Just one way to interpret Jeb Bush’s new logo. Just think of the name Jeb followed by an em-
phatic middle finger shouting back at you; ‘Rockefeller decides, you stupid masses.’
The exclamation point being the right wing’s great big middle finger back at you, I have to
admit it, myself, his finger back at you stupid masses.
I’ve been predicting Jeb Bush’s rigged victory for president for years, now. Maybe five.
Now is when you all get punished for being too WEAK to care about Stephen King murdering
John Lennon, for being too WEAK to renounce the Chapman story line long ago and acted.
I feel like an alien who sees all of you utter fools wandering around, lost and aimless.
I KNOW Jeb Bush will be your next president YOU don’t really know. You poor shleps can’t
even imagine what would unite H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton to tour together a decade ago.
How do I know? How do I already KNOW that Hillary will slip on a banana peel and hand it
to Bush via deliberate default? I’ve known it ever since I watched Jeb governing Florida,
obediently, for at least two terms. I knew that was just a springboard to the presidency
when it was his turn. I knew that would not be a wasted two terms of governor. That was
clue number one.
Clue number two; Bill Clinton secretly met in the White House with Stephen King, fully aware
of me and my findings and King’s absolute guilt. It was about a week before the bomb went off
in Oklahoma City. Only one paper printed this suspicious fact. Why DID Clinton ALLOW Stephen
King into the White House? Apparently it’s all a big hoax; Republican vs. Democrat. A buch
of bullshit. Period. You don’t think so. Watch as I’m proved right in a little over a year.
The New Jersey governor took himself out with Washington Bridgegate, others will take them-
selves out, later, with Benghazzigate, or whatevergate they throw up. Bush will be back in the
driver’s seat for the real man behind the curtain; apparently world order friendly over America
friendly; our Rockefeller dynasty. Dynasty, as in Bush dynasty. Books are out all about it.
Do you people care?
Only my story and my hard evidence can save you.
So, just remember; When you see that exclamation point and the name Jeb!, it’s the man behind
the curtains way of telling all of you voters;
“Fuck you and your sacred vote. I own you, you Lennon killing morons. I decide. I rig it.
You just go along with what my media tells you to do. You and your SACRED vote!”
June 17,2015;
Just yesterday I remarked how the Rockefeller owned media would tell you how to think. I see
the media doing to Donald Trump what it did to me. (Trump announced his candidacy the day
after Bush announced his.) Namely, they tried to cast him as a whacko. I noticed that KOGO
radio of San Diego host, La Donna, not only cut out parts of his live speech, but remarked,
after,; “The Donald has spoken, he has a lot to say. The question is; Does anybody care?”
Then, later that same day, Jimmy Fallon allowed himself to be used, along with his all black
band, to give Jeb Bush his own political endorsement, via media sketch, in what I describe
as a ghoulish attempt by Bush to worm his way into our collective psyche. Playing us.
I no longer trust Rick Santorum’s legitimacy BECAUSE of his Saturday Night Live sketches
while he running for president. Bush is rolling the dice in his foray into this dumbed down
media approach that relys on insulting our intelligence. I noticed one line describing
Bush as ; “…the master debate.” The “er” as in ‘master debater’, was awkwardly omitted.
To make matters worse, right before this Bush, Jimmy Fallon, band member sketch, Jimmy Fal-
lon showed an edited version of Trumps candidacy speech using ONLY his most colorful and ridi-
culous remarks to portray him as a whacko. The very next thing you see Bush, Fallon and the
black band member giving Bush his free, normally $2,000,000.00, endorsement on prime time.
I declare that Donald Trump would be a genuine candidate, versus Bush, the phony candidate
who shoves his way onto Fallon’s show in a taylor made, scripted role for political gain.
Rockefeller’s muscling in on our right to THINK and CHOOSE. Deciding for us who is popular
and who is NOT popular. Soviet style mind control and NOTHING LESS! Media mind control.
I, personally, don’t agree with Trump’s suggestion that we should have pirated Iraq’s oil with
our victory, but I agree with him on a lot of things. Number one, I think he is a wild
card NOT beholding to the powers that be. Number two, I think he is sincere in trying to
right our ship, generally. I believe he wants to save America and that he is a patriot, unlike
Bush who is a world order advocate dedicated to whittling America down to fit us into his
world order vision jig saw puzzle.
I’ve heard Trump plans to announce Oprah Winfrey as his running mate. If true, what a ticket!
Two forces self correcting each other coming to, perhaps, a populist solution to our mess.
The real deal.
I have a vision that is best summed up in the phrase; “Tee Pees and buffalo as far as the
eye can see.” (Non materialistic) and Trump and Oprah have a consumerism outlook. Other than
that I prefer Trumps candidacy over the Bush dynasty candidacy that is really a puppet for
the Rockefeller dynasty that is twenty times more wealthy than Trump.
I once derided America for having Trump to choose from in politics. I have actually met
the man and spoken, personally, with him at a practice tee at a Monterey golf event and found
him to be human and vulnerable and discontented like the rest of us. Not the kind of man
who found money to be the be all, end all you might think. He may, indeed, be one of us.
I do know this, Bush FEARS him and that’s a great endorsement FOR Trump.
As for Jimmy Fallon; “Did you feel like you were held up and used by the man behind the
curtain, or are you just a little dumb to be seen as a pro Bush advocate to begin with?”
Jimmy, our political system , now, thinks it’s necessary to let a horror writer murder only
John Lennon to keep us sick and stupid. Why would you be seen next to any of that?

