The above title of this chapter WILL BE my next large billboard message on my famous van. It
will appear above the smaller white message below it;

“Stephen King IS a murderer.”

Why so abrasive a message to promote this expose, you may ask. The answer?: You miserable
cowards need an exorcism before you can begin to care about me and my evidence find. Before
you are even capable of properly caring about good and evil, right and wrong. ALL OF YOU
are sickened, corrupted, brainwashed cowards who have been controlled by your mass media
to hate yourselves and any path towards wellness. It’s the reason John Lennon was mostly
killed in the first place; After decades of mind controlling all of you with the the media
to accept constant wars John Lennon came along and taught us all to “Imagine” nothing to
kill of die for, and no religion, too…” and other principled thinking that could liberate
you. His mind was a threat to their mind control operation on you that you are blind to.
When he came out with his song; “Mind Games” John leveled the established order; “…into
the future, out of the now…and got us to think.
Right now we have concluded the third and final presidential debate and Miley Cyrus is
announcing her volunteer support for Hillary. Poor Miley, who I really do like and admire, is
just as blind and as wrong about her as I used to be before I saw and read the Oakland Tribune
newspaper article a week before the Oklahoma City bomb went off where it was revealed that
the Clinton’s invited Stephen King into THE WHITE HOUSE! for a SECRET MEETING!!!!
So, there you have it America, all you women voters who naturally see her campaign through
prejudiced eyes, she is IN BED with the monsters who are still trying to get away with
the crime of the century; John Lennon’s political assassination. You are really hoping Jeb
Bush would win and can’t see it for the media’s spell on all of you. That is the crowd she
works for and with. She is in bed with Nixon, Reagan,the Bush’s and murderer Stephen King.
Hillary Clinton is a sinister, lying, professional politician and nation assassin. In my
opinion she represents the complete Moscow take-over of our country and that she is likely
a very powerful foreign agent destroying America. I regard Nixon, Reagan and the Bush
dynasty in the same bunch.
Ludicrous!!! you say.
Take a look at the flag Hillary is charging into battle with; and exact diorama or the 9-’11
attack! Two white towers penetrated by a flaming jet; her capital “H” with the red arrow
penetrating two white towers!!!! HILLARY”S OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN LOGO!!!!!
(The day after I got this fact out on the national Michael Medved radio show I notice
that the Hillary campaign HAS CHANGED THEIR LOGO to a BLUE arrow! Now her blue arrow
has a give-away, nonetheless; The blue arrow just happens to be the same color of blue
her “STRONGER TOGETHER” logo is draped all over her huge campaign JET! So now we al-
most have Hillary’s campaign jet plowing through our Trade Towers! Can I laugh?
This goes to show how much Clinton is watching my activism – she may have e-mailed me,
derisively, months ago, in fact – and how much the world knows how big my activism
really and truly is.)
I can’t make this stuff up. How could it be just an accident? A streamlined, exact depic-
tion of a jet on flames penetrating our Trade Towers? Must it take a genius like me to be
the first American to notice this?! I was sitting at a stop light last week and noticed a
bumper sticker on a car; the Hillary logo. I immediately saw a jet on fire (red) penetrating
two white, rectangular towers. I almost had an out of body experience it was so scary.
You should ALL be scared, America.
Haven’t you noticed that the U.S. and Russia co-run the international space station? the
war, now, in Syria? It’s like that in the big picture, too, only I have to show you for only
I have my eyes wide open while none of you really can say the same. You’re media duped.
Nobody killed John Lennon with Stephen King on the trigger other than our mortal enemy;
the former Soviet Union. There, It’s been said. They conducted their; “Kill them, first,
spiritually, from their insides out.” coup.
Nixon, Reagan, Soviet agents? Probably. Reagan married a woman who was on the commie
blacklist and Nixon mostly empowered China to team up with Russia to eventually fold us into
their “New World Order” plans that Bush applauded, or have you all forgotten?
I’d like to use Miley Cyrus as a muse to reach all of you women who really are in need of
an eye opening ordeal via my accumulated wisdom and knowledge. My life depends on knowing
what the truth really is. I can’t afford to rely on conventional so called wisdom..
Miley, you are supporting a woman who is helping the killer of John Lennon plot his get-
away. A woman who is in bed with the republicans, Nixon, Reagan and Bush. You are the kind
of fire-brand entertainer she already has a dossier on and possible ways to kill you should you
ever sway the public away from her plans to shrink American power.
