Hey, People of Bangor!

Until murderer / horror novelist; Stephen King is exposed, arrested, tried and jailed
for John Lennon’s murder all of you are guilty of anything that might happen to Barack
Obama. Until King is exposed and arrested, tried and jailed for John Lennon’s murder
all of you parents are blind, obsessive, child molesting fools. It can’t be denied. Until
King’s ass is in the stir all of you are stupid cowards. There, I’ve said it. Are you happy?
He probably hung out here in Bangor for all these years because it was a good hideout
He had to live in a place that was remote and not sophisticated enough to ferret him out.
In case you don’t know, Bangor is more simple minded and ignorant than you might think.
In all my years of exposing my John Lennon murder evidence against Nixon, Reagan and
Stephen King that glaring fact has existed like a mountain that won’t go away. All people
are scared, blind, stupid fools when it comes to responding to hard evidence against your
government; like nobody ever taught any of you people to stand up for youselves. Like
you almost enjoy it when the government practices it’s sadism against you. You must all
be sick. You seem to want to blame the messenger. No, I’m not crazy. I’m the hero who
found the evidence. You people are crazy not to see it or not to care if you CAN see it.
I think most of your children know that some of you parents are lying to them when you
DO call me crazy or far fetched. They should kick you in the shins for it, too.
Well, I’ve run out of thoughts for this letter, for now. If you want to see what I think of New
Yorkers and the jews who push the Chapman hoax be my guest. Just click the immediate
chapters below. You might learn something.
Meanwhile, if McCain is declared the next president, you will know that your silence here
and your keeping me out of the national spotlight where I belong screwed yourSELVES.
I’d love to be wrong about this election and hope that I am. If McCain gets ‘rigged’ in [His
only hope besides assassinating Obama, like Nixon did the Kennedys;(See other chap-
ters below)] then you can just call yourselves flatfooted silent, yellow, John Lennon
killing, child molesting masochists who let the jewish media and the right wing deceive
you and yours. That you people failed America. That you surrendered our freedoms.
Must you people live up to our enemies tag; “Satanic infidels.”? Until King is jailed you
all are. Too bad, too. You were better people before King’s fame and money ruined you.
I liked you better when the people of Herman kicked him out because they thought his
kind of writing was evil and wrong. It still is, no matter how much he deceives you with
his “couldn’t hurt a fly” act. You should all be picketing the Bangor Daily News. If you
ever do I’m just 48 hours away from joining your burst of self esteem and sanity. Mean-
while, King moved his primary residence to Florida rather than risk denying my claims.
See my chapter “Stephen King Is A Murderer” for information linking him to a 1992 con-
viction of sex with a 15 yr. old in Belfast, Maine, that was also hushed up, as well as his
episodes of stalking Bruce Springsteen, possibly to kill him, too, in 1992 and more.
By the way, YES I’m pissed off with everybody. I know from a lunch at one of your local
restaurants that the working class is still resentful and jealous of the messenger.
Maybe if you had the wisdom to help me you wouldn’t all be working so miserably hard.
It’s not me that you resent and hate. You hate yourselves for not being like me. You’re
ashamed and embarassed that the govt. has killed your pride and not just John Lennon.

