I just found out (02-15-05′) that somebody is making a movie about Mark David
Chapman. I suspect that somebody would be the military, the government, the
C.I.A. and F.B.I., all those who stand to be exposed when YOU break this expose.
Right now your government is diabolically strategizing to warp all of your un-
suspecting children with pure government, soviet style, propaganda.
You youngsters under 27 years of age were never saturated with the initial
coverup story about Mark David Chapman like your poor, paralyzed parents were.
YOU are the main target in this upcoming charade and state poisoning of all
your minds, souls and your sanity.
BEWARE! Don’t let the government controlled media and movie industry do to all
of you what they did to your parents. When this movie comes out know that you
are being disrespected, molested, lied to and victimized by your own sick,
yes evil, government. Better yet, boycott the movie and even expose it before
it hits the screen. You can all do this. For your sake you all must. You can
stand up for yourselves unlike your flatfooted, scared parents. Maybe some of you
parents can prove me wrong about yourselves and lend a hand. That means raiding
talk radio and SNEAKING the subject on as well as demonstrating outside media
outlets with billboards that read “No Mind Control Movies In U.S.” and “Beware!
Chapman Movie Is Propaganda.” etc.. If you don’t act then you will have to
deal with an insane, brainwashed culture to be bogging the planet down with
stupidity and apathy.

Mark Chapman is an imposter because
1) His facial dimensions can be proved to be unlike that of the assassin seen
photographed gettting Lennon’s autograph.
2) Only Stephen King’s facial dimensions can be proved to exactly match the auto-
graph hound/assassin seen photographed hours before the crime. This is according
to geometric relationships of the eyes, nose, mouth, ears etc..
3)Chapman escaped a public trial for his alleged act and was allowed to plead
guilty “…because God told me to..twice..” fully 18 months after the crime.
All of this absurdness occured behind closed doors when anyone with any sense
knows it was 50 times bigger than the O.J. scandal that dominated headlines after.
4) This report was buried in the back of the paper in a tiny clipping and was
not followed up on in the media after.
5) All books alleging that Chapman entered his plea only 6 months after the crime
are lying to you by one year, deliberately.
6) Chapman is the son of a wealthy Amoco oil executive from Decatur, Georgia.
I just happened to bump into a former neighbor of the Chapman’s while I was going
through there in 2001. She also told me that Chapman’s mother was a white
gloves type “clean freak” at home.
7) He spent time in Lebanon, allegedly, at a YMCA facilty months before Lennon’s
assassination. These are common fronts for C.I.A. operations.
8) Only People magazine, printed by Time, has done any real coverage of Chap-
man in jail along with ABC and Barbara Walters and Larry King, once. All this
coverage is a complete hoax and Larry King even admitted on KGO, when I hit him
for it; “..It’s all going to come out anyway..” offering no denial.
9) Judy Woodruff, now herself aware that Chapman is a hoax, has removed her
likeness from a PBS propaganda documentary titled; “The Man Who Killed John Len-
non”. That’s why you will notice twenty minutes of empty time at the end of
the documentary, her twenty minutes.
10)The skant times Chapman was seen by the prison population were scripted
“sighting ops” to keep the prisoners brainwashed. Chapman is hiding behind a
solitary confinemnt status and is rarely ever seen in Attica prison where he
allegedly is serving time.
11)The N.Y. police, D.A., Governor, Attorney General, Mayor, the Attica prison
staff and warden and the media are all involved in the coverup and no one has the
courage to come forward.
12) Chapman, like John Hinckley, has been admitted, allegedly, for mental
health problems before his infamy. For all anyone knows both he and Hinckley
are in sanitariums, where they would be even without their crimes, anyway.
13) Not only did Hinckley come along just as America was getting antsy for a
trial for Chapman, he even intertwined his own insanity with his claim that he
shot Reagan “..because of John Lennon’s murder…America is the land where
heroes are shot in the back…when Lennon died, I died, you died, America died,
everybody died…”
If John Hinckley stealing the show right after Lennon’s murder didn’t already
occur Nixon’s people would have liked to have invented him. Remember, Reagan
was an actor and Bethesda Navy Hospital is the same hospital that lost J.F.K.’s
brains. Did Brady get plastic surgury to create that dented look? It was worth
it to pass the Brady Bill, maybe.
14) The Hinckley’s and the Bush’s and the Reagan’s have been business friends
for 18 years prior to Lennon’s murder and even share the same block in Colorado
summer homes. Is there a Chapman connection too?
15) Both Chapman and Hinckley are the troubled sons of wealthy oil executives.
They came along at the same time when Lennon, the biggest threat to any war the
government might try to pull off, was brutally assassinated. The biggest bene-
ficiaries of his murder were the oil executive raiding the Iraq oil reserves.

These are the first 15 reasons I can think of that expose Chapman for the decoy/
fraud that he is.
There are more but the above is enough for YOU to care abouit this upcoming
propaganda film about Mark David Chaman.
Right now there are parents, here in America, plotting the script of this movie to max-
imize the damage to all your sanity and decency, to f— all of you over royal-
ly. They can’t damage my sanity or convictions, though they plan to wash me up
with it. This sick, evil, miserable, slimey, sociopathic, sadistic, backstab-
bing, bootlicking, jealous, money obsessed bunch of human feces is out there
plotting your destruction, America.
Do any of you think, if all I claim is true, that the people who let King kill
John Lennon and then take over have our best interests at heart? Well DO you!?
Why would you let them make you Soviet class slobs with a Lennon murder coverup?
If you don’t stop them in their tracks and find the courage to confront our
ingrained disease, letting the government kill our heroes, then you are but
slobs without meaningfulness in your lives.

Meanwhile it should be elementary to you that, like John Hinckley, who alleg-
edly shot Reagan, Chapman was also a pudgy misfit shooting a world figure.
Further adding up of the facts suggests that the oil people wanted those mideast
oil reserves and needed a war to get them and knew that John Lennon was the only
voice powerful enough to stop them standing in their way. They killed him and
covered it up with an oil executives son or two along the way.
Chapman is “CRAP! man.” and don’t you forget it or let the movie go unchallenged.
Get out there and DO YOUR JOB, if you are serious about life. If you have any
class at all you’ll put a stop to the madness that is putting you all in real danger.
The sick, twisted plot that killed John Lennon was a direct attack on
the whole concept of America, and if some of you can’t see that then you, indeed,
will lose your country. If you can’t avenge Lennon with hard evidence you’re
already dead, America. Find a spine. Until all of you do, you’re nightmarish.
Your lives are a nightmare and only your protestations can do anything to
stop the nightmare. Stop the nightmare, people.