains how Reagan is moving him, armed, into a hostile
square printed just three weeks before the murder. I also found the killer’s face and true ident-
ity printed three and two months before the crime. The face belongs to Stephen King who even
writes about “The fellow who killed John Lennon…shooting a man between the shoulder blades…
getting a man’s autograph before trying to shoot him before he changes the world” and more.
Chapman’s face is close but he’s not the one getting John’s last autograph like the media told
us. The bold print code accompanying the face in Time reads “One great big ‘Zippo’ lighter.”
which describes the scene of the crime, that of a man in a raincoat with a gun blazing fire.
In Newsweek the accompanying headline reads; “Perils of pyrokinesis” or “Perils of fire and
movement”, also depicting the scene of the crime.
In addition to all that Richard Nixon’s book, The Real War, is positioned next to just elected
Reagan in Time and Newsweek the day of the murder, a book that details why “rock stars” like
Lennon “must be removed from the stage of public debate by whatever means are needed” etc..
In fact, the headline in Time above this photo with the book prominantly displayed next to him
reads; “Who’s In?””Who’s Out?” and in smaller print below; “Fitting together the pieces of a
complicated jigsaw puzzle.” It took me about two seconds to conclude it must mean; “Reagan’s
‘In’, Lennon’s ‘Out'” Newsweek also displayed this ominous photo the day of the crime.
That was my first real clue, in fact, those pictures of The Real War next to Reagan the day
of the murder. Nixon tried to deport Lennon over his political beliefs and influence.
I had no idea who Stephen King was when I discovered his matching face.
I had no idea Time and Newsweek and U.S. News were C.I.A. run magazines until that fateful
initial discovery a year and a half after the murder; July 26, 1982, which was prompted by
the glaring, tiny, back page report of Chapman’s behind closed doors guilty plea just a
month before. It should have been six inch high front page headlines a year sooner.

(Q) What about Chapman who admitted to the crime and was caught at the scene?

(A) Stephen King was arrested by corrupt New York City cops who put a coat over his head to
conceal his identity then switched him with Chapman inside the police station while King was
let out a back door and, presumably, jetted back to Bangor, Maine where he, literally, wrote
about Lennon’s murder in the local paper in an article titled; “I Read The News Today, Oh Boy.”
Chapman, knowingly, participated in the hoax and took the fall knowing he would only be in
jail for media purposes. Both he and King gained 30 pounds, first, to obscure the fact that
the two merely look alike. Chapman’s father was an Amocco oil executive, contrary to news
accounts that he was a humble bank teller. All smoke and mirrors, the mayor, governor, Attica
prison officials, court officials and the government controlled mass media, in tow, brain-
washing us with a look-alike decoy. To this day I don’t know where Chapman really is. I’ve
asked prisoners who were in the same cell block as Chapman and they’ve never seen him. They
think he’s living with his parents under witness protection circumstances.
Chapman skipped a trial and plead guilty a year and a half after the crime, behind closed
doors though the lying media now tells us he did this only six months after the crime. The
mass media is controlled by the military and our government.
Shame on my fellow Americans that all this went down like it did without street protests.
It’s as if they all knew it was a government coverup and dared not cry conspiracy. Pure ir-
rational, trembling fear of the government is the only explanation I can think of for not
protesting in the streets demanding a public trial for Chapman to make sure we weren’t be
lied to, again, like with the Kennedy murders. Public spinelessness on display.

(Q) Why did Stephen King kill John Lennon?

(A) ” In the first place, if you study King’s facial features, his mouth bears the traits of an ape;
broad, lipless upper lip, small pug nose. I think King is a less evolved human being than the rest
of us and was ideally suited to commit such a heinous act against mankind. He had more reason
than others to be jealous of extremely evolved John Lennon. They were opposites, both physically
and politically. Moreover, King had a huge chip on his shoulder against all mankind follow-
ing his experiences as a youth in Maine. His father left him at age two and his peers rejected
and teased him, like the character he portrayed in “Carrie” who got her revenge by burning her tor-
mentors in an auditorium after they poured pigs blood on her in her moment of glory. King was
also kicked out of Herman, Maine, several years before the murder, over his sick writings
and that egged him on further. Perhaps the government found him a likely malcontent with a need
to lash out at humanity after reading “Carrie”, I don’t know.
King was, no doubt, promised a greased ride to the top of the publishing world if he’d kill John
and he took the offer, apparently.
King began writing about “Johnny” Nixon, Tha Catcher In The Rye, “Mark” and the elements of John’s
murder in 1975, five years before the crime, and that is when the plan began.
Also, King had a need to kill his father who abandoned him and John, a father figure to us all,
was perhaps a handy substitute. John’s father abandoned him too, so that may have factored
into the equation. King just hated humanity and, when given the chance to hurt it as much as
possible, did exactly that. He also knew that, by killing John Lennon, that such an act of horror,
itself, would provide him with creative energy to write his horror novels. Months before the
crime he repeated the line; “You blind, obsessive fools.” a dozon times gearing up for the
murder of John Lennon. Basically, King was the sick individual most suited for such an anti-
christian act. He’d like to push the button on us all given the chance. In the movie; “Christine”
about a car, he describes us all as “shitters” In “Christine” King kills Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley,
Jim Morrison, John Lennon, John Balushi and even the car that plays rock and roll, the radio
being the car’s heart and soul. All look-alikes, but a fascinating fact about that movie. In fact,
when Jim Morrison’s spitting image is mowed down by a car on fire, from behind, (like a gun on
fire from behind) he is dressed in exactly the clothes Lennon was wearing when he was shot; a
black leather jacket, blue jeans and black boots.”

