King corrupting Judge Moskowitz?

Author Stephen King is a murderer; (See him, not Chapman, getting John Lennon’s last auto-
graph.) He is also a convicted statutory rapist;(Belfast, Me. 1992; sex with a 15 year old.)
and he was stalking Bruce Springsteen in 1992 until I blew the whistle on WABC Radio in
New York. He is now ‘on the run’, licking his wounds from the 1999 van ‘accident’ living in
Florida; (His primary residence now) He lives on an island off the Fla. coast; (For pro-
tection, not glamour) now that Bangor and millions more know about his role in Nixon and
Reagan’s plot that murdered Lennon. Yes, King, not Chapman, pulled the trigger; (SEE
MY WEBSITE; and my New Devpts. page for all the details)

(Some of you may want to skip to my other chapters if this one about a ticket bores you.)

Apparently this murderer, pedophile and coward has corrupted Judge Moskowitz and officer
Wiseman of Portland, Me.. Wiseman committed perjury on the stand and Moskowitz is any-
thing but ‘honorable’, apparently. On June 25,’08 I was cited for not obeying lane turn controls
at Congress and Elm as I turned left; (north) onto Elm. I was found innocent of that
charge, the one I was summoned for, because the judge agreed with my photos that there
was no lane stripe at all and the arrows were not sufficiently visible. Wiseman lied that I
also made a similar violation at Cumberland and Preble. My photo showed no lane stripe
there, either. Moskowitz found me guilty of a lane control violation there, however. This
in spite of the fact that I was not cited for that intersection or told of a violation there.
Wiseman flat out lied and made up his claim that I turned left from the right lane onto
Preble. A complete falsehood and lie. Wiseman was coached by a district attorney in spite of
my objections during trial and she was smiling and snickering, frequently, even suggesting
that my Target processed disposable camera photos might have been enhanced! Wiseman
tried to object to my photos of the scene of my alleged violation into evidence, offering ridic-
ulous reasons. They were allowed, including my photo of Cumberland showing no lane stripe.
Moskowitz explained that I had the right to see a lane stripe for Congress as his reason
for dismissal. He completely ignored this same circumstance at Cumberland, however. Even
if he believed Wiseman’s claim he held me to two different standards and, of course, I am
appealing the decision. During trial I objected to any other alleged violations being con-
sidered since I was only cited for the intersection of Congress and Elm. Moskowitz, unlike any
other case I’ve seen (And I’ve seen hundreds of cases in my life) reached beyong normal
prosecution standards and blindsided me with a guilty verdict for a charge I was never even
cited for. I testified that I was aware that Wiseman was tailgating me for four turns and
that I obeyed any and all laws, including that I was in the left turn side of Cumberland.
Moskowitz decided to believe Wiseman and not me, besides refusing to acknowlege that
there was no stripe there in the first place, his reason for dismissal of the origional citation.
He swatted down my initial motions for dismissal on grounds that I was being discriminately
prosecuted. Wiseman also lied about making a U-turn to follow me because he saw my plate
was from Calif.. He was 80 yards away, looking backwards at me, when we first entered each
others fields of vision, not directly next to me going against my direction as he testified. I
was traveling north to his west, not east. If anyone wishes to assist me please contact me at I also testified that, just hours earlier, at 2:am, other Portland
officers interogated me while overnighting in my logo emblazened van, with my website.
In fact, I had only been behind the wheel for a few minutes before I was pulled over.
Bangor did this in 1992 but both tickets were dismissed, one issued the day of my arrival.
That day I had six police encounters and my keys and tape recorder were stolen.
Below are some examples of the evidence I discovered in issues of Time and Newsweek
magazines; bold print govt. codes, the killer’s face and true identity printed before the mur-
der and samples of King’s writings and what Nixon writes in his book; The Real War which
is seen next to Reagan in Time and Newsweek issues released the day of the murder under
the headlines; “Who’s In?””Who’s Out?” and; “Fitting together the pieces of a complicated
jigsaw puzzle.” Also see Mark David King Chapman and letter three weeks before the crime.

