Yeah, me being in your face, rude, with my angle on your dysfunctional behavior regarding my
coming forward with the story of your lifetime, again. I really would rather not have to
be so critical of you all but you need an exorcism before you can see the truth.
The downside to taking so long to admit that I have been right all this time is that I have
a whole new perspective on America and money and capitalism and what must replace it since
the system you are under has rendered all of you obscene phonies giggling on your way down
the drain. America is dying, anyway, capitalism is dying, anyway. Evolution will replace all
that is with a more humane system that does not torture all of you so much. The military will
try to convince you all that such a move is not possible, that we need a military, etc..
Like it or not, I will become the most famous and influential human since John Lennon, himself,
once this story breaks. Of course, I could get killed, first, but that would be your loss
more than mine. You’ll be left under the boot of tyranny. Tyranny of the dollar bill.
When the whole world is waiting, with bated breath, at my next utterences, like they did
with John Lennon, I will be singing the praises of a lifestyle without money at all. I
will be demonstrating to the world how much better off life is in the woods and hills and
streams living off of nature and without flush toilets, toilet paper and every other con-
venience you all think are so necessary. No concrete, electricity, buildings, commerce or
exchange of goods and services for money. No cars, no planes, no restaurants, no bars, no tv.
The way our ancestors lived for hundreds of thousands of years.
In the first place, our lifestyle will kill the planet if it takes over the planet. In the second
place, all of those material possessions and conveniences come at the expense of your
happiness and peace of mind. I would go so far as to say that your current lifestyle is a
cruel bargain that goes against the human psyche and soul and is, simply, not worth it.
Had you all broken my story decades ago I might not feel this way and my life would not be
so dedicated to tearing this building down, but you took too long and I know, now, that it
is money, itself, that has seduced you all away from, dare I say it? The garden of eden.
Wasn’t the moral of that Bible story having to do with man’s attempt to have more knowledge
than intended? I think so. Eat of the apple and have the knowledge of God?
I would liken it to man’s first inkling of making tools and such and going off hellbent for
“progress” and the search for comfort and easy living. Improving on nature. Ha! Ha!
Instead our lives are a mockery of the human mind and body, a cruel treadmill of work upon
more work and, in the end, the middle class, the working class, getting screwed over time
and time again. What is it lately? The banks stealing your foreclosed houses after tanking
our economy, first, to do so? Next decade it will be something else. You’ve adopted a
masochistic psyche to deal with it in the meantime and even molest your own children with
the man who murdered your best friend, John Lennon. Capitalism and work and materialism
have perverted you all.
I am a hero with evidence that can save you and restore goodness, again. You are blinded.
You are too sick to care. You were seduced by satanic forces that corrupted you, all in
the name of exchanging work for money to buy things requiring everyone to pervert their minds
into doing something specific and unatural.
As you watch “Under The Dome” every week it seems clear to me that satan is howling with
victorious glee.
So, for your penance in taking so long to help me, I will help this overworked world away
from all you once held dear and worthy of wasting your lives on and replace it (at least with
the beginning of changing your minds) with something less ridiculous and cruel; Nature.
Many of you scoff that, even if I get my story out and arrest King, that the world will not
adhere to my advice. My poor treadmill exhausted, media mind controlled slaves. An asteroid
will correct you and force you to if I can’t.
I believe that there is a reason God allowed me to both witness a monster asteroid in the mid 60’s
AND discover the truth about Lennon’s murder. That there was a riddle involved. I’m convinced
that, if I can redeem all of you with truth and justice, first, that the asteroid scenario
won’t be necessary and you might be spared. I’m equally convinced that, if I am killed by
your phoniness and apathy and desire to lick satans government boots that the asteroid is just
a matter of time and perhaps in your lifetime.
When Terry Chodash of the San Francisco Secret Service interviewed me in 1983 and said some-
thing about my demise I involuntarilly blurted out: “If I go we all go.”
I thought about it after and wondered why I said it, without thought. Maybe it means something.
By the way, in 1966 (?) I no sooner hit the pillow and looked up into the sky above Healdsburg,
California when a monster asteroid just missed us by about 3,000 miles. It lit up the sky and
left a trail that took up one sixth of the sky, bigger than a mountain, surprizingly silent
for being so close. It made it to Hawaii in less than two seconds. About the size of the one
that killed the dinosaurs and carved out the Gulf of Mexico and pushed up the state of
Florida. (It just happened to be the one night I decided to sleep outdoors that year.)
While I believe I descended from an ape I believe in God and have noticed he shows me
things he won’t allow others to see.
Do you people want to gamble with ignoring or killing one of God’s favorite humans?