(Q) Why did Nixon, Reagan and our government want John Lennon killed?

(A) Why did the Roman government want Jesus dead? Both were credible geniuses trying to change
the world and move society in a different direction away from the status quo.
Nixon, particularly, resented John’s brazen fearlessness and power. Nixon was rendered naked
dancing with a naked Chairman Mao on John’s ‘Sometime In New York City’ album cover and clob-
bered by John’s lyrics in “Revolution” “But if you going carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
you aint gonna make it with anyone anyhow.” John defused and defanged Nixon with his powerful
genius and world platform. He, more than anyone, stopped the war in Vietnam.
John helped us make the right decisions with lyrics like; “No short haired, yellow bellied
son of Tricky Dicky’s gonna Mother Hubbard, soft soap me with just a pocketful of hope. Money
for dope, money for rope…”
Reagan was a jilted lover with his own problems and insecurities and a puppet for the status
quo and military industrial complex and John was in his way. Killing John was step one be-
fore bombing Saddam Hussein’s nuclear plant three months later. No protest from John would
muck that up if a desired war broke out. The ensuing Gulf wars, planned decades in advance,
were another reason to kill John.
Nixon and Reagan; two peas in a pod. Given the evil involved in letting a horror writer kill
John and take over our culture suggests to me that both wanted to poison America and may
have been Soviet agents, no less.

(Q) Now, doesn’t saying something like that detract from your credibility, saying that two of
our presidents were Soviet agents?

(A) Only to conventional, brainwashed minds. Look at all the other damage Nixon and Reagan
did to America; bombing Cambodia on Christmas Day, taking us off the gold standard, tarnishing
the presidency and our military. The same kind of Time and Newsweek bold print codes exist
in the issue of Time that was released a week before J.F.K. was killed and implicate Nixon
in the murder of our own president. I’m not your typical, brainwashed, conventional dupe. It would
be politics 101 to fill our presidency with a Soviet agent or two. Wake up, people. What
did Kennedy do before he was killed if not kick the Soviet missiles out of Cuba? Duh!
Of course, I am speculating, to a degree, here but I think I am right. It sure is a more sane
opinion than the Lee Oswald lie stupid society wants to buy.
Incidentally, during the McCarthy era hearings it was admitted by the editor in chief of Time
magazine that he was a communist. So there is a nexus if they knew, in advance, what he was
about to do. Furthermore, the former Soviet Union forbid The Beatles from their country. What
is our government doing allowing a magazine as big as Time to flourish in America after all
those eye opening revelations? That, in itself, is eye opening and our own government may secret-
ly be in bed with Russia behind our backs employing the ‘Us vs. Them” mentality to build
their desired police state. Mind boggleing.
Reagan was president of the Hollywood actors guild and was, supposedly, pointing fingers at
communists in their midst, like Nixon also did, yet married Nancy Baker who was on that list
of communists. Nixon tried to install a Kremlin like security detail around the White House
and practiced many of the Soviet techniques he was so fervently pointing out at the same time.
“Tricky Dicky’, in The Real War, warns us that the Soviets; “…are magnificent actors and system-
atically occupy and infiltrate our highest positions of power..” So, go figure.
John Lennon was the worlds genius guardian angel who saw through the politics and mind
control and that represented a threat to the world order takeover that we are witnessing
today. John stalled it for a decade, at least. John also wanted to see a world that didn’t
revolve around money and possessions. All of corporate America trembled at the prospect.
Most of all John, as the leader of the best and biggest band of all time, even today, decades
later, had more credibility than anyone else on earth and could have mounted a successful
revolution. F.B.I. files reveal that they considered only John and Bob Dylan as the only
people who could have succeeded in that ambition. John nothing if not ambitious. When the
U.S. public protested and stopped the war in Vietnam it was John’s song; “Give Peace A Chance”
that they were singing in every major city across America.
Face it or not, John Lennon was the most famous and powerful human on earth and our government
knew it. There is no one like that today. I could be that powerful if I were famous. The govern-
ment knows that, too. Not because I am as gifted as John but because I am as brave as John
and am armed with revolutionary news and evidence that will change the world once outed.

(Q) What do your family and friends think of your crusade?

(A) All of them admitted, initially, that “The government probably DID kill John” but took the
stance; “Don’t expect us to help you. You’re on your own.” When they saw I was serious and
wouldn’t quit, no matter what, they tried to retract what they had already admitted.
This sickness in all of mankind; boot-licking masochism and fear of government afflicted
them all and we don’t have a good relationship today. They’re all under their blankets sucking
their cowardly thumbs, I’m afraid, much like the Roman parents who forked over their firstborn
sons for slaughter 2000 years ago.
As for my friends, maybe out of embarassment at their own spinelessness or fear of association, many
of them exploded away from me is the only word that comes to mind.

