You Bay Area Boot-lickers

I left you phonies years ago after you all stiffed me and refused to care about John Lennon’s
murder. I learned, from decades of neglect, that the people of the San Francisco bay area are
no more intelligent or progressive than any other ‘berg’ and are downright phony.
Having said all that the people of southern California are no better, either. People are
just political weaklings all across the planet whose religions leave them lacking moral courage.
If I have to explain why my evidence provided in my website proves that Stephen King is the
real killer of John Lennon than you are either stupid, cowardly or beyond your own sin.
Larry King, the media host, admitted; ‘..It’s all going to come out, eventually, anyway…”
regarding my claims when I ambushed him on talk radio for brainwashing us with Chapman.
George H.W. Bush admitted; “You know, nobody likes ‘Who Shot John’ but…” on national tel-
evision, twice, regarding my like titled magazine that was tanking his ratings in Maine during
the 1992 presidential race. The second time was during the presidential debate, no less.
So there, you cowardly weaklings who seem unable to pry Stephen King off your children’s
backs after all these years of willful blindness, hypocricy and boot-licking insanity.
Right now Jeb Bush is getting ready to assume the presidency via fraud and I’m sounding the
alarm before America gets sacked, again.
Hillary will lose ON PURPOSE. So will Chris Christy and Rann Paul and whomever else gets
involved. It’s how presidents are elected nowadays. Sew both sides up for one result.
George W. Bush, now feels the need to lose himself in painting and may well be responsible
for allowing 3,000 U.S. citizens to be killed in the Trade Towers to work America into a
revenge war frenzy. He may well have pre rigged both buildings with demolition charges to
bring the buildings down, after, for maximum outrage. He may well belong under a legal pro-
ceeding involving a grand jury investigation to determine if he is a conspirator and war criminal.
George H.W. Bush was head of the C.I.A. when J.F.K. was killed and during the time the plot
to kill Lennon was formed.
Do you slobs want a presidency occupied by a dynasty, a family that has its roots in Nazi’ism?
Prescott Bush’s Harriman and Harriman Bank was Hitler’s banker. FACT.
Prescott Bush also stole Geronimo’s skull and bones like a trophy of our genocide of the
native American Indians. The family now wants to commit genocide in the middle east because,
in my opinion, the religion of Islam is a threat to materialism and money and the corporate
world who fear the world returning to a simpler, less money driven lifestyle.
Both Islam and Judaism practice genital mutilation on their infants and are sick on the face
of just that fact. But all religion is weak and puny if I can come along with my hard evidence
and find all of you flat footed for it. I have already proved that these past three decades.
You’re all full of feces. I’m here to save you. Wake up. Stop being Tin Man, Cowardly Lion
and Scarecrow. Grow a brain, a heart and some balls and join me in picketing your media out-
lets for truth, justice and the American way. Otherwise damn all of you for being hero killing
cowards and phonies who can’t pry murderer Stephen King off your own children’s backs.
Stop sucking your thumbs like children and grow up.
You hypocrites never demanded a trial for Chapman, the decoy, to begin with. Is that what
you’re all ashamed of? You should be.
I’ve predicted Jeb’s inauguration for years, now. I’m being proved right all along the way.
You all have been proved rotten to your dark, cowardly, phony souls with my evidence that
you couldn’t find the guts to even look at until today.
I’m not sure any of you are brave enough or smart enough to even see the truth you are so
conditioned to be stupid by your evil mass media.
Read all four of the chapters immediately below this one, please.
The decency of your life is at stake. You’ve been so rotten for so long. Please get well.

P.S. No, I am NOT a rude asshole. All of you ARE, however, assholes to your children with
your denial and phoniness. I’m just appropriately outraged at all of you sinners.