Thank you for logging onto my website. You have just tapped into the
biggest expose on the planet, complete with hard evidence. Now you
shall know that the face of the man who killed John Lennon and got his
autograph can be found in Time and Newsweek issues that were
printed months before the crime. You shall know that Mark David Chap-
man and Chapman’s letter to the editor that explains how Reagan is
“…moving (him) armed, into a hostile square…” can be found in a U.S.
News and World Report issue three weeks before the crime. You shall
know that up to 70% of the bold print headlines in Time and Newsweek
plug into Lennon’s murder like government codes for a four to five month
period before, during and after the crime. Headline hints out loud like
” Johnny Comes Marching Home…Kiss, kiss. Bang! bang! Ouch! ouch!
…Poet Of Pity and Anger… America Needs A Poet Laureate…Maybe…
The Job Richard Nixon Really Wanted; Blasting The Opposition…”
and other similar hints out loud with almost every turn of the page.
In issues of Time and Newsweek released the day of the murder you
will find Richard Nixon’s book The Real War, that talks about why we have
to kill rock stars like John Lennon (No kidding) sitting next to just elect-
ed Reagan . The accompanying headlines in Time read; “Who’s In?”
“Who’s Out?’ and “Fitting together the pieces of a complicated jigsaw
puzzle..” for example. And you shall now know, beyond any question,
that Mark Chapman is but a paid decoy and actor, part of the conspir-
acy that arranged for horror novelist, THE Stephen King of horror fame,
to actually pull the trigger of the gun that killed John. You shall come
to know that dozons, if not hundreds of people, including, I think, Yoko
Ono, are involved in the coverup beginning with the mass media, the
courts, the law and the prison officials of Attica who are all helping to
pull the wool over your eyes. You shall also know where King got much
of his inspiration for his novels. From killing John Lennon, namely.
You shall know that he even writes about “…the fellow who killed John
Lennon…” in at least three books besides the parallel elements found
in especially The Dead Zone and other books he wrote before he com-
mitted the crime, complete with “Johnny, Richard Nixon, The Catcher In
The Rye, shooting a man in the shoulder blades and stalking and shoot-
ing an upcoming political figure. It’s all in this explosive website.
There can be no ambiguity about who really killed John for only Step-
hen King’s face, seen months before the crime, exactly traces the
features of the man we all saw photographed getting Lennon’s auto-
graph. Chapman, who is the son of a wealthy oil executive, like John
Hinkley, does not match that telling photo. His eyeglass prescription
and the facial symmetry is not a match. Close, but obviously not him.
You will even see King’s two letters to me (It’s his handwriting). One
where he admits I’ve got some of the story already and another where
he tries to throw in a veiled bribe if I’d stop.
All this is explained and proven in my website.
The purpose of this, my first footnotes and developments page, is
to impress upon all of you that only an unevolved monkey would not
take advantage of this evidence and jail Stephen King for at least 20
years without possibility of parole. To investigate the matter fully and
jail any other players for their role. And nothing less.
There are other pages (Listed at the bottom of each section) herein
but this page is my desperate attempt to knock some sense into all
of you. You have all been conditioned and brainwashed. You have
been mind controlled and perverted. Of course you would not agree
at first with this blunt accusation so let me offer my first million to any-
one who saw anything resembling a trial for Mark Chapman in the first
place. Go check the papers and the autobiographies. No trial at all.
You will find that the trash autobiographies are lying by one year when
they tell you that Chapman entered a guilty plea, behind closed doors,
six months after the crime. They are lying because it happened a year
and a half after the murder. Had Hinkley not come along and (Sup-
posedly) shot Reagan right after, had both the Pope and Anwar Sadat
not been shot then as well, we would not have allowed a year and a
half of silence to follow John Lennon’s murder. But the media, which
is powered and controlled by the military (That’s right) with all those
satelites etc, pre-soaked your brains with “Who Shot J.R.?” even be-
fore the crime, to wear you out for Who Shot J.L.?, and then sprung the
lie on all of you at once in the fourth quarter of Monday Night Football.