Now, do you feel so smart?
Speaking of smart, hey all you Mexicans who like Hillary; Are you FOOLS? The day after Colosio
was assassinated, shot in the head in Tijuana, Bill Clinton, like a dog marking his hydrant,
made a special trip from D.C. to Coronado Island in San Diego just a dozen miles away.
Clinton killed his NAFDA opponent who wanted to help Mexico. No wonder we have immigrants
who don’t like the aftermath of Clinton’s assassinating Colosio that left Mexico corrupt.
About the debate; Hillary’s last pitch was to promise America rising paychecks and op-
portunities, upward mobility for everyone and to stand up against the corporations in
favor of families and the middle class.
Wake up, America. She and Obama have DONE THE EXACT OPPOSITE. With open borders
they have reduced the wages of the middle class, something that corporations pay her to do.
The corporations want slave wages and Obama has killed all our manufacturing jobs and Obama
has lowered your wages compared to not too long ago. So you can see what a robotic liar
and Soviet like cold fish she must be. She is trying to tell you she will promote exactly
what she and Obama have destroyed while in power! They know you’re too stupid to notice.
Take a look at black lives not mattering under Barack Obama and Michelle. He must either hate
his blackness to preside over such a campaign of cops killing blacks, lately, or he has no con-
troll over the Pentagon who IS behind this terror campaign to discourage blacks from living
here. Ever notice how Michelle spends her time straightening her afro every day? She seems
to be a sellout for the Rockefeller lifestyle she is happy to adopt so long as her hair looks
white, besides. They’re both hideous phonies. Michelle reminds me of Oprah Winfrey in
that respect as Oprah lost so much of her potential credibility by being such a sellout
for money and possessions. Oprah could have harnessed that energy into a higher cause.
(Again, the day after this post Michelle Obama lost her straight hair look and now
sports a wavier, half afro look. Nice to know she reads my website, perhaps daily.)
When Barack and Michelle walked down Pennsylvania Avenue with no protection at all during their
inauguration it told me that they worked FOR the people who killed the Kennedy’s and had
nothing to fear from them in this parade. Like they were TELLING US they’re not who we think.
Over-all I’d say Donald won the debate, especially on foreign affairs where he revealed that
our government is helping Iran and Russia gobble up land while we miscalculate and appease.
He exposed that we are funding rebels who may be working for Russia for all we know.
In fact, when Trump pointed out how Russia seized vast areas of land during Obama’s cease
fire, Hillary recoiled with admiration for Trump to have the brains to notice that coup of
hers on America.
Speaking of Putin and Wiki Leaks and trying to sway America to Trump. Let me ASK YOU:
If Putin wanted Trump in would he want all of you to think so? He knows we’d do the
exact OPPOSITE of whatever he would want.
If Putin wanted Trump in would Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks be cut off from his internet now?
Can he not restore his internet if he’s in with Assange?
If Putin wanted Trump in would the Wiki Leaks be as weak as they have been, so far?
Putin wants his K.G.B. B.I.T.C.H., Hillary, in and she’s spinning just the opposite slant,
just like a Soviet trained propagandist.
Every time Donald would land a heavy duty blow to her Hillary would break out in an actor’s
phony smile as if she had just been handed a plum from Trump instead of a devastating blow.
Again, her Soviet-like heartlessness and coldness to even try to use that obvious ploy.
Every time Trump would MAKE A GREAT POINT Chris Wallace would shout over him and inter-
rupt. Only once did he interrupt Clinton versus ten times for Trump.
Donald started out slow and groggy from all the media abuses he has endured but picked up
full steam as the debate progressed kicking Clinton’s teeth out while Wallace tried to shout
over him lest he knock Hillary out of the race right then and there. Hillary mostly
prepared for the issue concerning HER sleazy campaign against Trump with the Billy Bush
– Fourth cousin of George Bush, by the way – controversial tape. She so perfectly crafted
that part of her speech that she had to have had help from someone else.
As smart as she is – in an evil way – she is not THAT good at language. It was her most im-
portant delivery as she knows only her sleaze campaign against her rival is going to get
her anywhere near Trump with voters.
Trump may well be 20 percentage points ahead of Clinton but the media and establishment poll-
sters are lying to you to conceal their eventual rigging of the vote count. Thank God Trump
is not afraid to tell it like it really is and prevent or over-turn a fraud election.
Who can deny that a fair election had not been the case in 2016?
When the subject of Trump not conceding a result just yet came up Hillary said this;

