Stephen King is a murderer. He shot John Lennon in the back, like the coward
he is, and stole a musical/political genius from all of you. He ruined your world,
deliberately, and now you are living in the nightmare he has created for you. Now,
until you put him in jail where he belongs, all of of you are, really, just his cowards.
Decoy, Chapman was in the police station while King shot John and the police switched
them behind the scenes. Chapman is acting.
Nixon and Reagan facilitated this nightmare murder/assassination as well as Yoko
Ono (though there is little proof of her role, unlike the government codes in
Time and Newsweek and U.S. News that nail King, Nixon and Reagan).
King won’t deny it, never has and is too smart to enrage the public that al-
ready knows he is guilty by lying to you now. He’d rather get killed by a van
than admit what he did. He has confided to his friend who used to own that
now closed bookstore, Stu, I think, that; “He (King) is afraid of getting fried.”
Yes, the government probably did try to run down King in 1999 to shut my story up
and we all know how quickly the driver who failed was found dead at 41, after.
I believe the multiple sources from Maine who told me that King was convicted of
having sex with a 15 year old in 1992 in Belfast, Maine and the other reports
that he spent money to have sex with other minors, male and female, then.
King won’t dare sue me either because that would cast media attention on my hard,
incontrovetible evidence against him and that would mean life in prison.
Have you noticed how many of King’s books dwell on life in prison: The Green
Mile. Shawshank Redemption, etc.?
The closest King ever came to denying my claim that he killed John Lennon was
in 1994 in Santa Cruz, Ca. when a girl asked him if he killed John Lennon. He
said; “No,….(dramatic, long pause)…comment.” Just couldn’t say “No.”
Now my website; places him at the scene getting Len-
non’s last autograph (not look-alike Chapman) and in Time and Newsweek issues
released a few months earlier. One and the same. Chapman’s not even close. Not
very bright of him to leave his mug at the scene as well as magazines months
before the murder. A child can see it’s him. Now, people of America, people of New
York, who never even put Chapman on trial in the first place, find a spine and
expose him. Or are you King’s sick cowards? Many of you are, you know. “Sympathy
for the devil.” You can still get well, people.
I believe that most of you are just temporarilly sick and weak and media controlled and
that once you get informed you WILL JAIL KING’S SICK ASS and punish him for
what he did to you and the future and the world.
My stay here in Maine will forever etch in history whether you people are good
and strong enough to take a stand against evil or not. Whether you are good,
upright parents or bootlicking mush, child molesters. There’s no in between.
Look at the O.J. trial: A classic example of evil subduing the better senses of man.
Is Phil Specter guilty? Robert Blake? The people of America are getting steam-
rolled because they have been turned into media controlled, cowardly oatmeal.
Stephen King, besides calling all of you: “Blind, obsessive fools.” warns you,
also repeatedly,; “Beware the Jewish/communist plot against the U.S..”
ABC media is so Jewish and diabolical that you should pay attention. ABC’s the
worst but all the big networks are working you over with gun pointing, murder-
ous violence everywhere you turn. They are desensitizing you so that you will
be willing to kill Iraqi’s right now. Look at all your “Dateline”,”48 Hours” shows
showcasing Americans killing people and not much else, lately. Look at all your
“24 Hours”,”The Unit”,”The Agency”,”Miami CSI” shows and others all about “Big
Brother” going after the terrorists and rubbing your faces in murder.
Can’t you all see that the media is the government mind controlling you?
King was stalking Bruce Stringsteen in 1992; engaging in back stage parties, stage
rehearsals etc. until I got on New York’s biggest radio talk show and warned
Springsteen’s friends that King was likely planning to murder him, too.
What are the chances that the van “accident” and subsequent death of the driver
happened as you were told? I say only ten per cent. What are the chances that
King had the driver killed with or without help? I say 30 per cent.
What are the chances that the governmnent concocted a plan to kill King to stop
my expose and killed the driver after because he was a loose string? I say seventy
per cent, people. Think about it, now:
Six years after I spent six months in Bangor with my “van” with the slogan: “Stephen
King Shot John Lennon” King was mowed down down by a “van” with an unruly, large
Rotweiler dog distracting the driver. Can you people see the parallels to
“Cujo” and “Christine” the movie about a car who plays rock and roll that,
seemingly, can’t be killed? Can you see how the government wanted all of you
to say; “Jeeze! Remember that guy with the van from California, and now King
ends up getting killed by a van? I guess if King DID kill Lennon his karma
caught up with him and we can just let it go at that.” ?????!!!!! The government
is exactly that sophisticated and knows just which buttons of yours to push.
If you people want to LET the governmnet kill Stephen King then call me a whacko
and do nothing. They probably will. If you want to save his life then help
me expose and arrest him for John Lennon’s murder. He’s only buying your silence
with his money, baseball fields, etc.. He’s like the guy who, after he is arrest-
ed for murdering ten people, his neighbors all say; “But he was such a nice
man. I just can’t believe it.” King is a sociopath who shot Lennon to get back
at all of you for teasing him as a child and because he wanted to kill his father
for walking out on him when he was two.
King wishes you all WOULD expose him before he gets killed only he doesn’t have
the guts to say so. Meanwhile his latest book parallels his desire to move to
Florida (out of shame?) and he admits that he wishes he hadn’t survived his
“accident”. Just read the inside cover.
I want King to live, to tell us all what he knows about the government and the
Jewish/communist plot against the U.S.. I want to see Chapman arrested for his
role as decoy. I want to see what’s Yoko got to do with everything, too.
DON’T ALL OF YOU? You can’t just sit around like fools and get steamrolled any
more by our governments history of always killing your heroes. This expose
is your big break, America. I’m only here for a few months and you need to get
on board with me and grow ‘a pair.’ Otherwise you can all start singing
“…the land of the deceived and the not very brave.” at your ball games.
Did “Big Oil” kill Lennon to start a war with Iraq? Is $4.00 @ gallon gas a
plot to kill the middle class as new world order plans suggest?
Help me come forward before I get killed, please. I need your support, people.
If I were to write a song now my first verse would be;
“Live wire walking on a high wire. Poor life hanging by a thread,
Busting the government for John Lennon’s murder, Lucky I’m not already dead.”
I’d like to be your rock star someday and pick up where Lennon left off. Help me.
P.S. I just learned, from a Bangor resident, that King has legally changed his
primary residence from Maine to Florida. Now he can run from his murderer
status and play cards with O.J..
Maine residents, get over your weak, polite, unAmerican position of protecting
King from my expose and find your moral compass. Though I may be in New York
for several weeks, I will return and hope to find that you’ve found a spine
to help me reel in this monster who murdered John Lennon.

See my other chapter below; “Beware Bob Grant et all”, “”Chapman is crap, man”
and “NYPD plot at Strawberry Fields?” to get the scoop on evil witch, Yoko Ono.

(Written years ago in my ‘Angry Young Man’ days. I’m less bitter, lately.)