By the time Howard Cosell read the script handed to him and told you
that the killer was Chapman, a drifter from Hawaii, it was too late. You
were at the mercy of your your own weaknesses and the government
that knows exactly how to exploit them. By the time Christmas painted
things over, by the time Reagan took the oath of office and the Iran
hostages were released, by the time Hinkley came along and stole the
show from Chapman you were all brainwashed. Ever since you have
all been, literally, INSANE. The government/media complex, run almost
exclusively by Jews in case you are unaware, hosed you schmucks
down but good. They had a field day with all of you, laughing all the way.
Don’t get the impression I am an anti-Semite. I am not. But I am not
going to give them a pass to take over the media of America either. And
don’t think that I think any of you are schmucks. I would never lie to you.
I know from 48 years of living that all of you can be good again. If I am
wrong then this story will not break and I will be killed by your apathy.
If I am right this story will take over the planet and revolutionalize the
race of man and I will become as influential as John Lennon used to be.
Break this story and your orgasms and your entire life will improve by at
least 30% if not 130%. You all must know what a toll the coverup has
had on you. I watched good Americans turn into good Soviets in less
than twenty years. Of course you might not agree. I know. I’ve been
paying close attention. But don’t take my word for it. A prisoner who was
released in the mid nineties after a twenty year term remarked that the
America he remembered was” ….a lot happier and freer and better when
he went in and couldn’t believe the difference now…”
You may think because you have a house and two cars and two jobs
and two kids and friends and possesions that everything is all right. That’s
the art of the government hiding the truth from you. They know how to
“…Keep you doped with a paycheck, your sex and t.v….” It’s what the govern-
ment does best. In the last twenty years you have gone so far down the
quality of life scale I can’t begin to list it all . In fact my other pages discuss
exactly such matters.
For the benefit of those of you who think your lives couldn’t be better and that
smiling through everything is all that matters, let me compare the situation to
entering a smelly, freshly used restroom, your first impression being one of
discomfort and disgust. A few minutes later it doesn’t smell so bad and only
the fresh air outside reminds you of how repugnant it really was. Reminds
you of how your olfactory system adjusts for unpleasant odors. Similarly, if
you are attacked by, lets say a bear in the woods, you more hear your bones
breaking and flesh tearing than feel it. Natures way of administering mercy.
In matters such as political assassination our fragile state of mind denies
the outrageousness, the devastation and humiliation of such a crime.
Facing up to the true depth of the horrific damage political assassination
really does to all of us is, apparently, more than you are willing to bear.
I say to all of you that you have adjusted to exactly the kind of repugnancy
Kennedy assailed the former Soviet system of representing.
Exactly how repugnant and humiliating and devastating the damage
was that resulted from Lennon’s murder, a murder incidentally that caused
more world wide suicides than any political assassination ever, is almost
overwhelming for even me to grasp. I see it so much more than the
average person and some of what I say will seem a little overboard and
daring, but you must trust me for now that I have the given the whole matter
no small amount of due diligence and thought. In fact, unlike you, my very
life is and has been in mortal danger this whole time. I can’t afford to be
caught off guard by ignorance and denial.
Neither can any of you, anymore. America itself and our freedom are in
danger of domestic enemies and not just foreigners.
The fact that I can’t take my evidence through normal legal channels; the
Manhatten D.A., for example, or any legal establishment should tell you
already how unfree you all are already. The fact that the mass media will
only defame me, as happened on Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Bro-
kaw and American Journal twice, instead of allowing me to remove my life
from danger and let truth and justice prevail with what should be the big-
gest blockbuster story in two thousand years, only proves how phony all of
us are. Only proves what hypicrites and cowards and liars we all are. I
must exclude myself from those traits where Lennon’s murder is concerned
I want all of you to realize how serious and urgent my plea to you is. MY
Otherwise, if I die, know it really was your fault and not whatever lie the media
will try to tell you. No accident or misadventure will get me killed. Only poli-
tical assassination. I am always extremely careful. Please don’t kill ME
with your apathy and inaction.