Late Oct. election observations;
McCain may have ‘planted’ ‘Joe the plumber’ as a bid to sway ‘Joe sixpack’ America. If
so, it was a sleazy tactic, especially since Samuel Joseph isn’t a plumber, owes back
taxes and would suffer more under McCain than Obama, tax wise. I guess we can see
why McCain wanted to rope Barack into town hall formats so he could use other plants.
Regarding policies; if the Bush / McCain plans were extrapolated out we’d have the very
rich paying no taxes, like the Queen, with the middle class castrated and the poor trapped.
Now we have corporate fascism and not democracy. American values are being debased.
This oil inflation has already proven that if the middle class and poor have no money to
spend then the rich have no customers and pretty soon the whole economy breaks down. I
personally think that Wall St. is under govt. control and is trying to con you out of your
sociall security, baby boomers. You can’t trust the the Friedmans and Greenspans, people.
The rich have, in the last 40 years, cut their taxes in half and raised your taxes to pay for
it. The economy was better off before greed turned America against itself.
Sarah Palin I discuss in another chapter but I also notice her knee length stiletto boots
(I’m not kidding!) remind me of two other politicians; Hitler and Condi Rice. It also shows
me that McCain picked her for sex appeal, to envigorate his image, mostly; that he is
playing the sex card to win. Incidentally, Palin is a Russian name that means to “singe”.
Todd, her husband, happens to work for McCain’s real boss; Big Oil, BP,namely.
Palin seems as vapid as Miss S. Carolina when she blew a gasket under questioning.
Joe Biden can’t keep his Billy Carter style jealousy out of the picture with his latest
scare tactic about Barack’s election triggering a major international ‘test’ of him.
I have to also wonder about this pattern of stupid, almost deliberate, gaffes and why Barack
hasn’t hammered home the point that the last five republican president’s all promised
smaller govt. only to increase it by 60% each and every time they had the chance; that
they also raised taxes more than the democrats.
John McCain’s freudian slip concerning his gaffe; “couldn’t agree with them more..” when
he chided dems for accusing W. Pennsylvanians of being racist rednecks, has a hidden
meaning; I think he was thinking; “If what they say about you is true then ‘I couldn’t agree
with all of you western Pennsylvanians more.’ He is, after all, over 70 years old.
The mass media may be ‘acting’ in the way they want you to think they are pro Obama.
If he is cheated out of victory by the Rockefeller machine they want to wipe their hands.
If the media isn’t owned by the republicans and controlled by mostly New York jews
then how can you explain away the fact that all talk radio is right wing or republican
‘plant’ left wing ‘shows’ like Air America? From Rush to Hannity to the rest of the liars,
right wing talk radio, with all its whiny, nasally, prostitutes carrying republican water,
has stripped America of virtue and turned you into mind controlled, terrorized Soviet slobs.
When the media conspires to sway society to one side of the fence and has a monopoly on
all media then you are being terrorized by people who want to turn America into Russia.
Oh, you poor, timid, scared, raped fools. Stephen King called all of you; “You blind obses-
sive fools.” repeatedly, in Firestarter just before he murdered John Lennon. In fact, he
writes; “And you shall have your vengeance on those who fill themselves while others want.”
I know more about your lives than you do, politically, and trust me when I tell you all that
America is being destroyed by Zionist, media jews and bankers, deliberately, and probably
for Russia, no less, or maybe the Queen. We are under a hostile, foreign assault and the
photo of Stephen King getting Lennon’s last autograph is proof of how much they hate us.
If you don’t want to believe that Time and Newsweek are C.I.A. rags and documented John
Lennon’s murder before the fact with cryptographic, bold print codes, then you’re just dumb.
I hope you wake up soon. You must picket the media . No other answer exists for you.
I can’t break this story and evidence alone and no other story has more power than this.
In fact, anything else you might try will be cursed to fail if you fail to address this.
If you people can’t come together over a horror writer exposed for murdering John Lennon,
with the govt. behind this evil plot against your country and your well being, then God
knows there is nothing you people could ever come together over if your lives depended on it.
New Yorkers need to be hit in the head with a two by four just to begin to pay attention
compared with most Americans. A swarming sea of materialism and selfishness they seem ripe
for a nuclear attack if they don’t change their ways, in my opinion. Like Soddam and
Gomorrah. I hope they wake up before their own karma catches up with them.

Parent Parody;

This is a little parady of me describing you parents if you were sane and honest with your-
selves and your kids where me and my Lennon murder evidence are concerned;

