What’s going on with all your silence and apathy you unevolved monkeys? That’s right.

Perhaps you are all looking for a brain, a heart and courage? Perhaps it’s just your in-
grained nature to lick the boot that kicks you so?

I wrote a song, recently, about this situation and it goes like this;

Live wire walking on a high wire
Poor life hanging by a thread
Busting the government for John Lennon’s murder
Lucky I’m not already dead
So many years, still, nobody cares
Left here with my fears am I really going anywhere?
You all turned your backs on John Lennon
With the lame excuse “He’s dead”
You people don’t care about nothing
You’re all sick in your head
You say that you’re free, “home of the brave”
In reality, you’re a media controlled slave.

I have found one way to make people think is to ask them, seriously, while in a supermarket,
for example,; “Did I miss anything today about Stephen King doing the perp walk for killing
John Lennon?”
It makes people begin to think of the change that is coming.
If you, the people, the celebrities, etc., do not force this truth out, then shame on mankind.
Already you have all been martyring the messenger for three decades.
Land of the deceived and the media slave.

A ranting maniac, you say? It’s about time I started to lay into you sorry sacks of mush and tell it like it is.


As you contemplate whether the above is harsh or spot on consider this;
The man charged with killing Michael Jackson, not only possibly killed Mr. Jackson, deliberately,
with an overdose, but then, deliberately, botched any recovery efforts to revive him, after.
That is what likely happened. Furthermore, if the above is true it is likely the work of
your hero killing government.
Michael Jackson, who got hooked on pain pills resulting from the famous pyrotechnical event
that torched his scalp decades ago, may not have had an accident that day at all, either.
I suspect that our government, in an effort to get Jackson and his controversial life style
out of the public’s eye, attempted to burn his newly reshaped face to kill his career and
used a Pepsi commercial shoot to do it. It would appear Michael was lucky to have his head
turned at the time.
Who can deny, whether Michael was guilty or not, that our mass media tried to destroy him
over that young boy who took the money after innitially accusing him of inappropriate conduct?

Any other scenarios you want to believe are naive, in my opinion.

As I write all this our government is trying to kill me in a traffic accident that they
are in the process of setting me up for. I know when things are other than coincidence.
Already posted in another chapter below are some of the details.
Let me preface by saying that our government may have already killed my father in a plane
crash that occured on the tenth anniversary of Nixon’s resignation, that our government may
have already tried to kill Stephen King in a van accident in 1999 and may have also tried to
kill me in a red light intersection just a few years ago.
To shed even more suspicion the man who failed to kill King wound up dead not long after
at the young age of 43.
To put it all in perspective let me say that, except for a ticket I received the day I arrived
in Portland, Maine, Stephen King’s birthplace, and a trial that was an affront to justice that
followed, I have not had a valid ticket, not even a parking ticket, in almost ten years.
The one in Maine wasn’t valid. The officer lied and the judge let him make up a new charge,
at trial, also a lie, that wasn’t even on my citation after I proved his original charge
invalid. (See King and Moskowitz chapter)
And so, when I encountered a very strange red light camera episode that found me being
jockeyed into position to promote a violation, first, by three yellow lights in a row at 3:25 am,
Monday, I knew something was crooked.
Only one other car was on the road with me and we both looked at each other like; “What’s going
on with these lights?!” before we both got a running start for the one at Sloat and 19th
Ave. in San Francisco. I was in front and doing the speed limit when the fourth late yellow
in a row presented itself to me. I was being chased by another car right behind me ( It’s
in the photos) and I chose to stay safe and just did make the light rather than brake suddenly
and cause an accident from behind.
In spite of making the light cameras went off, anyway.
Even before the cameras went off I was thinking, as the fourth yellow lit; “Is this some
kind of ticket trap the city is pulling on me?”
I felt violated and cheated and set up by either a revenue enhancement trick to get all manner
of motorists in the slow hours or by a plot to single me out, specifically.
It was as if a human was at the controls stopping me three time in a row, on last minute cue,
each time and the last yellow seemed short. In fact, the photo shows my license plate ahead
of the line even though my wheels are not.
Herein lies a flaw with the city’s system;
My 1989 Toyota van has an extra two feet of bumper than most cars due to it’s mid engine
design. It’s four feet from front axel to bumper. My seat is directly over the front axel.
The law require the bumper to be in the intersection yet the system responds to tire sensors
under the asphalt. Even with normal allowances for most cars mine is, perhaps, THE most long
nosed of all vehicles in America relative to axel to bumper measurements. Their system doesn’t
allow for that anomaly and even the blurry photo shows I seem, indeed, to be over the line.
Fresh off the heels of that bizarre event I received another notice of yet another red light
camera violation just a few miles away from the other one, according to the notice. I revued
this motion video and saw a perfectly executed full stop, with signal, and a safe turn to my un-
obstructed right safe from all traffic. When I called a sergeant to review the film he agreed
I had, in fact, made a complete stop and that mine should be pulled out for dismissal.
He assured me that he would and to call him in a few weeks.
Right before ironing that one out I received yet another ticket just minutes after visiting the
famous Berkeley No Lo Press book store where they have books on how to fight your tickets.
This was a puzzler. The motorcycle officer who pulled me over for making a diagonal turn
was not watching me or anything other than what was on his handle bars. He was fiddling with
something or his gloves while a woman was waving me over to turn in front of her to make my
right hand turn with a green light.
Just as I did so he happened to look up, got the wrong impression and cited me.
I wondered was THAT, as innocent as it looked, also an orchestrated ticket?
A week later I visited that same bookstore and, lo and behold, I received a big screw in my
tire that wasn’t there before I parked. A fact I discovered a mile later requiring a tow.
The action never stops. A few weeks later, after moving to Los Angeles for work, and after
my driving patterns could be discerned, a policeman walked right in front of me the second I
came to a stop while I was untangling my cell phone from my seatbelt.(I had just gassed up,
literally, seconds earlier and have the receipt to prove it.) As I pulled out my earchord to
my cell phone -not in use- was tangled in my buckled seatbelt. I did use my phone earlier
while fueling up and ended the conversation before driving off.
And so, at the first red light, while stopped, I unbuckled my belt and made sure my phone
got untangled JUST AS this policeman was standing, presumably, on the sidewalk, outside his
car. I looked up and he was standing in front of all traffic to pull me over for no seat-
belt and for using a phone while driving.
I explained everything I said to you to him
but he cited me anyway.
In summary; five violations in about four months, all suspicious, all at once, after almost
ten years of no tickets though I drive an average of 35 thousand miles per year.