Americas attitude toward King’s provable guilt, so far, almost got King
killed in 1999. He was run over by a van and nearly killed. Had he not seen it
coming he would have been plastered to a brick wall I read. Subsequently
the driver of the van was killed (Oops,) died, six months later.
Was the government behind all that to try to shut my story up? I think so.
Were all of you behind that as well? Yes you all were.
In fact doing nothing when you should be doing something is the easy
way out. “Maybe the government will kill him too and we can skip the expose.”
That kind of inaction. That kind of behavior. It’s pretty stupid though.
As I said earlier, only an unevolved monkey would cover this story up and
fail to jail King and any others yet to be linked to the crime. Now that you have
this evidence you have no excuse. It’s all on you now. Not the media or the
courts. You.
If America was right, if America was well, I would only have had to drop
50 of my magazines on the ground at any major university campus and , within
two weeks, a grand jury investigation would have been launched due to public
outrage and demonstrations in front of the media. People would have respond-
ed with outrage and anger. Had Cal, Berkeley had a spine in 1984, when I
took it there, Reagan would have been jailed, instead of re-elected, Nixon and
King would have been jailed, Time, Newsweek and U.S. News would likely be
replaced with another name, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. would never have become
presidents, the Iraq war in the nineties would have been avoided, and , for all
any of you know, the Trade Towers and all those people may have been spared.
Had Berkeley, home of the free speech movement, done their duty then your
lives today would be so much different and better than you could ever believe.
Had John Lennon been allowed to live and make his comeback he would
have graced the planet with his leadership and lead us to a better place than
we find ourselves today. There is no doubt about it.. In fact, only a concerted
effort by our own government to screw us up deliberately can account for the
times we see unveiled in the papers daily. Considering all the oil mens
sons involved in the coverup it makes perfect sense that Lennon was killed as
a first step towards declaring World War III over the middle east oil someday.
Now it’s HAPPENING because he ISN’T on the worlds microphone.
Until recently I was less convinced of Darwins theory than I am now. I was
taught that we humans are seperate and apart from the animals. That we
have a CONSCIENCE, that we have complex brains etc. Trying to break this
story has taught me that humans act a lot like a bunch of screaching, howl-
ing monkeys running around hysterically pounding the ground, when they
are confused or frightened by whatever new object is in their midst.
“Get a job!”, “Get a life!”,”Who cares!? hundreds of Americans have shouted
to me as I stood with my billboards. Like a bunch of screaching, frightened,
panicked monkeys. Anything but own up to the truth.
If we didn’t shave or cut our hair or wear clothes we would have ankle length
hair, beards down to our navel and more hair on us in general. We would
look a lot like a hairless orangutan. In fact our nose is the biggest physical
difference between us and an ape. Or is it our opposable thumb?
We dress and groom so much now we may have forgotten our roots.
In fact I have come to appreciate that our ancestral traits may be holding
some of you back. After all, the government has never left you such explosive
evidence on a silver platter before as they have now. What ARE you all to
do with it? This IS uncharted territory. This is the worlds biggest expose.
You now have to jail people so powerful they could blow all of you up. You
HAVE to change everything you can in the world now with this. That’s a lot of
change. That’s a goliath undertaking. That’s real responsibility.
Yes it absolutely is. You’ll never have a better chance, certainly in your
lives, to go for it. To go for the changes you really do want. Not since John
Lennon was murdered have you had a voice other than a politicians that
made a difference. If you don’t get me killed with apathy and inaction I’ll
pick up where Lennon left off. I’ll probably be even more revolutionary and
brave than even John was.
When I observe the variety of humans on our planet it is clear to see that
some look more like apes than others, and yet all are human beings. Which
leads one to suspect we all came from monkeys, or apes, if any of us did.
