My chance to vent;

This is where I vent all my opinions as well as a lot of facts. The most important chapters
are listed near the top of the list.
Have fun.

Mark Chapman, every two years, comes up for a parole hearing. Every time, Yoko Ono asks
the court to keep him locked up. It’s happening again and your sellout members of the mass
media are rolling over to keep their jobs and spewing out the lie, again, to poison you.
It’s all a monstrous hoax for the weak minded, phony American citizens who want to wash
their hands of the matter.

(The following is best followed up with a read of my chapter “Yoko’s No Good”, after.
Also, I may sound bitter and critical but it’s just the appropriate tone for times as in-
sane as ours. I am really a pleasant fellow, especially when my fellow human being respects
him or herself enough to demand to live under the truth instead of a lie. Until then your
collective cowardice merits my harsh tones.)

Yoko is part of the govt. plot that killed Lennon. She was sent to break up The Beatles,
first, so that John could be killed later. Chapman is an oil man’s son being used for his
nearly identicle looks to Stephen King to FOOL all of you with his fake confession.
I’m, frankly, amazed that we haven’t been told that Chapman has been killed by an inmate
or has committed suicide by now. If we ever were told that I suspect that Chapman would
be given plastic surgery and released under a false identity back into society. As it
stands, Chapman is nowhere to be seen in Attica prison (According to an inmate I spoke with
in 2008) and is living with his parents under a witness protection program (According to what
the other inmates have concluded.)
Anyone who buys into the Chapman hoax is a weak, thumbsucking, short haired, yellow bel-
lied, bootlicking, phony, son of Tricky Dicky with Lennon’s blood on his or her hands.
One thousand, cash, to any one of you who even remembers a trial for that human turd.
Stop being the Cowardly Lion, America. Aren’t you all sick of the jewish mass media filling
your heads with so much crap after all these decades of watching the govt. kill your heroes?
Do any of you care about the integrity of your lives? Are you willing to be defiled, hood-
winked, used, tormented, hypnotized, mocked and played for media, mind controlled fools?
Aren’t you all tired of being suffocated by the media and worked to death like a slave?
Maybe you’re all low self esteem masochists.
I should make more than your top athlete or actor or celebrity. But I’m overlooked and
derided by many of you because America has become a cesspool of weakness and insanity.
Not that I care about money (It’s a drug that you’re all addicted to) but more to point out
your collective lack of priorities and values. What a Babylon of insanity and farce America
has become, lately.