(Q) Wow! What does Paul McCartney think of your story?

(A) In 1989 I met his brother Michael who was doing a photo gallery exhibit in San Francisco
and I approached him and asked for some help from Paul. He acted afraid to be seen with me
and, finally, said. “Enough said.”
A year later, on April Fool’s Day, 1990, Paul conducted a concert at Berkeley, where I had
been making a name for myself and, in the instrumental of “Fool On The Hill”, yelled out;
Yeah, Steeeeeeeve! That’s RIGHT! I don’t know what YOU think, Berkeley, but I want you to Know
that we LIKE it and need you as a PEOPLE to GET to the promised land. Oh, yeah, the dream;
“Free at last, free at last, thank God, Almighty, free at last!” and then he resumed with the
rest of the song. Not much but a plug and endorsement that I even have on tape.
Today he is too comfortable with his money and possessions to stick his neck out, sadly.

(Q) What does Yoko think?

(A) Yoko thinks she will go to jail for helping the government set up and kill and cover up
John’s murder. She was and is their “Ace In The Hole” without which the Chapman lie would never
have stuck. It was she who advised us to “let the courts decide” and a litany of other tricks
all listed in my chapter “Yoko’s No Good”. Read it. She was even seen running ahead of John
before the bullets flew as if she knew what was about to take place, protecting herself from
a double cross.
When I handed her my evidence in San Francisco at an art gallery in 1987 she ordered her goons
to kidnap, handcuff and pistolwhip me unconscious topped with a slanderous lie that I had yelled
death threats there to her. Of course it was a lie and I’d have made world headlines if it
were true. She also had the N.Y.P.D. kidnap and threaten John’s house servant with a gun to
his head to retrieve John’s journals. It’s all in Fred Seaman’s book about it.
Yoko IS the evil C.I.A. cunt we all knew she was, instinctively, initially.
She sits on New York City’s face like a Soviet propaganda blanket keeping them stupid.
Yoko is society’s “Judas”. New York City is America’s derelict population as well as truly
insane Bangor, Maine who all have sided with King instead of America. Sick populations.

(Q) What does Stephen King think about your evidence and claims?

(A) In 1992, my first of several visits to Bangor, Maine, I met a man who owned the downtown book-
store that sold Stephen King’s books and novels. He specialized in selling personally auto-
graphed copies. His name was Scott or Alan I think, but maybe another name. It turned out that this
man was one of King’s best friends. I was waxing idealistically with him once explaining that,
after King is jailed, I would trot him out of his cell occassionally to appear on the same tv stage
with me doing role reversal skits, him playing the part of the responsible citizen who wants the
truth to get out and me the average slob who doesn’t care one way or the other. That it would
be good rehabilitation for King and eye opening for the public. This friend of King cut me off
in exhasperation and blurted out; “He’s afraid he’s gonna fry!”
So, that’s what King really thinks about my evidence and expose; that the system will kill him
for killing John Lennon. Presumably to keep him from telling the world what else he knows about
our evil government. In 1999 a van accident almost killed King and the driver who failed was
found dead just months later.
When I first met King in 1992 I was playing my guitar downtown singing a political song about
him in front of that same bookstore. He walked towards me, glanced at my photo emblazened van with
his matching face getting John’s autograph and he had an angry glint in his eyes and was shaking
his finger, threateningly, at me. I ignored him and just sang louder so everyone would notice
our first encounter in the flesh. He got very contrite and crouched low to whisper to me; “T-take
c-care. I w-w-want you to t-take c-care.” and then sauntered off realizing I wasn’t going to give
him the time of day. The unspoken message behind his voice suggested to me he was trying to say;
“Don’t hate me, please. You’re right and I was wrong. Just don’t hate me, please. I don’t care
about what others think but I want you to know that I am sorry about what I did and care a
great deal that you just don’t hate me.”
Just seconds earlier I thought I might have to jam my guitar neck up his throat if he tried to
attack me. It was our only meeting in life and that’s what happened. Him walking away, me, my
back bravely turned away from him. Subsequently he may have tried to bribe me to quit my story
which is explained in my website.

(Q) What kind of person are you, Steve Lightfoot?