What mutation, what chromasonal change occured to branch us apart from
them if Darwin WAS right? What if Adam and Eve were symbolic figures or
what if they were more ape like than we are today? We ARE only one chrom-
asone away from a chimpanzee. Let’s get real people. Maybe Darwin was
correct. That would help to explain your absense of conscience and the
reasoning process that could show you the advantages of my expose. That
would explain a host of deficiencies in our national character and why we have
been willing to let Stephen King, symbolically, urinate on us, all this time.
Maybe we’re not evolved enough yet to put things in perspective. I
think I am,though, but I need your help.
What I can’t do, namely break this story by myself without you, you can do
for me. Together we can bring this monster expose to the light of day and
let truth and justice replace deceit and treachery. It all works out like our
forefathers intended and we save ourselves from a domestic takeover of
our freedom. ” It isn’t hard to do…” like John used to sing. Two hundred,
even one hundred demonstrators with my message on billboards in front
of a major news station is what I need from you.
” It’s easy, if you try. ”

I’d like to suggest to all of you what really happened December 08, 1980.
Of course that Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report Maga-
zine are affiliated with our intelligence departments and has at least one
guy in charge of headlines that document government secrets is self
evident. Only surrounding Lennon’s murder do up to three quarters of the
headlines in Newsweek, a week before the murder, for example, plug
into the crime, then yet to come. That concept is not unheard of. It’s
called cryptography. They documented J.F.K.’s murder before it occured
(See Hurry, Help Me Come Forward page.) and a lot of things over the
years. Why? I can’t say for sure. Perhaps to subliminally condition us to
accept what they did with all the admissions. Perhaps to document our
nation’s real history in a way the public could not tap into easily. I can
only prove that they are using their headlines to chronicle reality. I can
only prove that the behavior is exclusive to the months surrounding the
crime and nowhere else.
It shouldn’t be too hard for all of you to comprehend that our country’s
biggest magazines are affiliated with the government and military.
But what about Chapman, King, Nixon, Reagan, the court and prison
and media officials that covered it up? What about silent Yoko Ono?
I think I’ve got a pretty good bearing on how they all came together to
murder the worlds most powerful hero.
In the late sixties Yoko Ono, in my opinion, was sent by somebody
to break up The Beatles. John was the most threatening to the govern-
ment and was too popular to kill then. There would have been riots and
finger pointing. First the group had to be dissolved. Enter house-
breaker Yoko Ono. Although she has lied to you that she didn’t know
who The Beatles were or who John Lennon was when they met, accord-
ing to Paul McCartney, she approached Paul first, asking for contributions
for her art work. Paul said “See John. Maybe he will help you.” Months later
she did just that. They met at an art gallery ( The same way I met her in
1987 when she ordered the San Francisco police to kidnap and pistolwhip
me a half hour after our encounter when I gave her my evidence. See my
Current Update page.) Within days she had him cheating on his wife, got
him to pose frontal naked on an album cover and began attending Beatles
jam sessions. Besides poisoning the atmosphere in the group she event-
ually got him hooked on heroin, got him singing God is a concept, and
soon took over his money affairs after she succeeded in breaking up The
Beatles. She kicked him out of their apartment, publicly, and did everything
she could do drag down John’s image. Poor John was too naive to see.
Meanwhile, it was also Yoko Ono who got Paul busted for pot in Japan.
She tipped the officials off with a phone call. It was also Yoko who planted
the famous marijuana roach that ignited Nixon’s attempt to deport them. Of
course she played along with his peace activism, even gave him a son after
two prior miscarriages, to keep John from catching on. And then, after Sean
was born, it was John who devoted most of the time to their child.
By the time she had him living underground for five years and convinced him
to stay out of the public eye the stage was set for his murder. His fans
were now parents and too preoccupied with domestic responsibilities.
