Election Mega Alert

What a sad, sad, situation we have here in America as this 2004 election draws
near. The liberals and the Democrats lack the will to win and are content to
lose, rather than use this expose.
The Republicans are the same old “Me and my money over America” crowd who give
us a bad world image, but the democrats are being lead to slaughter by their
own machine that is throwing the race, deliberately.
I’ll bet any one person one grand that Bush will be declared the winner, barring
this expose making national news. I’m not a naive fool like most of America,
in fact I’ve seen this charade play out many times before. Having met, in person,
Mondale, Ferraro, Dukakis, Hart, Gore, and other players, I think that Kerry is
planning to lose and that he got into the race TO lose, for Bush.
For example; When Dukakis ran in 1988 I was in the vast crowd at Crissy Field
in San Francisco. Midway through his speech I yelled out, as only I can yell,;
“Use Reagan’s Lennon murder evidence scandal!” The crowd all shhhhhhhushed me
down, like a bunch of stupid fools, but later, when Dukakis spoke about some
garbage collection issue, he looked right at me as he emphasized the word
“garbage” as if my expose were garbage.
We all know how he put on that helmet, lost, and how his wife drank bleach after,
which made us all feel like we dodged a bullet and good about Bush Sr..
In 1984 I peddaled a skateboard eight miles to see Mondale speak in San Jose and
give him my expose. Mondale was giddy and all but busting out laughing as he
looked right at me, seeing the naive trust and hope in my face. Meanwhile his
security stopped me, as I left, to check my backpack, thoroughly. I was morti-
fied to watch him conceed so hastily when Reagan was declared the winner.
In 1988 Gary Hart was the front runner for the Democrats before his affair
with Donna Rice knocked him out. Before that scandal he came to MY former jr.
college in Santa Rosa, Ca. and met me as I gave him my expose. Weeks later
he got caught with his pants down and sandbagged the Democrats with Dukakis. I
noticed, in a People magazine photo of his Corvette, that his licence read;”USSA”,
as if he were a Soviet agent or something. I now believe that he came to meet
me, specifically, to give me fase hope, to reduce my activism under the notion
that he would do something with my facts.
When I gave my evidence to Geraldine Ferraro in San Francisco the newspapers
showed her holding my magazine. I would learn, as I left, that her security
rifled through my backpack while she spoke.
At one point she looked directly at me with a stare that said; “YOU *%#@!. How
DARE you try to expose REAGAN!”,as if she was on his re-election team.
When I met Gore in Bangor, Maine in 1992 he was two hours late and he shared the
stage with a candidate who was endorsed by Stephen King. Clinton won but, ac-
cording to Bush Sr., it was because of my impact in Kennebinkport where I caused
a 19 point swing in the polls in just two weeks. Bush said then, during the Rich-
mond, Va. debate; “…You know, nobody likes “Who Shot John?” but…”
In 2000 I watched Gore switch personalities with every debate and, after he lost,
he put up very little fight to challenge the Florida sham. In fact, it was HIS
party that designed the misleading and controversial butterfly ballot!
Now we have Kerry, whose father’s real last name is Cohen. He got the nod after
I declared, on national talk radio, that Dean may be running to lose.
He got slammed by the swift boat scandal and said NOTHING, FOR WEEKS! He
let all the innuendo sink deep into the American psyche and THEN spoke up.
Now, if some of what the swift boat gang says is true Kerry would have known
that it would come out before he got into the race under the banner of