(A) If you read many of my bitter chapters where I rail against insane, cowardly mankind, a trend I
acknowledge, you’d think I’m an asshole. The truth of the matter is that society is the real ass-
hole. I am just an angelic idealist who has been poisoned by society having wrestled with it
in the mud pit we’re all in all these decades of neglect and resistance that society likes
to dish out to me. Anyone else would have taken the route of force to break this story. It’s
just not in me, to be as evil as society wants me to be, to end up shot to death by police
for trying to force my story out. That’s what society wants me to do, get killed before they
have to admit to their children that I was right all along and that they were wrong not to
help me sooner when the real killer of John Lennon was molesting their kids with his horror
books and movies all this time. Anyone who has been through what I have been through would,
naturally, be a little bitter and angry. When my father was killed, suspiciously, in a plane
crash on the tenth anniversary of Nixon’s resignation just two weeks after a horror writer sent
me a letter warning me of “Phase Three” since I won’t; “…cease my investigation..” the
students at U.C. Berkeley couldn’t contain their glee and audibly squeeled with delight at
my misfortune, to give you an example. That warning letter turned out be written by King.
Before I allowed the bitter, satanic public to tarnish me with their pain I was a happy go
lucky, kind soul, an idealist and dreamer with only good things on my mind. I wanted to
become the worlds best professional golfer I was so idealistic and optimistic. Sadly, I worshiped
money and possessions back then, like I was taught by my environment, but I had real em-
pathy for the suffering world and wanted to do good in my life on earth and no harm.
My fantasy was to be so good that I would wear a peace sign on my visor instead of a brand
logo and loosen up that crowd and become a John Lennon only in golf spikes.
I still have those good traits but have done a poor job of hiding the bitterness society has
foisted on me for being the resented messenger. I was in a great deal of pain when I wrote
the many chapters in my op/ed pages but keep them up for posterity, to show the world every-
thing I’ve been through. Everything I wrote is valid and I give it all its due place in this
expose, even if it paints me in a harsh light, not to mention society.
To answer your question, I am a good person with a heart of gold wrestling with a world that
is mediocre and afraid and it has tainted me. Nice guys get it in the back and I must stay
alive. That entails confronting the guilty public with their dirty laundry, vigorously.
In school I was the star artist and, I hate to say it, intellectual and decent athelete.
I know that I turn to animals for solace since they are guiltless and the animals know, if
not the humans, what a good soul I really am. What I hope does not happen is that I change after
the story breaks to the point that I forget to point out what’s wrong with everybody just be-
cause I don’t want to offend the world after it exhalts me, if they ever do. I want to keep
all the good, bad and ugly up for display, societal change being the goal.
I’m not as bitter as people might think, just hurt that I overestimated the goodness of my
fellow man. It seems satanic of the public to eschew me for being a hero doing the right thing.
After the story breaks, if society doesn’t kill me first, I’ll be a recording artist, a writer,
a publisher, may have my own band, a movie maker, a wise guy celebrity with a sense of humor
and humilty and searing honesty in the pursuit of my duty to change everybody for their own good.

(Q) You definitely do seem embittered by whatever. I’m sure you weren’t always this hard on
your fellow man. What drives this anger that any normal person would recognize?

(A) Fair question. My fellow man is martyring me and my youth and setting me up for assassination
just so he or she can remain undisturbed and remain in their comfort zone. They are utterly self-
ish bastards who epitomize everything that is wrong with mankind and a reminder that your fellow
man is not really your fellow man at all but just out to save his or her’s own ass. I risked my
life to make everyone elses lives better and they proved to be unworthy fools who don’t deserve
heroes in the first place.
Every day I face a life that has been cheapened and martyred by the callousness of my fellow man.
Jealousy is a trait that I despise in people and no one seems to attract more jealousy than one
such as I who, literally, reduces all other celebrities to second string and all normal people
to barely alive and tuned in to reality. Everyone wants to rule the world, myself included, but
only I have a realistic shot at it in today’s world. All others who would pretend to have that
kind of clout don’t have that kind of clout. I hate to say this but I am the man everyone else is
naturally jealous of. I’m a hero of world class proportions with credentials larger than Paul
Revere and the mediocre, frightened, boot-licking world, celebrities included, resents me for it.
I am the character that Hollywood tries to portray on screen, the real action hero that our
society lacks. All these fantasy heroes with guns blazing, etc. are a fantasy version of what a
real hero is and, now that I have become the real deal, the world hopes I get assassinated just
for being the object of their secret desires to be important and heroic. I have hit the jackpot
and the world is dangerously jealous of me. If it can’t be them then they won’t let it be me.
That’s the sickness in mankind that I despise. It’s so self destructive and evil. I’m just a
normal person with more than average intelligence who stumbled onto the story of our time and
the world’s jealousy is holding it back. That would make anyone angry and bitchy.
In fact, I think that I was chosen by the Almighty to become the messenger BECAUSE I used to be
so charitable and kind and generous and trusting and always saw the good in people. Without that
resevoir of goodness to fortify me I couldn’t bear the outrageousness of dealing with a bad public.

(Q) Why isn’t the public putting you on their shoulders and carrying you and your evidence
to the media if the media is all against you?

