Beware Autotyme repair in Oceanside

Tom McGinn, the proprietor of this auto repair shop really should learn to hide his appar-
ent prejudice against my political message. Ever since I showed up with my bumper message;
UGLY PUBLIC PRO COVER-UP in four inch reflective letters he has all but trashed my beloved
1989 Toyota van. His last repair went belly up. twice. The one immediately preceading that
repair was marked with at least four broken parts, all broken in just twenty minutes within
the start of the job. The responsible mechanic uttered; :”It broke because it was supposed
to break.” in one instance. Tom backed his mechanic up all the way and even replaced some
of the broken items free of charge, blaming the breakage on the age of my van. Problem is
that some of the parts that were broken were nearly new, replaced in the last few years.
It seemed very suspicious when one of the first broken parts wasn’t even necessary to touch
for my repairs. Completely out of the way and unrelated to the parts being serviced. In this
case a sensor connector on the other part of the motor.
I doubt it was all accidental breakage but seemed deliberate as I watched him recklessly assault
my engine parts in front of me. He had a lousy attitude compared to how he used to act.
A week or two after leaving that nightmarish episode behind me my van ran into a lot of new prob-
lems, inexplicably. My PCV valve was gummed up, my temperature sensor that regulates cold
starting went bad. Tom did free up the PCV valve but his repair job on the sensor failed,
twice, now, and his mechanic even managed to break my new sensor just re-installing it after
I had to remove the melted plastic from Tom’s previous semi fix before it could be used.
Even though it was his melted plastic that now gummed up a good part, he tried to sell me
a brand new part to replace the two week old part that only needed to be cleaned up.
In the middle of all this disappointing re-fixing one of his other mechanics yelled out
“How’s life, Steve?” as if to rub salt in the wound.
Innitially Tom accused me of talking smack to his mechanic. Ridiculous. That mechanic
fumed; “When your story breaks I better get $250,000.00 for helping you.” As if political act-
ivists don’t deserve to get their car repaired. I didn’t even reply to such a crazy statement.
That same mechanic complained I was “..practically stealing..” to get such a repair price. I
never negotiated down from the quote his boss gave me, so why this other crazy remark?
The only other conversation that could qualify were two occasions where I caught his mechanic
abusing my wiring harness. Twice, in the few times I came to observe the progress, I saw
this mechanic flinging my old, brittle wire harness around as if TRYING to break it. Each time
I quietly said; “Please be easy on those wires. They’re old and brittle.” On the second occasion
he snapped back at me, angrily; “You’ve only told me that five times, already!” No, it was
only twice and absolutely warranted each time.
The fact that Tom argued that I was talking smack to his mechanic supports my claim that Tom
was approving of his mechanics behavior, right or wrong.
I spent $350.00 for a new gasket (Not cheap) and this same mechanic broke one of the main
bolts that connects the related parts. A huge mistake requiring a new bolt. When I complained
of a new exhaust noise I was told it was probably a leaky muffler (Even though that was new).
When I found out a week later, while getting a new clutch somewhere else, about this broken
bolt he left unrepaired he admitted he broke it. This new other shop fixed it for free for me.
I spent $350.00 for a repair that made my car worse if it weren’t fixed for free elsewhere.
Even BEFORE this mechanic tore up my parts I asked Tom for another mechanic as this one
seemed hostile to me. Tom backed him up all the way blaming everything on my old van.
In this last re repair Tom told me that Toyota wires like the ones he put on cost about $8.00
a pair if I ever needed to actually fix the part properly with the connector he never put on.
So a few weeks later, when the same fix went bad again and after his mechanic broke yet
another new part that he had to comp me, he demanded $56.00 per pair or he wouldn’t do the
job. (We’re talking about two foot long pieces of really slim wire.) He made this ultimatum
knowing that it would rain and freeze the next few days making it hard on me to have to warm
up my van EVERY three hours, even getting up during sleep, for days, until it’s fixed.
Just the day before he said he’d try to use the wires still on the car. Change of story.
Change of price.
I told him, politely, “I know when it’s time to ditch Autotyme.” and left.
Before I left I asked him if that police officer customer of his he warned me about the same
week his mechanic was breaking my parts had anything to do with all the problems his shop
suddenly caused me. He denied it. I was wondering because that same officer remarked;
“They all die, eventually..” regarding my van, the one moment I did talk to him.
The police have gone out of their way for decades to ruin my life and it was a valid question.
In fact, I got my first ticket in over three years just several days later. This ticket I re-
ceived in Goleta, California is suspicious and I’m fighting it. Seems the audio is being kept
from me in reviewing the film footage. I suspect that conversation with dispatch would
reveal a lot.
I should have known, when his same mechanic had to replace at least six or seven power steer-
ing pumps in seven months that it might not have been just bad parts after all.
Tom McGinn spent the last few episodes at his shop telling me to “…Take all that shit off
your van and all your problems will go away.” As if that police customer of his had given him
instructions to. He never used to comment about my van until my bumper message blew out of
the water any remarks he may have made to his son that I’m a nut to believe my expose.
Suddenly he couldn’t stop trying to talk me out of my life’s work and be normal like the rest
of stupid society. As if he feared my story might actually break wide open. He must have
harped on that message at least 20 times that week, suddenly, out of nowhere.
It was pathetic to watch Tom suddenly melt down in his puddle of hero jealousy in the end.
The crew at Del Mar race track Golf Mart seem like a bunch of ignorant rednecks who even
kicked me off of their putting green for giving free advice to a golfer who ASKED me about
my grip. They only know that I can prove that their political heroes; Reagan and Nixon, were
probably our real enemies, only pretending to rally against the Soviets, fingers pointing.
I hope all of north San Diego county is not as ignorant as it suddenly seems.
The bumper sticker they could wear on their cars could read; ‘UNITED WE MISUNDERSTAND.”
As for me, it’s time to ditch “Autotyme”.

