Great Maned Apes:

Have you heard about the great maned apes that came from Africa? They are
relatively hairless except for a shockingly long mane of hair that cascades all
the way to the ground. The males have beards that grow down to their navels.
They call themselves human beings and have ever since they grew enough intellect
to fashion clothing from animal skins. They lost much of their body hair there-
after but because they could not shelter their heads from the cold in order to
hear animals that wanted to eat them the hair on their heads remained neces-
sary and we still sport beards and that distictive mane of hair that was
origionally intended to warm our whole bodies from the elements.
The above is my own theory about us all. It’s a good one I think and probably
the absolute God’s truth. That we so called human beings are but great apes posi-
tioned at the top of the evolutionary ladder.
We collectively learned to split atoms and land a spacecraft on the moon and
the myriad of things we have accomplished since this mutation of increased
intellect took root but we are still too weak, too handicapped, intellectually,
to respond to evidence that proves our government is a murderous, evil,
sick, twisted machine that has always killed the smartest among us.
You sit in pathetic shame, unable to care whether our government let horror
writer Stephen King murder John Lennon or the lone drifter story we were told.
You seem too afraid of our government to care, one way or the other.
From Jesus to Gandhi to John Lennon they have been killing the most intelli-
gent monkeys of our species to keep the masses in control. And all of you have
yet to arrive at the stage of evolution that wants to stop the government from
committing this abominable, dispicable, self destructive act. It’s what keeps
us all in a world of pain and ignorance and injustice, poverty, work and medio-
I’m sorry if some of you can’t believe that Pamela Anderson and Angelina Jolie
are but highly evolved apes, but think about it a while. They still have hair on
their legs, armpits and genitals. They still are unaware that the man
who killed John Lennon never even stood trial for the murder of the century.
How human and smart can they really be?
It took thousands of years to lose our body hair. Right now scientists are dis-
covering that gorillas and apes DO know how to use tools and devices to live.
Once upon a time this was all of us.
Scientists know that monkeys would rather dwell on photos of the elite monkeys
of their tribe than even eat.
Have you ever stood in line at the grocery store and looked at the magazine
Pierce Brosnan, that suave Irish actor looks a whole lot different now that he has
let his full beard grow out.
If a child were never touched with a grooming device and allowed to flower as
nature intended, he would look a lot like an animal, goat, ape by the time he was
an adult. He WOULD have hair down to his ankles, he WOULD have a beard down to
his navel. If he were never clothed he WOULD grow more hair on his body.
And yet we stand atop the heap of heroes we have killeded in the name of govern-
ment knows best and call ourselves human beings. We believe in an afterlife,
we shave our faces, cut our mane very short, shave our legs, paint our faces,
wear sleek cloths, drive shiny automobiles and surround ourselves desperatly
with things that make us forget that we are but animals, that we are not so special
and apart from nature’s kingdom.
Divinity some may have. But divinity, like evolution, has variables.
Jesus may have been a divinely touched, super evolved ape. John Lennon may have
been the most evolved being of our lifetime.
The fact that the rest of us can’t imagine the concept of writing genius songs
and melodies suggests that divinity is not universal and that some evolve faster
than others. I suggest to all of you that you are not as smart and as human as
you may think. There are some among you that are more evolved and divine.
The problem is you keep killing them. If you read the chapter; YOU HYPOCRITES
REPENT located at the bottom of this chapter you will see that you really WOULD
prefer the government kill your only child than hold them accountable for letting
a sick, evil, human hating monster like Stephen King murder the most loved
being of our lifetime; John Lennon. Please do read that chapter. I think you
all must for your own good.
For all any of you know John Lennon may have been the second coming of Jesus
Christ. He does resemble the shroud of Turin.
All across this planet there are people going to houses of worship who sit
still for Stephen King murdering John Lennon.
Can you imagine what hypocrites and phonies and weaklings they must all be?
I took my magazine to Bangor, Maine and stayed there for six months and no one
dared disturb the sound of silence.
I’m surprised you haven’t all killed Paul Simon and Bob Dylan for speaking
deep truths.
If you are as human as you think you are try jailing Stephen King with the hard
evidence I have risked my life to give you instead of dismissing me as a whacko.
Show me that you are as evolved as I.
Meanwhile excuse me if I deliberately make a monkey out of all of you for being too
unevolved (hate to say the word stupid) to even care.