(A) If they were well they would. The public is and always has been, sick. In my chapter “Follow Me;
Get Well” I list my origional songs. One of my verses addresses this and it goes;
“You all turned your backs on John Lennon with the lame excuse “He’s dead.”
You people don’t care about nothing, you’re all sick in your head…”
It’s true; people are satanic, jealous, self destructive, boot-licking cowards who would rather let
Stephen King molest their children than point a finger at their government. I think I already
pointed out that parents in Jesus’s day obeyed government orders to slaughter their first born
sons. People are insane cowards who worship money not quality of life. The public is jealous
of me, like the media, and wants me to go away so they can continue to live in masochist
heavan and ignorance. Jesus said; “They know not what they do.” I disagree. They know exactly
what they do. They just don’t know why they are so sick and satanic. Every generation of
man has killed it’s fellow man in the name of government and war. It’s a leftover evolutionary
weakness from our past as apes, I think. We, as humans, are far from being real humans. We are
in a state of imperfect transition. In 30 plus years of being the messenger I’ve mostly learned
that mankind is self destructive and satanic but thinks it means well. I am an exception
to the rule, like others before me, who tried to point the way. People like John Lennon.
It doesn’t matter how good people are when their dark side allows the government to steamroll
over them, warp them, degrade them and poison them spiritually. It’s cowardice, weakness, hypo-
cracy and boot-licking fear of government that makes our good traits meaningless. They’re just
icing on a cake that stinks. We should know better than to settle for that bargain.
That employers are frustrating me, besides, suggest a real hostility against heroes that the
general public must be part of. The insanely jealous media employees are also part of that general
public that is afraid of anyone like me becoming so huge and powerful. I suppose they are
masochists who only trust the government to make decisions that shape their lives. No one
has ever come this far exposing so much truth as I have. No wonder I am treated like an space
alien. I must be a threat to everyones mediocity, it seems. Society has managed to kill all
others like me before and exposes this huge and world shaking have never happened before.
To be fair to the public they are not all to blame as the government has learned all about how
to use the people’s own inherent evil against them. Letting Stephen King murder John Lennon
is a classic example of how governments warp its people with fear and evil. The public is un-
aware of the devastating effects and the evil techniques the governments employ. I say give
hope a chance. Give sanity and humanity a chance. The government won’t let that happen. There
is too much money for them to lose if we get well. It takes a hero to change that. And
it is up to the public to support and protect it’s heroes. It gets an “F”, historically, in that
regard and I had no idea what I was up against when I started this brave journey. When I sing
at karaoke clubs I often see art renderings of all the heroes we killed from Lennon to, for all
we know, Jim Morrison, Curt Kobane, Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis Presley. Michael Jackson, Jerry
Garcia, Buddy Holly, Bob Marley and many others. John Lennon was killed on Jim Morrison’s birth-
day, as if the government killed Jim, too. It’s a sick country, America. It’s people are, ultimately,
to blame if the government is killing all our superstars. They always turn a blind eye.
Celebrities are the exemplars of society, supposedly brighter shining stars than the common man
and have a duty to use their celebrity to shape the world we live in. Most are derelict, though.
Many of todays celebrities are lost in their own selfishness and vanity and money worship. Oprah
was already taken off the mainstream airwaves because she is better than most. But she’d be a
real force if she gave away less cars to people and bought into possessions less and got away
from materialism and went for the prize of real change, worldwide. She was wrong about Obama
being all “that” like I was. If she ever gets the brains to seek me out as a guest on her show
she’d be onto something meaningful. I’ll bet she has no idea that local radio hosts like
“Chip” and “LaDonna” of KOGO radio is San Diego are salivating to get me killed while she’s
focusing on giving away cars to impress people. But she’s better than most celebrities.
I think she has to peek around the corner of consciousness before she realizes her real potential
as a force for change. Phil Donahue was another maverick who served the public and was side-
lined for doing so. I’m even suspicious of Michael Landon’s premature death and illness since
his “Little House On The Prarie” series infused decency in an otherwise indecent media climate.
In case you aren’t aware, the media is in the business of desensitizing us and demoralizing us
and scaring us and dumbing us down, mostly. It’s a deliberate agenda, keeping the herd from
getting any big ideas of their own. Unfortunately, and Francis Ford Coppola expressed this in his
Playboy interview, celebrities are offered lolly pops by the industry to obey and play the game
and choose the lolly pop over civic duty when they could otherwise orchestrate needed change.
The tyranny of the dollar bill has blinded most celebrities from doing what’s right.
Recently I got my magazine to a 60’s icon backup singer of a band who’s lead singer died young
and, rather than see my evidence for what it was, got paranoid about ME! Wow, how blind can
some people be? I hope she’s not a ditz brain just wasting away her celebrity.
Celebrities from that era, the 60’s, were nobler and more conscientious and idealistic. By
comparison todays media faces are a little bit like coiffed canines in ribbons in a dog show lack-
ing content. Many just suit up in their government costumes and shoot actors with guns and
do what they’re told as if the paycheck is the moral of the story and not the world.
Paul Newman was an enlightend person but lacked the followthrough it takes. Ron Howard is aware
and appreciative of what I do. I just know. Steve Jobs knew I was a genius, too. Dozons of
celebrities have my magazine, huge celebrities I won’t name. I’ll let them come forward and help
me if they choose to.
I’m sure there are many good celebrities today, in spite of the banal times we’re in. The question is;
Do they have the courage to help me? If they don’t the whole world is, truly, screwed.

(Q) What’s the downside to what you do?