“… for over a hundred years we have respected fair elections and accepting the vote of
the people….”
Not a fair election Hillary. Not when everybody KNOWS the media has already rigged the vote
by poisoning the weakling fence-sitters who were stampeded to run from Donald by the media.
When Marco Rubio claimed this week; “Florida has 67 counties and I can assure you that there
will be no conspiracy of 67 counties rigging the vote…”
What he was trying to hide was the FACT that Florida republicans and democrats WILL RIG
a dozen or so counties to push Clinton ahead. Not just Florida but other states as well.
You see, America, your F.B.I. has something monstrous to hide and to protect themselves
from ever being discovered by all of you. Stephen King killing John Lennon to poison all
of you aside, they have only Hillary, now, to shield them from disclosure. They need her to
protect them and that’s why Clinton has been given a get out of jail card from them. If
Trump gets in the whole charade is bound to come unraveled and the F.B.I. and evil mass media
know it.
One thing we all agree on; the mass media has showed it’s centralized organizational structure
for all the world to see. From fairy; Stephen Colbert who is given two Emmys he never deserved
to demonize Trump every night, to Saturday Night Live, our C.I.A.’s biggest mind control show,
to every last media and newspaper in America.
Donald, thank you for exposing all the bugs under that board you just lifted up. Thank you!
Thank you, also, for revealing that our foreign policies under Obama and Clinton are em-
powering Russia and Iran and harming America. That all, too, will be uncovered.
The lighting on Clinton in the debate was so masterful Hillary looked almost as young and
flawless as the Saturday Night Live actress who portrays her. (Another sellout in our media)
while the lighting on Donald magnified his age. That was all deliberate media meddling.
Will Donald clock her by taking my advice to air my Oakland Tribune article of her in bed
with murderer Stephen King? That would destroy
her, outright and pave her path to jail for BEING A CO-CONSPIRATOR! Considering I helped get
the Clinton’s elected in 1992 to the point of Bush Sr. mentioning my magazine that tanked
his ratings in Kennebunkport a month earlier while in the Richmond, Virginia debate;
“…you know, nobody likes ‘Who Shot John?…”
Considering all that there is no way she could NOT have known about King’s role in Lennon’s
murder. Her secret White House meeting with him in 1995 betrayed me and America and estab-
lishes her and Bill as co-conspirators in John Lennon’s murder.
Short of airing that I’d put up a poster of the jet ripping into the second tower with
erupting from it alongside Hillary’s identical logo and speak like this;
“If you value a fair election in America then Hillary is your enemy!…if you value an America
whose media is fair and objective and protective of the public’s right to know then HILLARY
IS YOUR ENEMY!…if you want a country of the people, by the people and for the people in-
stead of a country of the establishment and by the establishment and for the establishment
then HILLARY IS YOUR ENEMY!…if you want to end our pattern of fraud and abuse in foreign
wars and actually create a more peaceful world then HILLARY IS YOUR ENEMY!.
Etc., etc., etc..”
With the 9-11 attack and her identical logo side by side while he made this kind of speech
it would eclipse anything he has ever said in his life. And that’s not even using my John
Lennon murder conspirator card that Trump is A FOOL not to use right away, anyway!

If Trump does not win this rigged election – more rigged than any in our lifetime, admit it,-
if he should be robbed and his American majority following should be robbed of victory over
this Soviet spy I believe that Hillary really is, then God help us all if he won’t use it after
to over-turn the results and lock her up.