August 5,2015;
Just some observations;
I notice how gasoline prices are consistently much lower in red states than blue states. Is big
oil also big brother?
I notice how 80% of America’s hinterland has only Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to listen to
as if they need a substitute father figure to give them their point of view to begin with.
I notice how the Democratic Party has acted like a division of the Republican Party ever
since the early 80’s when I got a behind the scenes view of politics, then.
I notice how Jeb Bush is automatically shown taking the stage first, ahead of all the others,
in the first debate that Trump did not attend. Smiling like Rockefeller’s little paid puppet.
I notice how news anchors are expected to be unusually bubbly and fake, especially in the
east coast/ New York market as if to sell us out and distract us all from our grim realities.
I notice how America’s reality shows with bachelors and dancing with the, etc. portray
America as a classless, low life loser selling out for money. A laughing stock.
I notice how 48 Hours and Dateline type shows never seem to run out of real life dramas that
portray Americans as murderous, next door neighbor monsters overdosing on evil.
I notice the machine “chooo, chooooing little Jebediah Bush along his greased track to the White
House before any of you realize that Hillary will surely throw the election at the last moment
to catch all of America off guard, once again.
I notice how all of you are sitting on your hands too long, already……………..
while Stephen King does his golden showers thing all over all of you.

August 10, 2015;
This being the day after the 32nd anniversary of my father’s fatal plane crash that occurred,
coincidentally, on the 10th anniversary of Nixon’s resignation and weeks after a threat letter
from Stephen King, and a lot is going on in America politically.
The Donald is having a hard time reigning in his need to one up everyone whenever attacked
but Jeb Bush is practically claiming responsibility for the remarks made by the blond who alleged
that Donald berates women, generally.
To his credit Trump returned volley that it was only Rosie O’donnell, not women in general,
but then he stepped in his own, perhaps, na�ve remarks after about blood oozing out of the
women’s eyes, ears and nose as I believe he meant to say.
But Bush practically claimed responsibility for the whole imbroglio after when he remarked;
“Give me a break. I mean, really….”
What I would have done in Donald’s position when confronted by the blond media representative’s
slanted claims would have been as follows;
“I understand the establishment media would like to appoint another Bush into the White House.
In the first place, I only referred to Rosie O’Donnell, not women in general and, two, was
that venomous misrepresentation your idea or perhaps the work of the competition here tonight?
If you’re going to be controversial, Donald, you have to get real with the situation.
I judge by how the women tried to blow Trump out of the water that the question was a media
executive’s script for her to read and that that’s how media personalities keep their jobs.
I’m sure it must have seemed as though blood WERE oozing out of the women’s eyes as I am no
stranger to the wickedness of mankind, myself, and the public has no idea how wicked it really is.
Moral of the story? Realize, Mr. Trump, that your own ego must deflect the satanic campaign
that works for Jeb Bush team better without giving them any ground along the way. The way
you do that is, yes, insinuate that the establishment is so determined to appoint Bush that
they are falling all over themselves in their campaign against you and, therefore, the U.S.
public should be on the alert to their shenanigans.
While Trump is reluctant to apologize, and one should not be too eager to apologize, he should
go on record as saying that he must reign in his petulance and ego a little to earn the
trust of the U.S. public.
Again, I agree with Trump’s maverick stance and believe he is better than the other choices
but hope he re thinks his stances on global warming, pollution and corporate monopolies.
That’s the Bush team’s downfall. Separate yourself more from the forces of corporatism and
fascism that the Bush dynasty work for. Be the common man’s hero and keep things more presi-
dential than you think you must. I know it’s an enormous amount of pressure you’re under.
America could use a populist president. You’re the closest we’ve got. You’re NOT a politician.