P.S. Not only did Tom tell me that before he owned his shop he served time for a felony,
now I have learned, after having a dealer take a look at my problem, that, indeed, Tom’s mech-
anic DID break some wires in that harness, possibly accounting for why I can’t start my van
normally. Now, if Tom did this sabotage deliberately, then he is a testament to the kind of
hero hating insanity I have to deal with regularly. I may have legal rights to compensation.
Meantime I may be handing out this flyer to all the nearby parts companies so that they
know of this situation and about Tom.
It just so happens that this kind of damage is so expensive to fix it’s as if he wanted to
kill my van, if necessary, to get my message shut down about Lennon’s murder. I guess the
appropriate response would be pity for his state.
Am I convinced that Tom deliberately set out to sabotage my van? Absolutely, and after I
spent over $1,000.00 that month to keep it roadworthy.
Apparently that accounts for his sudden harping on me all last month to “Take all that shit
off your van.” He never used to care about that. Not until his police customer friend en-
tered into the equation. The friend he warned me about; “Watch out for him. He’s police.”
It really was a case of Jekyle and Hyde. Tom used to be pretty normal before that.
And, to give you a flavor of the situation, let me recount the exact conversation we had upon
severing ties;
He came in the room and shouted; “$86.00 bucks.”
“I thought you said the part was $12.50.”
“86 bucks.”
“You said, yesterday, that you could use the existing wire to do the job.”
“86 bucks or just leave.”
“I’d like my $30.00 back then from the repair that failed.”
“Sue me.”
I came back a few minutes later and told him;
“I know when it’s time to ditch Autotyme.”
He replied;’
“Get your van out of here and leave. or I’ll call the police.”
“Speaking of which, was your police friend that you warned me about last month behind
your messing my car up?”
“We fix em. We don’t break em.”
“Yeah, right.”
And I left.
A few days later, when I called him to let him know that Toyota found some broken wires in
my harness, he hung up on me. When I called right right back he huffed; “I don’t care about
you or your van. Don’t call back.”
There must be some agency that can come down on him for all this I would think.

P.P.S. If his apprentice mechanic is really as bad as he seems, to break almost half a dozen
parts in one hour, then why does he keep him? I don’t think his mechanic is really that bad.
If he were that bad I’d fire him, though.
Maybe it’s because his pretty girlfriend gets to sit all day long right next to Tom as the
company’s receptionist.
Nothing going on there.

For everyone’s information, I managed to get lucky with a free fix (I gave the proprietor $16.00
and a magazine he asked for just to be fair) when the sun was just right and I spotted a stump
that was connected to the wire that was broken. He fixed it in five minutes.
You see, all ye afraid of your government masses, God IS on my side. Whether you are or not.
I still suffered quite a money loss, all told, though. He’d be smart to apologize at least.
Meanwhile, read my other chapters listed below. I’m about to start the one about govern-
ment cunt’ Yoko Ono. It turns out our mass distrust of her from day one was spot on.
And you all pretend to be so stupid and unaware, like the phonies you all are. Like I, maybe,
at one point, USED to be.