Meanwhile, someone, I suspect, got a whiff of King’s book Carrie, a cathar-
tic book of revenge from someone who was rejected and teased by his peers
as a child, and reported to Richard Nixon’s people that they should look into
this fear monger with a penchant for striking out at the whole world. Or perhaps
King, himself, advertised his willingness, somehow, to John’s enemies. John’s
message was so opposite his and King WAS in a ‘ students for Nixon’ club in the
sixties. There may be some other manner that brought them together. I can’t
prove this, but it makes logical sense. I imagine he was approached in the
mid seventies when he began to write about, Mark, Johnny, Nixon etc. in his
books. I think he was offered a deal of fame and prominence by the govern-
ment and some publisher if he would kill Lennon and rub his peace and
love message out with fear instead. King apparently agreed and began
writing about the upcoming murder beginning with Salem’s Lot in 1975,
five years before the crime. Right after Nixon’s attempt to illegally deport
John was ruled unconstitutional.
Meanwhile, Chapman, who had been in , of all places, Lebanon, at a
(Supposedly) Y.M.C.A. unit overseas, agreed to play the role of the decoy.
His father was a millionair oil executive for Amoco. Perhaps a war in the
middle east was on the governments list of things to do and John was
in their way, I can’t say for sure, but an oilman’s son agreed to take the fall.
Except for his lack of dimples, his height and prescription glasses and
a more centralized boxing of his facial symmetry, he is a pretty close match
for King.
Yoko and John, their Starting Over theme notwithstanding, were having
marital problems. I’ve heard John was about to divorce her. She began
spending a lot of time with a man named Green just prior to the murder.
King, meanwhile, began taunting his audience with a line he repeated
frequently in Firestarter; “You blind, obssesive fools.” months before the
crime. Time, and Newsweek and U.S. News began code documenting
the affair with their bold print headlines. The much ballyhood drama
“Who Shot J.R.” was beginning to grate on everyones nerves about the
same time John was makinfg a sudden and ferocious comeback with
four albums at once. The J.R. melodrama was solved on Thanksgiving,
just weeks before the crime. King’s t.v. drama The Shining was being
heavily advertised with Jack Nicholson sneering “Here’s Johnny!” with his
axe through the door.
America had just elected Reagan and there was an Iranian hostage cri-
sis going on.
December 08, 1980. John and Yoko are returning from a recording ses-
sion. Hours earlier John had signed an album cover for Stephen King,
who was posing as Chapman. Paul Goresh was the man who took the
famous photograph of that encounter. Paul Goresh, who, months earlier,
was caught stalking John when he showed up posing as a V.C.R. repair-
man when the real repairman arrived. Though John wanted to get a late
night bite to eat out, Yoko insisted on going straight home to The Dakota
apartment building. The limo pulled up, King was waiting, Yoko ran well
ahead of John and up the stairs and then John was shot four times from
point blank range by Stephen King. King threw the gun down and quicky
sat down to hide his six foot two inch height and began reading The Catcher
In The Rye until the local police apprehended him, put a coat over his face
so no one else could photograph the assassin and swiched places with
Chapman who began his acting charade. King, meanwhile was let out a back
door and driven to a private jet to Bangor , Maine. The very next day King
wrote a newspaper article titled “I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!”
The media began a brief lived firestorm of Lennon tributes mixed with a
heavy dose of brainwash and mind control.
Yoko provided the biggest dose of mind control when she used a letter to the
editor of Rolling Stone magazine to say to the world;” That’s up to the courts
to decide..” about Chapman’s fate. Not long after Chapman’s 60 psychiatric
evaluation had slipped into a long unexplained silence of over 90 days she
came out with an album titled “It’s All Right ”
In contradiction to John’s will not to be cremated, Yoko ordered John’s body
cremated immediately.
Of course this coverup involved the co-operation of the Manhatten police on
the scene, Sergeant Sullivan, who led King into the station with a coat over
his head as well as the D. A. and the judge who handled the case, as well
as the co-operation of the mayor and governor, and of course the Attica prison
warden and some officials there. There were no less than a dozon yet to
be linked individuals who made the coverup work. Maybe hundreds if you in-
clude the role of the mass media and the tabloids who railed John as the Anti-
Christ the night of the murder.