By the way, if my story gets close to actually breaking, the government might kill Stephen King
just to keep him from telling all he knows about our government’s evil agenda. In fact his
1999 van “accident” that almost did kill him may have been our government trying to do just that.
I don’t think it was a coincidence that the driver of that van wound up dead months later.
Either King had him killed or the government killed him because he knew too much. I think.
Roscoe White, the man behind the grassy knoll in Dallas, who killed J.F.K., was killed two years
later in an oil field fire in Texas, similarly, if I may rub your faces in reality.
Our government has already been caught mind molesting you and yours with pure evil in the
way they replaced Lennon with murderer; King and I’m sure King knows more about what our evil
government is really up to beyond that. It was Nixon who admitted that “fear” is what most
people respond to. Our government is mind controlling all of you with fear. Period.
Just a heads up; all mass media is under government state control, like Russia. If you don’t
think so please pardon my title for this chapter.

Not finished with you, yet;

Let’s talk about your hero jealousy, you know, the part of you that wants your kids to have
no heroes before you. Let’s also talk about your working class misery, you know, the part of you
that is in so much pain from having to run on that daily treadmill that the thought of some-
one skipping past all that to fame and fortune won’t let you help him, even if that hero is try-
ing to make your life better. Let’s talk about your fear of government, you know, the part of
you that recognizes that the government could blow you up or poison you or ruin your economy or
doom you to a life of slavery just to stay in business. Tax you, audit you, punish you.
Let’s talk about about sinful, weak, prideful, ashamed, cowardly, guilty, boot-licker you.
Do you pretend it was alright to allow Chapman to skip public justice because you’re in good
hands with your mass media? Or did you skip demanding a trial for John Lennon’s killer be-
cause you want to punish your children with a sour world just because you aren’t well and
feel your kids should suffer the way your stupid parents made you suffer with their silence
when J.F.K., R.F.K. and M.L.K. all got shot for daring to make your lives better? Do you damn
your children with the Chapman lie just to punish them for having to raise them and all the work
and responsibility that entails?
Why ARE you such a sick, weak lying, stooge and clown? Why do you turn your head and look
away when you see the government molesting you and your kids with a geeky horror writer who
loves hurting humanity and destroying the goodness that John Lennon represented?
Maybe you’re a sado-masochist. Maybe all of you people are sick sado-masochists.
Maybe you like to be spanked by “Big Brother”. Now that you’re an adult your parents aren’t
around to spank you anymore. Maybe you need to remain a child and never become a man. Maybe
you secretly lack the guts to stand up to your oppressor and fight for what’s right.
I used to be a stupid, boot-licking, coward just like you. That’s right. When Nixon was pardoned
I rationalized my apathy with the lame excuse; “He had his public nervous breakdown. I guess
that’s punishment enough.” Never mind that justice was twisted and perverted and the presi-
dent was suddenly above the law rendering all of society a complete farce. I also had my
shiny, new 1972 MGB convertible sports car and golf ambition to sooth the injustice.
I was once a stupid coward just like you.
I eventually stopped tolerating my owm stupidity and cowardliness. It took losing John Lennon
but I stopped being a stupid, scared victim.

The question is, will you ever become a man and stand up against your government now that you
are armed with all the hard evidence you need? I changed. Can you?

P.S. You have made it to my site and stayed this far with my op/ed page. Good for you.
Until you act upon what you know you’re still in the same boat as all the other boobs that don’t
get it.
In spite of the fact that I live in California and millions see my van, here, Californians account
for less than 7% of my magazine sales. It’s as if people are evil and WANT to suppress the
truth about Lennon’s murder. Want to live under the lie. Want to protect King and the govern-
ment. FEAR the truth getting out, A conspiracy of apathy that is pro coverup.
Shame on Californians for being so weak and phony and satanic and boot-licking at heart.
Americans are morons and their apathy about my findings is proof. They are still infantile in-
fidels, silent simpletons and, in my opinion, most of them, slave wage fools. They just don’t
seem to get it. What a tragedy they have opted in on. Exploitation of the majority by the
very small minority. Even the fat cats can’t see how absurd their lives are chasing money.
More than half of all your marriages fail. There must be something wrong with the way you all
Admit it, if you can.

Please read my other chapters, below, for your sake.