My honest feelings and thoughts?; The government is trying to kill me in traffic after making
it first look like I was asking for it. To portray me, after the fact, as one with a history
of such mishaps.
As I already mentioned the government may have already tried to kill me using traffic lights.
In fact, just five years ago, though neither I nor the other party were cited, I was t-boned
in traffic by a woman driving 55 mph plus stomping through a red light in Concord, Ca. that
knocked me and my assistant and our delivery truck 30 feet sideways before it tipped over
crashing me to the pavement.
I very easily could have died. Everybody was relatively unhurt, even my assistant who was
graced with my expert driving that made sure he was protected by his door frame. The driver
who ran the red light was unhurt though her suv was fully crumpled.
The officer asked me if she was doing 40 mph, the speed limit. I said; “At least! More!!”
A witness agreed she had to have run the light as his was green.
Even that didn’t make sense as I also had a green arrow against him.
Witnesses told the officers that I had waited for a minute, stopped, before I proceeded after
seeing my light turn to a green arrow.
I would later learn that Concord red light intersections can be manually operated from a room
from one of their employees.
Not only was the woman who ran the light not cited there were no skid mark notes that I saw
In the police report. Just a few days later when I tried to take photos of the scene, lo
and behold, it was paved over with brand new asphalt. Covered up.
So you see, people? The government may have already tried to kill me and others just to
kill me.
Now that I have just exited my arraignment for the first recent ticket and found the judge
to be coniving and rude who manhandled my efforts to set up a hearing for motions and
denied my valid motion for dismissal when the d.a. failed to have a file on me or any evi-
dence against me. A clerk told me the camera people failed to send my packet to the court.
Now I am over 400 miles from having to return to L.A. for work and having to get on the arraign-
ment calender to ask for hearings on several motions before trial on Nov. 10.
Now that it is all at this rumbling boil of frenzied activity I am terrorized to distraction,
having to make sure I don’t leave things behind and the like.
See my chapter Current Update that chronicles some of the times I have been kidnapped and
beaten unconscious by S.F.P.D. while handcuffed and dozens of violent threats including three
gun pointing episodes, one on the night Reagan was re-elected.
I am having to re-live the same memories that conjure up the post traumatic shock I have
known only too well from the past.
I blame jew, Jerry Brown, the governor, for this statewide police – camera terrorism.
I think he’s behind it as much as he IS trying to tax the internet and after he said no new
taxes that the people don’t first vote for. I know he is pure establishment and not the
authentic liberal he claims to be.
Shame on all this non co-incidence, Jerry Brown.
As for the red light ticket that was dismissed, it took threats of subpeonaing the sergeant
who failed, twice, to actually dismiss it, to show conspiracy for the new L.A. ticket, before
he did dismiss it on the last possible day.

I know you all love my misery. It justifies your silent, cowardly, turncoat, boot-lick ways.
The students at U.C. Berkeley laughed when my dad died in 1984 in a plane crash days after
I received a threat letter from Stephen King. My dad was killed on the 10th anniversary of Nix-
on’s resignation, too.
The public I am trying to save laughed.

Picket your lying media before I am killed and you’re all really screwed. The longer this
story stews the longer you all corrode into self destruction in your fall from grace.

P.S. picket your lying mass media outlets with my website on your billboards. Period.