July 4 Commiserations;

Feeling low and depressed lately about my fellow homo sapiens, America and the world.
It was my exposure to your mass apathy and disfunction, years ago, that convinced me humans
evolved from apes and the bible is, at best, a buffer mechanism to assuage us from the bitter-
ness of our reality. We can’t even stand up and defend the most loved and famous human that
ever lived in our lifetime; John Winston Lennon. We are, perhaps, hopeless and doomed to the
entropic spiral downward that I’ve witnessed since J.F.K. was murdered in a public act of
government terrorism. It’s, indeed, sad that we, instead of working less and becoming more
free, have, instead, become more slave driven and oppressed and poorer, generally speaking. The
media has warped you, the FDA has poisoned you, good water is becoming scarce, big pharma
is preparing to control your body and big government has run amock, America, now, not much of
a stone’s throw from 1960’s Soviet Russia that countless millions of us slaved away to stop.
Obama has proven himself to be Bush ‘light’ and just another suit under Rockefeller’s regime,
killing the native’s again because they don’t worship money, basically. Only now it’s done
with drone warfare, the “machine” taking over our lives and terrorising all mankind. It seems
the terrorist is merely one who rejects the money worshiping machine that we do. Apparently
the powers that be fear the non materialistic middle eastern mind and we are enscripted to kill
them before sanity breaks out and materialism fades and our slavish lifestyles are re-arranged.
Soldiers are killing more of themselves than the enemy is their acts of war are so evil. We
used to call ourselves free and brave but today no one but I dare cry conspiracy and the few
others who do are branded spy’s and traitors and are found seeking asylum from the asylum
that has become America.
Very sad. Very sad.
I predict, now, July 3, 2013, that Jeb Bush will be sworn in as our next dynasty president, that
George Zimmerman will be found not guilty of killing Trayvon Martin, if only because our po-
lice are shooting first, terrorising us, and asking questions later and we can’t condemn
Zimmerman for the same thing, after all. It would make the police look bad. I have reason to
believe the trial is rigged with the prosecution working for the defense, etc. etc..
As the fires get bigger every year and the temperatures soar, every year, we will still be
subjected to the propaganda voice of the Rush Limbaughs of the world telling us 12 trillion hot
cylinders firing 24/7 have nothing to do with it at all.
An asteroid might be an unlikely boon the way things are going. (By the way, in spite of
what the media is telling you, we don’t have the ability to stop that, even a little. I’ve
seen one of the big ones just miss us and we are no match for something as big as God’s will
and resources. Talk of steering one away is pure propaganda to calm the masses.)
All we can really do is live right and avoid retribution. Period.
Right now we, (oops), all of you (I’ve already reformed) are on a treadmill of insanity. I must
endure the insult of conventional wisdom and be a victim of your collective ignorance and
Like John Lennon sang; “I don’t expect you to understand after you’ve caused so much pain.
But, then again, you’re not to blame. You’re just a human, victim of the insane.”
I would add that you all ARE to blame. That you DO know better and choose to live in fear,
anyway. Home of the brave my ass.
Let’s act brave and march down the media’s throat with billboards demanding disclosure of
my Lennon murder evidence. That’s the acid test. If you can’t do it for John then you will never
be able to do it for anyone or anything, ever. It’s the main reason I refuse to bring a child
into this morbid, insane, oppressed, fear driven, money driven world.
Commiserations abound. Don’t they?
You can all say to yourselves; “That’s HIS problem. We’re happy.” In reality you’re happy
idiots. I know better than all of you. I know that your conventional wisdom is bogus. Every
other smarter than the masses bigmouth that ever came down the pike you all murdered out
of jealousy and misery. Can you even admit that?
Unless you help me come forward and put me on your shoulders and break my story wide open
you are all, indeed, doomed to your mediocre status quo of misery and pain.
Jesus won’t be able to save you if you’re still letting the government kill the smart guy
like you did to Jesus in the first place. Now we’ve come full circle to John Lennon and it
appears no one was saved, that Jesus died in vain and nothing has changed. Only now our
monster, the man behind the trigger of assassination, is allowed to molest you all with horror
books and movies, after.
Aren’t you all just pigs in the mud?
Now CBS (All three letter networks are the C.I.A., by the way) has joined ABC in allowing the
monster of our lives into your living rooms with his latest concoction; “Under The Dome”

“Under the lie” would be more appropriate.