“Reporting for duty.” He would have known better than to run on his Viet Nam
credentials. Now that it has paralyzed his campaign he won’t get out of the rut.
He won’t talk power points about how Americans don’t want a president whose
father was head of the C.I.A. or an F.C.C. president who is Colin Powells son
or a vice president who was the former C.E.O. of Halliburton and a major board
member of Enron, for God’s sake.
Kerry, instead, has taken a subdued, lukewarm tack as he repeatedly puts up his
dukes to his supporters, as if he is fighting them instead of Bush.
John Edwards may well be sincere and was possibly chosen so Kerry could torpedo
his stature in the process for future races. Then again,Edwards may be part
of the same operation; “Operation Re-elect Bush.”
Kerry and Edwards should be highlighting the history that set this mideast war up;
Reagan embracing the Taliban and Saddam and Bush Sr. embracing Osama, all
decades ago. They should point out glaring facts such as how a signed agreement to
allow a gas pipeline through Afghanistan was the first and only achievement after
22,000 bombs were dropped there at the same time that the poppy fields were left
untouched, or that Iraq’s new president has already adopted Saddam like evils
such as personally executing at least six prisoners with gunshots to the head.
But Kerry and Edwards are steering clear of all the hypocracy on Bush’s part and
allowing this Vietnam issue to continue as time runs out. Furthermore, I predict
that yet another controversy will tar him around October that he won’t suffici-
ently challenge either.
One has to wonder about Kerry and Bush’s mutual membership in Skull and Bones
Society and their billionair status, both coming from east coast elite society,
as well as the fact that Kerry’s wife is exactly the kind of billionair that should
love Bush and the Republicans.
Most unsettling, Kerry once worked under Dukakis. I have decided to trust my
instincts and sound the alarm. I hope I’m wrong but fear I’m not.
I doubt that Howard Dean is any different, knowing how Rockefeller and big oil
run America, leaving nothing to chance, but especially the presidential elections.
Meanwhile, I fear that my fellow anti-Bush contingent will not stand up in time
with enough force to stop this apparent RIGGED election. Like the San Francisco
crowd that shhhhhushed me down at Crissy Field, they will be lead to slaughter
like passive sheep rather than do the one thing that WILL, DEFINITELY defeat
Bush; expose Lennon’s murder. Bush Sr. was head of the C.I.A. when the murder
was planned and Bush Sr. has already conceeded, by his own admission,
one election over the weight of this issue; the single biggest expose in U.S. history.
Now that the Republican convention is in process I see how the entire media is
chortleing over Bush’s prospects.
It’s as if Russia has taken us over and now we are a spineless, insane nation
under media mind control.
Knowing what I do about politics, the Vietnam flap may be a ploy to punish all
who ever protested it and its evils if Kerry should lose. To re-define it.
If my fears about Kerry’s intentions are true then Bush would be the greater
evil, the instigator and Kerry but one of his pawns. Bush would be the real
coward, deceiver and fraud, even a sociopathic, Orwellian monster.
If I’m correct America is already under occupation by our REAL enemies and
you, the people, are their guilty, spoiled, silent, weak co-conspirators.
Is there any good reason to be apathetic, turncoat, ingrates behaving like a dying
culture? I know you people are better than you’ve been behaving, so prove it.
Start putting my web address on signs and take to the streets. That will save you
if enough of you unite. All else will fail. You have THIS chance to succeed.