In the meantime have you taken a good look at Stephen King’s upper lip? It
has distinctive chimpanzee features. Very broad, lipless and with downturned
corners, denoting pessimism.
Indeed, Stephen King may be a little more related to apes than most of you,
which would help explain why he lashed out at his opposite; John Lennon, who
I really do believe was the most evolved of any of us.
Take a look at George Bush’s face. Admit it. He’s a cross between a chimpanzee,
a gargoyle and Alfred E. Newman, the Mad Magazine character.
Some people look a lot more like apes than others. So close it must scare some
of you to admit that they are even human beings like we call ourselves. And
yet we can’t deny that they are definitely human beings like the rest of us.
I explain this as the variables of evolution, like a roadmap to our past.
Scientists explain that, depending on the environment, only the beings with
light skin could survive to reproduce in areas where the sun is scarce and that
only dark pigmented beings could survive where there is too much sun.
Africa is a land locked continent, mostly, and I’m sure that has a lot to do
with preserving such a distinctive type of skin pigmentation.
Yes, Stephen King has narrow set eyes and a very broad, lipless upper lip.
Recently someone admitted to me that he, indeed, does look like the missing link.
Bush has the harrow set eyes and beakish upper lip. Like a turtle.
So what are they doing leading all of you around by the nose, anyway?
In previous, still posted chapters here I asked the question; Are you monkeys
or men? At the time I was inclined to dismiss what I am writing now.
I have come to the conclusion lately, however, that perhaps we all really do
descend from apes after all.
How else can one explain the apathy and lack of vision regarding the evidence
I have presented about Lennon’s political assassination?
Thinking of all of us as evolving apes makes it easier for me to understand and
forgive you all for your dispicable non response to something so important.
If you are reading this website you’re better than those who couldn’t be
bothered but when will you care as much as I do? Please show me some humanity.
It’s lonely at the top of the evolutionary ladder and I’d like to respect all
of you someday enough to abandon my celebate lifestyle lately. I really do love
sex and think the world would be better off with my offspring. Don’t you?
Meanwhile you’re all eyes and ears for the physically beautiful births going
on with Brad and Angelina. When will you put your stock in the mentally and
spiritually beautiful people? Are you all so shallow that you let the media
lead you here and there and about?
Look at your lives. You make a religion out of your jobs and workplaces. As if
you would all choose to give up half of your waking lives to do what you do.
Truth is most of you would run like banshees from all that were you not paid.
Yet you worship working classdom. Now that gas prices, housing costs, food
costs etc. have forced you into a 50 to 60 hour workweek you can’t see how op-
pressed you have become. At least your ancestors had the presence of mind to
insist on limiting their workweek to 40 hours. And that was before the women were
conned into the workplace with Viginia Slim’s cigarette commercials telling you;
“You’ve come a long way, baby.” with the wearing pants selling inde-
pendence. Look at you now. Not very independent at all. You could’nt quit your
jobs now without going homeless.
After you were tricked into the workplace the military industrial complex merely
doubled the price of everything to keep you there. Now who’s independent?
You can’t even mind your own store. There is no one to keep up with events,
no one to raise your own kids, that’s left to paid strangers (admit it), your
divorce and teen rates have ed out of control. Single mothers
dot the landscape and workplace everywhere you look and you have become
slaves without your knowing.
How can you really know anything when all your life allows you to do is rest
from your jobs on your days off? That’s called slavery. Slavery, people.
When Nixon and Reagan and Stephen King conspired to kill our hero they did
so knowing that you have all become “Blind obse$$ive fools.” as King wrote
repeatedly in Firestarter months before. It’s as if Nixon was trying to prove
just how stupid you really are.
Until you rise up and jail Stephen King, as well as put Bush Sr. under the micro-
scope, then head of the C.I.A., until you put Time, Newsweek and U.S. News & World
Report magazines out of business Nixon was right. You are stupid beyond words.
Admit it, not just stupid, but wicked.
Like a pathetic piece of clay you have allowed yourselves to be molded into a
creature you would all despise if you had your presense of mind about you.
Are you going to let the government warp you like that, people. Oh, I forgot,
you’re really evolved apes like I have been trying to explain to you.
Remember Reagan’s movie; Bedtime For Bonzo? When will you all rise up and break
this story?
Right now many of the people of the San Francisco Bay Area are secretly hoping
that the government kills me before I take over the worlds stage as the hero of
this monster expose.
That is called masochism. It is certainly true and you all need to be told this
about youselves.
(To be continued…)