September 09, 2015;

I watched Stephen Colbert’s opening late night show air and it was a little deja-vu-ish as the exact
same montage to ridicule Trump preceded Jeb Bush’s appearance as it did months earlier when
Jimmy Fallon hosted Jeb.
There was trump and all his most ridiculous out-takes up on the screen before Jeb took the stage.
It’s as if Bush believes this;
“Look, we’re going to reserve Stephen Colbert’s opening show and we’ll make sure that the
bits about Trump’s weakest moments are machine gunned to the audience before I show, just like
we did with Jimmy Fallon’s show which we reserved for the week I announced my candidacy.
We forced that montage on Fallon’s show and we’ll do it on Colbert’s opening show.”
As if the C.I.A., who likely owns CBS, tells the show who will guest and make way if Jeb
wants to exploit it any time he wants and on his terms.
To Colbert’s credit he told Jeb “There is zero chance I will vote for you, but…”
To Jeb’s credit he admitted that Floridians either; “..love me or are deeply angered with me..”
I was amused that Jeb chose to remark that Washington D.C., big government, just isn’t being
run properly and needs a shake-up. As if another Bush dynasty presidency will make things
better instead of worse.
What a complete crock!
I also noticed that his body language was that of an eager applicant for a job, his hands
clasped, as if in prayer, as he leaned forward on Colbert’s desk.
“Please hire me, America, I’m not a low energy person. My parents are counting on my getting
in, besides. I’m a spoiled, C.I.A. dynasty brat.”
Poor, poor America.
One montage that aired was of 500 Trump Towers knocked on their sides to make the wall in Texas
to keep illegal immigrants out.
Meanwhile, even if Trump’s plan to build a wall is good or bad, even if the ensuing myriad
tunnels that pop up can be stopped, after, I hope that Trump plans on a WPA kind of program for
it over letting his building empire take the contract to engrandize himself via the presidency.
Should Trump attempt to build it with his company it would be a mistake that would expose him
in the wrong light as a lot like Cheney with Halliburton.
That kind of conflict of interest has no place in the presidency. Even if it doesn’t cause a war.
A free tip, Donald.

September 10, 2015;

Donald Trump was boo’d last night while attending the U.S. Open tennis championships in, I
think, New York City.
Doesn’t wash, people. Those people boo-ing were PROBABLY Bush plants engaged in street
theater. You may think not but, then, you’re already na�ve compared to me, admit it. I’ve been
in the trenches of political warfare and I KNOW scripted boo-ing from grass roots boo-ing.
This recent display was the former, trust me.
Heads up you, too, Donald Trump. This was Bush camp dirty tricks at its filthiest meant to
malign the public’s common sense. To pervert the minds of the public into believing that Don-
ald Trump has normal people boo-ing him at a tennis tournament. It was to humiliate him in a
public forum for mass consumption, like Jeb’s use of late night talk shows whenever he wants.