Please read “EXPOSE this or DESERVE Bush.” chapter listed at the bottom of
this chapter. Just click the gold titled reference.
Thank you for listening, Steve Lightfoot


This is a browsing of my various beliefs, having seen our political structure
and the ways of our people. Some of it will sound preposterous but bear with
me. Most of everything I will say here might be proved true, eventually.

I believe that our presidential elections are completely rigged, that both
parties work for the same group of big oil and corporate executives who really
run American politics. The vast military apparatus; navy, army, marines,
air force, police and F.B.I. and C.I.A. are perhaps the biggest powers on earth
and may be an even bigger factor.
I believe that Carter was put in to sanitize the presidency after Nixon and Ford
smelled it up, as well as to shoot liberalism in the foot in the process.
He was used to restore our trust in the presidency itself. He came from the navy
and is a self described tri-lateralist.
I belive that Clinton got in, in part, due to this Lennon expose but that he
merely performed the maternal duties of the same monopoly that runs the repub-
licans who perform the paternal duties of the power apparatus.
I believe that Orwellian mind control is the key to their whole plan and that
there is a reason our mass media seems so interchangeable. They all pretend to
protect us from the bad guys with their documentary style exposes but only
to give us a false image of what they’re really doing, the exact opposite.
In fact, KGO radio has admitted that they are owned by the C.I.A.. Will you?
The fact is that the military controls the media. G.E. a major defense contract-
or, owned N.B.C., for example.
The violence and mindlessness and stupid situation comedy scripts as well as
the rapid fire technique of changing images every three seconds in commercials
is a deliberate technique to mess with our minds so we are more easily controlled.
If the right wing talk show hosts weren’t paid millions of dollars per year
I doubt they would even spew the crap they do. I doubt that they believe their
own rhetoric, deep down. Another case of money buying America, corrupting us.
I know that the republicans want to liberate all of you from your guns because
they had any number of ways to kill John but chose the method that would make you
hate your handguns the most in the process. The N.R.A. is a fool to think otherwise.
I believe that people tend to be stupid and afraid when it comes to politics
and that their parents influences represent the views they assume, mostly false.
I think that fear of the powers we have created; our military and oil giants and
corporate America, determine our behavior and lack of action as a rule, that
deep down we are like the characters in The Wizard of Oz, all looking for what
we don’t have; courage, brains, a heart, a home. We foolishly trust big brother or
a Wizard or a city of Oz to run our lives rather than determine our lives
ourselves. I also believe that this neurosis lets the lowest common denominator
prevail, unlike a system that lets people like Lennon rise to the pinnacle of
influence and power and thus move us forward to a place that is truly better.
John Lennon was the ONLY human who had the genius and courage and credibility
to unite us all towards real change. Pity most Americans are too dense to even
understand why the government assassinated him or why nobody has taken his place.
We, the people, have scared off all other potential heroes with our apathy.
I think that most people mock my message because it lets them off the hook for
all that is wrong with the world and their collective role in it.
To admit I am right is like admitting we’re all bad parents who can’t protect our
kids from the bogeyman called government and all the misery they foist on us.
The truth is that you ARE all bad parents who DO let the government molest your
kids with King and anything else they choose.
Like a child who lets his parents determine the rules, adults never grow up to
the point that they stand up to their government. They remain a child and treat
government like their parent. People tend to not grow up and establish indepen-
dance and sovereignty over their own lives and futures.
I believe that money and modernism has poisoned mankind and has turned us into
subhuman work slaves who live spiritually impoverished lives.
There is a reason your divorce rate is at 52% and the other signposts of your
collective unhappiness; smoking, alcohol abuse, an obssesion with televised
sports, drug use, prescription medication and apathy and hopelessness.
You bury youselves in work and the lust for money to paper over your misery.
Like John Lennon sang;
“Nowhere man, please listen, you don’t know what you’re missing, nowhere man,
the world is at your command.”
“Doesn’t have a point of view, knows not where he’s going to, isn’t he a bit
like you and me.”
And from “Working Class Hero”;
“Keep you doped with religion, your sex an tv, and you think you’re so clever and
classless and free, but you’re still (bleeping) peasants as far as I can see.”
When John wrote those words the average number of hours one worked was under
40 per week. Now it’s over 50. But more oppressive, even with the wife at work,
you own less today than one paycheck gave you when he wrote those words.
To admit I am right about Lennon’s murder is to admit that you’ve all been blind,
fools and absurd phonies and the fear of letting your kids see you that way is
just too much to admit. Too much honesty for you to deal with.
Instead, I think we cling to the things that are assured; death and taxes.
You could all work less than 30 hours a week and have a better life. You could
all have horizontal windmills on your solar powered roofs and drive fuel free
vehicles that run on electricity.
You could all take control of your government and do away with corporate rule
of your lives and have better marriages, better sex lives, happier children
and a cleaner environment etc. etc..
But you need someone like John Lennon to bring these changes about. You
need a leader, not a president.
Right now this expose and me and my courage and wisdom are all you’ve got.
You could put me on your shoulders and carry me to your C.I.A. owned media out-
lets and break this story and start the revolution or you can trust John
Kerry to throw this election, foist Bush and big oil and corporate America and
wars without end on you and suffer the consequences.
Jail Stephen King, expose Bush Sr. and stop Bush Jr. and save yourselves.
Many of you may be too timid and afraid to act on this. That should scare
the rest of you who might have what it takes to break this story into action.
Meanwhile, I hold the people of the San Francisco bay area most responsible for
Bush Jr.s re-election and the hell we have become. They have all seen my web-
site emblazened van for years and are just too immature and foolish to make
hay out of it. They are derelict in their duty as citizens.
I doubt that they are too stupid to connect the evidence that proves my claims.
They can’t prove me wrong about my evidence. I’d love for them to prove me
wrong about their apathy and actually start a movement to get this on the news
before the election.
I’d love for that to happen, but I can’t make you care or make you wise.

Now please read “EXPOSE this or DESERVE Bush.
It’s listed below, just click.

Thank you again for listening.