There’s much to read along these lines in the chapters immediately listed below. Do read,
Miley, I thank you for laying off of Trump last spring when I asked you to. Pay close atten-
tion to me, now, girl, I’m right and you’re misinformed. I used to be just like you, once.
All you women of America, do you want to elect the first women president even though she is
likely our mortal enemy from globalism hell? You’d better snap out of it, girls, or you’ll set
the women’s movement back a thousand years when her administration comes unglued as all
get out, after.
Oh, and by the way, the taped remarks from Donald were most likely obtained this way;
Bush Sr. had his C.I.A. and F.B.I. compile a list of the top 100 men on earth who might
eventually run for president and he had Billy Bush, his son’s fourth cousin, deliberately ambush
Trump after egging Donald on to talk lewdly in the first place, to save the secret tape for
a rainy day and that rainy day for them is now. Billy was probably given millions for his act.
He was taken off the air because his facial expressions could not help but give him away
and the treachery he stands for. The establishment won’t show his face until he can compose
himself so we aren’t any the wiser. Billy Bush is, to quote John Lennon, a “…short haired,
yellow bellied son of ‘Tricky Dicky’ just like the T.V. fairy; Stephen Colbert.
Hillary’s biggest asset is the fourth cousin of Bush. Aren’t you people stupid to trust her?
Of course Billy was fired from his network. He got his job there as a reward FOR getting this
baited tape of Trump in the first place. Just like fairy, sell-out, ass-hole Stephen Colbert
got his phony Emmys for his propaganda role today against Trump. What a fairy / sell- out!
That man has a sister who is running for political office. Can you doubt Colbert’s C.I.A.
connections? Colbert is America’s enemy. He is the personification of our mass media con-
glomerate dynasty that has turned America into the U.S.S.R..
Oh, one more tid bit; When Gary Hart ran for president his license plate on his Corvette read;


United States of Soviet America?
He was advertising where Hillary is coming from, even back then.
Wasn’t he, reader?
It’s a tough pill to swallow that America has been under Russia’s thumb for decades but it has
been, America. Even I reel at some of the things I know to be true, like Yoko’s evil role in
the Soviet plot against us and lots of things that only prove it’s all true.
I hope you accept that, while much of what I espouse to be true is “Theory”, my Lennon
Grow up and admit at least that, people.
Mostly you, the silent, co-conspiring, boot-licking public.
I used to be just like all of you are now, once, too. It’s a lot more fun knowing the truth and
actually BEING brave like our national anthem brags.
“Land of the deceived and the media slave” is how all of you are living, now.

October 21. 2016;

I suspect many of you dismiss my “theory” that Moscow pulls our strings and has for
decades. Why, then, is it a newly revealed fact that Hillary and Obama gave Russia 20
percent of America’s total uranium supply, recently?
Like Bob Dylan sang;

“There’s something happening and you don’t know what it is
Do you, Mr. Jones…”

While on the subject of whether or not America and Russia are, to quote Huillary’s blue
logo on her huge jet; “STRONGER TOGETHER” let me say, no, we are not.
Any diluting of our values will result in a complete surrender of our ideals and the
Kremlin knows it. If Moscow had Stephen King murder John Lennon then we are in bed with
a satanic power, a poisonous power and I’ve always used this argument against the gun
grabbers to show how evil they are to choose to kill Lennon with a gun with evil Stephen
King on the trigger, to show all of you what evil bastards they must be. To show all
of you what darkness and callousness lies ahead if we don’t stop this spineless madness.
Of course, Moscow, mostly, wants to disarm the U.S. public. Do so and we die, spiritually.
Well, America, agent Yoko Ono rules stupid New York City and America and her soul has
to be as dark as a bat cave. It would have to be. Is that what you want your soul to
be like, someday? I don’t think so
Living like a watered down American, Soviet class slob is what you’ve all been doing for
the past 30, plus, years and is why I have chosen to be celibate for the last two decades
as I find all of you untouchable and spiritually sick as demons.
That should give you a hint of how wonderful you will all feel if this truth ever breaks
and you are saved from this dark spirituality that our government is allowing to take
over brainwashed, pussified, pinko America.

October 24, 2016;