(A) There is a tremendous downside to doing what I’m doing, personally. No kids, no wife, no normal
kind of life, living on the fringes, never being part of the masses always on the outside too
revolted by what I see to join society. Employers won’t keep me, friends abandon me. A lot like
Joseph and Mary looking for an inn to stay at and being turned away, everywhere. And why? Be-
cause I am virtuous. Not because I’m bad, because I am well and brave and conscientious.
The phrase “the patience of a saint” really does apply to me. I am really like an angel in a dark
world who lives for the day the rest of the masses see the light and join me in a better world.
Jesus said’ “This is not my kingdom” Not to compare myself to him, but I think I know what he meant.
John Lennon said, in “Mind Games” “..Faith in the future, out of the ‘now’.” Both understood that
conventional wisdom wasn’t wise at all and that everything around them was fundamentally wrong
and needed to change for all of us to experience life as it was intended. Life on this earth is a
cacophany of noise and a prison of work and lies and tricks and hoops to jump through. I know
better and I pay the price for being the first scout to see over the mountain. It’s a lonely,
thankless job but I have to do it to stay sane. To succumb to the conventional life would be an
act of insanity. Once you have seen the promised land you can never be happy in the hell we
all exist in, now. I have no choice but to change the world to be happy.
This prison would kill or harm any wife or love interest I had or children I had because it
is so hellish. I couldn’t have a family if I wanted to. Me fellow man would harm them. Already
it has killed my father and laughed doing it. I know how miserable the world and everybody
really is underneith the mask they all wear. An asteroid would cleanse them of all their addict-
ions and foolishness but, until then, I have to show the way. I know I am doing what I am sup-
posed to be doing. I know that, in spite of the drawbacks, I have a heavenly peace of mind
and the thrill of being the pioneer for the rest of us. It is a high only I could understand.
I enjoy true courage and fearlessness. 99.99999 percent of everyone else can’t say that.
They think they’re brave, fighting in wars, fighting fires and whatever other “brave” things
they might do but they are all tucking tail to the government and stepping aside while a sick
horror writer urinates all over their decency in reality. Like one of my song lyrics;
“You say that you’re ‘free’, home of the brave. In reality you’re a media controlled slave.”
Though I could be struck dead tomorrow I fear no evil. I am at the top of the food chain and
I accept the downsides. I live for the future until the story breaks world wide. Then I will be
able to live in the ‘now’. Then it will be good enough for me to live in. Immense power will
be mine to wield if I succeed and that is worth all the pain and suffering I endure today.
When I was a boy I asked God to let me do something that hasn’t been done before. I think
I’m on track, as insulting as it is. It’s God’s work.
I don’t have all the things others are happily addicted to; shiny cars, big houses business suc-
cess, social circles. possessions. I gave up a golf career and a personal life and a family
and all the things the rest of us hold dear. I’d simply answer that I found something infinitely
better and substantial. Living on top of government and not under it, in a word.

(Q) What have you learned about people that you didn’t know when you started this odyssey?

(A) That people are jealous, self loathing, miserable fools where heroes are concerned.
They’d rather go to hell in a hand basket than help any hero up to see his day in the sun.
That people relate more to Barabas than to Jesus and still favor satanic anti-heroes.
I can say that I know, for certain, that everybody is subconsciously jealous of me and ashamed
of themselves, to the point of satanic madness. If it can’t be them that breaks the story of the
millenium then it can’t be anybody else. Nobody must be allowed to ever get that big so fast and
so gloriously as I could and should be by now. There is a conspiracy of misery that fuels this
hero resentment phenominon that is, really, the story within the story. It seems that working
a job for 50 years to get by really IS miserable and anyone who can get lucky and sidestep
all that with a glorious discovery that will save mankind is just too much contrast to share
the same planet with. “Kill the smarter monkey that makes me look stupid.” “I don’t care
if his success will be my success, too. Kill him! He shows me up in front of my kids.”
I will spend much of my fame, if the jealous public doesn’t kill me first, pointing out exactly
this sick aspect of the common man.
Superman and Batman, The Green Hornet, Spiderman and other comic book heroes seem to be
man’s way of trying to describe someone like, I’ll say it, ME! Not one of us, better and stronger and
bolder, unearthly, a “super” man. Someone who is smart enough to crack C.I.A. magazine codes,
brave enough to go forward with the truth and athletic enough to hang in there when the common
man and women lets him down for decades, while they laugh at his futility and pain.
Someone who, by right, should be the most famous man on earth.
I think it’s easier to brand a strong, sane, heroic person as “Superman from another galaxy”
than to admit that the rest of us who are NOT so sane and brave and heroic are really
just cowardly, small slobs. Mice.
Because people are jealous, miserable creatures who lack the self worth to stop licking the
government’s boots super heroes like me are left abandoned while humanity suffers even more.
To me the most horrific scene in The Wizard Of Oz is when the Wizard is about to fly away from
Oz in his balloon, now that he’s been revealed to all as a sham and a phony.
The people of Oz are unmoved. They are carrying on as if nothing had happened as if there
was no hoax revealed or, even if there was, that it was nothing to be moved by.
Business as normal. Back to being stupid. No lesson learned. Tra la la la la la. All back
to being the kind of fool that would live under such a lie in the first place.
And it took a DOG to assume the role of the hero, as if humans can’t muster the common sense.
I can imagine Toto, the dog, saying to himself; “What’s the matter with you phony morons? Are
you all blind? Can’t you see someone behind that curtain? Do I have to point it out FOR you?!
Are you all insane?”
Just how I feel about my fellow, so called, human being. $atan seems to rule fool$.
The whole moral of that story is that humans are too full of sin to find the brains, courage and
heart to stand up to government; the Wizard of Oz and it’s apparatus. Even the guard who was
protecting the wicked witch of the west joined Dorothy, instantly, the minute the witch was
melted. Where was his common sense until then?
I hate to say it but this odyssey has taught me that people are, perhaps, exactly, 50% good and
evil. Not the 80%/20% we’ve chosen to believe. That our true evil exists in what we DON’T do and
what we are willing to overlook in the name of laziness and fear.
When it comes to responding to evidence that really matters and the true heroes that exist
people are sick, ignorant, jealous, self hating fools who should think twice about bringing
children into this world until they grow a brain, first.