My watchful eye on the media has taught me that even the tabloids are con-
trolled by the government.
Just about the time all of Lennon’s fans were getting anxious to see Chapman
put on trial John Hinckley (Supposedly) shot Reagan and Brady. Hinckley, in
fact, said that he blamed Reagan for Lennon’s murder when he said; ” Amer-
ica is the land where heroes are shot in the back…When Lennon died I died,
you died, America died, the world died, everybody died…” He blamed Reagan.
What we weren’t told then is that the Hinckley’s have known the Reagans and
the Bush family for eighteen years prior to John’s death. In fact Hinckley’s dad
and Bush Sr. live on the same block in Colorado summer homes. Over a
year later, when Hinckley was ruled insane, his charge that Reagan was re-
sponsible for killing John also seemed insane. As planned????
If Reagan and Brady faked getting shot it would have required some plastic
surgery to make it seem Brady’s head was shot, some blood bladders, one
for Brady to bite into and one for the Secret Service agent to slap onto Brady’s
head as he was pushed down by his head as seen on the film. That and
some acting on the Brady’s part. I’ll admit this sounds far fetched but remem-
ber; killing John with a gun made us all hate our handguns and then Reagan
helped enact the Brady Bill. Two birds with one stone?
In fact , Terry Chodash of the San Francisco Secret Service asked me what I
thought of the Hinckley episode when he ambushed me in a library in 1983.
At that time I had no clue. I’ll admit this angle needs more evidence to prove
but Reagan came from Hollywood where that is done every day.
The bottom line is oil mens sons are both involved here. And while we
believe Hinckley is in a mental hospital we also believe that Chapman is in
Attica prison. All we have to go by is two People magazine stories about
Chapman, complete with photos of him in his cell, and a few isolated news
items about Chapman working in the cafeteria there one week. People
magazine is printed and owned by, you guessed it, Time-Life..
When Barbara Wa Wa interviewed him in jail everything was shadowy., None of
the prison guards faces could be seen, for example. Just Babs and Chapman.
It could have been a studio for all we know. A look at Chapman tells me he is
eating high quality food and under no stress at all . I’ve never seen a convict
look so well kept, so well fed, and so unmiserable. I’m anxious to break this
story to see what HAS been going on with Chapman. It’s just a matter of time
before the media lies to us all that he has been killed in prison or killed him-
self. Plastic surgery, a fake funeral and out with the rest of us he could come.
I’m actually surprised they haven’t gone that route yet. Maybe he’ll be sent back
to Lebanon where he lived before he got caught up in the coverup.
I’ll admit , I don’t know where Chapman is. Is he being holed up in a country
club setting for C.I.A. types, living a secluded but comfy life? Is the Attica
warden getting kickbacks to keep it under wraps? How many others are get-
ting something for the charade? I doubt he is in prison more than several
days a year . Mostly for appearances. He is in solitary they SAY.

That’s my take on the coverup. What really happened. I’m sure things will
come out a little different when it is all outed. But I think I’m close. Very.
What is important is that I can prove that King, not Chapman, was on the
scene and everything else involving Reagan, Nixon and the magazines. The
exact details won’t be known until after this story breaks and heads start to
roll and plea bargains are made and people start ratting each other out.
Surely no story this big has been aired in my lifetime or yours. Don’t you
think we should break it wide open?
I almost got pushed into responding to the situation after John Balushi and
Doug Kenny, the writer of Animal House, were both killed shortly after Lennon
was killed. Kenny, they SAY, jumped off a cliff in Hawaii and Balushi over-
dosed. Animal House was a powerfully subversive anti-establishment movie.
Also, John Landis, the director, almost lost his head with Vic Morrow in that
copter accident. I started to feel that something evil was in our White House.
Balushi’s killer never served time, she being from Canada. How do we know
he wasn’t mugged by two large men and held down and injected when she
walked him into that room? The answer is we don’t.
Please click onto ” Are You Monkeys Or Men 2″ page below…….