Nixon used to brag, in his book The Real War, that “…if you “Transpose the points” the
lights dim, darkness falls and all is confusion…”
What he means is that if one reverses the “points” “Soviet meddling for Hillary” instead to;
“Soviet meddling for Trump” you cause darkness and confusion because a 180 degree case has
been made for what the truth is and isn’t. Not anything BUT 180 degrees works as well in
causing confusion and darkness. Thus, Nixon’s argument is made more crystal clear.
Hillary is doing this reversing of the points like a Kremlin trained gremlin;
Her campaign is not far behind only because Hillary has based her entire campaign on a hate
campaign to get all of the women of America into a room to hurl their high heeled shoes at
Donald for ever once being less than perfect with a women in his micro-scoped life.
“Let’s all throw our high heels at Donald for I’m counting on the gullible women vote to
get ahead this election, if only THAT!”
I recall how she turned her back to the camera as she left a stage and said, immediately after
she trotted out Miss Universe; “When they go low we go high..”
Reverse those points and it reads; “When they go high we go low…” The appropriate remark.
Now she was seen saying on T.V.; “I’m so proud of the American public for rejecting the mes-
sage of hate..” Apparently inferring Trump’s campaign.
No, the fact is Hillary has chosen to tap into every scorned women who was ever scorned to
lash out at Trump for not being a celibate saint. To stampede all women to stone him with a
vote for Hillary. Like the Roman government pitting it’s civilians, in biblical days, of
stoning to death a dissident they would like to kill, anyway.
A campaign of pure, primal hate. Her campaign. Her biggest platform, as a matter of FACT!
“Apparently Putin is sponsoring the election of Donald Trump..”” Hillary’s biggest, most
sinister and diabolical use of the transpositioning of points;
If Putin wanted Trump in he would send messages of tampering to get Hillary elected, relying on
our natural insticts to do the opposite of whatever he wanted to do. Instead Hillary and
Putin, puppeteer and puppet, are BOTH leading us to believe the opposite. Putin through his
meek silence and Hillary with her calculated propaganda ploy to get us to look the opposite way
lest her K.G.B. credentials be found out.
You see, America, it has taken me decades to admit out loud what I have always known; that
Russia and America are going “Soviet” behind our backs.
This is the reason America is so sick economically, spiritually and everything else.
It sounds crazy to say out loud and I know it sounds crazy but this election has pulled
up the board that shows us the media bugs crawling all around like the insects they are.
That both the democrats and republicans and the entire media / industrial and military com-
plex, lately, with the Allepo invasion just before the vote, SHOWS US ALL that we are already
in bed with a Soviet like system!!!!!!!!
Hillary may WELL BE a Soviet agent or spy from the Kremlin. Bill included, the Bush’s. etc.
etc., etc., for all any of you know. It was Bush Sr. who first trumpeted a “New World Order”.
Right now we have Putin throwing the Vagina Brigade against Trump this election and not
much else. Gloria Allred, included.
The question is; aren’t all of you U.S. citizens all red, already?
If not then you will jail Stephen King right away. If you can’t get upset about it then you
have already lost your freedom and your soul.
Stephen King, six months before he murdered John Lennon, wrote, repeatedly, in “Firestarter”;
“You blind, obsessive fools!…”
After he murdered America’s soul in doing so he wrote in, I think, “Different Seasons”, also
“Beware the jewish / communist plot against the U.S…..”
I can’t make this up, people.
We used to use John Kennedy’s accurate remarks about the Soviet Union; that their way of
life is “REPUGNANT” and it was and still is.
The question is; Aren’t all of you repugnant not to care if our government or theirs let
Stephen King murder John Lennon?
It’s at the heart of why we ever stood up to them before, a preference of our way of life
over theirs.
Only Russia is STRONGER TOGETHER with us as Hillary secretly advertises. Our blending with
their way of life is pure poison, witness our Soviet like, media decided election, already.
You’ve all played dead on the matter for three decades. You all ARE PINKO WEAKLINGS
already. Admit it, for God’s sake if not your own.
You’ll notice her Trade Towers being penetrated by a jet logo is all but gone from the T.V.
monitors. My input into talk radio, maybe? Maybe she is WITH the crowd who did that. Maybe
I’ve cracked the code of her official logo and what it might secretly really mean.

Trump will either use my Clinton White House meeting with Stephen King or he won’t. If
he fails to use this smoking gun that the universe has bestowed on him then Hillary will
triumphantly say under her breath the next day;
“Donald didn’t have the nuts to BE president. Good for me and Moscow. Ha! Ha! Ha!.”
Meanwhile, Donald, Putin has you in a headlock. She works for his world order take-over
of America under the banner
Wake up, man, and clobber her for all it’s worth.
It’s this ONE THING that will TRUMP all the systems plots and tricks. No one will
vote for her once this news gets out.
The media has already gone Soviet and fear being exposed if YOU get in.
Fight back, Donald, with THIS!!!

(to be continued….)