(Q) Why haven’t you written a book about your story and evidence? Wouldn’t that be the logical
next step to lock King up, a blockbuster book?

(A) The key word is the ‘next’ logical move. Yes, now that’s a good idea. Innitially it
would have been suicidal to take time out to write while my name was not out there and vulner-
able to assassination. I spent the first two years simultaniously getting my evidence out and
acting just nuts enough to keep the government from killing me. I actually acted a little nuts,
at first, on purpose knowing the government would view me as less of a threat. After my name
was known and I was a public target I began to clean up my act and become more credible.
I always knew that the next messenger would have to get rescued quickly, too, and that I had
a duty to lay out a blueprint to follow so they wouldn’t get killed before their book was
published. Imagine, your life is in extreme danger and you take a year off to write a book before
the general public knows who you are and what you’re doing? It’s nuts. You’d be killed.
I wore sunglasses and rubber gloves and used a phony name when I went to Mother Jones with my
findings. They are probably the government in disguise, government flypaper to attract the
likes of me so they can tip off the government before I get too far along. I knew all that then.
In the first place, even if you wrote the book of the century, there is no guarantee that anyone
will have the gonads to publish it. Even if they do the government might kill them before it is
released. It’s a treacherous world. I remember talking to famous attorney Melvin Belli, the only
attorney who expressed an interest in helping me. I talked to one of his aids the same day Melvin
died. Who’s to say what really happened? I was under a 24/7 microscope then.
I’ve already tried to go to the New York City authorities and various attorneys to pursue this
in the conventional manner. It doesn’t apply. People are gutless in tilting at the government.
Even George Harrison kept his flap shut when he had nothing to lose before his death of throat
cancer or whatever the government may have given him. He knew I was right and HE didn’t care.
I doubt that anyone in this country would print my automatic Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Peace Prize
winning book. They would have sought me out by now. There are billions to be made on my book,
not just millions. I’m famous already. If any publisher out there is listening, prove me wrong.
I could use an advance and start writing tomorrow. I just don’t have faith that anyone in THIS
country is good enough, brave enough to publish MY book. I don’t have the money to publish
and distribute and advertise it by myself. In the meantime I have the pure essense of my book,
the meat of the matter, in my magazine “Stephen King Shot John Lennon” Even this public is black-
balling that with tepid sales. Europe and Australia are almost as interested as America.
I’d love to stop work and get a place to write my book if it could be guaranteed published and
distributed quickly. I have my doubts that is possible in Soviet America. Really.
Meanwhile, why aren’t Americans running to the media with my thousands of magazines already
sold? Where is the public outrage?
I’ve done the important step. I’ve put up a website and offered the best of the best of the hard
evidence. Where has it got me?
You find a publisher to release my book and I’ll give you a chunk of real change. You’ll be
able to retire.
I’ve already offered 50% of my first year’s earnings to anyone who helps me break my story to
the point where King is arrested on world wide tv. Where are the brave American takers?
Nowhere, Man.
I think America would be remembered as a hypocritical coward if I had to write a best seller
book before King was arrested. Millions already agree I’m correct. Why should they wait a year
to lock that son of a bitch up where he belongs? Why are Americans living under the lie and
watching King’s series ‘Under The Dome’ and allowing themselves to be perverted further by the
coverup when millions who know I’m right could simply find their spines and picket their guilty,
traitorous, lying mass media?
That would be a much prouder ending, I think, for America. Forcing me to now have to write
a book would only be hero torture and pure cowardliness.
Step up to the plate all you cowards. Protest. Something the baby boomers knew how to do before
they all sold out for money.
The book I have to write should be written after King is jailed on the 30 years of effort I’ve
given and the website and evidence magazine I’ve provided.
But, get me a publisher and an advance and I’ll drop everything and have it out in six months.
Meanwhile I have to eat.

(Q) How do you support yourself? Is your magazine making you a living?

Now I am a successful telemarketer, top performer at my workplace, selling a planet friendly
product that saves people money. Prior to this lucky break I had the following to say;