Sorry folks. I’m not the one who is depressing. It’s all of you. I am the hopefull and opti-
mistic one who ever thought you could care in the first place. I hope my overestimation of
my fellow man doesn’t get me killed too.
Happy Independance Day you silent monsters.

P.S. This part of my website and the About Author may have been hacked for the second time
by one interested in my Current Update chapter which he or she leaves at the front of the
list, usually, after the fact.
Recently my About Author page was scatterbrained looking with half long sentences chopped in
half looking weird.
I thought my latest chapter, this one, was too controversial and must be taken down lest
you all start getting smart, suddenly.
All I know is that Charles Krauthammer was looking very pleased and smug reassuring us all
that “…freedon of speech has reasonable limits…” right afterwards. Paranoid? Maybe.
It’s the government or the Massad, not black capped Iranians, who want my site down.
Amazingly, even up, that it’s not more effective at igniting outrage in all of you.
Is free speech, itself, impotent in this media controlled environment?

Aftermath of Zimmerman trial;
Yes, I told you so. Predictably, as well, were the feckless rioting and petty crimes the
black community resorted to for some restoration of their lost dignity. Too bad they don’t
put all that energy into something big that will work much better;
All you disappointed people better start carrying my website address on your billboards or
you may never get a mouthpiece for your cause. Once my expose hits the fan life, as we know
it in America, will be drastically different. The age of awareness I will call it, in advance.
Once Stephen King is jailed for killing John Lennnon all of mankind will have to sit back and
take a lesson from me, the messenger. As fearless and hard hitting as I am I will be all
you various groups need for a while. I will change the world for you for your benefit.
You need to start carrying signs that the governnment fears the most; my website.
Until this matters to you you don’t matter to them.

Stevie Wonder won’t do concerts wherever the stand your ground rule applies. Good for Stevie
Wonder. He’s using his clout for change. Now, imagine ALL entertainers withholding all concerts,
period, anywhere, until the media spills the beans on Stephen King. Now that is what all
entertainers should be doing. If they weren’t so selfish and gutless they all would do that.
It must be hard to rock the boat that feeds one so well. Get off your spoiled asses, ce-
lebrities of the world. Be better than timid Paul McCartney. “Use your power.” to quote
Paul, himself, the one time he barely endorsed me at the Berkeley concert in 1990.
When are you celebrities going to start to earn your celebrity? Why do you think fame
exists to begin with? NOT to use your power? Just to get RICH!? WAKE UP!
You’re all derelict in your duty as famous people. Get off your cowardly asses. Please.

Don’t trust Yoko to help. She’s the governments “ace in the hole”. She’s pro coverup.

I just received news from a former employer that the celebrity client I found for him who
bought gourmet food from me months ago is alarmed about me for giving her my magazine;
STEPHEN KING SHOT JOHN LENNON. I should have known she was a little off when she told
me she was busy reading a Stephen King novel.
This woman is a well known pop singer from the 60’s and even SHE is blind to who I am and
what I am doing to make the world safe for celebrities. I had hoped she would take my magazine
to her friends in the industry and join forces to help me come forward. But, no. Not in satan-
ic, insane America. She seems oblivious to the importance of what I gave her.
When my former employer told me not to call her, recently, I told him; “I just hope she’s
not daft.” Another word for clueless.
I’m reminded of George Harrisson and Ray Manzerak of the Doors, who recently died of cancer.
They both had my magazine and died without uttering a word to the world about it. They had
nothing, not even death, to fear yet couldn’t find the courage to utter the truth.
God hates a coward is the message there, I think.
Well, (I’ll protect your identity), worry about your government and your own blindness and
apathy. I’m the angel of truth in your midst you, obviously, don’t even deserve. Your band
was broken up, in the first place, over the suspicious death of your lead vocalist.
Poor America. Are you ALL morons and idiots and cowards? Are you all so sick you can’t be
saved or helped?
You are a nation of fools. I know that.
If you, as a people, could see yourselves through my eyes you’d know what hypocritical, satan-
ic, insane money whores you all are. You’d all know what monsters you are to keep Stephen
King a free man to molest you all. You’d know what a bunch of dupes you all are to be watch-
ing “Under The Dome” every week while America is going down the world order drain. You, who
let Chapman completely skip trial 32 years ago, in the first place. You lying cowards.
You have no idea of how diseased you all are.
God made a weakling species when he made humans.
It’s not fun being the only sane citizen in this zoo of boot-licking, cowardly, utter madness.