And now for more of what I couldn’t fit into my handout flyer;
I spoke to an attorney outside the courtroom right after this miscarriage of justice oc-
cured and explained what happened; that I was convicted of a charge not listed on my ci-
tation after the origional charge was dismissed. He told me ” No, they can’t do that.” I
intend to have legal counsel for my appeal and hope more honest people correct things.
Another strange fact; the other 20 plus defendants who were present were all excused from
the proceedings leaving only my case to be heard (perhaps so there would be no witnesses
to what they planned for me). When I asked why I was told that all of them either changed
their plea to guilty or were dismissed. That hardly seems plausible. What do you think?
A judge, an officer, a district attorney, bailiff and clerk just to railroad me for almost
two hours. I hope Moskowitz and Wiseman are proud of themselves and their injustices.
What likely happened was this; Having been alerted to my presence in Portland by other
officers, Wiseman was on the prowl to give me a little razzing. When he saw me from 80
yards away he made a U-turn and planted himself on my bumper and followed me until he
could pull me over on the main drag to intimidate YOU and humiliate me, simultainiously. I re-
member how he drew a hard, deep breath as he got out of his car, like someone about to do
something wrong, his head down, (Much like Moskowitz as he rendered his decision).
He fabricated, from whole cloth, his reason for pulling me over and, later that day, raced his
car to get away from me when I tried to flag him down to point out that there was no painted
lane or arrows on the intersection. In court he lied, profusely, on the stand making up new
charges, apparently because he knew that his citation was not going to win in court. The
district attorney coached him before and during my trial as to what to say and do.
Moskowitz then carried out his, apparently, premeditated plot to pin, if not the origional
charge, something on me, I think to oblige King, possibly for a secret money reward of
thousands of dollars. Maybe Wiseman as well. Moskowitz went out of his way to stress that
this charge had nothing, whatsoever, to do with King and politics, for the record.
Wiseman lied about why he made a U-turn to follow me, lied about my driving, making every-
thing up from whole cloth and Moskowitz, whose name I would think should be spelled ;
‘Moscow’witz to fit his brand of justice, went beyond his authority to find me guilty of
a charge not listed on my citation after refusing to even consider my motions for a change
of venue and motion to dismiss due to discriminatory prosecution. The way he blindsided me
with a charge not even on the citation was right out of a movie, me, alone, in a vacated
courtroom with my right to a public trial mysteriously denied. It would not surprise me
if the two dozon other tickets were dismissed just to get rid of witnesses to go after me,
Soviet style. Are you proud of your officials, Portland?
Now, on to more pressing matters like the election next week for president. I will be
very surprised if Obama is declared the winner, like we’re all being led to believe,
even if he wins 65% of the vote. Rockefeller might ‘pull the switch’ and steal the true vote.
The Diebold made computers that count the vote are owned by activist republicans. McCain
has often “guaranteed” his followers that “We will win this election” even during his accept-
ance speech. Some radio news anchors have even said, half seriously, that the republicans
will vote, not once, but “twice”. I doubt that Obama is like a Kerry, who I think threw the
race for Bush, his ‘Skull and Bones’ club co-member and fellow billionair, but it will be
interesting to see if he quickly conceeds or demands a recount and accounting and refuses
to conceed for at least a week. The Zionist, right wing talk radio mass media that has been
so apoplectic in their garbage, smear campaign, is terrified that the “Fairness Doctrine”
will be reinstituted to balance public dialogue and they have a vested interest in keeping
their hidious jobs as water carriers for Israel and the republicans who want mideast oil.
I even heard, on the radio, that only pencil or felt pen was allowed for absentee ballots.
Does this mean that all those filled out in pen will be thrown out? Wake up, people.
Now, regarding all of you; If you click my chapter below; “Hey, People of Bangor” you
will see that I believe Maine’s culture is more ignorant than it might think it is. That
your lifestyle is simple and loathes controversy and the inherent responsibilities that
democracy requires. A lot of America falls into this category so don’t take it personally.
Look at Moskowitz and Wiseman; in my opinion they are two small cowards, like King, who
enjoy tormenting me, the hero, with their brand of jealousy and pettiness and dishonesty.
I can see why King’s childhood tormenters were such wretched people if the rest of Port-
land is anything like these two adult aged children picking on me for just being here.
Many of you like to snicker at my cause like it’s a joke when, really, you know it’s big-
er than any story ever told in your lifetime. You like to feign disbelief. Grow up. None of
you even saw a trial for Chapman to begin with or complained about this glaring fact, then.
Do you assume ANY responsibility at all for keeping our heroes alive or are you all phonies?
Stephen King was born here in Portland and he was tormented as a child by his peers who
rejected and teased and bullied him to the point that he unleashed his rage against you
by squeezing bullets into your heroes back and destroying America and all your lives. I
told a woman today, while entering the library, that King murdered Lennon for Nixon and
Reagan, etc. and she coldy replied; “Big deal!” Well it is a big deal, Portland, and if
you don’t think so then you are VERY ignorant and un-American and weak and cowardly
not to think so. Maybe all of you are a little like this bitter, cold woman. Maybe you should
take stock of yourselves and your character now that a judge and an officer have emerged
as villians who support the Lennon muder coverup. Maybe there is a lot of jealousy and
messenger resentment in all of YOU that also needs fixing. Maybe it’s time you ran King
out of Maine, entirely, if you lack the courage to out my evidence to the waiting world.
Mohammed Atta slept at your Comfort Inn on 9-11, King’s birthplace. Maybe he hated us
as much as King and was honoring King by using his birthplace as his launching pad to de-
stroy America. King has certainly destroyed America and that woman who thinks; “Big deal!”
King is a small coward shooting spitwads of petty traffic citations at me hoping I will
snap and do something rash while under 24/7 police, F.B.I. surveilance. Pound sand, loser.
King deserves to be exposed, arrested, tried and jailed for life for what he did. I deserve
America’s complete support. I would ask all of you to curb your coverup, ignorance, jealousy
and fear of the govt. so, together, we can save America and the world from the evil people
who killed the best man on the planet; John Lennon. Our world needs heroes like him to be
free and brave. The govt. knows this and fears heroes like Lennon and Lightfoot because
their greed is supported by keeping all of you stupid, misinformed and afraid.
When will you people rise up and help me out this monster expose? That is the question.
I’m only 48 hours away from joining any protest you might make at your local media outlet
once you make the news. As advertised in my other chapters, I am willing to split my first
years income with the protest crowd. Considering how big this story is, if you just do the
math, that works out to roughly $20,000.00 to $200,000.00 EACH, depending on the size of
your protest crowd. The conditions are that King must be exposed and arrested. Considering
the staggering amount of hard evidence that should make a lot more sense to you than grow-
ing old making chumpchange like most of you are doing now. Get on board with me and find
a spine to stand up to King and our ‘secret govt.’ that killed Lennon and harmed America.
You get King exposed and arrested and I’ll sign any contract you like for half of my first
years income, before taxes. I plan on books, interviews, musical CD’s, maybe a band of my
own and more. I could make tens of millions of dollars in my first year, alone. Get smart.
I am not doing it for the money, believe me. King has offered me; “..anything (I) want..”
in a 1992 veiled bribe letter if I’d only stop with my activism and expose.
What I want out of all of this is a people and world and country who I can respect.