Bay Area Beware the Press Democrat

First, do read the following chapter at the end of this one, the one titled;
Beware Chapman Movie. It’s very important. Just click the gold lettered title.
Now, as to the matter at hand, namely the Press Democrat newspaper article
last Sunday, April 10, 2005 that tries to brand me as one in need of “..meds.”
and other absolute falsehoods. In fact, if there are any attorney’s reading
I may have a defamation case against both the Santa Rosa city councel mem-
bers Janet Condron and vice mayor Bob Blanchard and the Press Democrat.
This recent article dealt with the councel’s plans to alter public appearances
due to the trend of speakers who are concerned about national issues. The arti-
cle made reference to my expose and lumped me in with others who do seem a
little off kilter at times. In fact, The Bohemian, a local, undercover,
big media rag, engaged in a nearly identical article months earlier suggesting
that I may be less ” …grounded…” than other public speakers at meetings.
For years I have attended meetings urging the councel to use their power
to get the Press Democrat to print some of my evidence and claims and to take
legal action against derelict New York City officials who are also stonewalling.
With this latest charade they have taken position with the guilty and have
conspired with the Press Democrat to assassinate my character and to foster
apathy, denial and hypocracy in the public.
They have stepped out of the shadows to declare their solidarity with the
coverup, not the truth.
At the heart of their plans they intend to pull the plug on the camera during
public appearances to keep my evidence censored.
For years the New York Times owned Press Democrat has been routinely mocking
republicans in their cartoon/editorial section while simultaniously propping
up the republicans in every other way they can. A way of scamming the unsus-
pecting liberal northern Californian reader that they are anti-Bush when they
are not. Boiled down to it’s distilled function, the Press Democrat is a
bunch of New York jews lying to you, the citizen, telling you how to think.
As for the councel members named; Bob Blanchard is one of two government
subsidised members in his family, his son serving in Iraq. Bob is a con man
who has sold all of you out with the most evil of all things possible; he has
taken part, knowingly, in the coverup of John Lennon’s murder. He has know-
ingly deceived all of his constituants with a fraud, a farce, a ruse.
He hopes you’re all stupid and buy into his position as vice mayor.
Janet Condron is as tired looking as I have ever seen a woman look. She seems
to have no moral compass whatsoever as her attempts to remove the camera from
the public appearances entirely, suggests.
Mayor Jane Bender just got back from a trip from Washington D.C. where she pre-
sumably may have even met with Bush’s staff and even discussed me and my
expose and my dramatic presentations at councel meetings and how to “margin-
alize” me. In fact I caught mayor Bender “of the rules” taking my card out of the
stack once and then claiming she couldn’t find it.
All of this has to do with the councels plans to re-arrange the format for
public appearances, so even if you are a slob who doesn’t care about John
Lennon’s murder coverup, you have a stake in what happens from here. Your right
to redress the government is in jeopardy.
All of these people, including Press Democrat reporter Mike McCoy, are knowingly
deceiving you, like the hypocrites they really are in real life. All
of these dirty players should be fired by the outraged public they pretend to
In these people the rergressive 50% of Sonoma county residents have found
representatives as dishonest and hypocritical as they are.
What I see also is a bunch of old, narrow minded biddies, Bob included, stewing
in their obsolete ways, and trying to brand all of you with their brand of
phoniness, and dishonesty and cowarice. They want those D.C. kickbacks they
have been promised if they can take my message off the air. They are blind,
greedy dinosaurs urinating all over your right to know the truth.
Truth, justice and the American way mean little to them. They are un-
American as can be. So are all of you if you let them keep their jobs. So
are all of you if you don’t seize this naked moment of opportunity to swat down
their wicked coverup and march on the Press Democrat with billboards until
Stephen King is arrested for John Lennon’s murder. Bush’s father will be in-
dicted as well, eventually.
It’s time for all of you to stop your witch-hunt of me and face up to your duty
to help me come forward.
If you are all slobs it’s because the government and the media have seen to it.
Only a truth like this can give you the leverage you all need to stop
being their silent, stupid slobs.
It’s time you took a stand on this issue, one way or the other. The watching
world knows what phonies you’ve all been so far. Now city hall and the media
are trying to put your integrity in the ground. Are you going to stand still
for any of it?
Janet Condron seems to have a dose of penis envy or maybe she’s just truly evil
in her views on the Lennon coverup. She is nakedly corrupt and crass. Only a
brain dead public will tolerate this state of affairs. Their job, therefore,
is to dumb all of you down with lies. To brow beat you into submission by
ridiculing me.
In reality it is you, not me, they worry about. They attack me to damage
all of you. To keep you depraved and deceived.
I won’t let it happen and neither should any of you. If the article you read
made you think of me an one who “..needs to take their meds..” it was by design.
I have never taken medication in my life.
They insunuated a lie to you in suggesting otherwise.
There were other slurs thrown out at the regulars but named my expose to tar
me, specifically.
They know that they have a professional duty to charge the district attorney
of Manhatten with dereliction of duty and other charges for not receiving my
evidence or complaint but they suggest in the newspaper article that they can
do nothing about Stephen King.
The Press democrat is a waste of money. Don’t buy the lie.
John Jenkel, who was also lumped in with me, may be a plant by the councel to
justify a change in the public appearances .
I wondered why he was paying multiple
individuals to speak for his cause.
It became his tactics that triggered the talk of changing the venue.
That’s how it works usually, an agent provocatuer planted by big brother.
Beware, people of northern California. Big brother is brainwashing you
as we speak. I need your support.
Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot
P.S. Now please read the chapter below.