“Hey, Mom, there’s that guy with that ‘lennonmurdertruth.com’ van again. What’s
that all about?”
“Well, you see, son, he wants us to care whether or not Stephen King shot John Lennon.
He discovered evidence against the govt. namely Nixon and Reagan and King.
“But I though that other guy shot Lennon. I read about his parole hearing last summer.”
“You mean Mark Chapman, the man the media told us was the killer. The media never
showed us a trial for him after, though. In fact, according to photos, Chapman is only a close
look-alike of the real killer; Stephen King. It’s King, not Chapman getting John Lennon’s
autograph. Corrupt police switched them inside the station and the corrupt media and
courts peddled a scam and peddle it to this day. Mostly New York media jews push this lie.”
“Why don’t most Americans know this if it’s true? Shouldn’t King be arrested and jailed?”
“Oh, it’s true, I’m afraid. I’ve seen the website. King should be jailed but, collect-
ively, we the people, are disfunctional and clueless as to what to do.? This is a first.
Some think that King lived here because the people here are simple and not apt to notice.”
“So you’re saying King is like O.J. only he killed John Lennon and the govt. and the media
are all backing him up and lying to the people. Why would they do that?”
“The govt. is more evil than we like to think, son. They probably killed the Kennedys
and others who tried to stand up for the common man and, apparently, Lennon was a threat
to the powers that be. He was kind of enlightening us all and that scared them.”
“Does Yoko Ono know about this, and if so, why isn’t she doing something about it?”
“Yoko Ono is the govts. ‘Ace in the hole’ she met Lennon for the purpose of breaking up
The Beatles and getting John out of the spotlight long enough for the govt. to kill him.”
“But that’s evil. That’s sick! That would mean that Chapman and Yoko are a tag team.”
“Very much so, son. The public sensed this about her, initially, and despised her then.”
“Wow! So what can anybody do about it, Mom? Can’t we write the governor or something?”
“Unfortunately the regular chain of command breaks down in matters this scanalous and
huge. The only thing we can do is digest the evidence, organize and come up with a plan to
picket the local media outlets and put enough public pressure on them to show us all the
evidence. Nothing else will work, I’m afraid. Adults and the system are scared corrupt.”
“Well then why don’t we all organize and get together and flush this evidence out?”
“People are insane, son and are still calling the messenger a whacko. It hurts them
too much to admit that they were silent partners in the coverup all this time and they
resent the messenger for having the courage that they lack. It’s a sick jealousy. More,
they have never had anyone teach them to stand up for themselves and they’re afraid.”
“Why don’t you and I start a crowd, Mom?”
“That, that is a good question, son. I guess I just hate being the first one to start
something. I’d feel better if others were picketing the media first. And yet, I may just be
too wicked and sinful to do the right thing. I hope I would jail King before punishing you.
“Why would Stephen King kill John Lennon. What did he have against him or The Beatles?”
“Mostly jealousy, I suppose. I think he was bullied and teased as a child, too and maybe
he wanted to lash out and hurt us all back. His father walked out on him when he was two
and maybe he shot John instead of his dad. He was probably offered a publishing deal
or something from the govt.. Maybe he thought it would make him a better horror writer.”
“But why King?”
“The govt. controls us with fear, mostly. It must have been part of a mind control plot
and King was the one they wanted to promote the most. They wanted to undo all the mind
expanding consciousness and healing that John Lennon and The Beatles represented. Kind
of like turning the clock back to before we entertained images of peace, love and under-
standing and no countries or possessions. The govt. and powerful families depend on
fear and assassination to control us or haven’t you noticed all the violence on tv?
If heroes like John Lennon were allowed to live and teach us a better way they’d have
to get a real job instead of working us to death to pay for their priveledged lifestyles.”
“You mentioned the media jews as the ones pushing the Chapman hoax. Why them?”
“Maybe they thought John was the second coming. They never have admitted that killing
Christ was wrong and teach their kids that he was just a rebel who got his comeuppance.
John was such a rare genius who had captivated the public and maybe they resented the
similarities to Christ and feared him. They have such a guilt complex, apparently. Also,
John stood in the way of bombing Iraq’s nuclear facility in 1981 and they had to kill
John first in case a war broke out after. You know John dedicated his life to ‘peace’, right?
Even the military wanted John killed just for that, alone. You know how much oil is in
the middle east, right, and how we play Israel and how they play us?”
“Wow. The world is really messed up, huh, Mom?”
“Very tragic. Yes.”
“What is Chapman doing in jail if he didn’t kill Lennon?”
“Steve Lightfoot, the man behind the expose; he discovered govt codes in Time and News-
week magazines, doesn’t even know, for sure. He seems to think that either he’s only in
jail for photo ops, articles and just makes occasional appearances to scam the rest of
the prison population or that he is in but for something else. His father is an executive
for Amoco Oil and, well, you know, oil people seem to be in bed with the military. Lightfoot
says that, according to some Attica prisoners, nobody has ever seen him there.”
“What if you and me start organizing with our friends and bust this horror writer / mur-
derer in our midst? Wouldn’t that just blow the worlds mind? The Bangor Daily News is a
good spot to protest.”
“Well, he says that he’s just 48 hours away if we start to make the news. It’s possible.”

(I’ll let your minds wander around for any scenarios that come to mind now that I’ve
started a sane, healthy dialogue…)

In closing let me remind all of you what happened on Dec 8,’80 and what King did;
King got Lennon’s autograph and was photographed doing so. Paul Goresh, the man
who took the photo, was caught posing as a VCR repairman to enter Lennon’s apart-
ment just months earlier and may have been part of the conspiracy, himself.
King waited with a copy of The Catcher in The Rye in his pocket. I believe he, at one
point, he left to retrieve the 38 pistol. When John arrived with Yoko he let Yoko run
ahead of John, out of the way. John emerged carrying an armload of tapes, walked past
King, whereupon King put both hands on his gun, took a combat stance and fired five
bullets into John’s back. On bullet missed, one hit John in his arm and three hit him be-
tween the shoulderblades, fragmenting as they tore into John’s body. John was trying
to run out iof the way of the bullets but spilled his tapes and collapsed at the top
of the stairs. He was crudely manhandled into a squad car, his bones cracking, loudly.
John was asked if he knew who he was in transit. He could only knod, “Yes.” He was wheel-
into Rossevelt Hospital trying to mumble the word; “Why?” over and over. After the doctor
opened up his chest John Lennon died.
Meanwhile King had sat down to disguise his height and read The Catcher In The Rye to
play up his role as a whacko, loner. The police put a coat over his head so no one could
take any photos that might ruin the coverup plot and LAUGHED with him while transfering
him to the station. King was let out a back door to a car and then a jet back to Bangor.
Meanwhile, Chapman, who had been in the station while King was murdering John, took
King’s place and performed his rehearsed confession to play his role as decoy.
King, the next day, wrote a newspaper article about Lennon’s murder titled; “I read the news
today, Oh boy!”
King was rewarded with a greased rise to the top of the writing world where he mocked all
of you; “blind, obsessive fools.” ever after.
Now he has moved to Florida, now that his crime is coming to the light of day. Every
minute he lives there he knows that he is; ‘On the run’, licking his wounds from the van
‘accident’ when the govt. tried to kill him to shut my expose up.
It is all little solace to me so long as America is being destroyed by his co-conspirators.
Shame on all of you until you unite and take action to expose, arrest, try and jail King.