(A) I am barely surviving (Are you rich celebrities listening) and my magazine barely pays for the
website. In fact, I notice that all my orders seem to come from parts of the country and world
where I DON’T advertise with my emblazened van. It’s as if my fellow Americans are shun-
ning me and hope I remain obscure and fail. Jealousy, shame, fear of government and pure, un-
adulterated cowardliness on the public’s side has reared it’s ugly head like a conspiracy of
silence abathy and benign neglect.
I’m afraid I’m trying to save a nation of jealous, masochistic ingrates and hardened hero killers.
It’s a sick planet and a sick species, this so called human race.
Humankind is neither.
I’m reminded of a dream I had weeks before my evidence find; I dreamed I came upon a massive
tree so large it housed restaurants and shops. I happened upon the cooks who were putting poison
in the guests food and, when I went to alert the guests, they bitterly protested my warning,
apparently intent on engaging in a ritualistic suicide meal that I was spoiling. They were
there TO kill themselves, ritualistically.
As for supporting myself I have been in sales the past several years doing best at door to door
and, lately, telemarketing. Unfortunately my employers are also afraid of my taking on the
powers that be and the website across my van. I made my door to door bosses too much money
and it took them years to finally succumb to it but the telemarketing employers seem a lit-
tle more immature and I’m looking for work as we speak.
I’m considering selling my magazine door to door but fear the fix is in against me where the
public is concerned. Even if they aren’t out to assassinate me I’ve come to learn that most
people are too wicked to respond to such a notion. They want to wipe their hands of the whole
matter, it seems. A horror writer/murderer molesting their kids isn’t important to them.
I’m hoping my next boss is not a boot-licker like the last one was. I hope there is a good boss
out there who appreciates that I am the worlds best employee and an American hero, besides.
God is testing me, lately, it seems, or, perhaps, trying to educate me to the wickedness of
the status quo so that I might opt for a revolution once I do get into a position of power and
influence. What is certainly isn’t good or just. I’ve learned that, lately. It’s a system built
on insanity, slavery and the futility of materialism and consumerism and the tyranny of the
dollar bill. I’m noticing that modern life and all it’s infrastructure is not necessary
and, in fact, worse than a world without concrete, neon signs and manufacturing.
Lately I feel like Moses on the mountain looking down on a lost, noisy, insane, frenzied planet.
About 10 percent of people ARE on my side and thank you special people. But where are you pro-
testers? That’s what I really need.
Meanwhile I need you celebrities who have been sponging off of my efforts to keep you safe to
donate to my cause so I don’t have to rob a bank or go nuts trying to survive.
Seriously! HELP!


That’s my e-mail
My temporary hard mailing address is

Steve Lightfoot
General Delivery
Garden Grove, Ca. 92842

I’m 59 and, even if America was a fair and good employer, I need real money to break this
story that work won’t supply in time for me to change the world.
Where is so called “brave” America? Well, where is it?

(To be continued….)

The following is not part of 20 Questions but updates and alerts;


Apparently the government is worried over the above request for you celebrities to support my
cause with financial help or personal help. My Yahoo account is being swarmed in an attempt to
shut it down!

Also, regarding the Bradlley Manning, Eric Snowden whistleblowergates.
The government may be behind both dramas in an elaborate sceme to come after me.
Manning announces he is a conflicted woman in a man’s body and Snowden seeks refuge in our
former arch enemies country, Russia, where people like Snowden get poisoned by cowards like
Putin. Putin gives Snowden a job with their version of facebook? Why? To spy on it’s citizens
and go against what Snowden claims to stand for?! This whole drama may be government mind con-
trol warfare.
The whole thing stinks. According to the stories whistleblowers are either pussies or traitors.
The government knows they can’t come after me like that if I’m alive so there might be a plan
to kill me first and THEN brand me as a whacko like the others.
The wheels of satanic government are spinning and Obama has his fingerprints all over it, I think.
To the jealous hero haters jamming my e-mail, I’ll bet you’re media types or government employees
besides yourselves with fear I’ll expose you all for the traitors you are.
Also, the mass media are as sick as they’ve ever been with hatred and jealousy against me.
Jealous, narcisistic, hero hating sicko’s.
Your entire mass media, America.
They are all under C.I.A. orders and control, in case you’re naive and stupid, and they are the
shadow government in league with China and Russia to destroy the U.S. and fold us into a world
order omelette. There they sit, sitting on my story, hoping it will go away, betraying mankind.
I’ve been the canary in the coalmine for three decades and I know better than anyone.
You’ll all have to just trust me on the above.

New wrinkle; Now Yahoo is blocking me from accessing my own e-mail. Some privacy concern requir-
ing me to follow impossible instructions and, meanwhile, I don’t know how to contact them their
‘contact us’ option is so incomplete.

O.K.. I had to install a new password and my e-mail is up.
Are all you celebrities going to hide under your covers and suck your meaningless thumbs or are
you going to give a God damn about John Lennon’s murder and lock up Stephen King?
If none of you come forward soon I will, eventually, lower the boom on all of your cowardly asses
and expose you for the shallow, selfish, empty, mere narcisists you probably are. Even those of
you who are better than that are still dead weight fools and cowards not to take a step forward
and help me.
Apparently the terror campaign of our government letting a horror writer shoot John in the back
on his front doorstep for being a hero and a participant in world politics has worked and now,
not only will Hollywood prevent anyone from getting too big and make the newbies wear guns and gov-
ernment uniforms to get work at all, even the good celebrities are afraid to participate in world
politics at all.
If that’s the case then celebrities have no use except to entertain us and that’s absurd.
The whole point of gaining fame is to exert power to change our evil politics. If none of you are
willing to use your high profile for change then you’re worthless traitors in my opinion.
Dancing With The Stars had to be invented to give many of you a job at all and you’re as sub-
stantive as Russian dancing bears. Pathetic.
Do you expect the simple hand to mouth oppressed public to take the first step? No, that’s YOUR
duty. Otherwise you’re all grossly overpaid and overvalued.
Then, again, satan rules silent America.

(To be continued….